Dissipate the Ignorance


People don’t get involved with politics because they believe that we are all on an even playing field. We are not. The entitled have taken over the game and they are using people who are in fear for their mainstay of existence as pawns to drive an agenda.

It is more spiritually aware to not add one’s energy to the chaos and debauchery of current events. But in doing that, one can smooth the path for others by pouring love and understanding into the world to dry up the acrid clouds of illusion and fear that are numbing those who are immersed in being controlled.

We have the unique vantage point of watching the manipulation and power plays run their course. But in doing this, also use your “powers” of imagination to visualize the layers of illusion being singed off the mass consciousness of mainstream.

Just simply visualize being at a vantage point where you are watching people immersed in layers of illusion. Melt it away with merely your intention to do so like the sun takes an overview of all and warms them from afar. Use your concerns over the things that you are witnessing and simply melt away all the influencing goo that people are immersed in without even realizing it. Use this technique to wake people up and have them come to their senses.

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