More Than Family


Listen close

And you will “hear”

Constant reassurance

A sympathetic ear


A lick of the face

In agreement I suppose

The surprising delight

In an ice cold nose


The wag of a tail

The warm spot in your bed

The unbridled acceptance

From that tail to the head


Toenails that tap

As paws scamper on the floor

They are not here to obey

They are here to adore

Jen Ward, continued


They are closer than family

We chose them from the start

They are more than a friend

They are an extension of our heart.


Jen Ward

Search and Rescue


I delve into a pool of quiet conviction
Emerge in a sweat soaked sheet of despair
Believing you have left me somehow
As I reach for you and find nothing there

Sounds have become tinny and off key
Vision has been blurred through the tears
I am dim witted and dumbfound
To feel that my God doesn’t care

I have fought for you through many lifetimes
Ruthlessly defended your stance
Shamelessly praised you until my voice was left raw
But cant even feel you in any romance

All of the victory claims
All of the conjecturing from within
All of the pompous deflecting
Went the way of my original sin

Each kindness is now a sweet victory
From foolish brash hearted pride
It is in emptying myself of all else
That I can feel you welling inside

Now I understand your true nature
It is as pure as a hint of the wind
It is the stillness now that embraces me
Causing all subtle doubt to rescind

You are the Light, the Love and the Music
You are the curve of my smile
I searched for you with every advantage
You sat with me all of the while

Now I know how to serve you
By greeting you in all that I meet
No longer is ego my barometer
Its been the victor in every defeat

“Sir, Let me walk with you sweetly”
Let me carry your ware
By lightening the load of another
I will always feel God everywhere

Jen Ward


Melting into Love


I don’t want to hurry awake because I want to remember my dreams

I don’t want to jump into my routine. I want to bask in the joy of the new light of day

I don’t want to hurry through feeding my furry family. I want to savor them savoring their meal

I don’t want to be distracted when I am listening to someone. I am honored that they trust me with what is important to them.

I don’t want to skimp when feeding the squirrels and birds. I want to gift them with the experience of abundance.

I don’t want to hold back when sharing truth. I respect everyone too much to dilute myself to appease them.

I don’t want to diminish my experiences or other people by throwing labels on them. That is one step away from dismissing them.

I don’t want to run through life blindly because I don’t want to miss one opportunity to give solace, an insight, or a kindness when it’s truly needed.

I don’t want to cross over thinking that I could have loved, healed or shared more than I have.

I don’t want to leave anything of myself on the table. I want to melt into love in all moments.

Jen Ward 12/6/15


an extension of your own hands
I am a Muslim- I continuously declare my faith through kindness to all others
I am a Jew -I have suffered dearly for my right to exist and have great resolve
I am a Christian -I strive to personify Christ consciousness
I am a Pagan -I see God in everyone and everything
I am a Buddhist- I think and discern for myself
I am an Atheist- I reject all tenets that do not resonate with my own sense of truth.
I am an Agnostic – I question everything; especially what others tell me to believe
I am Spiritual- I understand that I exist because I am loved
I am a Hindu- I believe in the continuity of life greater than this physical form
I Am Gaia- I naturally nurture all of life
I Am Love- I see the goodness in all others beyond all labels and personal convictions
I AM Humanity. I am in you and you are in me
Jen Ward 11/22/15

Being Exponential


I write my name
In blood and pain
To ward off attacks
And the overt disdain

Polite inquiries
Are as transparent as lies
As obvious and obtuse
As an ill fitted disguise

Curiosity isn’t caring
It doesn’t even deceive
What the side ways glances
Of naysayers Believe

Being authentic is an option
That only the courageous tries
Its a battle to matter
That taking the offensive belies.

How you show up
Is a soul searching Choice
No matter how that manifests
It is YOU…. using your voice

Jen Ward

Encouragement of a Full Moon

moon image

Stand between the Sun and Moon
Let the Love and Light pass through
Illuminate your bountiful heart
Drop the extraneous part called you

Magnify your bountiful heart
To the size and width of earth
Treat it as a looking glass
To show others their ultimate worth

Hold up the mirror to their giant group heart
Brace as they cringe and recoil
Pour love into the very essence of all
Drain all the dross out into the soil

Hold the reflection steadily
Ignore the negative onslaught
Love breezes clean every last atom
Before its true essence is caught

Be unwavering as the moon and the sun
Match their luminescent light
Allow others to realize the brilliancy of truth
By accessing their own second sight

Span across the globe of man
Rise above the stagnant air
Pierce the earth with your magnified love
Let it feel the extent of your care.

Become one with the body of earth
Let the sun and moon’s light pass straight through
Expand the atoms to an omniscient state
Allow truth to align in you

Be the surrogate of the highest purpose
In the humanity of man
Yes it’s possible to help the world transcend
Just by- believing that you can.

8/11/14 Jen Ward

Written By A Tree



If you ever have any kind of creativity block, go outside to a tree that catches your fancy and create in the venue you are comfortable with while under the tree. You will be surprised that all the resistance will melt away. Trees are the best poets!

Written by a Tree

Open up the floodgates
Between the human and Divine
Rest yourself in sweat stained sheets
Let your ego lay supine

Offer yourself up to the heavens
That beckon you to undress
The real self walks in brilliant wonders
That the mind cannot suppress

Bring a gift back to this world
A memory or insight
Leave it as a “Bread crumb trail”
So others may take flight.

Jen Ward 4/21/14