Jen Ward LMT, Reiki Master, Sangoma

2017 profile picture updateJen Ward LMT, Reiki Master and has been a student of spiritual studies all her life. She is an Intuitive and gifted Healer and an innovator of healing practices.  She pushes the envelope on energy work and at the same time lovingly segues her techniques for the client so they can cross the bridge of self discovery with her. Her passion is to empower the individual with their own healing journey so that they can stay in their center every step of the way.

While attending Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, she was introduced to Energy work. It became second nature for her to remove energy blocks from clients. She is proficient at tuning into whatever an individual needs to have happen, to release their unnecessary issues, so that their own body can make the energetic changes needed to return to a greater sense of ease.

Jen is a Master at perceiving the overview of a client’s issues.

Her ability to pick up many different modalities as second nature is an aspect of her prolific gifts. When she was younger, she was told by her guides that she was the reincarnation of Madame Blavatsky. When she was older, there appeared a striking resemblance between them.

She developed this technique for finding lost pets that revolutionize the process of finding lost pets.  A sometimes goes into primal mode when it is lost. Jen has discovered that if you do emotional release on a pet, they will just walk themselves home if they are able. She has reunited many pets with their owners this way

Jen is considered a Sangoma. A Sangoma is a traditional African Shaman who channels their ancestors and emote sounds in their ceremonies.  An interesting prerequisite to being Sangoma, is to have survived the brink of death.  When she was first approached with the knowledge of being a Sangoma, she had not fulfilled this prerequisite. But as of April 2008 when she came back to society on the brink of starvation the qualification had been met. She came back to humanity a devout soul inspired to serve.

She currently works internationally as a long distance emotional release facilitator. She was given a tapping protocol from her Spirit Guides that enable her to teach the individual how to eradicate all of their karmic burden so they can transcend. We works tirelessly to assist individuals in their quest to awaken so that the whole world can transcend. The goal is Universal Joy, Love, Abundance and Peace.

There are many instances of individual claiming that Jen has assisted them in some way when they were in trouble or as they were sleeping. Jen Ward is the author of 8 books. All of which enable the individual to be empowered as their own Healer. You can order them on her website or through Create Space.