Dissipate the Ignorance


People don’t get involved with politics because they believe that we are all on an even playing field. We are not. The entitled have taken over the game and they are using people who are in fear for their mainstay of existence as pawns to drive an agenda.

It is more spiritually aware to not add one’s energy to the chaos and debauchery of current events. But in doing that, one can smooth the path for others by pouring love and understanding into the world to dry up the acrid clouds of illusion and fear that are numbing those who are immersed in being controlled.

We have the unique vantage point of watching the manipulation and power plays run their course. But in doing this, also use your “powers” of imagination to visualize the layers of illusion being singed off the mass consciousness of mainstream.

Just simply visualize being at a vantage point where you are watching people immersed in layers of illusion. Melt it away with merely your intention to do so like the sun takes an overview of all and warms them from afar. Use your concerns over the things that you are witnessing and simply melt away all the influencing goo that people are immersed in without even realizing it. Use this technique to wake people up and have them come to their senses.

Soft Shell Crabs, Samurai and Child’s Play

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The techniques that I share are ones I actually use as survival tools in such a harsh environment. I have used them over the years to survive in a world that is conducive to attack others rather than love them.
In the ocean, crabs grow too. Their hard shell must be discarded and they must grow a new one. When they outgrow their shell, they shuck it off and are exposed for a while as their new shell grows and hardens. Sensitive people are like these soft shell crabs. They are trying to survive with little defenses.
Sensitive people don’t attack others. They don’t play the games of competition that other people play to thrive. They don’t diminish others for their own gain. Sensitive people actually love others more than those others perhaps love themselves. If anything, sensitive people will harm themselves first through diminishing themselves before they will allow anyone else to hurt at their hands. Sensitive people, feel the pain of others way too easily to inflict anything on them. They prefer to be hurt rather than inflict harm. Life is way less painful this way.
I have been like the soft-shelled crab all my life. I have allowed myself to be bullied and put down by my family. I saw what fragile beings they were under their painful behavior. They used being unkind as their defense. I have taken the blows inflicted by others willingly. I did so, so automatically that it became habit. I forgot that it was my choice.
I have a developed a wicked wit that I don’t ever use. It is so acute I could disarm anyone with it. Yet I don’t use it as a defense. It is similar to how the Samurai is so skilled with a sword but very rarely uses it. There is an honor in Mastering a skill and yet not ever being demonstrative about its effectiveness.
There are many more people who Identify with this than do not. They believe they are the minority because they do not feel the need to wield their strength over others. They watch life and believe they are isolated because no one discusses the intangible experiences that they identify with. They may not even be able to articulate them in themselves. But perhaps that do now by reading this.
All the techniques that I share are a means for the sensitive person to be empowered without diminishing others. I have used the hundreds of techniques that I share a lot of my life for survival tools. They all have the intention to empower individuality and to raise the consciousness and vibration of the world.
I have been practicing the techniques that I share with you so much that they become automatic. This means that they are ascribed to the parasympathetic nervous system and are completed easily without any conscious effort. Things that others would have to concentrate really hard to do, is as automatic to me as walking. I did have to Master them, but once I did, now they come automatic. I Mastered them not for any ill gain but because in my heart of heart, I so desperately desire all souls to feel love and to irradicate senseless unkindness.
Things that I have Master doing and now do as easily as blinking include:
Pouring love into all beings
Validating everyone in existence where ever they are,
Easing the suffering of others all over the world by calming them when they are is angst and being with them in energy when they are hurting,
Drying up fear by countering it with love,
Dissipating psychic energy and stopping the barrage of psychic attacks that cause people to react in fear
Loving others so the extend of piercing their facade and allowing them to feel safe to shuck it and love themselves
Encourage imagination, creativity and the empowerment of all individuals
Break apart coagulated energy that is caused by individuals unwittingly giving their power away.
Return the energy to individuals so they can regain and maintain their empowerment
Repair the energy fields of all beings
Upgrade the DNA of those who attack so they are able to trascend primal mode 
Strip layers of illusion off of individuals and groups.
Knock people out of knee jerk primal mode so they can discern truth once again
Encourage individuals to love all atoms of life
Remove the division that is creating division and isolation in the world
Take the mystic out of Faith heaing and show the physiology of it
Upgrade the awareness of others so that we finally immerse the dark ages.
Assist others in discerning truth
Showing others to perceive in energy so they will not be enslaved by fear anymore
Heal others by redistributing energy to the natural rhythm of an organic life
I do all these things without having to give thought to them. I have had to at one point but they have now become automatic. I have been fortunate in this life to have experienced a great amount of abuse, deprivation and invalidation so as to develop these skills. The birds, trees, and Nature love me enough to allow me to thrive when no other human could stand to. Love is essential to life. People can not exist without it. But one who is rejected by humans is ever unloved. They are nurtured through the most hostile experiences through Nature.
That is why cities and prisons are so especially cruel. They isolate people from the innate healing properties of nature. It would be more humane to assist a person who has an imbalance by immersing them in nature or giving them an animal or tree to care for. This will assist them in balancing out their energy naturally instead of distorting and twisting them more. America is very cruel in that way. In some countries rebalance  happens.
If what I do sounds like a better way to expel your energy than lamenting, gossiping or complaining feeling victimized. Take this children’s rhyme and use it as the dynamic spiritual tool that it really is: I am the rubber, you are the glue. Whatever you say bounces off me, and sticks to you.
This is a very profound tool to use as protection. I use it automatically so as not to react to the rhetoric and psychic attacks that are wielded daily by others. Even those who are considered the most powerful people. It is easy to use right now because we have the highest elected officials using attacks as a form of defense. But it is not working for them. Here is why.
When someone says something to attack others, I see it as dirt on a windy day that flies back onto them and sticks. If you notice, everything the president says about others, is something that he, himself is guilty of. It is not just him, it is all people who attack. Once someone has diligently focused in protecting truth, sincerity and integrity, practices my techniques the opposite will be way more easier to discern. I share the things that  I have been practicing diligently for the last few years.
I always have had the seed of the ability to do these things. It is merely the extreme case of my time here on earth that has caused me to hone such skills. But you benefit from what I have Mastered just as all benefit from what you bring to the table. You have the seed to do them as well. This is how we raise the consciousness on the planet. What I share on my page is equivalent to the four-minute mile. Once it was considered impossible and now so many are able to do it.
If you like what I write, I encourage you to ascribe to my newsletter that will be coming out soon. It is not a means for me to empower myself. It is a means for the individual to tap into the energy of what I do and use it to regain their own empowerment.

Being Paralyzed While You Lay in Bed

When you are paralyzed in your bed and can’t move, you are not really awake in your physical body. You are actually awake in your astral or dream body. The astral plane looks so much like the physical plane. So it absolutely seems like you are awake. But you are not. If this is an issue for you, do this easy exercise and the issue will stop.
(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
“I release being trapped in my astral body; in all moments”
“I release confusing the astral plane with the physical world; in all moments”
“I easily slip out of my body during sleep; in all moments”
“I release paralyzed in fear; in all moments”
“I easily awaken when I feel trapped; in all moments”
This simple exercise should prevent the terrifying experience from happening again. If you need more reassurance; if it does happen again, simply call out my name, Jen, in your mind and I will come to you in energy and assist you.

Technique to Stay Young

“Your cells themselves are not old, they only last about seven years. That means that each new generation of cells has merely lost information of what it is like to be young. So teach them.
If you are able to be around a child, when you are hugging them, imagine your cells being reminded of what it is like to be young. Have their cells share information with your cells and tissue.
Also, remember what it was like to be young. Listen to music that brings back the memory of youth, play games and take up hobbies that were once enjoyed. Consciously breathe your youth back into your body. ”
Jen Ward

Safe Tree Technique:


If you are going into a situation or an environment that does not feel safe or peaceful, visualize a tree that you have resonated with at some time. It can be a tree you admired or were fascinated by or spent time around.

Visualize being with that tree and maybe even being inside the tree with all it’s strength and wisdom wrapped around you. Ask the tree to be present with you during the day. See if you don’t want to stay present with that tree at all times. Ask the tree questions within your mind. See if the answers seem to come to you.

You will be tapping into the infinite wisdom of the trees. You have just recognized your new best friend.

This is great technique to share with children You know how they tell a child to talk to a tree if they are lost in the forest? Well that tree will lead the search party to the child. That is why it is such an effective technique. Also, the reason that Native Americans are so effective in tracking in the woods that they are not too arrogant to talk to a tree. ~ Jen Ward

Place Your Order


Being successful and happy isn’t about monetary wealth. What people do is they don’t set an intention to manifest anything until they have the means to do so. This is not how the Universe operates. It is like going to a restaurant and expecting food before you place an order. You will sit there at a dirty table and wonder why the waitress is bringing food to everyone else but you.

People MUST LEARN TO PLACE THEIR ORDER and then expect the Universe to fill the order. This is what setting an intention does.

Traveling along the Time Track.


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This is a real cool sensation. When you are laying in bed, and in a reflective state, think of the last place you lived and were laying in bed and in a reflective state in the same position. The time between those two experiences will fall away and it will feel like you are in that other bed. You have just separated yourself from your physical body and are now soul traveling.

Continue from that experience into the bed in the place you lived before that. Notice your orientation of the bed to the door is different as it is on a different wall. Relive the experience of what it is like to be in each bed. See how similar that reflective state is in all of them; that that is the commonality of each experience. Feel how easy it is to switch from one bed to another.

Play with this visualization as a means to get out of the body. Once you feel completely like you are in a different bed, get up out of that bed and go out the door in that experience and create an adventure of your imagination. The imagination is a jumping off point into the more intangible realities and truths. This is similar to a technique that Einstein used to gather information about things he could possibly not know in the physical arena. Go visit someone that has crossed over and you would like to see. Imagine meeting them on the other side of your bedroom door.

If it feels too scary to get up and walk away, just allow yourself to view yourself from a position where all the experiences of being in bed, in that position are all happening at once. Then, simply let them all fall away and realize that you are still you, after it is all pulled away; even the current bed you are in. Again play with the experience and see where it takes you.