Taps to Conceive a Healthy Baby

You will forget after you get pregnant that these taps helped you so……


(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say a 4th time while tapping on you chest)

“I flush my Uterus clean; in all moments”
“I remove all emotional issues in regards to conceiving; in all moments”
“I remove all issues hindering the conception of my baby; in all moments”
“I remove all stress from the process of conceiving; in all moments”
“I remove all blockages from my fallopian tubes; in all moments”
“I flush clean my kidneys; in all moments”
“I flush clean my liver; in all moments”
“I flush clean my heart; in all moments”
“I flush clean our DNA; in all moments”
“I flush clean our chromosomes; in all moments”
“I remove all desperation to conceive; in all moments”
“I remove the fear of not conceiving; in all moments”
“I remove all selfish motives in regards to conceiving; in all moments”
“I extract all need and want from the process of conceiving; in all moments”
“I release all unworthiness in regards to conceiving; in all moments”
“I empower the sperm; in all moments”
“I empower the egg; in all moments”
“I make space in my womb for the sperm to fertilize the egg; in all moments”
“I remove all blockages to the sperm fertilizing the egg; in all moments”
“I stretch the capacity for the sperm to fertilize the egg; in all moments”
“I make space in my womb for the egg to accept the sperm; in all moments”
“I remove all blockages to the egg accepting the sperm; in all moments”
“I stretch the egg’s capacity to accept the sperm; in all moments”
“The sperm is centered and empowered in fertilizing the egg; in all moments”
“The egg is centered and empowered in accepting the sperm; in all moments”
“I make space in this world to conceive, gestate and give birth to a healthy baby; in all moments”
“I remove all blockages to conceiving gestating and giving birth to a healthy baby; in all moments”
“I stretch my capacity to conceive, gestate and give birth to a healthy baby; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in conceiving gestating and giving birth to a healthy baby; in all moments”
“I resonate, emanate in confidence in conceiving gestating and giving birth to a healthy baby; in all moments”

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The Psyche of a Soul -Speaking for the Unborn

Pro Lifers always say they are advocating for the unborn. But they are not. They have no compassion for them. They don’t understand or they would stop advocating for such cruelty. I speak for the unborn.
I remember my past lives. I remember being killed in battle. I remember being murdered by my husband. I remember dying at a young age of influenza and having to slip away from my desperate loving parents. But there are two experiences surrounding death that instill the most dread in me.
The first experience is not knowing I was dead and being put into the ground. Watching myself be buried and discovered by crawly things. Not realizing that fear and ignorance was not allowing me to pull away from the experience. The other most dreadful experience is gestating in the body of and being born to a woman who hates me.
A woman, who all the time I am trying to grow a body, was configuring how to get rid of me by any limited means available to her. I formed my little body knowing her intention of using a hanger, falling down stairs or drinking herself to oblivion just to be free of me. That is embedded in the psyche of this life’s and my definition of a mother’s love. So is being Cursed on my birth. Also, being born into this loveless experience. Spending a childhood learning how to be normal without the love and guidance that others are given freely.
Between the two experiences, the second is more horrific. It creates more lasting scars on the psyche of a soul.

The Empowerment of All


It is a lie that those in a female body can’t reach the spiritual heights that male energy can attain. This belief is a half truth that keeps some souls trapped at a certain level. This belief keeps humanity in apathy. At a certain level of awareness, an individual can manipulate the molecular make-up of their atoms to achieve whatever intention is their spiritual purpose.

If you are on a spiritual path, you owe it to yourself to challenge everything that you ave ever been told. Everything. If you are not doing this, then you have deduced the intention of your spiritual journey into a dead form of worship.

The vibrations of this world are presently more conducive to female energy realizing its worth. Much more than it ever has been in recorded history. Female energy; as loving and confident as it is; simply cannot take a backseat to male energy in any form. Converting its benevolent nature into a passive state has been a detriment to humanity.

If female energy is empowered, she must stand toe to toe with male energy. This does not mean being confrontational. It just means not deferring either. The fantasy of finding the perfect man to take care of you is a seed desire planted into female energy to divert it off course. If female energy desires male energy, it may likely be that she is craving to marry her own empowerment and give presence to the submerged male energy within her own beingness.

No longer is it necessary to sit at the feet of anyone. Every individual has the means and tools to attain Mastership. Waiting around for male energy to give permission, say the right thing to induce enlightenment or asking the permission of an outside source to transcend, is a futile act.

Mastership is not achieving a gold star or prized ribbon. It is digging in the dirt of fertile experiences with your own hands and sowing your own seeds. Spirituality is not a commune. It is an extremely personalized journey that demands that one drop all beliefs, crutches and facades to gain their greatest empowerment. In doing so all individuals and all of humanity is elevated to sublime heights.

In a way, the heavens are drying up from lack of our attention. The power mongers have nearly succeeded in making access nearly impossible. It is important to feed the creative well of imagination. The imagination is the precipice of greater awareness and the enlightenment of humanity.

Dreams are an active piece of participating in the more subtle realms. Why are such things demonized or trivialized? Because they throw a wrench into the plans of those who wish to enslave humanity. Why do people resent me so much? Because the parts of them that are gripped by power are whispering in their ear that I am the enemy.

If someone has not achieved the heights that they desire in their present belief system, perhaps there is a flaw in the belief system and not themselves. Any person or group that instills fear for one wanting more truth is violating spiritual law. Anyone who instills fear in another, no matter how subtle, is pulling one away from the love because fear is the opposite of love.

None will know what I endure to share such truth. One has to ask why? There is no benefit to myself in spending up to fifteen hours a day writing and assisting others. I have no personal agenda. In all my writings I have shared nothing about any ego gratification in doing what I do. The satisfaction I receive is in assisting others from having to endure a struggle of equal intensity as my own.

My only motive is in sharing truth and to advocate for self empowerment and healing. If one resents me, and many do, they may want to look at their own belief system and see what it is lacking that makes them insecure about the truth I share. Perhaps they resent their own path for not providing the pathway to truth that I do. I am not creating a group of any kind. I am not trying to get people to leave their group. I am merely doing what love, and my Guides, compels me to do.

I appreciate any kindness offered, that’s true. But it is solely used for fuel to propel my intention farther so all of humanity can awaken to its empowerment. I convert all loving intentions into healing energy and send it out into the world. My imagination allows me access to such wonderment, healing abilities and empowerment. And so does yours.

Overcoming Rape

It takes a lot of resilience to overcome being raped. For some people it affects the rest of their life. Not only is it the trauma. There are feelings self-doubt, worthiness, and mourning the loss of innocence and lingering fear.
In a recent session, I felt it necessary to point out to my client that more people experience a traumatic sexual experience than experience a fairytale moment that we see in movies. With many it is a between those two ranges, but important to point out. People who have been raped may think that they were robbed of something that everyone else has experienced and that may not necessarily be the case.
Here are some taps to help those suffering with the after effects of rape. There are so many listed because many people are suffering in silence. My suggestion is that you take the time to do these taps to empower yourself. You are not alone and you are very lovable. And if you know of someone who may benefit from these, please share.
(say each statement 3 times while tapping on the top of your head and say it a 4th time while tapping o your chest)
“I release the trauma of being raped; in all moments”
“I release blaming myself for being raped in all moments”
“I release the guilt and shame of being raped in all moments”
“I release the fear of being raped in all moments”
“I release the belief that I deserved to be raped in all moments”
“I release the belief I caused the rape in all moments”
“I release quantifying rape in all moments”
“I release confusing rape for intimacy in all moments”
“I release allowing intimacy to be shrouded by the rape in all moments”
“I release being defined by the rape, in all moments”
“I release mourning my innocence; in all lifetimes.
“I release the belief that I am sullied in all moments”
“I release the fear of intimacy in all moments”
“I release the belief that I am unlovable; in all moments”
“I release the belief that I am unworthy of love; in all moments”
“I erase the rape from my energy field; in all moments”
“I remove the rape cookies from my hard drive; in all moments”
“I reboot my system to Love; in all moments”
“I install intimacy software into my system; in all moments”
“I make space in this world for a loving, intimate relationship; in all moments”
“I remove all blockages to having a loving, intimate relationship; in all moments”
“I release sabotaging my love life; in all life times”
“I stretch my capacity to have a loving, intimate relationship; in all moments”
“I am centered in joy, love abundance, freedom and intimacy; in all moments”

Spiritual Wedding Vows


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Here is a set of taps to help two people become closer with their pure intentions.

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest. Perhaps you and your partner can do these together)

“I declare _________ my spiritual equal and partner”
“All other relationships were merely training to be worthy of________”
I convert all past angst, drama, desires and commitments to Love and Devotion for __________”
“I remove all blindsides and sabotages in my commitment to loving ___________”
“I strip off all selfishness and petty pursuits that deviate from the spiritual journey of myself and ____________”
“I make no promises that I can’t keep”
“I refute all temptations and unworthy distractions that deviate from awakening to the perpetual state of being worthy of _________’s love in all moment’s”
“I transcend all matter, energy, time and space to be in perpetual love with _________”
“I sidestep all emotional, physical and mental inertia that have me doubt the perpetual state of loving _______; in all moments”
“I keep my heart open to _______ beyond matter, energy, space and time”
“I maintain a clarity of mind that keeps me tuned into the heart beyond all tangible realms”
“I see ________’s beauty, fortitude and resilience in loving me and our partnership; in all moments”
“Our love pierces through all doubt, and cynicism; and is impervious to the unworthy intentions of others”
“I see _______always from the most empowered vantage point”
“I reflect to _________ all their Beauty, strength, fortitude and resilience.
“I walk, breathe and know my own empowerment through the sanctity of my and __________ love”
“Every intention is blessed with the gratitude of loving _______; in all moments”
“Every experience is sweetened in loving ________”
“I live, move, and have my own beingness in the sanctity of loving ________”
“Every increment of loving ________leads me ever deeper into the heart of love”
“I dedicate my existence to loving _________more deeply profoundly and effectively and in doing so, revealing all the secrets of love’s beckon”
“I carry these intentions with me clearly, in each moment of our daily pursuits”
“Each moment captivated in love with _________ is a victory of valor.
“I love all life and all beings more clearly and colorfully as an extension of my love for _________”
“I uplift all humanity and hold it in the highest regards through my love for _________”
“I beckon all to love through the purity and sanctity of loving _________”
In all experiences, dreams, intentions and prayers, I give the highest regard for __________ and align it with my love of Source.
“__________ is a reflection of my relationship with Source and I nurture our relationship continually with gratitude and grace.

Where to Find Truth


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All through history truth has been hidden from the masses. It has been diluted, turned into allegories, hid in private sects. The truth is, it really wasn’t necessary.. Most people aren’t interested in truth. It is a lie they tell themselves to feel empowered. When they are presented with truth, they don’t recognize it or don’t want to exert any effort in gaining it.

Unless there is a booming male personality prompting people, or coaxing them to truth. Truth is overlooked. Another way to get people to be interested in truth is to sell it to them. Charge them a ton of money and shamelessly stroke their ego into believing the are special. If one does this, people may sit and try to partake of truth.

The fact is, that most people are invested in being comfortable, feeling special, playing out drama, feeling like a victim or helplessly watching current affair like a bad episode of Reality TV. I share truths everyday that are revealed by a diligent connection with a concentrated source. But here is what people do:

They don’t read it
They dismiss it as an opinion
They divert others on the page to an established quote that is a mental cue
They ignore it entirely.
They argue with me
They diminish it by putting their opinions on it; which are only mental debris
They pretend they didn’t see it and it doesn’t exist
Or the covet it like a dirty little secret that no one would forgive them for indulging in

There is a reason that truth embodies a female right now. Those who are still conditioned to believe that male energy is superior can not even fathom truth being emitted from a female. But this is the balance for the world. Female energy must enhance the present truth for all to have access to truth. All need access to truth so this world can balance again and thrive. Everything that we have understood about truth this far in human history has come from the slant of male energy so it is a half truth. A half truth is not a whole truth. It is a form of a lie. The world will balance when it stops subscribing to lies. It will do this as female energy is reintroduced to the world as viable, and important.

Many ways that were taught to access truth are obsolete now. So many people on a spiritual journey feel bad about their lack of accomplishments. For example, they feel bad that they aren’t able to get out of the body. This is just another subtle form of feeling unworthy or self shame. The truth is that truth can be accessed while still in the body. It is not about getting out of the body. That is how male energy does it and so only those who operate totally in male energy can do it.

The way to transcend the need to leave the body is to be centered in the body and expand your energy so that you realize that you are out of the body while you are still in it. When you expand your awareness to realize that you are more than your body, that you are your body AND the whole Universe and beyond too; then all you have to do is shift your attention to gain the awareness that you seek. It becomes a matter of whether you put your attention on the heart or the hand. Everything in the Universe is a part of your beingness and you have total access. This is how it is done.

That is a profound truth and a key for many to gain spiritual awareness; perhaps even enlightenment. But those who read it will most likely overlook it. They want to think the one feeding them truth is a huge booming personality that is larger than life. That is the ego wanting to be special and only identifying with someone who they deem dynamic.

Truth is hidden in plain sight. It is on my page. I work diligently beyond time and space and in the other worlds to assist in enlightening earth people so that humanity can thrive as a species. But I am not cute enough, I am not dynamic enough, I do not stroke enough of the ego, I do not name drop important people enough to be considered a source of truth. I do not live a dynamic lifestyle. The people who want that really are just looking for ego gratification in their own superiority.

So many people say they want to know truth but they lie to themselves. It is okay. But just know that there are people genuine enough and sincere enough to tap into a dynamic source. It is not flashy and it is polished and processed for the average consumer. It is understated and organic. And yes, sometimes it feels bad as the layers are stripped off. Perhaps layers are stripped off just in reading my posts so people avoid them. But that discomfort is temporary and so worth pushing through for freedom.

You are welcome to join our group live calls and learn how to access truth for yourself. But you don’t believe that or else you would make it a priority. You may already know about them and say that they aren’t worth the money to attend, you are shy, you have never done anything like that before, your friends would think you are crazy or you are not ready. That is fine. But just realize that you are sabotaging yourself in not pushing through the resistance. You are no longer a victim of life or circumstance in not attending or doing the taps I freely and generously share. You are now a victim of yourself.

Properties of Female Energy


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Last night the Ancient ones reminded me of the great ability of love to dissolve any attacks. Not in a pollyanna way but as a solvent of all that is not pure. Even the most horrific psychic attacks respond to love. The love just melts them. Even things that seem as solid as steel.

Female energy is regaining its balance now in the worlds and the energy that has been predicated on male dominance will try to diminish female energy. But this is why you and I have incarnated into our particular form. We are not so attached to our loins but to the beautiful expansiveness that is female energy’s nature.

We have chosen our forms to permeate the love into all the cracks and crevices male energy has overlooked; even within its own nature. We are blessed for our standings in love. You know all this but a reminder is nice once in awhile