What a Retreat


From Lara:

I am overflowing with experiences from the retreat! For one I was in the car and I noticed how when I picked up my oldest daughter from school today I felt myself tighten in my body asking her about her day and what she worked on and noticing in subtle energy how she was feeling oppressed. So we did some taps right then in there after having a dialogue about not letting grades define us.

She is 10 and has been in Montessori her whole life with no grades. Only love of learning. and I told her soon she would get “grades” and to NEVER let them define her. That as a small child I would get an A and feel superior, and then I might get a D and feel so bad about myself. And I was so pummeled by the winds of censure and praise. Jen Ward mentioned this;  the competitiveness and sibling rivalry. This is what linear 3 D does to us to perpetuate enslaving each other. It tells us we are unworthy unless…

I told my eldest daughter NEVER to let grades define her. to simply find what she loved doing in life regardless of what others think and how they view her, and take joy in it. It helped me realize how hard I had been on her. And then I felt inspired to have her do the tap:  “I release letting grades define me, in all moments.” And a couple more taps about knowing who we are and not letting anyone define us ever.  Also taps on others telling us who we are, judging us, and subjugating us.

I told her how her father is a genius and so successful at his job that he loves and adores and is inspired by everyday.  Yet he got D’s and kicked out of school and told he was less than enough, a trouble maker. I told her how some straight A students who do all the “right things” in conformity and go to the best schools, but leave having no idea who they are, what they want to do, and what brings them true purpose and joy.

This helped free her so much. I could feel her empowering as we talked and we did the home-spun intuition taps.

Jen is teaching me to perceive what my daughters need so I don’t perpetuate oppression. The same that had me feeling so unworthy all my life. I love you Jen Ward. This is so major I can’t even fathom from just the weekend how much I absorbed!!! AND birdies and trees talked to me today. I could feel what they were saying and felt life all around and just how not alone we are. What a retreat!!!!!!

Returning Lost Pets


Brian is home!!! We are doing a happy dance. My lovely neighbour Sharon heard him meow from under a unit in her kitchen. Seems he got in there yesterday and was stuck or scared. But the most incredible thing of all is that on the recomendation of my friend Karen I contacted a lady called Jen Ward who is a gifted communicator who sent Brian healing and reminded him that he has a loving home. She did this from a distance and said that once she had done this he would come home. No more than 15 minutes later my neighbour called me to say Brian was crying in her kitchen. Incredible and I give such gratitude to Jen, truly amazing! !! Xxx



I helped a friend whose teenage son was having difficulties. He is autistic and so can’t really verbalize why he is crying and upset. He was not sleeping through the night for the last 3 months.

The first time I worked with him was brief. He was very annoyed at the shamanic sounds I vocalized and would run away from me. The expression and body language was priceless when I walked into the room once again to help him. It read a blatant, “oh crap, you again”.

I was able to get out a lot of frustration from him the way I do in emoting sounds. I was touched when he held my hands and gave me an unsolicited hug. When I left he was content and was obviously feeling relief.

The next day he was upset again so I visited him again. He tolerated me this time. He covered his ears and sat down and allowed me to help him. Along with the shamanic releasing, I was able to do cranial sacral massage with him. He soon went to his bed, laid down and fell asleep in a bit as I continued to administer cranial sacral massage and feel the expansion feeling in his head that I was looking for.

Last night he slept through the night! Hearing this made my day. I love how I help people!

A Healing after Years of Back Issues – One Set of Taps


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I have worked with Jen Ward to release many issues of a physical, emotional and mental nature. But I still had back pain in the morning when I woke up, that is until the last set of taps she gave which were so unexpected and yet have made ALL the difference.
She saw that when I was “out of the body” in the other worlds, whether it was in a deep sleep or in a deep contemplative state, I didn’t “come back into my body” so gently.
There was something in my history that interrupted this gentle return into the body after deep sleep or travels into other dimensions.
The taps she gave me were “release slamming back into the body.” I did the energetic divorce (page 31 on the book Enlightened Unveiled by the way—buy this book!). I inserted the words, “release slamming back into the body” in the blank space.
I wake up now practically free of all back pain in the morning. If you have tried everything else to help you from waking up stiff or in pain, try these!



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TESTIMONIAL: I had a wonderful and sweet healing session with Jen the other day. She tapped into core issues from past lives and current life that was manifested into subtle energies. She was able to pick up on certain things within my field that I never expected anyone to pick up on because they were so minute and silent. Luckily she assisted me with removing them…and I felt AMAZING! I can definitely say that Jen and her work can be metaphorically seen as a cannon (and I, the cannon ball). She will bring you to new heights. After the session I felt myself open up in self-expression, creativity, and deeper waves of self-love. Absolutely worth it!! Thank you Jen

Stranger that Fiction

Hi Jen,
I wanted to share something I find phenomenal with you.
At birth my husband had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. I think due to that it was was cut oddly. He has always had a little piece of the cord left that I could physically see. It would bother him if it was touched or messed with. I won’t go into much of his childhood except to say he was abandoned by his mother as a infant and left alone for days with only his 2 year old brother. His dad remarried and he had a Cinderella Step-Mother…….. So anyways lots of momma issues….. We did your taps for Mother and Father about 3 weeks ago. Today him, the kids and me were sitting around on our bed talking. I looked at his belly button and saw something popping out more than usual! I chanced it and grabbed it. 45 years later….. the rest of his cord separated and came out. We know it was from doing the taps in your book. A few minutes later he giggled and said it felt funny. Kind of cold and tingly . He said I wonder what this symbolizes? Than he said he was going to take a shower with his new belly button.

My daughter is alive today because….

angels .jpg

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My daughter is alive today because of a phone session she had with Jen. My daughter is overcoming addiction and at the time of the session had overdosed twice in 6 weeks. I contacted Jen for an emergency session and she was right there for me. My daughter had the session within a couple of days.

After the session, it took a couple of days, and my daughter did a complete turn around. She wanted to go to rehab and she actually fought for her self to get in. I have gradually seen a positive and happy daughter ever since her session with Jen. Her eyes are alive again! My daughter attributes her turn around to her session with Jen.

We are both so grateful to Jen for the love and encouragement she has given both of us. I have my daughter back!