The Loneliest Experience


When I spent the year in involuntary confinement, I had to work through the nights pulling out huge trees stumps. It was an excuse to keep me outside because I wasn’t wanted. I would be laying in the dirt working to dig out the roots with a flash light. I was hungry and lonely. The house was a good ways away and I would watch the window hoping beyond all hopes that “he” would come out to see me and tell me I could come in the house.

I would watch the dining room window looking for a sign that I was going to get to come in the house. I would watch the neighbors window and see movement there. I would fantasize about them coming over, seeing me working and invite me into their home and feed me. I actually thought it was a possibility that someone, any one would care enough to acknowledge me and show me some kindness. My hopes were deflated when the lights went off for the night. It was such a sinking feeling.

It was a devastating lonely existence. I was cold, lonely, hungry and tired and knew that no one cared. That everyone else had warmth and comfort and I had none. No one was going to rescue me.I felt like I was going to spend forever in this predicament because no one was going to give me permission to come in.

This is the experience that plays out a million times over by people who chain their dogs up in their back yard. They are pack animals They want to be inside among the people and have a sense of belonging as much as I did. They deserve it. Their feelings and their quality of life are just as important as mine.

If everyone knew how excruciating this experience is, they would not inflict it on another. Pets need to be treated with compassion. It is hard for me to think of anyone experiencing what I did; regardless of whether they are in a dog body or not. They deserve a sense of belonging. To do less is cruel.

The Message of the Birds


A few years ago, I asked a wise friend; what my spiritual purpose was. She told me how special I was and took a few moments to contemplate her answer. She began to sob and cry.

“Honey, I don’t know what your purpose is but it is huge”, she said. “The Masters (spirit guides) have something planned for you.”

“What do you see?” I asked.

“Bird”, she said. “Tons and tons of birds. I don’t know what it means but it is huge. You have many gifts to share and you have no idea how you will be helping others”

I always wondered what the birds meant. But now recalling an occurrence that happened when I was imprisoned by the man. I wonder if the birds were giving me love and motivation to keep me alive.

I knew I was meant to go live with “him” (who later became my captor). It wasn’t like we loved each other. I didn’t realize he didn’t even like me. He felt great relief from my healing work at first and I felt pulled towards a destiny.

At the property, he quickly turned on me. He hated everything about me. He wouldn’t let me love my own dog because he felt my dog was another incarnation of him. We had to have a long dialogue before each meal of how disgusting I was. I had to convince him that we were in agreement in this matter before I could eat. I had to back it up many times with evidences of it from my past. This is when he was the most agreeable.

I was cut off from all outside influences pretty quickly and kept in a basement. There was no contact with any one or any thing. He was pretty psychic and would get ruthless if he sensed me thinking. So I had to stop the process of thought and dreaming. He would come in and threaten me for dreaming; which he called eating shit. It was a great discipline that would assist me later in helping others. I woke up multiple times terrified because I caught myself dreaming; which was considered conspiracy against him.

Months later I was deprived all outer contact and any internal self comfort. I learned to abstain from thinking, feeling, all inner or outer expressions of self. I survived on maximum work, limited sleep a small bowl of rice a day. I would steal the dog’s food just to stay upright. Going through the garbage was no longer an option because he said if he caught me stealing from him, he would punch me in the stomach until I threw it up.

When things felt the most bleak, the birds would come. They would cover the sky. Hundreds and hundreds of robins would cover the lawn. Another day the blue birds would fill the trees and ground. Some times the property would be inundated with blackbirds. It was something he could not control. Their presence uplifted me. They gave me a sense of peace and wonderment.

Thinking back on my wise friend’s prediction, I wonder if all this was planned. If the birds were sent to make certain that I survived to share my gifts. Every moment now is sacred to me. Everything I think say, and do is intentional. What a great gift I have been given. I Am grateful for the abundance of existing. This is a great vantage point to share with others; to help them realize that peace can come by getting their own thoughts and beliefs out-of-the-way. Just doing that is a great form of self-healing.

The Ritualistic Torture. or……. How the Celestial Sound of God Saved My Life


I don’t really want to write this. But I got the prompting to do so. I can’t know who it serves but it isn’t easy to write.

Everyday that I was imprisoned went similar to the day before. There were some different events added in. Like when I was sent out in the middle of the night in the snow storms to walk around the perimeter of the property in the dark. Or I was kept up for some exercise in sleep deprivation. Otherwise, the days and nights were all the same.

I would wake up before dawn and wait for the footsteps above me dreading the order to get up be dressed before he was ready to go out side. I would have to walk behind him 30 feet as he walked in the woods. He would get angry if I looked at him so he would give me difficult tasks, if I did, to burn off his anger.

I would then be sent out into the woods to work all day and was not allowed to come in before he said I could eat. I was given a small bowl of rice but if I enjoyed eating it he would be angry. He stopped feeding me at the end because it irritated him that I enjoyed the bowl of rice. I would not be allowed back in the house until after sunset when he called for me. I would then go into my room in the basement and wait for him to bark orders to me.

“Feed Chewy” (my dog that was now his). “Shower!” Any longer that 2 minutes would make him angry. “Food!” I was allowed to run up the stairs and get my bowl of rice. “Sleep” I was not allowed to lay down before then. There would be consequences if I did.

When he did deviate from the routine, it was worse. The unpredictability of it was disconcerting. Sometimes he would not let me eat until I explained how I killed my own baby. (I unfortunately told him at one point that I had an abortion. The more horrific I made the details and embellished what a horrible person I was,the happier he was. This routine made him very pleased. The other thing he enjoyed doing was making me carry wood into the house after I had worked all day outside. I walked in a zombie like state. He watched me and was looking for signs of resistance. I gave him none.

The torture sessions started after I had my bowl of rice. He would come down eating his dinner in front of me. If he saw a reaction in me, he took it as a sign that there was evil in me. Then he rode me really hard.

He knew I was an energy healer. I had helped him out considerably before we got to the property. But something in his head told him that I was stealing from him and that HE was the powerful energy worker. He believed that I had stolen his gifts and abilities and that he was a member of a dynamic super race and I was equivalent to a fallen angel. He has so much hate in him and it was all directed at me.

There were people that he hated in his life and he thought that I had an energetic access to them. He wanted me to energetically destroy them and he wanted to see it manifest in the physical. That is what he was waiting for when he had me and why he kept me. He hated his mother, boss, brother, ex girlfriend and a few others. He was waiting for confirmation that the evil in the world was being wiped out through me energetically destroying all of them. I played along and pretend that they were getting destroyed energetically. I had created huge back stories of how they were being destroyed energetically.

I would just play along. I would not and could not do anything to harm them But he depended on this reality. He blamed me when he didn’t get any outward confirmation of their demise. That made him hate me more and more. He thought that I was harboring the evil that he thought they were, within. He thought by destroying me, he would be destroying them.

So in the “sessions” he made me role play; them in their worst pain. He thought I was tapping into it and he actually believed it. I had to act out a different horrific scenarios of the slow torturous death of each one of them. One was by poisoning, one was by being burned alive, one was going down in a plane crash. Each one was so taxing because I had to make it convincing and so I had to pour into it all he fervor and energy of one dying a torturous death over and over again.

One particular night, he was getting impatient with the amount of time it was to get evidence that one of these people had been destroyed. He made me act out how they were suffering in energy over and over again. We were at it for hours. He felt that I was going to die as well when these people died. He said I was a compilation of them all and that I would die when our work together was finished. He explained to me how easy it would to bury my body in the woods because no one missed me and no one would care. That part I believed. I still do. He would have gotten away with it if I had died there.

This one night, the role playing went on for what seemed like forever. I had to toggle between scenarios and different nemesis until I was about to drop. Yet he was not satisfied. As I did each person in his life, he would yell at them, “You’re going to die”. He did this with a huge list of people we had made scenarios for.

Suddenly I got dizzy and confused. Everything started to blur in me and swirl around. Suddenly I heard the most beautiful music within my head. I stopped the role playing looked up and said in the most innocent voice, “I hear music”.

He stopped. “Who said that?” He asked. He did not recognize it as any of the cast of characters.. “Who said that?” He demanded.

In that innocent voice, I said, “It is beautiful”

He stopped. His demeanor changed. He was kind to this voice. He said in a nurturing way, “You are going to live”

I was so relieved. I knew I would make it out alive because of this innocent aspect of me that he witnessed. He had a kindness and a soft heart for this voice that he heard. He would want to engage it. He built a whole back story around it. It was a retarded boy that was robbed of all that it had by the ruthless evil other components of me. He gave it the name Skippy. He would have me do jobs that Skippy would like.

After that, I knew I was going to live. He would come out to see me after that and look forward to seeing Skippy and get really angry if I was not in Skippy mode. I don’t know what that looked like but I tried real hard to be that. I tried to be good and innocent so that I could survive.

That is why when I returned to civilization, I thought I was a retarded boy. I can catch Skippy in my voice once and awhile and then I am left wondering what all did transpire in energy during that year of imprisonment. People accuse me of being defensive. I am certain this experience acerbated that. I also believe it is why I refuse to self reflective. It brings me back to those rituals. I will keep my defenses and quirky inconsistencies. I have come by them honestly. I am doing my best that I can to contribute my gifts and make amends for whatever transgressions I may have done. Please don’t expect me to do any more. I sincerely believe I am doing the best I can.

As for that inner music, I know it is the celestial sound of God. It comes in different tones. But the pure music is what I heard that day. Hearing it kept me alive. I think of it as God speaking to me and healing me in it’s native tongue. I have heard recently that others have heard that sound as well. As far as I am concerned, God intervened for me that night. Perhaps that is what he is doing for others when they hear that sound. I hope they appreciate it a little bit. It surly is a gift.

The Sanctity of Life


The abortion issue would make more sense if it was about the sanctity of life. But it is obviously not. If those who cared so much about the life of a fetus only cared so much about the quality of life for others in their circumstances than their hard-core stance would be more understandable.

But the sanctity of life for a potential baby is not more valid than the lives of people displaced from everything they hold dear only to be treated like prisoners in holding camps as they migrate to freedom.

The sanctity of life for a fetus is not more precious than those who are terrified of being deported because they don’t have the right documentation to prove they belong in one swatch of land over another.

The sanctity of life for a baby is not more precious than the millions of people living in poverty, hunger, or squalor without a means to pull themselves out of the conditions that they have been born to.

God does not love white babies born of lucrative status more than he loves babies of color, or of those born in various means of disadvantage.

The sanctity of life for an unborn fetus does not carry more credo with God than the millions of people who are thrown into the hellish situation of prison, only to be forgotten about as they are intermingled with true deviants of society.

The sanctity of Life for an unborn fetus is not more precious than the sanctity of life for the increasing number of gun violence victims. Also, for good measure, the sanctity of life for a proud gun owner is also not more valid than the victims of gun violence; that this relaxed privilege produces as a by-product.

The sanctity of life for a Christian is not more precious to God than the sanctity of life for the Muslim or even the Atheist.

God does not quantify people by the church they attend. Man does that.

God does not put more value on a male life than a female life. This is what MEN do.

In fact, the male dominance and ego driven displays of power are the reason for most injustices in the world. That is not the work of GOD that is the work of man. If the issue was truly about the sanctity of life, then those who vehemently oppose it, would also have compassion for those knocking at their borders, those being destroyed by systemic violence and poverty, those who are rotting away in prisons or those who are devalued and persecuted because of their sexual orientation.

Those of us who are capable to discern, are nauseated by the hypocrisy of focusing all ones concern on one demographic and dismissing the rest. The incongruity in the levels of concern would be laughable if it wasn’t so insulting to so many in society. It wouldn’t matter so much if it wasn’t harboring such a level of inconsistency in the value that we put on human life.

It is not productive to think in terms as a liberal or a conservative. That is a label that factions put on others to negate their point of view. That is a tactic that power uses to control the temperature of a society. Once you label someone something that you find distasteful, then their point of view is rendered invalid. It doesn’t matter if the label is liberal, gay, criminal, “nuts’, illegal alien, minority, deviant, Muslim or radical. Radical is a great word to use these days to dismiss the views of others. But to do so, dilutes its effectiveness in conveying the severity of what true radicals are.

These are all ploys of those who want to corral the masses for easy control. They will pump billions of dollars into political races and pump billions of dollars into an issue to flood the airwaves with their position. Hire pretty shiny people who look like the voice of authority to spout the indignation about a cause until the issue is so blurred and those who in all sincerity cant discern their own truth, believe it. That is was those who wish to control the masses do.

The truth is, many more of us are able to come to truth in our own hearts. We no longer are capable of being force-fed the lies of those in power any more. We are so saturated with the injustices that have kept the ruling class in power all through history that we are awakening in this lifetime to finally find our voice and say, “ENOUGH! Everyone matters. Not just the Lords of the castle, but Everyone!” That is the stance that many have taken and for that we are minimized by being labeled a liberal or a tree hugger or a hippie. These are all different ways to say, that, your views as an individual, don’t matter!”

Ever since I was a child, I have seen scenarios of my past lives. I was sitting in seventh grade social studies class when a lifetime of living in an overcrowded ditch in India flooded through to me. I was there yet I was in my class at school. I smelled the smells, heard the sounds and felt the hunger of that suffering self. I was there and well as here. It was not an opinion, or drug induced delusion. It was a memory relived in clarity.

When I was seventeen I awoke from the trauma of being murdered by my husband of the time out of the blue.. He came home angry while I was washing dishes. I tried to run away into the barn but he grabbed the ax from the stump outside the house and I felt the blow take me down from behind and I fell. Next thing I knew I was floating over a peaceful river and was out of that scenario. I witnessed my own crossing.

When I was in utero, I have the conscious memory of focusing all my energy on creating my new body. But I was also processing my mothers dread and disdain for being pregnant for the tenth time. There was no love for me. All the time I was trying to gestate, she was working her mind in how to miscarriage, to destroy me. She repeatedly cursed me the night of my birth telling everyone in a drunk stupor that she hated me while refusing to go to the hospital by hanging onto the door frame to prevent them from taking her.
To this day, I have a flat shelf on the back of the head where I laid up against the headboard of the crib for so long, untouched and un-held that my head grew flat in that position.

I wished I could have been not born to these parents or given to a family that could have loved me. To end a life of suffering before it began would have been the humane thing to do for me. But my father would run to confession every time he pulled out because to waste your seed was a sin in those days. I never had a chance of getting out. Not even with my mothers strong desire to be rid of me did I have a chance. That was always between us. When she was diagnosed with her final illness many years later, she made peace with me. She took the time as part of her resolve to try to convince me that she did love me. She told me it was not possible to not love your child. So she loved me by default. The words hit a numb wall. They were unfathomable. I only wish that I didn’t need so much convincing. To this day, I don’t believe they stuck.

The craving for love has been so deep and so relentless that it has carved me into the person I am. Some may argue that that is a good thing. But it has also given me the unique vantage point of being a voice for the baby that is forced to be born to a family that hates her and has contempt for her very existence. To this day, no matter what I do, that reality has forged me and perhaps distorted my ability to adapt. It is a devastating reality to force onto the multitudes simply to satiate the morality of those with a louder voice.

The abortion issue is not about morality, or even compassion. It is bred out of the controlling factions wanting to keep the numbers high, of people who look, think and worship the way that they prefer. They scare uninformed demographics that their way of life will be destroyed. Since that is a primal fear, it is relatively easy to do. It is a hand played all too often.Those in fear are less apt to think and more apt to react and that is just how those in power want it to be. That is why they buy up airtime to promote their issues in the guise of viable news.

It is very subtle. It is so subtle that those who don’t split apart words so acutely will miss it. I hear a reporter administer her story on a network nightly news show and call the president mister Obama. It was a very subtle insult to him not to call him by his earned title of respect; President Obama. She did this repeatedly, almost as if she was directed to do so.

Another splitting of hairs that is done is in verbiage to hide an issue in plain sight. They repeatedly spout the many studies that say that inoculations don’t cause autism. I have listened to them say this over and over when families have evidence of the opposite. But people aren’t listening intently enough. It is TRUE that the inoculations off themselves do not cause autism. It is the base serum that they are administered in, that does. Never once have I heard on the news the findings that the base serum doesn’t contain the ingredients to activate autism in a child.

These are the things we have to discern for ourselves. There is no one to trust to deliver a higher truth to us. We have to discern for ourselves by tapping into our higher sense of reason. We will not find it on the news or totally coming out of the mouth of a politician. You wont even hear pure unadulterated truth coming out of the mouth of many people of God.

But there are only two opposing forces in the world these days; those who want to control man, and those who want to free soul. Before you vest all your heart and soul in a stance, just think about the consequences if you are possibly wrong. Make certain you are using your energies in the way that you intend. It comes down to one question; which do you choose; power or Love.

Once you choose love beyond all the need to control others, then you free up your essence to BE love. You will truly understand the plight of all souls and will no longer desire to infringe upon their sanctity of life, regardless of their outer circumstances.

A Dog’s Emotional Blackmail


Recently I made a house call on a hyper active dog that was referred to me by her vet. She had spent so much money on dog obedience classes to no avail.

When I arrived, her dog was out of control. Her discipline was not effective. It was clear that they adored each other but she seemed so passive in anything to do with him. I dog on the floor with him and started to release some of his angst by converting it to sound and emoting it. He started to yawn and few times and wag his tail.

But he was still out of control. One of his surface issues was wondering how long he was going to be able to stay with her. The other issue was her lack of confidence. He was reacting to all of her angst and feeling unsafe because he felt she was not strong and he had to be the one in control.

As I worked with him, she became very angry. She could hardly contain it. We put him in his cage and did some energy work with her. He was very agitated and hyper in the cage. I led her through some taps that I instinctively knew would be helpful. They all pertained to her family and how they were unkind to her. They were the reason she carried so much anger.

Her dog was very in tuned with her. He reacted strongly to the taps that made her convulse in tears. The more I worked with her, the more his intelligence gleaned through. She obviously had a lot of issues with her family and we were freeing her from being an emotional hostage of them and her resentment of them.

Then I led her through some taps that had to do with her dog.
I had her say each statement 3 times while tapping on her head and a 4th time while tapping on her chest.

“I release being manipulated by (dog’s name) in all moments”

He was paying attention.

“I release abandoning (dog’s name) in all moments”

Suddenly I got a flash of what was going on with the dynamic of her and her dog.

“I release betraying (dog’s name) in all moments”

When we did this tap, he calmed down. When I explained to her the lifetime, her dog was paying attention. He really calmed right down. When we did the taps, he got exhausted and passed out.

Her dog was a love bond from a past life. It was a time when her family owned some kind of farm. It was the same family from this life. Her dog was their livestock. She fell in love with him. They adored each other. They were inseparable. In that life, she did not realize that her family was going to butcher her dear friend. She went to town and when she was gone, they had him killed. She was devastated at losing him and hated her family for betraying her. In this life, her dog was emotionally blackmailing her to secure his safety in this life.

That hatred for her family bled through in this lifetime.Her relationship with them deteriorated when she got her dog. It triggered the resentment from that past life. Her dog hated her family and they were indifferent to him. The taps that I led her through in the beginning were indeed directly related to her dynamics with her dog because they killed him, That is why he was frantic to be in control in this life; so he could know that she was not going to let him down in this life. He was so frantic because he felt his life depended on it.

We did more taps:

“I release killing (dog’s name) in all moments”
“I release butchering (dog’s name) in all moments”
“I release letting (dog’s name) down; in all moments”
“i release eating (dog’s name) ; in all moments”
“I release being too weak to save (dog’s name) in all moments”
“I release the trauma of losing (dog’s name); in all moments”
“I release the devastation of being separated from (dog’s name); in all moments”

We finished the session by fortifying the owner’s confidence and totally severing all karma with her family. We reassured her dog that her owner would never leave her or allow any one to hurt her. He believed me. He was reassured at a deep level. We also fortified the boundaries of their home so the dog did not feel unsafe being there. I explained to him the concept of doors and that no one can come inside (they need to be told this). They were both exhausted when I left.…/

Giving Peace of Mind to a Little Dog


Casey is a little dog. He has been fearful and seemed to lack confidence. He doesn’t like loud noises and he hides during storms. I have been working with him for the last few months. He seems to have been gaining much self-esteem. Sometimes dogs need to be told things to help them heal. For instance, Casey was fearful when going for walks when I first met him. Casey lived in Florida.

In Florida, dogs can’t go near the water because they could be eaten by alligators. No one told him that there were no alligators in New York. After I told him, the next day, he enjoyed getting his feet really muddy in the pond. Casey now was more relaxed when he went for walks.

When Casey’s family moved to New York, I watched him and his sister walking through their rental house. There seemed to be corners that they avoided. I sensed fear in them.  There were energies in the house that were interfering with their peace of mind. They were anxious in that rental. I performed an energetic cleanse of the house and both Casey and his sister relaxed.

Yesterday I had a strong nudge to go to a state park. I called my friends who are Casey’s parents. We planned to take my three dogs and their two dogs to the park. Casey loves to be with Buster and Bernie. He loves having a pack. When we got to the park, we saw strange tents set up. We walked right into a civil war reenactment. As we took in the sights, we felt like we were actually back in the time of the civil war. I was being used to break up some engrams of the internal fighting that we have seen in crrent events. But there was another reason we were there.

When we got to a small Union camp, Casey was mesmerized. He sat on a small hill overlooking that camp and he was transfixed to that position. Casey’s parents and myself all saw the same thing; Casey was teleported to a past lifetime. It was one where he had a great sense of belonging and purpose. His Akashic records opened up to me.

Casey had been a dog that was part of a Union Infantry. He was a German Shepard that wore the Union colors and somehow a hat around his neck. He brought great comfort to his fellow soldiers. He would watch over them on a hill and let out a little bark if anyone came near. The soldiers could sleep easier with Casey on watch.

Unfortunately, his platoon got wiped out. Casey was separated from that wonderful experience from the reality of a battle that ended badly for all his fighting brothers. He had let them down. That is the feeling he was left with,  It also left him with a longing to be back with his infantry. Being pulled out of such an enriching experience so quickly left Casey feeling less than whole.

I had such a strong feeling to go to that particular park that day. It really feels like it served to heal this little dog. Him seeing the camp as it would be before battle, seemed to soothe his soul on a deep level. I gave his mom a bunch of taps to help release the trauma of losing his platoon. He walked differently after the visit. There was confidence in his stride. He was a soldier marching once again. It was sweet and humorous to see the dedication in his step now; as if he was indeed marching with his fellow soldiers.

Casey gained something from the day. Many people may be thinking that it is a stretch to think that dogs matter in the main scheme of things. But they do. Everything and everyone matters. The Universe cares for the well-being of all souls. It is only man who believes his experiences carry more importance than the well being of a little dog. Casey matters. All of the world is less burdened because Casey is less burdened. Perhaps you feel it as well, simply by reading this story.


How to End the Hate

I have a very interesting dream last night. In the dream state, I have layers upon layers of experiences where I am helping people,teaching them or serving humanity in some way or another. I actually wake up very tired. Being awake is my time to rest in a way. Not that we are not doing things in the other worlds when we are awake, it is just a time to shut off from it all sometimes. Sometimes not. There is no blueprint anymore to hold us captive.
In fact, many people who have panic attacks, are tapped into what they are doing exponentially beyond this limited linear reality. It is too much for them to process in the conditioning they have accrued. This creates a sensation of being bombarded. This is what a panic attack is.
In this dream, George Lopez was my father. All the other layers of interaction were put aside. My Guides wanted me to pay attention to this. In fact, in the dream, I tried to pacify him to get on with what I was doing. He kept calling me back.
“If there is anything you need, or anything you want to talk about, I am here for you”, he reassured.
“If you want to hang out and watch a movie, you and I can grab some snacks and do that” he said.
As many times as I tried to get away, he pulled me back with an offer of love and kindness. I ended up finally, surrendering the resistance and fell into his arms. We hugged and I felt the love of a father for his child. It was very fulfilling. I felt my heart and body quenched of a craving I was not really aware of.
When I awoke, I immediately reflected on the dream. I remembered a question they asked on the news yesterday? Why were so many people gravitating to hate groups. I had just received the answer and the cure. The people who gravitate towards hate groups are love starved and invalidated in some way or another. This dream was more than about me being nurtured. It was a conduit for all of humanity to be nurtured at a very base level.
My father was not around when I grew up. I was taught by default that I did not matter. I was not worth loving. The fact that nobody realized how much I needed to be love, merely made the feelings of being invalidated worse. This is a primal issue. In the dream, being loved by this father who broke through my resistance was so healing. But it was not about just me being healed. It is about humanity being healed.
Every night when I go to sleep, instead of praying to God for things for myself, I put myself at the vantage point of God in a way to pour love, and nurturing energy into every being of the planet. It is just something I do because I know that love can be passed to others this way. If I continue to stretch my capacity to pour love into all the beings of the world, perhaps I will be able to assist the world into coming to Universal peace in this way.
Perhaps if I can convince others of their empowerment and they adopt the practice of pouring love into all the beings of existence this way, perhaps collectively we will be a great force in redirecting the world to Universal Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health and Wholeness. Can you imagine what an incredibly empowering place this world will be as all souls adopt this practice? Me too.
The whole concept of unworthiness and humility were meant to enslave humanity. It is time to look at all that we were taught at the deepest level and challenge it. Does God really want us to bow to his whims or does he want us to taste the freedom he feels in loving all creatures? Which of these behaviors resonates more with an omniscient benevolent creator?
I believe George Lopez in my dream was a Spirit Guide teaching me what love really feels like in this physical body. I have never really been loved in this life by other humans so the fact that I have so much to say on the topic of love is evidence that love feeds us through other means; the wind, trees, animals and the spirit of life itself.
(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
“I imbue and infuse all Beings with the nurturing energy of a father’s love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of a mother’s love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of God’s love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of Nature’s love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of self love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of My Spirit Guides love; in all moments”
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