The Sick Child


People have been asking themselves “Why are there sick children in the world if God is so fair and just?” God is fair and just. God does not view pain and problems from the human consciousness. Pain and problems are fleeting. They are a blip on the screen from the vantage point of forever. These instances of anguish are what makes the metal of human consciousness more pliable.

It is wonderful when there is a sick child that takes their condition like a champ. The perspective of a fresh body and parents that care about them in a new set of skin; is what they need to triumph. They most likely were taken out from their last lifetime with a similar diagnosis. But when they come into this lifetime, they have a fresh new body to beat it, they have the love and support of their parents, they have the cuteness factor working for them. It is much easier to fight such things this way, than when being in a worn out body that has passed its prime and become cynical or lacking the fortitude to thrive.

On a soul’s level, these children are so capable of thriving because they are grateful with the new set of conditions that they are given to fight what needs to be overcome. Our karmic issues must be forged through. Isn’t it wonderful that so many are advancing through dis-ease with the aptitude of a very old soul. That is because they are. Overcoming debilitating disease is a benchmark of accomplishment in the lifespan of an infinite soul. Sickness does not carry the weight that it does in looking at it from the perspective of just one lifetime.

This may seem cruel and unkind to the parents of a suffering child. But it is much more humane to believe that a child is continuing their karmic lessons from a past life rather than believing that God singled them out to suffer and go through horrific procedures on a whim. Issues are testing grounds of soul. To be able to be tested so young marks a child with a wisdom and vantage point that surpasses their peers. What an incredible gift; to obtain great wisdom in such a new body. The child who deals with dis-ease has indeed been gifted.




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I used to belong to this spiritual group that sent out private discourses every month. They were the highlight of my spiritual quest. They provided information that wasn’t presented to mainstream. They contained truths that resonated at the core. But then after a while, there were no new discourses written. That was fine with me. There was enough information to glean over for years. But people who had been in the group the longest started to complain that new information wasn’t being written by the main figure.

I was disgusted by these complaints. Had they not learned anything from partaking of the truth for 30 years? When were they going to wean themselves off of needing to take from someone else? When were they going to start sharing their gifts to such an extent that they would be too busy to complain about what they were being deprived? Why didn’t THEY write a book of truths for others? They would experience a wealth of understanding from the process of giving of themselves.

The Daily Letters of Accord was written in six weeks. Each night I was woken up at predawn and spent six hours writing just one letter. It would flow out so easily and I would learn things I didn’t even know; as the Ancient Ones used my mind and body to pour truths out onto the page. After writing it for several hours, I spent two or three hours editing it. I would send it out to the people who had requested to receive them in an e-mail. I then passed out for hours. This process resulted in the book Letters of Accord.

letters of accord


Here is an excerpt from The Letters of Accord


Reasons The World Got Out Of Whack

Male domination caused the world to lose touch with the feminine attribute of compassion. Checks and balances for relating to others were lost. Female energy has a great appreciation for what it takes to formulate life. Male energy is fascinated by how easy it is to end it.

People became stuck in primal mode, which has a different set of rules than civilization. We are afraid of those who are different and rule by might. Those of us in primal mode live by the law of the land, killed or be killed, rather than the Golden Rule.

Well-intentioned groups change their internal formula from uplifting others to surviving as a group. When they change intention, abuses of power follow. They compromise their original focus to appease wider audiences. The individual voice of truth is swallowed up or rejected by new agendas. Those continuing to hold the original intention are considered enemies of the group.

People who believe that truth is absolute try to make everyone subscribe to what works for them. This is similar to the vantage point of a small village that eats its unwelcome guests.

Lack of awareness of cause and effect and indifference to how our actions affect others.

Stunted DNA in some warring factions give them only one and a half strands of DNA. This has hard-wired some for destruction.

Greed amongst those who have the capabilities of assisting others. Lack of understanding that there are many types of abundance. Monetary wealth is merely a byproduct of abundance. It is not the actual abundance. Those who have accrued wealth realize that it is not enough and so they search for happiness in power and control. They become a black hole of need and they pull as much of the world into themselves as possible.

People are programmed to give up their power through interactions with deranged power mongers lifetime after lifetime. They forget how to formulate an original thought and distract themselves from their apathy with crude forms of entertainment.

Lack of connection to the simple premise of reincarnation. This absolves an indifferent soul from realizing that what they put out in this present life is what they will be creating for their future incarnations. Too many bloated white men believe they are going to heaven after they are done energetically raping the earth, so they have little sense of accountability.

Lack of accountability. Many people have outgrown the selfish and petty God that was established years ago. God didn’t make man in his own image. Man made God in his own image and it is very limiting.

The great news is that many of us are outgrowing these old states of being. We understand that we are all connected and that isn’t just the butterfly effect that we share. We are of the same heart. On a deep level, many of us are awakening to the realization that the pain we inflict is the same that we feel.

We have lost our taste for power. We have lost our fight. We have repaired our DNA and spontaneously repair others with the power of our love. We have shifted vantage points to see the value in all ways. We have conceded to kindness. We have fed ourselves from the inside out so the feast of power, carnage and wealth do not appeal to us.

We sip sweetly from the divinity of our own innate goodness. It pools within us like a delicate aged wine. It is time for everyone to learn their own distilling process. This is the awakening that is happening within. There is no other sustenance that is as sweet as the accomplishment of one’s own kind acts.

Debunking the Concept of Taking on Karma Or….. The Spiritual Law of Vibrations Or….. Arming the Empath

The world is expanding into a better understanding of how the Universe operates. The knowledge has always been there but it is something that we have not had the understanding to receive. Like the fact that the trees tell me that the way they communicate is similar to how we communicate using social media. Any tree can connect with any tree through their branches and roots. The roots and their branches are their interface.

Until we had the technology to connect through social media, we had no way of understanding of how it would be possible to personally know anyone in the world. Through that understanding, we can now fathom how any tree could possibly do the same; much less have intelligence to tell me. Everything that we thought of as miraculous, has a physiological basis; even miracles, healing, and God.

Being a dynamic healer would be a huge faux pas to declare; if not illegal; if it was not given the right preference. Everyone is a healer in some way and every one would benefit from using their gifts to inspire, nurture, uplift, teach, comfort and soothe. Because when someone heals someone else, they have the potential to heal themselves. There is a physiological reason why it makes us happy to make someone else happy. The reason is the same reason that the misnomer of taking on karma is still prevalent.

There are spiritual laws that govern the Universe. One of them is the spiritual law of vibrations. This simply means that everything of this world operates at different vibrational frequencies; even everything that we think of as solid matter. The things that come into our personal realm are things that we have become receptive to through introducing the vibration of them into our personal realm. That is why it is dangerous for very sensitive people; like empaths and healers to listen to people’s problems.

Their vibratory rate is so fluid that when harsh vibrations are introduced to theirs, their frequency easily shifts to match what they are receiving. They shift very easily in this way. To have an understanding of this is a huge survival tool to the empath. Understanding this gives the healer a working conscious knowledge of what they are doing. Empaths don’t even need to hear issues to adopt them. This is just one way.

I am able to Heal people very easily if they are receptive. I make funny sounds that some people can’t get past. When I do this, I am working with the Law of Vibrations in performing healing. What I am really doing by making those sounds is converting the energy of the subjects pain or issues into sound to release. But that is not all. What I am doing at a more intricate level, is removing the vibration of whatever was the issue from the subject’s sound frequency. (It can be taught.)

This is why people who are more open to me are more easily helped with what I do. It is because they are more able to not resist when I change the frequency of their whole self by pulling out a strain of vibration that has been causing them the issue. This is why I am ruthless about not allowing people to talk about the issue after I released it. That is a way to reintroduce the vibration back into themselves

When someone works on someone and actually heals them, it is a form of how homeopathy works except in a reversed way. In homeopathy, you are introducing a healthy vibration into your energy system to adapt your own energy to a healthier vibration. When a healer removes a vibration from someone else, they are introducing it to their energy system to pass through. If they are not careful, this frequency can take up home in their frequency. Not being careful consists of the FEAR of taking on the karma of another. It is not karma but the frequency of an issue that they are subjecting themselves to. It is then a choice to let it pass through them or adopt it as part of their make up. Whatever it is can be easily passed through the healer if they don’t identify with it and utilize the Spiritual Law of Love.

The Spiritual Law of Love is the greatest spiritual Law. It states that The Law of Love supersedes all other spiritual laws. It trumps all other laws. That means that the Spiritual Law of Love is an all access pass to empowerment. Where there is pure love, all fear is dissipated. This includes the fear of taking on karma. If someone is afraid of anything, it makes their vibration more pliable to whatever they are afraid of. That is why those who try to control others induce fear as a means of getting their target to vibrate with the targeted agenda.

This is how the popularity in war has been institutionalized all through history. This is how ruthless dictators have maintained popularity. This is what governments and other groups use to propagate an agenda that limits the individuals freedoms. This is how a spiritual group or religion maintains their integrity over an outsider. They use fear to weaken people and fortify a their boundaries against others by fortifying the uniqueness of a certain vibration that separates them as a group from the general populace.

We see this in groups that induce pride in being a member. But if you scan society, you can easily pick out the fear tactic and the ego tactic that are used by each group. Here let me help you.

Pride tactic – Patriotism
Fear tactic- protecting ourselves from being destroyed

Pride Tactic-God loves you best, Being the chosen
Fear Tactic- of going to hell or losing your spiritual standing

Pride Tactic- Supremacy
Fear Tactic- becoming a melting pot

Pride Tactic- Any label that denotes Pride
Fear Tactic- Losing being special if it is taken away

Pride tactic- Withholding information
Fear tactic- losing one’s edge if info is shared or info will get in the “wrong” hands

What I share has been kept from the general populace for centuries; perhaps always. I share it gladly and freely by adhering to the Spiritual Law of Love and a great understanding of our interconnection. These are greater times and it is time to give access to truth to all. I am so honored to be able to share with people the truth that has been being pumped into their psyche as their inalienable truth. But they have had no way to confirm it or perhaps articulate it. Until now. I share freely without administering a secret handshake or the need to keep it to themselves. Truth needs to be pumped into the drinking water. Now is the time.

This world doesn’t take too kindly to all its secrets being shared though. It is a daily challenge to reach those who are starving for truth. The human consciousness is like a frozen pond. You can drill a hole in it with truth but then that opening will soon freeze over if it isn’t tended to regularly. That is what I do with my writings. I am continually piercing the human consciousness with truth. I actually pay for my special posts to get shared. It is getting more expensive and more discouraging to do so. I am not sure how effective it has been either.

I have started offering retreats so that people can get that individual attention that they crave from someone who remembers the ancient dynamics of healing. They have proven to be a very dynamic gathering place for spirtuall seekers. I have written eight books to assist the seeker in stripping off layers of illusion preventing thenm from realizing their innate worth. There are different books because different people resonate with different ways to access truth. It is important to meet the seeker half way in their search.  The disadvantage of the human consciousness causes much resistance in attaining success. But it is getting easier as more people awaken.

Deciding to participate is taking the initiative to empower yourself. In the past, initiations were done to give power to a group, or a head honcho. But this is initiating yourself and the world in the highest physical aspect of yourself. Because there is no middleman between you and your highest potential. You should be walking with your spirit guides and angels regularly. You shouldn’t have to wait your whole life to deem yourself worthy. They are walking with you now. It is only a matter of you realizing it. This is what self-realization or enlightenment is.

So many of you are so close. This is not stroking the ego. It is simply fact. I invite you now to your own empowerment. I invite the whole world to their own empowerment. Here is a clear path to empowerment with very little conditions. The only one stopping you now is you.

My Books



Thank you Pat Hoffert

How many of us have been Jen Ward’s friend on FB? Or how many of us have the privilege of being a friend of hers in real life? I think that Jen is quite a gem in life. How many of us know that she is a published author? She shares many important tidbits with us daily, or almost daily. I found out about a month ago that Jen is a published author. At that time I purchased 2 of her books. To say that they are amazing would be an understatement. My first 2 books are “Letters of Accord” and “Perpetual Calender”. I can’t begin to tell you that even my husband who is not into this “woo woo” stuff could tell that there is something different about these books. Jen poured her heart into these books, and there are just no adjectives to describe them. I highly recommend these books for your own learning in life, and for your own heart. I know that you will feel what I felt, and to feel what Jen felt, and wants us to learn and have in our hearts and our life. We take so much learning from Jen, let us start to repay her. She gives freely of her knowledge. Let’s start by paying Jen back by purchasing her books. Not all 8 at once. Let’s just do 1 at a time. I don’t remember the site that Jen sent me, so perhaps Jen can put that site up on FB. I need to order another one of her books, so I will be waiting. I promise that Jen’s books will not disappoint!!!

Animal Healing and Communication Book 

  Animal book cover


Self Help Book For Survivors of Abuse, Rape, incest and All Forms of Being DIminished



Release Your Primal Relationship with Food and Food Issues



Case Studies with  SFT Taps to Accompany Them. A Great Self Help Book and Reference Book For Practictioners



An Upgrade in Truth Channeled Directly From The ANCIENT ONES

letters of accord


Poetry to Assist the reader in Awakening to their Own Spiritual Omniscience



369 Days of SFTs (Spiritual Freedom Techniques) Taps to provide a grounding practice for those who Choose not to Practice Meditation/Prayer/Yoga But wnat a Daily Practice to Empower Them

perpetual calender


Book of Quotes and Insignts to Upgrade the Reader’s  Perpective on Truth

grow where you planted





simha in hat

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  • If your dog has tumors, feed them flax-seed oil mixed into cottage cheese regularly. The sugar of the cottage cheese carries the flax-seed oil into the tumors and then the flax seed oil breaks up the tumors from the inside.
  • For achy muscles rub DMSO onto them. This is a miraculously healing agent.
  • When your dog’s body twitches a lot, give them massage. Make it a nurturing time. Whenever there are twitchy muscles grab the skin firmly around them and then hold it until the twitching stops. This will release the pain and the limitation of that particular muscle bundle. Once you get the hang of this, you can work deeper and deeper to free the inner layers of muscle twitches.
  • The supplement MSM, in powered form, can assist more than bones and joints. MSM is necessary for the function of every cell of your dog’s body.
  • If your dog is having trouble walking, don’t overlook cutting their nails to alleviate their issue. When their nails are too long, it affects the way they walk and puts unnecessary pressure on their joints.
  • When you cut your dog’s nails, you don’t need to cut off a lot. That is the fallacy. You just have to compromise the arch of the tip of their nail. This will cause the rest of the nail to file themselves by normal walking. If you always only cut the very tip of the nail, you will not create such a strong reaction in your dog when you cut them.
  • It is important to brush your dog’s teeth. Sometimes if they stop eating, it is because they have a sore tooth. You can tell if this is the case by giving them soft food in small nugget sizes. If they easily eat then, then you know that it is a tooth issue.
  • If your dog’s feet smell like corn chips, that means they are allergic to corn and gluten. It would be best to get them on a gluten-free diet.
  • It is very important to check the ingredients in your dog’s food. Commercial dog food has a lot of fillers in. Many of the popular dog treats are filled with corn syrup and peanut shells. Corn syrup is very difficult for anyone to digest.
  • Don’t talk about your dog as if they are old. They have no concept of aging unless you saddle this concern on them. If anyone asks if your dog is old. Tell them no, State the age and say, “They are ___years young”. Be adamant about it.
  • Don’t think or say derogatory remarks about your dog even if it is done in jest. You are formulating or diminishing your dog’s self-esteem. You are the world to your dog. There is no other option for them but to take your word as truth.
  • Don’t tell your dog’s sad tale in how they made it to you. Don’t call them a rescue. That just labels them as different. When they hear their sad story over and over, they have to relive it. It is very cruel and selfish to do this.
  • If there is a dog that lives in your house and you are the one that loves it, don’t say its the dog of someone else. Don’t say it belongs to your daughter who moved away or someone who is at school. Your dog deserves the security of knowing that your house is their forever home. It is cruel to make them live their whole life believing they belong to some absentee person. This harbors lack of self-esteem and issues of unworthiness.
  • If you adopt a dog from a shelter, or from a foster, make certain they know it is the last stop for them and they are in their forever home. The one thing newly adopted dogs always ask, is, “How long can I stay now?” Please spare your new family member this angst.
  • If you own a pet, please commit to them. Don’t hold it in the back of your mind that you may not keep them. They hear your thoughts. This thought makes them especially insecure.
  • Don’t compare your new pet to your dear one that has crossed. This is too much pressure to live up to and may cause stress that manifests as behavioral problems.
  • Don’t use your dog to work out issues with your mate. Don’t put them in the position of choosing between two people. Don’t resent them for their choice. This can make them feel insecure and cause subtle behavioral issues with them.
  • Dogs don’t register the word no. Their brain just doesn’t hear it. So if you command your dog not to bite. They hear you tell them to bite.
  • Being able to pin your dog is a way of establishing your dominance. This is very important for your dog’s security. They don’t want to be in charge. This makes them insecure. If you have a puppy, it is good to pin them from an early age. It doesn’t need to be done as an act of superiority. It can be done when laying on the floor with them. Cuddling with them and laying them next to you to rub their belly is a kind and gentle way of establishing hierarchy with them.
  • When a dog looks at you and they lift their nose a bit, they are telling you to hurry up. It is a means of knowing that they have a healthy relationship with you where they feel comfortable communicating back to you.
  • Our pets physical issues are many times a reflection of their people’s physical issues. They do indeed absorb the emotional dis-ease of their people. So if you are having a health issue, it is important to address it so as not to visit it on your pet. They can’t help it. They love us this much. To love them back, take care of yourself and in many cases your pets issues will workk themselves out as well. Many times when people come to me more assistance with their pet’s health, the issue is a reflection of what they are dealing with. It is almost like, they do not reach out to help themselves. But they will do anything to help their pet. If they will have as much love for themselves as they do their pet, both can stay more healthy.
  • The power of Intention is so important. Many times making a vet appointment for your pet when an issue arises, can send the healing intention to the issue even before the actual appointment.

Find this information and more in my Animal,  Book Affinity For All Life.

Animal book cover

Excerpt from the Daily Letters of Accord

letters of accord

The Ego is the dividing line between heaven and hell. The ego. One has to give up all that they believe they know as truth and surrender to the truth within. The truth within is not demonstrative. The truth within is a subtle presence that waits until the pain and angst of life becomes to unbearable to tolerate and then only then does one relinquish the debilitating control curfew that the ego induces.

We have the ability, opportunity and potential to walk away at any time. But we tend to wait until no experience brings succor and the lies that we have been promised by the ego inadvertently fail to pan out. It is then that the sweet voice of our own pure intention, can transition from an muted whisper to a bellowing confident truth that sustains us.

Jen Ward

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