The Defense


I met life in a beaded gown
with edges that were frayed
It was my only armor
From power and it’s play

The garb was awkwardly comfortable
As I wore it just like skin
It was so familiar I didn’t know
Where it ended and I begin

As I was met with cruelty
I added beads and knots
It sheltered me from the pain
Hid the real me that I forgot

Then someone smiled sweetly
And wiped my brow of need
In that act of kindness
My dress dropped a single bead

This loosened up the fibers
Seams started splitting all apart
Then a miracle happened
The worn threads exposed my heart

I then received more kindness
The whole dress became unbound
lost were all defenses
All the beads dropped to the ground

When I watched them tumble
And was stripped of my attire
I realized hate, fear and dread
Are never more required

I stand here bare to the soul
With no other false enhancement
May others too drop their garbs
For the sake of Humanity’s advancement

Now I wear a beadless gown
With no hint of wear or fray
Soul is woven in pure light and sound
Love shines through to all this way.

Jen Ward 8/13/15

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Ode to Androgyny

DSCN3737 (2)

© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Beautifully Androgynous
Why should you choose?
To deny part of yourself
Is only to lose

Intrinsically blended
Both female and male
What fortitude you display
What depth you entail

Beauty and Strength
Blended together
You’ve proven yourself
In all kinds of weather.

Why can’t the whole world
Be as wonderful as you
Expressive, creative
Loving and true.

Jen Ward 8/10/15

#Transgender #Freedom #Sexuality #Nolabels

Reclaiming Love


Do you see them?
The power plays and manipulation that render so many helpless
Do you hear them?
The cries of the dejected, abandoned and depraved.
Do you know them?
Those who would abuse others for their own gain?
Do you regard them?
With polite banter in fear of being disdained or rejected?
Do you empower them?
With a false agreement that renders you helpless.
Do you grow weary?
Of supporting those who call you away from your essence.

Do you want to regain your voice?
Do you want to regain your empowerment?
Do you want to regain your trusting nature.

See Love unscathed beyond all lies
Hear laughter and merriment beyond the cries of anguish
Acknowledge only kindness and goodness
Dry up all else
Siphon off the alternative fuel of disdain
Dry up the manipulation, anger and greed
Withdrawing all your acknowledgement of them
Do this not in ignorance but awareness.
Do it not in hate garbed as contempt
But compassion for the gain of love that is trapped in the power.
Undetected as the original grain of sand that prompted the creation of the pearl.
Remember the sweetness of the child while ignoring its temper tantrum
Withdraw your niceties from the crust
Convert contempt to kindness
Redirect to the receptive unaware
Those shackled to apathy like an second layer of skin.
Free them of the illusion of unworthiness
Reveal the true nature of the soul
These are the things to listen for
These are the things to perceive
This is how to redirect your energy
These are the things to acknowledge before they manifest.
This is you gaining empowerment
Gaining your voice
Reclaiming Love.
and reconnecting with Source

Jen Ward 8/8/15

Personified Love

Toss your Atoms in the air
Catch them on the wind
Scatter them beyond all reason
Where time and space begin
Throw your voice into the sky
To worlds beyond the night
Follow it to that ageless place
Where your true self first took flight.
Twirl and revel in your joy
Dance partner with a star
Realize the personified love
That you really are.
Jen Ward 4/29/14



© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Everyone I see
Is a reflection of me
Just a different viewpoint
Of who I might be

The teenager in pain
Lashes out in vain
Which came first?
The attitude or disdain

The old man alone
Why not throw him a bone?
Sit and visit a spell
Get to know your self well

Those suffering with addiction
It’s more than an affliction
But a craving for kindness
Are we really so mindless?

It doesn’t really matter
We get to choose what we do
Yet it’s pretty apparent
To help me, I help you.

We are all different pieces
Of a big fractured mirror
When I know you much better
I see me much clearer.

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The Empath


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

A word is a container for a feeling or thought
An inaccurate form of conversion
Many manipulate and misinterpret the box
A natural unconscious diversion

Some put different value on each word
And confuse the going exchange rate
It leaves them stuck in a quagmire of thoughts
Tangled in perpetual debate

Some can take the word-boxes they see
And convert them back into expression
But most are very attached to the box
To know this is a specialized lesson

Some are able to feel the thought
Naked, raw, unabashed
The empath feels everything
…boxless and unattached.

An empath can move into the love
Like breadth moves through the air
Be a presence where ever love goes
Without a thought even knowing they’re there

Jen Ward 5/14/14

Gaia Speaks


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

The cold strikes the human sky
Huddled in dwellings the natives ask why

Buried in arrogance and piles of snow
Believing there’s nothing they don’t possibly know

As a species they desecrate all natural gifts
Indifference accumulates in heavy white drifts

Cycles of weather come and go
Indolence the only fruit man’s willing to sow

So many lessons left on the table
Humanity crippled by the willing and able

“Power” let out one last haughty laugh
Willing to sacrifice the last fatted calf

It will run this world to the ground
Frack it to ashes, a lifeless mound

‘Til Gaia stepped in with an even brow
To balance the scales in the “here and now”

Dispensing truth that was once called treason
Gifting many with the ability to reason

Restoring justice back to the land
As a handful stand by who understand

There’s no need to hoard what’s in the ground
When abundance and blessings are all around

There’s no need to take an eye for an eye
Leaving a glazed over society, unable to cry

Abundance for all! The original decree
Is restored to every man, animal, species and tree

Taking for taking’s sake is finally disarmed
Greed, glitz and gluttony stripped of its charm

Abusive power has become the enemy at large
As it finally sinks in, it’s no longer in charge

In this ruthless weather, one stark truth ensues
The restoration of humanity exists in the empowerment of you.

Thinking you are unworthy, unable to cope
Is telling everyone to give up all hope

Get off your ass, shake off the crumbs
Pound feeling back into your parts that went numb.

You’re not on the sidelines of some spectator sport
You are here to get messy, get involved, give support

The small you you thought you were, was part of the lie.
You can see through the illusion if you give it a try

Everyone is a super hero with their own special power
When you don’t share your gifts, you just grow mean and sour

Embrace all your talents, Hone all your crafts
The weather will break, when you get this! Alas…

One more truth that you really need to see
Gaia speaks to your heart through this message from me.

Jen Ward 2/26/15

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