How Tapping Helps the world Transcend

Taps are a way to shift one’s energy and beliefs by bypassing the ego in asking for permission. People may know what they need to shift but the ego keeps them immersed in fear and habitual behavior. Affirmations may not be successful because as you are saying something positive, the ego is whispering in your ear that it is not so. The taps negate the ego’s ability to prevent a shift into a more effective state.

Engrams are grooves in the energy system that are created by trauma or habitual experiences. Someone may want to lose weight for instance but they may be working against all the times that they have failed. Or all the emotional reasons they have gained weight to begin with These are engrams. In the fifth dimension, none of these limited beliefs really pertain to us. But we still believe they do so they do.

We are not linear beings in the 5th dimension but exponential beings of pure potential. The more we can consciously realize this, the more we can outwardly manifest it in our own lives and reflect it in the world. This is how important the taps I post are in helping the world transcend.

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