Traveling along the Time Track.


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This is a real cool sensation. When you are laying in bed, and in a reflective state, think of the last place you lived and were laying in bed and in a reflective state in the same position. The time between those two experiences will fall away and it will feel like you are in that other bed. You have just separated yourself from your physical body and are now soul traveling.

Continue from that experience into the bed in the place you lived before that. Notice your orientation of the bed to the door is different as it is on a different wall. Relive the experience of what it is like to be in each bed. See how similar that reflective state is in all of them; that that is the commonality of each experience. Feel how easy it is to switch from one bed to another.

Play with this visualization as a means to get out of the body. Once you feel completely like you are in a different bed, get up out of that bed and go out the door in that experience and create an adventure of your imagination. The imagination is a jumping off point into the more intangible realities and truths. This is similar to a technique that Einstein used to gather information about things he could possibly not know in the physical arena. Go visit someone that has crossed over and you would like to see. Imagine meeting them on the other side of your bedroom door.

If it feels too scary to get up and walk away, just allow yourself to view yourself from a position where all the experiences of being in bed, in that position are all happening at once. Then, simply let them all fall away and realize that you are still you, after it is all pulled away; even the current bed you are in. Again play with the experience and see where it takes you.

Chakras and Skittles


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There may be a reason children are attracted to a certain color candy. Children may be choosing their favorite skittle color because they innately know which chakras are working at less of a capacity. They may be choosing the color to correlate with which chakras needs fortifying.

As a technique to explore what your child’s needs are, pay attention to the colors they choose to wear and what colored food they chose to eat. It may be a key to understand how to help them without trying to get them to articulate what they are not able to verbalize.

Violet- Identifying with God, Peace, Wisdom
Indigo- Intuition, a balanced state of mind
Blue-ability to verbalize or express truth
Green- release emotionally suppressed trauma
Yellow -digestion, personal power, manifest goals
Orange- utilization of creative forces
Red- being grounded in the physical body, being loving

This may even be a way to figure out what your pets need by having exact blankets in different colors and observing which one they prefer to use

Technique to Zap the Cravings


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Did you ever see someone eating and get disgusted? You are seeing the energetic influences that are enjoying themselves through their meal. Did you ever feel disgusted at yourself when you eat? You are disgusted with these energetic parasites that are feeding as you eat. You didn’t think you were disgusted with yourself all this time, did you? It is these energies that cause one to crave.

Use the craving to draw out the energies and as they are feeding, zap them with incredible Light and Love and dissipate them. The next time you eat those sweets that you crave, try it.Think of the meal as the bait and you as one big bug zapper. As you eat the meal, notice how you are feeling. When you identify a loathing feeling, sap it with your higher intention of dissipating it. You will have just killed the energetic parasite. Keep mindful of identifying the feelings and zapping them out. Try it. It is empowering. It doesn’t take much to see a shift in your own cravings. All that will be left is the full feeling and the empowerment.

This works with anything out of balance. Anything that we overindulge in can be bait to zap these energies. Any addiction, or impulsive act can be zapped away with this technique. It is very freeing. Try it!

Technique for when your racing mind won’t let you sleep


Use the thoughts to your advantage. Meaning, it is difficult to turn off the thoughts so can you use them to help yourself; as in a visualization. In a visualization, you are harnessing that thought energy to create the intended outcome. So a technique you could use is to visualize that your bed is made of feathers. Imagine it getting lighter and lighter until it is floating. Visualize it floating in the night sky over houses…higher and higher until you pass through the clouds and see birds passing by, then angels on clouds; look for cloud nine and aim towards the destination of your own cloud to land on. See if this may help harness the thoughts and make up your own adventure.

Draining the Hate


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This is a great principle for depleting the world of hate. It is so simple. When someone is angry with you and is spewing hate at you. Let them. But don’t give them anything back but kindness and understanding of how frustrated and backed against the wall they feel.

Even if they are a real rat bastard, see the scared, diminished little person at the core using coarse energy to try and appear big. See them as the family member who is trying to get by whose opinions and views on life were skewed along the way. As you do this, just let them empty their bellow of anguish that is pointed at you.

If you don’t accept it, the energy of their tirade can pass right through. It can dissipate in the ether and unburden them of a tirade that they have been building up like a bank account. But once they blow their energetic was of hate, it is dissipate. It is gone.

The only thing that can replenish their tank of hate and injustice is if you feed them your energy. It will be temping to do but don’t .Watch the beauty of this perfect tactic. Watch all their frustration pour out of them in one desperate catharsis. Watch the hate drain out of them.

Once you see this work once, you are not going to mind when people get angry at you. You are going to use it as an opportunity to drain them of the hate. This is one of the most incredible tools that you can adopt.

Riding the Waves


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Some people have the assumption that life is easy for everyone but them. But some of us need the skill and precision of a gifted craftsman just to hold a positive stance at times. It is a skill just like anything else. But here is the thing…. All the energy you have been using to conform, be liked, blend, and seem happy can be freed up so you can free actually feel and be happy.

Try holding onto positive thoughts as much as possible. When you aren’t feeling happy, just hold a stance of nothingness instead of indulging in negativity. Watch for an opportunity to connect with happiness in some way and then grab and hang on. It is kind of like surfing. Waiting for a wave, always wait for the wave and ride it when the opportunity avails itself.

You will never see a successful surfer complaining about the sea. They see it as an opportunity to surf an adventure. That is exactly what life is too.