Encourage the Know it All

You know how you can’t tell people anything? They will just look at you like they know something you don’t? Teenagers do this a lot. They are tapping into their own empowerment. Try not to take it personally. Don’t make it a personal quest to break them down or discourage them.
Don’t educate them with all the things that could go wrong. You really don’t know. You don’t know what the a passionate pure intention can accomplish. Don’t make it your job to dampen their spirit. Be the one person who is a go-to for encouragement.
This positive encouragement will endear you to them more than all the sensible advice you can throw at them. Perhaps you are merely repeating the voices that you heard that discouraged. you. If that is the case, the way to heal yourself is to give to others what you did not get yourself.

Emanating Love


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You know how if something is sitting in the sun or near a heater, it will emanate heat after a while? The same principle is true of objects that are around kindness and Love. Inanimate objects can absorb the Love and kindness that we emanate in our environment. This is just another way to experience the warmth of your own loving nature. And if it works for inanimate objects, just think about the possibility when it comes to living creatures and people! Our whole world is a reflection of the vibes we put out there!

The Miracle of You


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Kindness is my prayer
Encouragement is my song
Sincerity is my anthem
Singing it makes me strong
Empowerment is my motto
Service is my decree
Helping others is my virtue
Doing so makes me free
Taking is sometimes giving
Receiving graciously is a gift
Justice is spontaneous
The law of Love works swift
Everything you think
Everything you do
Is meant to excel you further
Into the miracle of you
If denial is your option
Ignorance is it too
Intelligence isn’t awareness
That’s what smart people misconstrue
Awareness leads from the heart
Intelligence may follow
A good mind without the heart
Can leave one cold and hollow
But a heart with pure intention
Has warmth and depth to spare
That is how their recognized
They have ample love to share.
Jen Ward 5/17/15

Energetic Christmas



Once in the group session, one of our long-standing participants sensed that she didn’t need to be part of the group on a regular basis. It is so exciting when one feels totally empowered that they don’t need to be part of the groups any more. She is a very effervescent person. It came to light in the group, that she should always be sure to share of herself because so many others benefit when she does. This is one of her gifts; that people enjoy her so much.

In other group dynamics, the participants hold back their gifts and the facilitator selectively shares what they wish to convey to the participants. But everyone who participates in the group sessions realize that I gift all my abilities to all who attend. When they are in the group, they recognize how to perceive in energy, release stagnant energy and get to the core of issues. They even experience existence beyond the confines of the mental realms and get to know truth at a very deep level. This is part of what I gift all attendees with.

Since she was leaving the group physically, I got the nudge to ask her if she would share her gift of likeability with everyone on the group call. She loved the idea of this. So energetically, I donned her likeability to everyone on the call. They all felt a subtle but definite shift. Then I had the nudge to go around the group and pointed out to each participant a special quality that they were gifted with. I then asked each participant if they wished to share the essence of their special trait with the person who was leaving the group and all others in attendance.

One by one I pointed out their unique gifts. They recognized them, after I mentioned them, and they were excited to share those gifts with everyone else. They included; the ability to nurture all, wise and discerning objective, the ability to break difficult tasks into small tasks and to get big jobs accomplished, and the ability to take themselves to incredible realities as if they were there in the physical realm. Everyone in the group felt empowered by receiving each gift.

This is how my group sessions are different from the average group dynamic. In the group dynamics that major groups maintain, the individual gives their energy to the structure of the group and receives the very minimum back. In the group sessions I facilitate, the individuals are given access to all that is possible. They are empowered and transported to the highest possible manifestation of themselves. If someone is there to take or empower themselves above others, it will be obvious and I will show them what they are inadvertently doing.

The gift I gave to the group was my ability to so easily communicate with the Ancient Ones. The attendees felt the upgrade to being able to access truth after it was gifted to them. There was such a feeling of love and giving on the call that it truly felt like an Energetic Christmas gift exchange. Each group call is different but the most surprising and empowering things come from them.

I am calling my events groups. But they are not. They are a gathering of individuals coming together collectively to expand their individuality. Never to diminish it. There is a synergy and an expansiveness to coming together with no limitations or expectations on them. There is no group dynamic to feed, no group intention to feed, only an expansiveness of consciousness for all the attendees. All the exponential synergy of the gatherings are used to empower the spiritual individuality of the attendees. Nothing is drained of for a cross purpose. The attendees feel this freedom. They feel free and unencumbered by rules and dogma.

If you are interested in participating in a group that will catapult you to your exponential empowerment, you may get the calling to sign up for the calls. You don’t have to attend all to benefit from the group dynamics. But from what I have experienced, most people don’t want to miss one call. You are welcome to participate.

The Exponential Empowerment Expo that I will be facilitating Sept 8-9th will be releasing rigidity from those who participate. They will be releasing the resistance to their own childlike Nature. One of the segments of the retreat will be awakening the attendees childlike wonder. I will be setting everyone up to play; something many people have not done in many years. As they sit with their project, craft or plush friend, I will be walking around and releasing all the shame and embarrassment that will be rising up in them; and so much more.

Matthew 18:3
And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

This gateway will be open for you. You attending is taking the initiative. It that way, in the cleanest way, it is an initiation for you into your own empowerment.

The Dance of Questions and Answers


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Who will I help?
How will I serve?
What will I do to add more kindness to the world?
How can I honor myself more?
How can I bring more honor to someone else
How will I express Love in a different way today?
What are the little miracles?
What secrets does the stillness hold?
What gifts have I been withholding that I am ready to share?
What are those little blind spots in me?
How do I release them?
Am I ready to release them?
Do they make me feel special?
Why do I need to feel special?
What craving in me does validation satiate?
Can I fill it myself?
Can I feed myself the succor of life?
What answers do I have that I have overlooked?
Who really understands me?
Do I really understand my self?
Am I worthy?
What makes me worthy?
Is everybody worthy?
What would disqualify someone from being worthy?
Is it obedience?
What atrocities may they have endured to remove them from appearing loving?
Is it my place to inflict more upon them?
How much does one judgement weigh?
How many judgements does it take to weigh down a soul?
Who benefits when a soul gets discouraged?
How many tears are cried at the judgment and indifference of others?
Is it easier to inflict pain or endure it?
Is my pain self-induced?
How many degrees of separation is there between a transgression and its reciprocation?
How much of what I endure have I agreed to?
How many teachers and Guides do I have?
Am I awake now or when I sleep?
What does it take to be and stay awake in both?
How many others think such thoughts?
Am I alone in my quest for answers?
Am I different?
Or is everyone pondering how to get out of this cell of human consciousness as well in their cell?
Can we be free as individuals?
Can we make a mass escape?
Where is the key hidden?
How do I slip it to the others?
How will we recognize we are free?
How will we know truth when we finally perceive it?
Does it really matter?
Do I really matter?
Am I having the same thoughts as any random cell in a vast array of matter?
Does everyone matter?
Yes. Yes they do. Yes they think, feel and struggle alone and believe it isolates them greatly. It creates such angst in them. They do not realize that this anguish to be better, fulfilled and empowered is the connecting force with all of life.
We are connected in this struggle. Reach out through those questions to tentative hearts everywhere.
Use them as intangible fingers to wipe the brow of the more weary,
To hug the ones that feel more alone
To feed the hearts of those who are more depleted
To awaken those who are more asleep
To nurture those who are more depraved
To expand the consciousness of Life by giving in all ways, to all beings and in all moments.
You are this capable.
Enjoy your day and all the internal questions and answers that dance within you.
May your intentions inspire others to dance’
You are loved and appreciate.
In, and by, All.
Jen Ward