Deem Yourself Worthy


You are so worthy. Love is our mainstay naturally. It took a lot of brow beating to hammer the innate organic trust and goodness out of us. That is why we all love animals. Their nature reminds us of us, before sincerity was extracted one painful experience at a time. Then the inability to trust was drummed in. It took a lot of effort to damage us all so profoundly.

It is taking dynamic healing to ease the burdens off of the backs of all who have suffered. To rub the feet of all those who have traveled across burning shoals merely to exist. The fact that so many of us still hold our willingness to love and trust is a miracle. Sure it is guarded and buried. But the ills and transgressions that have curled us all into a ball can be removed.

Healing can ensue. This is my purpose; to do this for you with no other agenda. May you feel my healing love and deem yourself worthy to accept. This is my intention and blessing for you. You matter.

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