All people are takers …..


All people are takers, if you choose to see them that way. You may well bring that out in them if that is what you choose to see. I prefer to look past all the clouds and see the sunshine of love within everyone. Because…..

Everyone is kind and wishes to give from the heart. This is how I see everyone. Because I may get my heart-broken once in a while but I much prefer that then living with a heart that is mangled and distorted to see only bad things in others.

The world is a horrible ugly place for so many. This is what they choose to see. They nod and agree with each others of evidence of how awful things are. They lament over politics and global issues and in doing so they pour their beautiful essence into feeding such beasts.

Or….the world is a magical wonderful place where the human heart shows evidence of resilience, patience, fortitude and kindness a billion times a minute; all over the world. Individuals are loving dreaming, and creating AMAZING wonders to bring joy, comfort and relief to the multitudes. The world is changing, shifting and morphing to manifest wonders beyond the concepts that are presently unfathomable.

You matter. Where you focus matters. Which reality you invest your energy into matters. The milk of human kindness is a real essence. You have access to an exponential bounty of it. Yes you are empowered. May you be empowered in beauty, wonder, luster and light. May you feel my love in the invisible ether and awaken you to a new dawn of enlightenment.

We do this together in our agreement and approval to do so. Lets choose the wonder.

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