The Taking of Life


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The first week I was roommates with “him” I knew that it wasn’t going to work out. This great guy who wanted to take care of me, gradually was showing contempt for me. Everything I shared up until now about myself was now fodder for him to use against me. I have learned since then; that psychopaths get crazed by someone showing weakness. That information, and the fact that he was indeed a sociopath, would have served me well.


The first week we were at the property, an eight foot snake just showed up stretched out along the wall, inside the house. He dealt with it by going to his computer and programming. I was nearly hyperventilating. The snake, his reaction to it and his irritation at me were all disconcerting. He ignored me and said to just leave it alone and it will leave of its own accord. It did disappear, after a while, and I thought that was the end of it. Until I opened the door to my small private bathroom and it was hovering in a strike position on the vanity. Great! He took it as a sign that I was evil. At that point, I still had input had the landlord remove it.


An interesting note: after I was stripped of all privilege, realized that I was not free to leave, and was made to work outside all day; we met the neighbor along the fence. The first thing the neighbor said to “him” was; “have you seen any snakes lately?”. “He” took this as an endorsement of his treatment of me. He then now looked to this neighbor for cues as to how to treat me. That is when my daily existence got worse.


It was over a hundred degrees. There was an advisory not be outside. I was given the task of digging out big roots from a dead tree for no reason. He stood over me watching me fail. My life now, was all about failing. He mocked me for being weak and disgusting. He showed me how to step on the shovel and push it into the ground. But I could not do it right. The fact that I was starving and still grappling with my new reality did not play into it. He finally got tired of deriding me and let me go back to digging out an actual stump. At least I was left alone doing that and it had an end result to it.


But then he came over to where I was working. He was laughing to himself, very pleased. He just said, “come with me and bring the shovel”. I wilted even more inside. I hated shoveling. It was literal torture at this point. The thought of digging a hole in the heat sickened me inside. This was indeed a private hell.


But instead of taking me to dig a hole, he took me to the lower level of the house. We went into the back room and he said laughing, “get rid of it”. He stood with glee, waiting for me to see the six-foot long snake that was in there.


But I was so grateful that it wasn’t a hole to dig. I was so elated inside, that I walked up and struck it in the head, pinned it in the neck and took its life. I carried it out without a thought of concern for it. No prayer, no reverence, no remorse. There was just gratitude that I was spared an arduous task. It was done. I was now a different person. I had taken a life with no regard for what I had done. I was a little surprised by how relatively easy it was to push me to this point. There was no room for compassion in me then.


For a short time, things got easier. They got easier before they got harder

Healing Torticollis



When certain muscles controlling the neck undergo repetitive or sustained contraction, causing the neck to twist to the side.  The abnormal posture caused by torticollis is often debilitating, and is usually painful. It is tonic when the abnormal pressure is sustained

This little bear was stuck in the state of a twisted neck. He was created in a factory merely for the purpose of holding a box of candy much too large for his body. It was a cruel fate. With the candy all gone, he was stuffed away in a garbage bag at a local yard sale. He was deemed too damaged to sell. What a horrible fate. The Gods shined on him the day my friend Therese and I crossed his path.


We could not leave him under such cruel conditions. Therese adopted him and gave him unconditional love. But I, being a healer, knew he deserved a better quality of life. I completed the healing this morning. You can see the results for yourself. This bear has a lot of life left in him. He is thriving and happy to now be able to look forward like other bears of his kind.


I wanted to put a special bow on him but he preferred the typical ribbon. He did not want to stand out any more. He wanted to experience life, like an average bear. He is very happy now. It just goes to show you the benefit of a little kindness. This bear is so much happier with a new lease on life. And it somehow seemed to remove some stress in my own neck and Therese’s neck as well.

There is always an opportunity to take kindness, healing and awareness to a new level. Lets create a world where all life; animate or inanimate; is treated with honor and respect. Perhaps in that endeavor we will find the key to our own healing.

A Gesture to Honor All Life


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I went to the pet store today to get some things for Simha and the Dingos; Bernie and Buster Sanders. After I checked out, I needed to use the restroom. I was tired and ready to go home but something literally called to me. As I walked down an aisle to get to the restroom, I heard a couple crickets. They were actually calling to me to free them.

When you can listen to all of of life, it becomes a sacred form of service, no matter how ridiculous it seems in this world of linear illusion. I had to honor the plea of the crickets and free them. Of course I could not free all of them. But I wanted to find the ones that were calling to me.

There was no way to tell which crickets were calling to me. It is heartbreaking to not be able to free everyone. So I bought five dollars worth to free. I then donned them  surrogates for all of imprisoned beings. It was a means of sending the sacred intention into the Universe to assist all of life to be free.

The bag of crickets freaked me out a bit. They were all jumpy in the bag of air they were sold to me in. I was hesitant to release them because of their irratic energy. I thought they would jump back on me. My friend Therese came home with me to support me in releasing the crickets into my yard. I did not realize at that time that she would be witnessing a sacred ceremony in a sense.


I decided to let them free at the base of the apple tree in my yard. It is a focal point of dynamic energy. As I opened the bag, I expected them to jump all over me. They did not. They were calm and still. The whole moment was imbued with a reverence. It was as if all of nature was tuned in to this sweet moment. Therese and I then realized that it was not about saving a few desperate crickets. What was transpiring from this pure intention was that all of nature was being reseeded. Therese explained it perfectly.


“Jen, we are witnessing a re-balancing of the whole ecosystem. That is what you are doing”.

It felt that important. Perhaps you noticed the moment. Perhaps you felt an expansion in gratitude for nature at the exact moment that we were freeing the crickets. Perhaps you can create your own sacred moment by freeing something back into its natural environment in your own way. Perhaps you can plant a tree, feed the birds, or toss some seeds into the ground.

Something beautiful happened a few hours later. I took the dingoes (my puppies)  in the back yard before dark. As soon as I walked out the back door, I heard the crickets call to me and say thank you. They were singing and happy. It was anther sweet moment and such a pleasant addition to my back yard. I realized that others may enjoy adding this beautiful night sound to their back yard. All it takes is a trip to the pet store and a loving intention.


Finding the Way to Your Empowerment


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When I was a little girl, there were many times when the electricity was turned off because of lack of payment. One time this happened when I was just starting to understand my world. It was a summer day and I got to play outside all the way until dark. No one called us in for dinner. No one pulled us into the house. The older siblings seemed to have an understanding that I didn’t. They all went into the house before me.

I straggled in a few minutes later. It was an eerie feeling going into a dark house with no understanding of why. There was no one downstairs to explain it to me. There was just a silent figure in the corner that smelled of beer and was smoking a cigar. Looking back, I can see the cocoon of apathy that my father was wrapped in. As a small child, I was dazed by the indifference; although it seemed to be the norm.

I felt my way up the long staircase to one of the bedrooms. I never had my own bed. I was just put into an arbitrary place after I fell asleep most nights. So I didn’t know where to go this night. Tonight the gaggle of kids were piled in one bed at the end of the hall. The mother was on the bed singing to them all. I slipped into the edge of the group unacknowledged. She was comforting them all. I slipped into that realm of comfort for myself tugging at a corner of blanket to hang onto.

The mother was singing her playlist of songs that were everyone’s favorite. She was making the most of the darkness with her lit cigarette. She was making circles by circling the cigarette very fast. She was making a game out of being in the dark. It was comforting everyone. This was my mother at her best. She was so confident and strong that it was a thing of beauty seeing her be nurturing as well. Being comforted and empowered by her in her element was an incredible moment.

The last sound healing session that I facilitated, brought this experience flooding back. When I was singing sweet and empowering tones to all the participants, I entered the role that my mother had entered that night. I felt like the mother to all the participants. Not in any condescending way; but I felt that I was channeling pure Mother Goddess energy to all the participants who were sitting in the darkness of the earths limited light. I was the one comforting and empowering them in a way that my mother did for her children that night.

This is the same loving intention that I bring to every group session, every private session, every word of my books, and to every guest on my radio show. I understand that lonely and uncertain feeling that happens on a primal level. I understand the comfort and reassurance that someone needs when they are dealing with their issues. They feel so overwhelmed and like no one can help them find their way out.

I show them the way out. There always is. I have led so many souls out of that maze of uncertainty and into the certainty of their empowerment. I am here. My group sessions are profound. My books are here for humanity now. There is a way for everyone to find the way to their empowerment. They need only take the initiative.

What I Share

profle picture

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The things that I am meant to share are new concepts to break humanity out of enslavement to linear existence and how to do that. We have been told that we are out of the dark ages. That was a lie. We had just become more savvy in our ignorance. What we have been taught, even about healing, has been a lie, to veer us away from our own empowerment.

Society is based on a male slanted truth. Anything that is only half true, is still a lie. So what I share is a new truth meant to lead humanity out of the dark ages. We have already transcended. But we have brought our engrams from the 3rd dimension with us. So now, healing is about upgrading people to drop the old engrams that holds them in self slavery.

The tapping protocol I share is like giving training wheels to empowered beings that don’t realize they are empowered. Once enough people understand what they are capable of releasing, there will be tipping point and we will all awaken. That is why we have come here now. The earth is the heart chakra of the lower worlds. It is not a throw away life. This one matters.

Pro Love


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The reason reincarnation is not openly accepted is because it directly challenges the importance of procreation. Endorsing large families is a form of control. Yet until the dark ages, reincarnation was written about in the Bible. Jesus even mention about a man who was caught up in the third heaven. Purgatory; an on and off again teaching; is actually talking about reincarnating back to earth. I figured this out when I was four years old.

In the dark ages, the clergy were corrupt and would sell passageway into heaven. They took out all references of reincarnation from the bible because it made their case stronger to sell passage into heaven. They realized that if people knew they would reincarnate, they would be less afraid and less willing to pay for preferential treatment. I learned this in sixth grade social studies class.

Groups are energetic Ponzi schemes. They take in all the energy of the members and dole it out to those who need it as proof that the group is working for them. A group needs more and more energy to keep up the illusion of wealth. There are two ways to get more energy; by converting others or by creating more followers through having children. That is why the indoctrination of the next generation is important. The rules must be strong and fear based to keep people from going elsewhere. But the groups have reached a tipping point. There are fewer people left in the world to convert. So the main way to get more members is to have more children within the group.

Unless children are born within groups, those groups will eventually dwindle down to nothing. That may seem terrifying to some. That is the whole purpose of pushing for pro-life. The groups are in survival mode and will do anything they can to survive; even use its members as pawns to keep its levels up. Not that this is done consciously, but energetically.This truth needs to be said out loud. Those of us who know, know. The people who are taught that babies are being killed through abortion are being used as pawns to keep numbers high. They are creating a ground swelling of emotional drama that grid locks the joy, love, abundance, freedom, quality of life and wholeness for all.

There is no shame in having an abortion. I am actually proud of myself for listening to my inner guidance that prevented me from bringing an unethical person into the world. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to have babies. So when I got pregnant by my first boyfriend, I was so happy. I was too young and insecure to realize what a truly selfish person he was. After we broke up, all his friends told me that he only seemed nice, the time he was with me.

When I got pregnant, I was planning to have the baby out of the emotional desire to be a mother. I would have had to go on welfare and burden society with the cost of raising the child. I was fractured back then by all I had already endured in life. I would not have had the stamina to get out from under being a single mother. But I still was emotionally attached to having a baby. When a young person wants something, it is hard to get through to them.

But then my Spirit Guides, which were the only connection that was actually truth to me, showed me the akashic records of the baby that would be born. My boyfriend, the father, was a juvenile delinquent. He bragged how he set fires on trains and stole money from the elderly. I was shown how this baby was a karmic connection to the father; not me. The father needed the relationship with this baby and it would be like him. It would be selfish and manipulative and drain me of all resources and leave me depleted.

My boyfriend happily scheduled an abortion for me. When we went to the clinic, I was given a waiting room with another woman. She was from India so she had the same point of view I did on the matter. I knew I wasn’t killing anybody, Even in the Bible it said that God made the body of man THEN breathed life into it. I also had been shown so many of my past lives that I knew that we lived regardless of the physical body. It was just an uncomfortable inconvenience.

The young Indian woman and I sat and chatted. We were not emotionally wrenched like in all the other rooms. I am not certain if this is true; but she told me that in India, woman who got pregnant by their husbands, have abortions because they prefer to have babies by their lovers. She spoke of this as a by-product of arranged marriages. It was very funny to me. We were giggling and staff kept poking their heads in. We were the only room that wasn’t energetically charged with gloom. The staff would stick their head in, and you could see them lighten when they saw us engaging in light banter. Their heaviness lifted.

As soon as we got back to the apartment, with no regard for me, my boyfriend got on the phone to his two friend who had pregnant girlfriends and was telling them how easy it was. He was showing me how little he cared for me. Why did I not see that earlier? After more late night drug use and one broken rib over my heart, we separated. I am so grateful that my spirit guides got through to me when no one else could. I have regretted not having children in this life but never regretted not having that one.

I. being the youngest of ten sometimes fantasized about being aborted. I resent that I was brought into such harsh living conditions when there was only contempt for me. My father got a lot of leverage and bragging rights out of having ten children. It was his only sense of accomplishment in this life. Both my parents were dynamic people whose ability to be great was squelched by the responsibility to keep us clothed and alive. Many nights we spent in the dark because the utilities were turned off. Many times we went hungry. Clothing and furniture were all other people’s throw aways. I grew up feeling like a non person.

I understand that there is a physiological transference that happens between the mother and the fetus. In a recent Body Talk session, it was revealed that I was infused with such hatred at 6 weeks of conception because my mother resented the thought of another child. She did had nightmares of being pregnant way before I came along.

I have always felt that anger for me. It is even more invalidating to be imbued with a resentment that can’t be named. Being my mother’s literal nightmare has affected my psyche this whole lifetime. Also the lack of close nurturing has left be pretty devoid of intimate relationships. In my most private thoughts, I am grateful for the Spirit Guides, trees and nature for loving me when no human had it in them to love me. It is by divine intervention, my own perseverance and random kindnesses that prevented me from going the route of a sociopath, I think. I am grateful to be over kind and loving and be compelled to indulge in this extreme than the opposite.

But I still wonder what it would be like to be born to someone, anyone, wanting me.


An Open Heart and a Willingness to Attend.

The remote group Sessions that I facilitate have been received very well. Many of those who have began attending them, 2 years ago, still continue to attend. It is an hour of intense but gentle energetic releasing of old issues. Afterward, it leaves the group bonded in love and goodwill. Sometimes the most difficult part of the call is to coax the attendees to hang up afterward.

Through the call, I use my Shamanic skills to convert the attendees old issues; which I perceive as stagnant energy, into sounds. It may take a little bit to get use to the sounds but being in a group session makes it easier. Also, when the attendees feel lighter and more relaxed, they realize that tolerating the discomfort of the sounds has a great payoff.

I also lead the group through a series of taps that are formulated to address their specific issues. I get a sense of what each attendee needs to release and am able to assist. We also perform taps as surrogates for humanity. The intention is to address the issues that are necessary to release for more rapid Universal shift in consciousness. Perhaps you have been feeling a change happening in the last couple years. Perhaps these sessions are a catalyst to manifesting an awakening of the world. Come join us and decide for yourself.

I will be giving a sound healing session for all those who sign up for the Retreat September 8-9 before August 1st