There Are No Words


So I had a session with Jen Ward today. There really are no words to express how freakin amazing it was. She got into things that I could sense in myself but couldn’t get exact with, she got right to them. The feeling of expansion afterwards is incredible. I feel like I am part of everything, like I can look at the flowers or the butterfly and have an energetic conversation with them without trying, it just happens, I feel so light headed and weak yet at the same time so light and powerful like I am walking on the air. So, so much more that is so challenging to explain.Absolutely the BEST energy session I have ever had! I would HIGHLY recommend. THANK YOU SO MUCH JEN!!!!!!!!

Lara’s Epiphany


From: Lara Wahl

I know people are freaking out right now about what the fear mongers and news anchors want to make out to be the total apocalypse. Many people are buying it and tail spinning rather than checking WITHIN to what they KNOW to be true.

I want to tell you nothing happens in a vacuum. I just drove back from Rochester last night from meeting Jen Ward who without a doubt is enlightened. She has simply awakened to her subtle senses to perceive truth of all things. I know. It’s a big statement but it’s the truth. She is enlightened and is teaching others how to percieve using awakened subtle senses. Not to escape this world, but to enjoy and create the heaven that is possible within this world, in ourselves, and in every experience we share. We do this naturally when we understand the truth of all things… Which we have been purposefully conditioned to forget.

She is available to help people remember. It’s not like with yoga, or meditation, or other male approved as acceptible modalities of healing that get taken seriously.  This is about awakening and accepting what society has perpetually denied and robbed from us. The robbed us of wakening using the modalities of female energy so that we CAN move out of the 3D of linear hierarchy to expansive empowerment for ALL.

Have you wondered why things that bring freedom have been so oppressed and diminished? You know why if you knew how powerful what I am saying is for ALL beings. Even spiritual healers diminish and have forgotten how powerful divine female energy is for ALL.  In BOTH Male and female. Males have been starving for this too! The playfulness and childlike wonder has been so robbed from men in the 3 d. We have all suffered. Female empowerment and healing modalities of divine feminine is so powerful that we have been taught that it should not be taken seriously on purpose. Because 3 d is a land of enslavement. But Female empowerment is THE KEY and the missing Other piece of the WHOLE…

As far as the phenomena the world is experiencing:

Put faith in this: all are experiencing exponential shifts in healing and a wisdom upgrade.  That would be all of us, everywhere, in all moments. All who are willing to listen and trust what we know to be true about how expansive and aware we have become.  Know that these natural phenomena are helping release the stagnant corrupted energies that enslaved humanity. It shaking the world free of corruption where energies have stagnated.

Think of how easy it was in Boston to unite in love and unity when the call was received after Charlottesville. Think of how expansive and empowered that felt;
dimensionally roomy for all. That’s LOVE That was displayed. 5th dimension is what it is being called. It’s simply living more expansively at the vibration of LOVE.
Think of our more primal selves living in hierarchy like a pyramid.  Think three,  3rd dimension as LINEAR and a patriarchal pecking order.  Its our capacity of loving. that’s what people mean by that. We don’t GO anywhere, we just expand in awareness using love.

Think now of the way most the world viewed Texas. Think how much resistance was in that state that needed to shift! How much it clung to patriarchael heirarchy. Now think how much unity and love and EXPANSIVEness was experienced after that shift there. IT HAD to be a powerful incident to break up so much of the stagnant energy there. That is what the earth is doing in different ways for us and through us. It is doing it IN THE FORM and ways it needs to in different areas of the world. It takes the form that needs to shake things up literally for us to release the heirarchy and power mongering that had its claws in places!

Trump is a godsend because it’s become so obvious to us where the consolidated greed and power is. Before Trump, it was more subtle and more tricky and hidden. He is so arrogant that it’s so out in the open. Thank god for him “speaking his mind” so we can all see the ugly truth of what we have been living under.

We are well. We are more than well. We are GLORIOUSLY upgrading in expansion~ We know this. The Earth is healing itself and us. This is isn’t naivety or blind optimism. This is TRUTH. And you can perceive it too if you tune into your subtle senses and step away from the news and just go outside and FEEL. What’s happening.
In fact, even in the news you can see truth emerging. Notice how anchors are NOT getting the reactions they want of fear from people. Only love and unity. Or how they are starting to give consideration to PETS! During Katrina the news said nothing about warning people to take measures to protect their pets.

This can all happen more easily if we don’t resist the shift and open in trust to love and to nature. Jen Ward can help. I have studied with masters from all over the world. All in Male lineage modalities. What Jen offers is something different. I am no fool and I am not duped into ANYTHING. anyone can tell you this that knows how rebellious and independent I am and Autonomous. She empowers people to be DYNAMIC individuals of who they ARE, of who they always were and have been conditioned to forget of how DYNAMIC they are.

She rips off layers of institutionalized and systemic fear conditioning so we can see again, hear again, feel again and thus help the whole world and universe. You can choose to be victim or you can choose to be the healer. That’s it. That’s your only options. And when we become healer we do it in our own live’s joyful true purposeful way. It has never felt better to LIVE my truth out in the open of who I have ALWAYS been. Unafraid.
I never felt more connected to who I am and have always been than this weekend.

Even Music festivals can’t touch the bliss and joy and FREEDOM and EMPOWERMENT I felt this weekend. receiving truth and PERCEIVINg truth at Jen’s retreat. Martina came with me. And she said “Mama, I will always remember this moment.” It freed her. It fed her. It made me realize how oppressed we all were and how feeling oppressed is purposeful to keep us in the 3-D hierarchy of linear oppression. Jen’s retreat helped me so much to be a better mother and to not hand down that kind of subtle enslavement to my own children. My children will know the freedom and bliss and empowerment of the 5-D. They are truly fortunate children!

Put your faith in what you know to be true. World peace is the reason for how quickly we are shifting. IT IS attainable now. It’s inevitable. And Those who want to be afraid and who have been let down and are more comfortable clinging to fear and cynicism won’t believe me or will want to resist, or diminish this TRUTH and maybe even comment on how I’m wrong and this and this, and this is why, and lay their opressive dimnishing slant on this. The only person it’s hurting is themselves to live so enslaved to powerlessness. I can see clearly now. and I will never stop encouraging you of how powerful we are.

We are all dynamic healers and the younger people who aren’t cynical and oppressed. We are no longer railroaded into buying into a blind hell where everyone is powerless.  KNOW THIS! So many babies are being born with this upgrade. It’s BEAUTIFUL to behold. all we need is a little shedding of the tangles and the glass ceilings and we can perceive the empowerment of what is happening right now! And if souls are lost it’s painless and they will slip into the next baby body of a wise awakened 5th dimensional body. It’s beautiful.

How dynamic and innovative, and intelligent, and aware, and expansive we can become. See how empowered we are to give that and pour it into the world for the benefit of all. We benefit the animals and trees, humans, and water, earth and sky. I can hear the trees again. I heard birds talking to me this morning and I sent them love and reassurance. Your guides have been STARVING for you to see be happy and free and to reclaim love and truth. to Expand with love rather than resorting to fear. It doesn’t have to be so painful.

Jen is a Shaman and can help. Go to her! don’t wait!!! She has waited many lifetimes to emerge from the midst into her own enlightenment, and I have waited SOOO many lifetimes to stop giving my power away by needing male validation.  It is so liberating to actually go to a Woman to learn from!

Great Mother has waited for me to come home too. It’s symbolic, I have returned to Mother and I’ve never felt more whole and sage and safe. So many are waiting to do this. Don’t wait! It’s so easy and wonderful. and it is the missing piece of what we needed. Jen helped me to HEAR what is so abundantly in plain sight for us now! It is amazing. Put faith in this shift of love ❤️ Thank you is not adequate Jen Ward.
I’m mailing you bird seed for you and your apple tree dear Jen. Thank you also for allowing me the privilege to see your magical abundant garden. We feel moved and blessed beyond measure. From Martina and I and all Beings~ on behalf of all of humanity

What a Retreat


From Lara:

I am overflowing with experiences from the retreat! For one I was in the car and I noticed how when I picked up my oldest daughter from school today I felt myself tighten in my body asking her about her day and what she worked on and noticing in subtle energy how she was feeling oppressed. So we did some taps right then in there after having a dialogue about not letting grades define us.

She is 10 and has been in Montessori her whole life with no grades. Only love of learning. and I told her soon she would get “grades” and to NEVER let them define her. That as a small child I would get an A and feel superior, and then I might get a D and feel so bad about myself. And I was so pummeled by the winds of censure and praise. Jen Ward mentioned this;  the competitiveness and sibling rivalry. This is what linear 3 D does to us to perpetuate enslaving each other. It tells us we are unworthy unless…

I told my eldest daughter NEVER to let grades define her. to simply find what she loved doing in life regardless of what others think and how they view her, and take joy in it. It helped me realize how hard I had been on her. And then I felt inspired to have her do the tap:  “I release letting grades define me, in all moments.” And a couple more taps about knowing who we are and not letting anyone define us ever.  Also taps on others telling us who we are, judging us, and subjugating us.

I told her how her father is a genius and so successful at his job that he loves and adores and is inspired by everyday.  Yet he got D’s and kicked out of school and told he was less than enough, a trouble maker. I told her how some straight A students who do all the “right things” in conformity and go to the best schools, but leave having no idea who they are, what they want to do, and what brings them true purpose and joy.

This helped free her so much. I could feel her empowering as we talked and we did the home-spun intuition taps.

Jen is teaching me to perceive what my daughters need so I don’t perpetuate oppression. The same that had me feeling so unworthy all my life. I love you Jen Ward. This is so major I can’t even fathom from just the weekend how much I absorbed!!! AND birdies and trees talked to me today. I could feel what they were saying and felt life all around and just how not alone we are. What a retreat!!!!!!

The Dream Validation

Jen visited me again in my dream the other night: “I had a dream that you told me to look at a map of Boston and put a love force field around it. I looked at you and you were a wise old ancient native american with billions of stars in your eyes. I asked you how to do this, and you told me to put little glowing stars orbs off the coast of Boston up in the sky encircling it. I worked on this all night I think because at the end of my dream you were smiling big and showed me your face and your twinkling eyes and smile. I felt very low energy all day. It makes sense now.”
The next day without having remembered my dream yet, I saw Jen’s taps on addressing/eliminating the Alt-right and did them. I only remebered my dream mid taps!
Then I also learned that the Alt Right was coming to Boston this weekend after my dream. These taps will help please do them to prevent any more violence. Thank you!

For the Advocates of Love

(say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“We declare ourselves surrogates for the haters; in all moments”
“We release feeling displaced; in all moments”
“We release feeling invalidated; in all moments”
“We dissipate the psychic streams of energy that induce us to violence; in all moments”
“We dissipate all psychic streams of energy of hate; in all moments”
“We snap out of the primal mode of hate; in all moments”
“We release being easily influence; in all moments”
“We send all energy matrices into the Light and Sound that induce hate; in all moments”
“We command all complex energy matrices that induce hate to be escorted into the Light and Sound; in all moments”
“We release being motivated by hate; in all moments”
“We release using hate to define us; in all moments”
“We remove all masks, walls and armor that hate has put on us; in all moments”
“We strip all illusion off of the lies that induce us to hate; in all moments”
“We nullify all contracts with hate; in all moments”
“We awaken from the stupor of hate; in all moments”
“We collapse and dissolve all portals of hate; in all moments”
“We eliminate the first cause that induced us to hate; in all moments”
“We dry up the well of hate; in all moments”
“We free our atoms from the tension of hate; in all moments”
“We convert all the anger to love; in all moments”
“We make space in ourselves to being in love; in all moments”
“We remove all blockages to being in love; in all moments”
“We are centered and satiated in divine love; in all moments”
“We stretch our capacity to love; in all moments”
“We resonate, emanate and are interconnected with all life; in love; in all moments”

#haters #bigotry #Violence #Virginia #Charlottesville #Love #Gaia #Lightworkers #Awakening #Transcendence #Healing

Also PLEASE do these. Thank you!

You know how to undo a real tangled knot? You focus on where all the strands converge in the thickest part of the knot and stick a pin in the middle of it. Then you wiggle the strands free one by one. If you work at the ends, it will be less effective. Every agenda is like a strand of twine. Where they converge in disagreement is where they tangle.

We can not sit by and wait for political leaders to step up and counter the negativity we see play out. It is up to individuals to roll up their sleeves and hold humanity accountable for their actions. It may feel like that is done by confrontation. But, no. That only fuels the dissension.

The way to address the hate and violence is to use your capabilities forged out of compassion and kindness, to heal those who are afflicted with systemic hate. These taps do just that. Please add your loving intention to dilute the concentrated hate we are seeing play out.

(Say each statement 3 time while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“I declare myself a surrogate for the alt right in doing these taps; in all moments”
“I release feeling dejected; in all moments”
“I release the belief that I have been cheated out of what’s mine; in all moments”
“I release scape goating others; in all moments”
“I release being used by the entitled to force an agenda; in all moments”
“I remove all blockages to truth; in all moments”
“I dissipate all psychic streams of energy that induce me to hate; in all moments”
“I release being whipped into a frenzy of hate; in all moments”
“I dissipate all psychic streams of energy of the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I remove all engrams of the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I remove all vortexes between myself and the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I remove all programming and conditioning that the Nazi regime has put on me; in all moments”
“I release worshiping the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I send all energy matrices of the Nazi regime into the Light and Sound; in all moments”
“I command all complex energy matrices of the Nazi regime; be escorted into the Light and Sound; in all moments”
“I neutralize all the psychic energy built up in all symbolism; in all moments”
“I nullify all contracts between myself and the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I recant all vows and a agreements between myself and the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I release being at the mercy of the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I remove all curses between myself and the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I remove all blessings between myself and the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I remove all tentacles between myself and the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I sever all strings and cords between myself and the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I strip all illusion off of the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I remove all masks, walls and armor off the Nazi ; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, burden and limitations that the Nazi regime has put on me; in all moments”
“I withdraw all my energy from the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I convert all hate to love; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, burden, and limitations that I have put on all others due to the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I take back all that the Nazi regime has taken from me; in all moments”
“I give back to all others all that I have taken from them due to the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I eliminate the first cause in being associated with the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I collapse and dissolve all portals to the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I repair and fortify the Wei chi of all my bodies; in all moments”
“I shift my paradigm from the Nazi regime to the divinity of personal empowerment; in all moments”
“I am healed, whole and capable of discerning truth; in all moments”
“I transcend the Nazi regime; in moments”
“I collapse and dissolve the Nazi regime; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in divine love; in all moments”
“I resonate, emanate and am interconnected with all life in divine love; in all moments”

#hate #healing #altright #empowerment #enlightenment #love #metaphysical #tapping #politics #SFT #spiritualFreedom #bigotry

Returning Lost Pets


Brian is home!!! We are doing a happy dance. My lovely neighbour Sharon heard him meow from under a unit in her kitchen. Seems he got in there yesterday and was stuck or scared. But the most incredible thing of all is that on the recomendation of my friend Karen I contacted a lady called Jen Ward who is a gifted communicator who sent Brian healing and reminded him that he has a loving home. She did this from a distance and said that once she had done this he would come home. No more than 15 minutes later my neighbour called me to say Brian was crying in her kitchen. Incredible and I give such gratitude to Jen, truly amazing! !! Xxx

Fundamentally Different


Something is fundamentally different with me since our session the other day. I’m more confident, I handle adversity better, and I’m more excited about my own future. The more I come back to see you, the more I seem to appreciate the depth of what you do for each and every person who comes to you. From two days ago I can firmly state that I am a new man, and I’m so grateful to know someone so incredibly effective at effecting real, lasting change.

Thank you again, so much.


I helped a friend whose teenage son was having difficulties. He is autistic and so can’t really verbalize why he is crying and upset. He was not sleeping through the night for the last 3 months.

The first time I worked with him was brief. He was very annoyed at the shamanic sounds I vocalized and would run away from me. The expression and body language was priceless when I walked into the room once again to help him. It read a blatant, “oh crap, you again”.

I was able to get out a lot of frustration from him the way I do in emoting sounds. I was touched when he held my hands and gave me an unsolicited hug. When I left he was content and was obviously feeling relief.

The next day he was upset again so I visited him again. He tolerated me this time. He covered his ears and sat down and allowed me to help him. Along with the shamanic releasing, I was able to do cranial sacral massage with him. He soon went to his bed, laid down and fell asleep in a bit as I continued to administer cranial sacral massage and feel the expansion feeling in his head that I was looking for.

Last night he slept through the night! Hearing this made my day. I love how I help people!