Surviving the Titanic


I just facilitated a session with a woman who wanted me to assist her dogs and herself in one session. Working with the dog was easy. But when I turned my attention to the woman, she admitted having walls up in regards to her husband; who is a real sweetheart so it was strange to her. We worked on three areas; jealousy, betrayal and abandonment.

There was a lot of stagnant energy released. But when I began the protocol for abandonment, I started making a shamanic sound that sounded like a fog horn on an old cruise ship. Then images of the titanic flashed in front of my eyes. They were not images of the aristocrats but of the servants on the bottom deck. My mind flashed to the scene in the movie Titanic where the servants were locked in the bottom level. As the ship went under, the young mother; instead of stressing out her children, put them to sleep with a bedtime story. She knew it was the last one she would read to them.

I had the client release the trauma of being on the Titanic. There was a lot of stagnant energy released with that one. She told me afterwards that she never thought she was on the titanic but she is afraid of going on cruise ships, being out on the water, being trapped in small spaces and taking her last gasp of air. All of those things were validated in the images that were revealed.

She also treats her dogs with such love and care. She treats them with the tenacity and devotion of the young mother putting her children to bed for the very last time. She, being the loving person she is, chooses love and service to be the experiences she replays in this lifetime. She is lucky to not be stuck in a state of fear but to live in a reverent state of service to her loved ones.

Creating Balance Through Giving


When I give a gift, I don’t hover around and wait for a thank you. I allow the reverence of giving and the capacity to give, be the reward. I don’t stop the process of giving by waiting for a response. That interrupts the flow of giving. Only those who are out of the habit of giving do this. The rest of us understand the sanctity of our position.

The sun doesn’t micromanage who receives its light and warmth. It trusts that the gift will reach the receptive. The clouds don’t lament emptying themselves of all they are; in service. Giving is the cycle of life. The clouds will reinvent themselves over and over again and give all that they are to the process. The Universe runs on giving.

At some point, man interrupted the natural process of giving in himself. Probably because of his “great mind” he thought he knew better. It was probably around the same time he subjugated woman. Woman understands giving and nature, She is so giving that she has been overcompensating for man’s taking. For so long to she has been trying to maintain a balance through giving. It is not working. As much as female energy has given, male energy has taken more.

Male energy has taken so much that he has left the planet crippled. It does not quench his thirst for taking. He just uses his talents to figure out new ways to take. He loves to rape, He invents new and genitive ways to rape even the land. Those that protest get shouted down, subjugated or demonized. It is time for male energy to rest, so it can gain reason.

The way that male energy can be restored to the natural balance of nature, is to be met by female energy. She needs to teach male energy the benefits of giving. Everyone that gives happily; all that they are without trepidation or resentment; restores the natural balance of the world. Let all give with the accordance of their capabilities. May we all be stretched in our capacity and willingness to give. In doing so, we, as a species, return to nature and are made whole.

How Labels Are A Curse

A curse is simply inflicting your will onto the will of another and affecting their course of action. It doesn’t need to be malicious. A curse could be as simple as saying:
“You will never amount to anything if you go to art school”
“Nobody will love you as much as I do”
“You are going to be round shouldered if you don’t sit up straight”
“The whole situation is sad”
Deeming something sad is a form of a curse. It is also putting a label on it. If you deem something sad, it is a form of immersing it in energetic quicksand the likes it can never get our of. Deeming something sad is a manipulative ploy overused to put someone else at a disadvantage.
Of all the horrific experiences that I have been through, the worst was when someone took pity on me and gave me sympathy. Throwing around the word sad is as debilitating as anything else. Think about when you truly have compassion for someone. You don’t call them sad. You call them courageous, strong or a winner. Calling someone sad these days is a means to affect those you disfavor.
A label is a curse because it operates under the same principle as the word sad. It nails something in the coordinates of a limited time and space. When ever you call someone something, you preclude them from being anywhere outside of the box unless they work really hard to break out of those coordinates.
Once you say someone is never happy, it takes them so much more energy to show up outside of those perimeters you have set for them. All minds are a 3 D printer and are manifesting constantly. If someone is trying to change, it is more difficult if everyone else is manifesting for them to stay stuck in the perimeters that were inflicted on them.
Positive labels may seem like a way to remedy inflicting limitations onto others. But what about the person who is locked into a false sense of self because they always have to be the “good one”? What if one is deemed the strong one, the caretaker, the smart one or the baby? See how these limitations can create an identity crisis if people try to move out of the perimeters of these descriptions.
A pretty aware person wrote an article about the givers and takers. I just was saddened about this dismissal of people in being labeled so glibly. Some of the most selfish people in the world are those who give everything of a materialistic nature but refuse to receive.
If one refuses to receive then they really are never truly tapped into giving. One who cant receive is giving as a form of self medicating and not to honor those in which they give. If one can not realize the need in others to give, then all the giving they do is rendered a selfish act. If one is perceiving in energy and can depict the true value of exchange.
In a subtle way, separating people into givers and receivers is a haughty display of arrogance. The person labeling people surely believes they are in the virtuous position of giving and are judging the so called takers is some way. But one can only see through a limited lens.
Some who see me tired and listless some days may call me a taker. They may not realize that the reason I am tired is that I have given every ounce of myself to the advancement of humanity in the subtle realms. They would even scoff at me and consider me lazy perhaps. All the while I am retrieving beings from the depth of hell and returning them to a path where they can regain their empowerment. But to the physical eyes, its all about appearances.
If you see someone who does not resonate with you, simply allow them to have their experiences. We have all abused power at one point in our development and it is a necessary lesson. It is shortsighted to deny this experience to another. Those that abuse power and disrupt the natural cadence to the rhythm of life, are the ones who in turn will be the most dynamic healers some day.
Be grateful. Be grateful for who you are, who you are not, every experience that you have and every awareness that you accrue. You will no longer be enslaved to labels, curses and slights. You are determining the depth of your own empowerment by how much truth you are willing to ingest. You choose my friend. No one chooses for you. This is what freedom is.

The Introduction to a Finer Vibration


There are sounds that are “heard” beyond the range of what the physical ear can perceive. They are inner sounds. They depict the vibration of different levels of consciousness. They are heard not with the ear but with more refined senses that are used in more subtle states of consciousness.

Some of the sounds of this world depict the sounds of these more refined vibrations. That is why it is so pleasant to hear the chatter of many birds, the lulling sound of flowing water, or the wind rushing through the trees or plains.

When I tap into these inner sounds, I know enough to pay attention. I stay as present with the sound and use the opportunity to visualize it expanding my atoms and scouring out all the dross of the physical world. These sounds are revealed when one is totally plugged into the moment. In this way, being centered in the moment is the literal plug to being present to these inner sounds.

People have been trained to think that they have to go somewhere and isolate to tap into the moment. But it is a state of reverence that is reached when one totally forgets the limitation of the self and withdraws from the pettiness of the mind. Some people strain in meditation, prayer or some ritualistic practice to “hit the mark” of the moment. Many times the failure to do so makes them feel incompetent and less worthy.

The way I stay in the moment is with simple kindness. Kindness keeps you present to the person you are listening to. Kindness keeps you aware of the needs of all around you. Kindness can be so emphatically honed, that one can perceive what another needs in the moment, even before they do. Kindness can keep one grounded in what they are doing but can open them up to the expanded consciousness of saints. Kindness. It doesn’t need to be any more austere or intense than simple kindness.

I woke up a little while ago to a strange new vibration in my perceptions. It is still in the middle of the night but this vibration is so cleansing and expansive, that it got my attention immediately. I am used to being washed in the inner sounds beyond the ears perceptions. But this one was more expansive. It is hard to describe but is sounds like an echoing pure emanation of a lucid instrument.

As I listened to it, I felt the lateral aspects of my brain being expanded. I felt the dormant state of awareness that my brain has settled in awakening. It is not without some unpleasantness. It is expanding consciousness even more so there is a dizzying affect that occurs. The dizziness is the process of being expanded in consciousness while trying to stay present in the linear world of this physical realm. It takes some skill to do both.

I knew instinctively (or I was being told) that this sound was being introduced to the world as an upgrade in consciousness. I understood that all of earth was being washed in this vibration, even if they didn’t realize it. As I lay partly awake, I took the opportunity to use this experience to the advantage of humanity. I introduced this sound frequency to different areas in the world that needed a quick upgrade. Perhaps my attention would assist in some way since my physical body is made of the same vibration of those that need tending.

Instead of laying there fascinated with how this vibration was affecting me, I realized that those who are sensitive would also be experiencing this sacred upgrade to humanity. But because they have less inner training perhaps, than myself, they would interpret it as a negative. They may get a sense of this beautiful opportunity to witness the expansiveness of consciousness, and interpret it as having something wrong with them.

I saw that even my most aware friends, would be feeling dizzy, nauseous or emotionally paralyzed and interpret it as a disease. I did not want them to miss the opportunity to plug into the monumental shift in consciousness that was occurring for them and all. To experience your brain feeling chills from within and to know that your awareness is awakening to new heights is incredible. But it could be a new sensation to some.

All the newness. To understand that all the turmoil that we are witnessing in the world is merely a systemic calibration to world peace. To finally get a sense of that feeling of intimate family loyalty and experience it for all souls in existence. To finally realize we are not alone but all an aspect of one great soul that some of us call God. All these things could be mystifying without understanding.

I laid curled in bed while I “took” the expansiveness of what I was experiencing and overlaid it on areas in the world that needed an upgrade. To all the countries and areas where freedom was non existent and apathy was strong. I melt the chains of ignorance and resistance as easily as the sun dries up the morning dew. I did this with a pure intention and manifestation skills honed and rendered through an active imagination.

Developing the imagination used to be strongly advocated for in children. The reason creativity and imagination are so important to nurture in children is because these aspects are a jumping off point to understanding their own omniscience and omnipotence. But since omniscience or omnipotence isn’t advocated any more in humans, neither is the means to hone these skills. You will get a sense of a shift in humanity when you see, imagination, creativity, music and free thinking again become a priority in society.

This new vibration that I can feel emanating through out the world, is a key to higher consciousness for the multitudes. It feels like it is emanating through me to pour out into the world. It may be pouring out of everyone as well. We may all be keys to the awakening of higher consciousness. I don’t know. But I do know that the more people can accept that there is something greater happening under the surface rather than just write it off as an illness, the greater impact the shift in consciousness can make.

No one is going to micromanage you and explain what you are specifically experiencing. But if you are moody, complaining and off, it is more difficult to enjoy the wonders of an awakening new world. I got out of bed dizzy and hanging onto the walls to get out here to write to you. The outflow of sharing with you has taken me out of the symptom range. I still sense the inner sound and I still am experiencing shifts happening. But maybe forgoing turning them into a negative and helping others not turn them in to a negative is a huge upgrade to humanity in itself.

If you are experiencing sensations that seem negative, perhaps the way to address them comes from an oblique exercise. Try it. Simply be kind.


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Nurture the Children

For some reason it is easier to have compassion for children rather than adults. If you need to, imagine all the people of the world as merely children. It will help you open up your portal of manifestation to assist them. Everyone needs our compassion. Even the adults.
(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
“We bring laughter to all children; in all moments”
“We bring music to all children; in all moments”
“We bring optimal health to all children; in all moments”
“We bring security to all children; in all moments”
“We bring kindness to all children; in all moments”
“We bring Love to all children; in all moments”
“We bring awareness to all children; in all moments”
“We bring abundance to all children; in all moments”
“We bring sincerity to all children; in all moments”
“We bring imagination to all children; in all moments”
“We bring creativity to all children; in all moments”
“We bring freedom to all children; in all moments”
“We bring peace to all children; in all moments”

Dissipate the Ignorance


People don’t get involved with politics because they believe that we are all on an even playing field. We are not. The entitled have taken over the game and they are using people who are in fear for their mainstay of existence as pawns to drive an agenda.

It is more spiritually aware to not add one’s energy to the chaos and debauchery of current events. But in doing that, one can smooth the path for others by pouring love and understanding into the world to dry up the acrid clouds of illusion and fear that are numbing those who are immersed in being controlled.

We have the unique vantage point of watching the manipulation and power plays run their course. But in doing this, also use your “powers” of imagination to visualize the layers of illusion being singed off the mass consciousness of mainstream.

Just simply visualize being at a vantage point where you are watching people immersed in layers of illusion. Melt it away with merely your intention to do so like the sun takes an overview of all and warms them from afar. Use your concerns over the things that you are witnessing and simply melt away all the influencing goo that people are immersed in without even realizing it. Use this technique to wake people up and have them come to their senses.

Pull Yourself Out of Hell

Birds In A Tree

I just finished facilitating a remote phone session. The person was a dynamic healer and had done most of the work on her own facilities. But there was a dynamic that had reappeared in her life. It seemed that when she was feeling totally complete in her relationship, another negative relationship reemerged. It was obvious that this dynamic was meant to prevent her form being completely happy.

Inwardly I saw this person from her past as representing her relationship with Shiva, a Goddess of another religion I am not equipped to talk about. All I got from her session was that Shiva was a means to break up energy. This relationship that came back into her life was reflective of her dedication to the Goddess Shiva. It had reappeared to break up her happiness.

I led her in recanting her vow to Shiva. As she did this, I saw her swimming in the river Styx which is the river of the dead. I have facilitated other sessions where the client was trapped in Hell. This was a version of this. When we hold strong belief systems, we trap our energy into the perimeters of that belief, for as long as our energy holds to those beliefs. We can move into a new incarnation but part of our energy can be trapped in the old belief system.

As I used a tap to assist her in pulling herself out of the river Styx, I noticed how many other souls were also trapped in the river Styx. In fact, the whole river consisted of the fear of souls who believed that they were trapped in this experience. They were all flowing in a perpetual state of fear into the depth of Hades (hell).

As I led her through these taps, It took me to current events. I saw that all the people who are trapped in a limited belief on any subject, were connected by a past life belief that trapped them in fear of some kind. Like all the people who were trapped in the river Styx, like my client, were taking a similar stance in some way in society. It was entrenched. We spent most of my client’s session pulling all souls out of limited states of consciousness.

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“I recant all vows and agreements with Shiva; in all moments”
“I remove all vivaxes between myself and Shiva; in all moments”
“I recant all vows and agreements with the Angel of death; in all moments”
“I remove all vivaxes between myself and the angel of death; in all moments”
“I pull all souls out of the River Styx; in all moments”
“I pull all souls out of fear; in all moments”
“I dry up the river Styx; in all moments”
“I pull all souls out of the Cave of Adullam; in all moments”
“I pull all souls out of Hell; in all moments”                                                                                    “I pull all souls out of the shadow of the valley of death; in all moments”                                                                                                                                                    “I pull all souls out of the ground; in all moments”                                                                         “I pull all souls out of purgatory; in all moments”                                                                        “I pull all souls out of all pseudo heavens; in all moments”                                                        “I pull all souls out of mind loops; in all moments”                                                                      “I pull all souls out of drama; in all moments”
“I pull all souls out of war; in all moments”
“I dry up the crusades; in all moments”
“I pull all souls out of limiting belief systems; in all moments”
“I pull all souls out of the lower worlds; in all moments”
“I pull all souls out of the “Them vs Us”‘ mode; in all moments”‘
“I pull all souls out of the victim consciousness; in all moments”
“I pull all souls out of Matter, energy, Space and Time; in all moments”
“I free all souls; in all moments”