Advice From A Tree


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

It’s not your true nature to be so defined
By pettiness of emotions or feebleness of mind
You are more like the redwood, the mightiest of tree
Not creeping and needy like an intrusive vine

Stop clinging and clawing around the concept of great
Stand firm and erect as you claim your true fate
Pretending to be unworthy when you really know who you are
It’s diminishing yourself, that makes you irate.

You know your own wonder but refuse to show it.
Sabotage your life so you really blow it
You cringe, and cower, recoil and hide
You only hint of your true self, to mediocrity you abide

This whole world of humans aren’t where they should be
Each would be halfway to the sky if they were a tree
But they cover the ground like a new sapling crop
So vested in each other that they refuse to break free

They could have an amazing vantage point so high in the sky
They would be empowered, and believe they could fly
All the while being grounded and rooted in earth
But they rescind their own greatness to just getting by

Fear of your own growth is the ultimate sin
It leaves your disfigured and unable to win
It seems quite overwhelming but growth is something you can do
Knowing your own nature, is where you begin.

Jen Ward 7/26/15

The Original Custom


When a branch falls off the tree, it likes to be invited into the home so it can experience people at a different vantage point. The branch and the parent tree are still energetically connected. In bringing a branch into the home, it is a way of inviting the whole tree into your home. It is a quaint practice that those who love trees, innately understand.

This is the original custom that was bastardized in the practice of cutting down fir trees every year at Christmas. The tree gives such love and a sense of joy when they are invited into the home.Humans have exploited this goodwill through the yearly genocide of millions of fir and balsam trees each December.

The original practice was never about killing the tree. It was about honoring, communing with, and appreciating the tree. That is where the goodwill and the warmth is all about. The aroma is a way that a tree shares it’s love with others. To cut it down merely to fill the house with its scent is like forcing someone to give you a hug. There is missing element in doing that.

Let’s honor trees in their original form. There is so much that they have to offer us. Our connection with them was lost during the dark ages in human history. It is time to be enlightened and honor such giving spirits

Do Plants Fall in Love?


I have this aquatic plant that outlived the fish in the bowl. It didn’t grow. It didn’t change. It just was a live plant that I used to filter my cat’s water. They enjoy drinking out of its vase so it was feeling useful still. I decided to get some bamboo to create a filtered water dish for my dog. Bamboo are harmless plants to cats and dogs too.

One stalk was extra long. The cats kept pulling it out of the water bowl as a toy. I spared it this humiliating experience by putting it into the vase with the other aquatic plant. There seemed to be and instant chemistry between them. They seemed to really enjoy each other. It was a very real sense that I got.

Both plants looked like they hadn’t grown at all in forever….until they were united. Now, they are both experiencing a growth spurt that looks like love. It is so amazing to see both of them shoot up at the same time. It can only be explained through love.

The Tree and the Bush- A Love Story


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

There is  a prickly bush outside my front door. It has not been my favorite bush. I had wanted to remove it but didn’t have the heart to. Who am I to snuff out its life on a whim? So I trimmed it way back and just tolerated it. There were weeds growing in its core but I couldn’t get them all out. The weeds ended up to not be weeds but a maple tree. It was growing in the middle so I couldn’t remove it.

This year, I see a maple tree growing out of the top of the bush. The bush being so prickly, saved the tree from being weeded out. The tree has such an incredible presemce and is getting so big that it is becoming a pride of my yard. The bush saved the tree so it could grow, and now they seem to have an synergy as they grow. The growth of the tree seems to be encouraging the self esteem of the bush.

I figured out why the bush and the tree seem so wonderful together. They are in love. They are grateful for the other that gives them company and elevates their worth. The love is palpable between them. You can feel it when you look at them. There is no way to separeate them. They are too important to each other

Humans think that love is an emotion reserved for their species alone. But just because it looks different in other species does not mean it doesn’t exist. Look for the love stories around you and you will find them. The love is incredible.

Keeping Humanity Alive


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Everyone but humans
See roads as just more land
The real danger they accost
Only humans understand

People are the only ones
That dismiss the worth of trees
To all others they are a safe-way
Neighbors, lodging, communities

Humans are the only ones
That dismiss the plight of others
Every other specie lives in harmony
They see all life as brothers

Humans are the only ones
That destroy life just for fun
Others find it a necessity
It’s been this, since life begun

Humans are the only ones
That desecrate the land
They do it out of ignorance
And just because they can

Humans are the only ones
That over emphasize their worth
They’ve been taught to magnify their importance
Ever since their birth

But trees, fresh water, animals, plants and rocks
More than help human’s survive
They are real heroes to us
They keep humanity alive.

Jen Ward 7/17/15

A Zen State of Being- Technique from the Trees


People open up their energy above them like a tree opens up their branches. But trees also open up their energy below them in the way they stretch out their roots. Both the branches and the roots arch around the body creating a protective orb of energy. The tree is still open and receptive but still protected in the orb of openness.

People do not do this. Since they usually don’t open up and arc their energy below them and only some people open up the energy above them, they remain in a vulnerable state. What they have learned to do is recoil or curl up in a protective ball. But this is not Joy, Loving, Abundance, Freedom or Wholeness. It is a vulnerable state.

Imagine yourself as a mighty oak. They have the best analogy for deep strong root and great branches. Feel your energy dig deep into the Universe below your feet. Forget about the ground. For this purpose, the earth gets in the way as being too solid. Stretch out those roots and arc them open to slightly curl back up as a mirror to how branches curl down.

Now open up the energy above as if you were opening up your arms and even extending them more; like branches. Imagine the energy of the tips of what would be your branches extend to connect with the tips of the energy that would be your roots. See them coming together all around you until you are wrapped in this energetic orb of your own gratitude and openness. You are now open, yet contained, expansive and yet not vulnerable. This is a zen state of being.

Free Souls Everywhere


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

When I came back from imprisonment, I saw the world through a different lens. When a friend gave me a bamboo plant that was tied together with other bamboo in an intricate design. I was horrified. I saw them as being bound together as if they were people shackled at the feet. The first thing I did was unwrap each one of them from the other. I felt by doing this that I was lessening their karmic burden of slavery in some alternate reality or even a future lifetime. I was also unbinding their karma to each other. It was very gratifying.

It is a great technique. Rescue a bamboo from a store and unbind it from the other bamboo that it is woven together with. See it as a surrogate or analogy to help untying souls everywhere from their karmic burden. It may feel very rewarding, You may be freeing an aspect of yourself.

With all the flora friends I have now, I also had a bowl of bamboo. I bought them to be friends with my beta fish named Cooper (who looks just like Anderson Cooper). But they were too small at the time; so they had their own bowl. They wanted to be outside with the other flora.

As attuned as one tries to be, there is always more to realize. These bamboo wanted to be potted like the others. They wanted that special treatment. So today, on Independence say, they have their own pot, They are very happy. Some of them wanted their own pot but I told them when they get bigger we can do that. It gives them incentive to outgrow their pot.

On a side note: notice I don’t use the word plant? It seems to be derogatory to my green friends somehow. They liken it to the word squaw to native Americans or even worse. It is a very diminishing word to them.