Change Self Gratification into Making Love to Life


It is considered a sin to self gratify. Many still feel that way. Perhaps the “sin” is in not using the energy expelled to benefit others.

To shift the dynamics on this deficit, when climaxing, pour the energy of release into all of life.

Pour love into all the trees and neglected creatures of the planet.

Pour love into every atom of water so it expounds into purity and dissipates all the stagnant energy it was inundated with.

Pour love into every atom of soil so it can rebuild its natural defense to being drilled, fracked or depleted in any way.

Pour love into the inner cities and all communities so that every person can experience the magnitude of their own worth

Pour love into every atom of air so that it can regenerate itself in its ability to oxygenate all of life.

Pour love into every heart chakra so that it can burst open like a fertilized seed realizing its potential. Have the purity of that love dissipate all the fear, desire and hatred that jammed the heart shut for so long.

Pour love into all the minds that are closed tight out of ignorance of spiritual law. See the the love open them up like light rays pouring through dissipating clouds

Pour love into yourself and expand like a starburst as you realize the exponential limitlessness of your own potential.

Pour love into the world this way as often as you can and evaporate any guilt of wasting your love. You are empowered in every intention that you partake of consciously. This is a way to realize your omnipotence and use yourself as a conduit to pour exponential love into a thirsty planet.

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