The Brilliant Sun


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In contemplation, visualize a brilliant Sun in the sky. Draw it to you until you are right next to it. Sense the intensity of it’s warmth and purity. Feel it’s texture like a tight ball of cotton candy. Reach out and pull some of it off, and eat it. Let it melt in your mouth Taste it as warmth and Love. Experience it warm your body from the inside and sense it making you feel more alive and vibrant.

Visualize stuffing all of the sun into your heart chakra . Feel it moving through your body until the whole sun is within you. See the opening close over and disappear. Feel the loving energy satiate every fiber of you. Feel it create a glow of warmth in you, notice your emotions as very balanced and your mind at ease. Feel satiated to the core; and wise. Sense it emanate out of every pore in your body. You now radiate. Know that everyone you touch will feel your love and be uplifted by it.