Important Facts About Trees.

Trees communicate through their root system. It is similar to how we communicate through social media. We needed the understanding of how computers interact to understand how trees communicate. Until social media, there was no tangible reference point available.
Trees not only exchange carbon dioxide for pure air, they also exchange stagnant, negative thoughts for clarity and inspiration.
Trees prevent people from being unbalanced because they take in all the stagnant energy that holds people in negative thought and emotional patterns like they would fertilizer. They give them clarity of purpose and reason in exchange.
Trees love their children. They look after their children from their vantage point. If you care for a tree’s sapling, they will be contented and appreciative as if they are feeling it as well.
Trees don’t really die. They just go deep into the ground and come up again as a sapling.
The rings on a tree depict all the stagnant energy they have taken in from the environment and the people around them.
The areas in the world that have less trees, are the ones that depict more of a violent temperament. Trees induce sanity, calm and reason into people.
Trees are not motionless. They ungulate. Thinking they are motionless is a trick of the mind that has been instilled generation upon generation of human conditioning. If you sit and stare at a tree for a long time, you will see how they really move. It can be alarming, if not intimidating at first. In a past era, there was a genocide of all those who could interact with trees. This was done to instill the christian god. It left the psyche of those who loved trees paralyzed in a fear of interacting with them. That is what is being addressed now by reminding every one of how special trees are.
When no one communicates with a tree, they “check out” and spend most of their attention pulled away from the surface. They interact among themselves; like a human spending all their time on social media. That is partly why they seem so lifeless to us. But if you engage a tree, they are happy to come to the surface and interact with you.
Trees are responsible for most of the inspiration that humans receive. Many of the heartfelt songs and poetry that people have written has actually been downloaded into them by the trees. The poem that reads: “I think there has never been, a poem so lovely as a tree…..” was written by a tree.
The ability to communicate with trees is an aspect of female or yin energy. In ancient civilizations, it was normal to interact with trees and to seek their council. A big part of the desecration of Goddess energy has been to demonize those who communicate with trees. It past eras, there was a genocide committed on those who were able to interact with trees. There is a memory of this today in the way that society demonize Tree huggers. The more you honor and respect trees openly, the quicker the planet will be healed.
Respecting and honoring trees is a direct gauge as to how humanity is auto correcting itself after male energy has systematically tried to annihilate female empowerment. But what people are starting to understand is that it is not men against women. Each human is compiled of both male and female energy. So to honor and respect trees, creates a balance and an upgrade within our energy own system.
Trees are not fearful of storms. They don’t fear dying like humans do. When there is a storm brewing, there is an electricity and excitement in the air. That electricity is feeling the trees excitement about the rainfall. It is their “Celebratory Feast”. Notice that electricity happens after a dry spell. When it is a huge storm brewing, the trees are very excited.
Then there is a forest fire and the animals seem to know miles away to get out-of-the-way of danger; they know because the trees warn them.
Forest Fires are a trees way of burning off the negativity in the world. There is a lot of negativity being burned off right now. It is part of the way they have been providing balance to the world. If you don’t want wild fires, teach people to stop hating.
Trees are spirit guides. They really do look out for people. In lanes of highway that overlook a road, the trees are familiar with the people who drive to work and drive home at night. They find it fascinating that humans drive home so heavy after a day at work. They absorb that negativity for them as they drive by. That is why driving down a tree lined road is so enjoyable.
Trees consider themselves part of the family. That cozy, nurturing feeling that you have in your home, is a tree looking out for you and exuding comfort.
If you are looking to buy a home in a competitive market, or impossible situation, ask the trees in the new property to help you. They can open and block energetic passageways more than is realized. If you want an edge in life,or need to feel more security, ask the trees to help you.
Trees think humans are amusing that cut a grove of them down and then replant a row of trees after they have just cut a bunch of them down. Trees think humans are ridiculous in how they need to control nature in this ways.
Trees don’t understand boundaries like property lines. They don’t realize that they are considered to be owned by the person in the nearest house. They love and nurture all the humans around. Not just the one’s who believe they own them.
Trees love to share their gifts. When you eat fruit right off a tree, the tree can then experience consciousness through your eyes. It is a form of them understanding humans better. This bond between humans and trees has been desecrated by the way that trees are treated like slaves in an orchard rather than receiving gratitude for what they provide. Trees in an industrial orchard find it more difficult to pour their love into their fruit because of the way they receive no appreciation for what they give. This love that is not present is a form of an enzyme to the body of humans. That is why some fruits and vegetables cause heartburn. They were grown and harvested with a lack of gratitude.
Trees enjoy when a branch of theirs is invited into a home as decoration when it has dropped off accidently. They then get to see what it is like in the home and they send that information back to the main tree. This is how trees learn from interacting with us.
Trees are devastated when they are cut down by the whims of ignorant humans who plop them in their homes and celebrate as the life force drains out of them. Such ignorance saddens them.
Trees are excited that I share this information. They are excited about being able to inspire and interact with humans again. As more people interact with trees, a renaissance will ensue. This creative energy that is returning to the planet will dry up a lot of the hate, greed and power mongering that is presently prevalent. If you want to change the world, connect with your local trees and reignite the wisdom of the trees back into the planet.
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Gratitude From the Trees.

Today I was sitting out on the back patio and the most incredible aroma of fresh pine came wafting to be. I have lived here over two years and have never smelled this beautiful scent before. I looked around to find its source.
Over in the distance, near the train tracks is a beautiful tall pine. He is the one that the hawks visit. I looked at him and he seemed to saying, “yes it is me”.
I know from speaking with trees and foliage that smelling their aroma is how they give love and say thank you. This gigantic beautiful tree was saying thank you to me for writing the book Wisdom of the Trees and teaching other people how to communicate with trees.
The trees are so grateful for this opportunity to have a more interactive relationships with humans again. It used to be the mainstay before Goddess was desecrated and male energy ran amok on the planet. That is when the dark ages descended on the land.
We have still been in the dark ages, no matter what the so-called educated man says. As long as female energy is diminished and wise counsel of trees are ignored.. we are still in the dark ages. This book, The Wisdom of the Trees is an opportunity for humanity to awaken. Once you acknowledge the wisdom of the trees, it is then that you can accept your own worth.

When the Noisy World Disturbs You

The trees are absorbing sound for you. That is what they do. The more appreciation you give the trees around you, the more they will be able to help. Houseplants can absorb the sound from inside and even planting more trees or foliage outside help. It is the intention that will do it.
Your personal frequency is very high so the negative noises and interactions are there to balance yours. The cars in a sense, are driving by to mess with you. Not in an intentional way but a random way. You may already get a sense of this. It is true. The more you can accept that the world wants to vibrate with the resonance of you, the more you will stop feeling like a victim of the noise.
That is important because feeling like a victim closes down your energy and then you are not as comfortable in you bliss. So if you can counter the noises with gratitude that others are desperately seeking what you have, you can keep your energy open. Because gratitude opens up the chakras. In that way, you will be gifting all around you, the ability to match your resonance. That is very healing for the planet and for humanity.

Safe Tree Technique:


If you are going into a situation or an environment that does not feel safe or peaceful, visualize a tree that you have resonated with at some time. It can be a tree you admired or were fascinated by or spent time around.

Visualize being with that tree and maybe even being inside the tree with all it’s strength and wisdom wrapped around you. Ask the tree to be present with you during the day. See if you don’t want to stay present with that tree at all times. Ask the tree questions within your mind. See if the answers seem to come to you.

You will be tapping into the infinite wisdom of the trees. You have just recognized your new best friend.

This is great technique to share with children You know how they tell a child to talk to a tree if they are lost in the forest? Well that tree will lead the search party to the child. That is why it is such an effective technique. Also, the reason that Native Americans are so effective in tracking in the woods that they are not too arrogant to talk to a tree. ~ Jen Ward

Advice From A Tree


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

It’s not your true nature to be so defined
By pettiness of emotions or feebleness of mind
You are more like the redwood, the mightiest of tree
Not creeping and needy like an intrusive vine

Stop clinging and clawing around the concept of great
Stand firm and erect as you claim your true fate
Pretending to be unworthy when you really know who you are
It’s diminishing yourself, that makes you irate.

You know your own wonder but refuse to show it.
Sabotage your life so you really blow it
You cringe, and cower, recoil and hide
You only hint of your true self, to mediocrity you abide

This whole world of humans aren’t where they should be
Each would be halfway to the sky if they were a tree
But they cover the ground like a new sapling crop
So vested in each other that they refuse to break free

They could have an amazing vantage point so high in the sky
They would be empowered, and believe they could fly
All the while being grounded and rooted in earth
But they rescind their own greatness to just getting by

Fear of your own growth is the ultimate sin
It leaves your disfigured and unable to win
It seems quite overwhelming but growth is something you can do
Knowing your own nature, is where you begin.

Jen Ward 7/26/15

The Original Custom


When a branch falls off the tree, it likes to be invited into the home so it can experience people at a different vantage point. The branch and the parent tree are still energetically connected. In bringing a branch into the home, it is a way of inviting the whole tree into your home. It is a quaint practice that those who love trees, innately understand.

This is the original custom that was bastardized in the practice of cutting down fir trees every year at Christmas. The tree gives such love and a sense of joy when they are invited into the home.Humans have exploited this goodwill through the yearly genocide of millions of fir and balsam trees each December.

The original practice was never about killing the tree. It was about honoring, communing with, and appreciating the tree. That is where the goodwill and the warmth is all about. The aroma is a way that a tree shares it’s love with others. To cut it down merely to fill the house with its scent is like forcing someone to give you a hug. There is missing element in doing that.

Let’s honor trees in their original form. There is so much that they have to offer us. Our connection with them was lost during the dark ages in human history. It is time to be enlightened and honor such giving spirits

Do Plants Fall in Love?


I have this aquatic plant that outlived the fish in the bowl. It didn’t grow. It didn’t change. It just was a live plant that I used to filter my cat’s water. They enjoy drinking out of its vase so it was feeling useful still. I decided to get some bamboo to create a filtered water dish for my dog. Bamboo are harmless plants to cats and dogs too.

One stalk was extra long. The cats kept pulling it out of the water bowl as a toy. I spared it this humiliating experience by putting it into the vase with the other aquatic plant. There seemed to be and instant chemistry between them. They seemed to really enjoy each other. It was a very real sense that I got.

Both plants looked like they hadn’t grown at all in forever….until they were united. Now, they are both experiencing a growth spurt that looks like love. It is so amazing to see both of them shoot up at the same time. It can only be explained through love.