The Light, Sound and Love of Your Purpose

The vibrations of your higher purpose can easily manifest now that all the old ways of doing things have fallen short and have left humanity incomplete. The world is thirsty and starving for your creative energy to emerge. So it is no longer needing the encouragement to live your true purpose. It is a matter of releasing residual fear that has been instilled in old consciousness.
Individuals are like abused animals being coaxed out of their cage. Those of us who understand this do all we can to invite them out. For some people, that is their whole purpose. It feels like that is mine. Everything I write, share and do, is evidence of that one purpose. Thank you for supporting my purpose; as I support yours.
That is the problem with group dynamics. If you think about it, all group dynamics have “ever so subtly” veered you off of living your purpose so as to support the purpose of the group. That is true of every group, religion, government and even spiritual group. As soon as there is a blanket mandate, and a directive, people have given over their empowerment as a noble act of supporting a group.
The group does not enter through the eye of the needle with you. The group does not auto correct when it has mandated an outmoded directive. The group does not cross over with you when it is time for you to forgo your physical skin. All these things you do alone. It is best to listen to your own inner censor. It is the one that always advocates for you. It is the one that you use to refine your own spiritual directive. It is the one that has no outer agenda.
It is love and love alone that then mandates your course.
You are then awaken to the subtle ways of how to communicate in energy. Light, love and the sweet sounds of life are your native tongue. The waterfall, the way the sun falls gently upon the land, the sweet call of the birds, the hum of nature or a babbling brook. These are the experiences that fill your soul. As the tin clamor of the “shoulds” and the “musts” fall away.
Jen Ward

The Complexion of God

Male energy has lied to spiritual people and told them to seek perfection. This perfection was supposedly intended to reach enlightenment. It is a real process. But it has nothing to do with being perfect. In fact, trying to be good takes people away from enlightenment. Staying in one’s center and owning one’s originality is the key to becoming enlightened. Perfection is a hoax. A lie. A sham.
That is why I am so visibly flawed, to help people realize that awareness has nothing to do with polish and shine. It has to do with being yourself and empowered. Omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. Have a God complex. By all means have a god complex. But encourage everyone else to have a god complex as well. In that way, we all reflect the complexion of God.
Jen Ward

The Art of Giving


Be a little leery of giving unconditionally and so openly to anyone who may still have taker energy. Not saying we should not give. But do so in the abstract way, for all of life and not for the appreciation of one person. We do things that make us feel good until they don’t. Sometimes it is not worth giving away a little piece of ourselves for the rush of an ego stroke. I know it sounds like a contradiction but there is an art to giving absolutely all of yourself while not losing any of your essence.

Jen Ward

Encourage the Know it All

You know how you can’t tell people anything? They will just look at you like they know something you don’t? Teenagers do this a lot. They are tapping into their own empowerment. Try not to take it personally. Don’t make it a personal quest to break them down or discourage them.
Don’t educate them with all the things that could go wrong. You really don’t know. You don’t know what the a passionate pure intention can accomplish. Don’t make it your job to dampen their spirit. Be the one person who is a go-to for encouragement.
This positive encouragement will endear you to them more than all the sensible advice you can throw at them. Perhaps you are merely repeating the voices that you heard that discouraged. you. If that is the case, the way to heal yourself is to give to others what you did not get yourself.