The Re-connection Technique:


There is a theory that I heard that resonated. The reason that some areas in the world are still so warlike is that their DNA is one and a half strands instead of two. Two strands of DNA are the bare minimum for survival. People are supposed to have at least 12 strands of DNA and that 12 strands is our more natural state.

If this resonates, here is a technique to assist the word in overcoming its warlike tendencies. In contemplation, look at the world and see the places that look gray. Then imagine knitting, weaving, or crocheting 12 golden strands where there is two strands. There is no need to direct it in any area. Just visualize creating 12 strands where there are two. Do this in your visualizations.

When you look at the earth again, see if any areas that were gray are now lit up more. Keep the intention of always uplifting the earth with your intention. When ever you think about it and are in a loving mood, visualizing knitting 12 strands together where there were two. Make them straight, even, loving and golden strands. When you look at the earth in visualizations, see it immersed in golden, loving Light and saturated in Love.

The Introduction to a Finer Vibration


There are sounds that are “heard” beyond the range of what the physical ear can perceive. They are inner sounds. They depict the vibration of different levels of consciousness. They are heard not with the ear but with more refined senses that are used in more subtle states of consciousness.

Some of the sounds of this world depict the sounds of these more refined vibrations. That is why it is so pleasant to hear the chatter of many birds, the lulling sound of flowing water, or the wind rushing through the trees or plains.

When I tap into these inner sounds, I know enough to pay attention. I stay as present with the sound and use the opportunity to visualize it expanding my atoms and scouring out all the dross of the physical world. These sounds are revealed when one is totally plugged into the moment. In this way, being centered in the moment is the literal plug to being present to these inner sounds.

People have been trained to think that they have to go somewhere and isolate to tap into the moment. But it is a state of reverence that is reached when one totally forgets the limitation of the self and withdraws from the pettiness of the mind. Some people strain in meditation, prayer or some ritualistic practice to “hit the mark” of the moment. Many times the failure to do so makes them feel incompetent and less worthy.

The way I stay in the moment is with simple kindness. Kindness keeps you present to the person you are listening to. Kindness keeps you aware of the needs of all around you. Kindness can be so emphatically honed, that one can perceive what another needs in the moment, even before they do. Kindness can keep one grounded in what they are doing but can open them up to the expanded consciousness of saints. Kindness. It doesn’t need to be any more austere or intense than simple kindness.

I woke up a little while ago to a strange new vibration in my perceptions. It is still in the middle of the night but this vibration is so cleansing and expansive, that it got my attention immediately. I am used to being washed in the inner sounds beyond the ears perceptions. But this one was more expansive. It is hard to describe but is sounds like an echoing pure emanation of a lucid instrument.

As I listened to it, I felt the lateral aspects of my brain being expanded. I felt the dormant state of awareness that my brain has settled in awakening. It is not without some unpleasantness. It is expanding consciousness even more so there is a dizzying affect that occurs. The dizziness is the process of being expanded in consciousness while trying to stay present in the linear world of this physical realm. It takes some skill to do both.

I knew instinctively (or I was being told) that this sound was being introduced to the world as an upgrade in consciousness. I understood that all of earth was being washed in this vibration, even if they didn’t realize it. As I lay partly awake, I took the opportunity to use this experience to the advantage of humanity. I introduced this sound frequency to different areas in the world that needed a quick upgrade. Perhaps my attention would assist in some way since my physical body is made of the same vibration of those that need tending.

Instead of laying there fascinated with how this vibration was affecting me, I realized that those who are sensitive would also be experiencing this sacred upgrade to humanity. But because they have less inner training perhaps, than myself, they would interpret it as a negative. They may get a sense of this beautiful opportunity to witness the expansiveness of consciousness, and interpret it as having something wrong with them.

I saw that even my most aware friends, would be feeling dizzy, nauseous or emotionally paralyzed and interpret it as a disease. I did not want them to miss the opportunity to plug into the monumental shift in consciousness that was occurring for them and all. To experience your brain feeling chills from within and to know that your awareness is awakening to new heights is incredible. But it could be a new sensation to some.

All the newness. To understand that all the turmoil that we are witnessing in the world is merely a systemic calibration to world peace. To finally get a sense of that feeling of intimate family loyalty and experience it for all souls in existence. To finally realize we are not alone but all an aspect of one great soul that some of us call God. All these things could be mystifying without understanding.

I laid curled in bed while I “took” the expansiveness of what I was experiencing and overlaid it on areas in the world that needed an upgrade. To all the countries and areas where freedom was non existent and apathy was strong. I melt the chains of ignorance and resistance as easily as the sun dries up the morning dew. I did this with a pure intention and manifestation skills honed and rendered through an active imagination.

Developing the imagination used to be strongly advocated for in children. The reason creativity and imagination are so important to nurture in children is because these aspects are a jumping off point to understanding their own omniscience and omnipotence. But since omniscience or omnipotence isn’t advocated any more in humans, neither is the means to hone these skills. You will get a sense of a shift in humanity when you see, imagination, creativity, music and free thinking again become a priority in society.

This new vibration that I can feel emanating through out the world, is a key to higher consciousness for the multitudes. It feels like it is emanating through me to pour out into the world. It may be pouring out of everyone as well. We may all be keys to the awakening of higher consciousness. I don’t know. But I do know that the more people can accept that there is something greater happening under the surface rather than just write it off as an illness, the greater impact the shift in consciousness can make.

No one is going to micromanage you and explain what you are specifically experiencing. But if you are moody, complaining and off, it is more difficult to enjoy the wonders of an awakening new world. I got out of bed dizzy and hanging onto the walls to get out here to write to you. The outflow of sharing with you has taken me out of the symptom range. I still sense the inner sound and I still am experiencing shifts happening. But maybe forgoing turning them into a negative and helping others not turn them in to a negative is a huge upgrade to humanity in itself.

If you are experiencing sensations that seem negative, perhaps the way to address them comes from an oblique exercise. Try it. Simply be kind.


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If It Were Not For Current Events


We are all living in the 5th dimension. The reason it still feels like the 3rd dimension is because people brought their engrams of 3rd dimension with them as a crutch to the 5th dimension. The reason I post taps and the reason they are so effective is they give the mind of each individual the ability to strip off the engrams that are preventing them from experiencing the optimal joy, love, abundance, freedom and wholeness of the state they are already in.

The taps help them experience all they could be experiencing if they would just realize it. Higher consciousness is inevitable. Current events are just the last hurrah of the drama of power. Some people may have missed such antics when we all consciously realize our transcendence.If it were not for current affairs now. They are getting their fill.

Upgrades in the Spiritual Belief System at the Fifth Dimension


There is no concern over taking on karma. This is a subtle form of fear and fear is the antithesis of healing. One needs to just make their love bigger to dissipate any fear that they are experiencing. In the fifth dimension, we realize we are not trapped in a linear existence. This means, we are not limited to being a physical body. We can make our energy as big as a galaxy and so there is no limited body to hold the karma of someone else in.

There is no longer relying on the belief that “all is as it should be”. In the fifth dimension there is an understanding of our own empowerment and any issue can be addressed in such a dynamic way. Saying, all is as it should be, is a very subtle form of feeling powerless and creates an apathetic state in some cases.

There is no need for AKASHIC Records. We no longer need to relive mistakes and tragedies we have experienced in a past life. We have a clean slate. It is like graduating from grade school and no longer needing crayons and scissors.

People no longer withhold healing others because they didn’t give consent. This is as silly as not assisting an abused dog that is tied up to a post. They may not consent to help but it is obvious that they don’t realize that they need help. In energy, everyone is asking for help. That is what prayers are.

No longer do people expect to be saved by a faceless God. They realize that we are all the face of God and when we pray for help, help will come through other people. We also realize that we are all the face of God so we honor all beings as sacred. This is how we pay homage to God. Hypocrisy in worship is eliminated in where we pay homage to God and then turn around and judge and diminish others. We can’t possibly honor God and diminish others.

Labels will no longer be necessary. We are all psychic, mediums, and healers. We are all connected. We are one big self. No longer is there separating ourselves using labels. If I am a healer, you are a healer. We are a compilation of us all.

If someone is suffering in the microcosm, it is a reflection of the ills of the macrocosm. To heal the planet, you address the symptoms in individuals. Apathy is no longer an option.

Individuals are no longer left to sink or swim for themselves. The belief system that one’s personal issues are necessary to spiritually strengthen them is obsolete. This would be true if the deck wasn’t so stacked against the individual by power mongers and the greedy. You helping someone else may be the spiritual test for you to overcome residual hesitancy to get involved. The way we overcome the limitations of the 3rd dimension is to change the setting on our energy system from taking to giving. Once we become habitual givers, there is a self-sustaining mechanism implemented that immerses us in the perpetual state of being.

We are no longer trapped in linear existence. Time is not linear and neither is existence. A minute spent in doing what we love is different from a minute doing what we hate. If we stay in the perpetual state of being in the moment, we drop out of the limiting state of time and space. If we find ourselves “juggling” it is indicative that we are in linear instead of exponential being. In exponential being, we merely stand in our center and allow all issues to rotate to our attention and address them then instead of juggling.

Earth is no longer seen as a hopeless war based planet. That belief in itself is an apathetic state. Earth is the heart chakra of the lower worlds. It is dire that earth is empowered in a loving state of free will. This opens the capabilities of all the lower worlds. All limiting states instated by power mongers is released.

Creativity, imagination and enthusiasm are the life blood of the fifth dimension. People don’t realize that the creativity they exude, expands consciousness. This includes heaven. The belief that heaven will be there waiting for someone is as silly as believing they are due an inheritance they didn’t contribute to. When we cross over, it is a reflection of the creativity and imagination we have put into this life. It is important to strive to be empowered and original to expand our consciousness when we cross over. Those who are visionaries, are creating a more expansion reality in the non physical world for everyone. You are welcome

Dreams are a reflection of our life outside of the physical skin. They are not just random symbols but our higher self trying to instill in our physical self higher truths. They are worth taking the time to study.

We no longer work to achieve perfection. Perfection is an illusion that prevents people from embracing their uniqueness. There is freedom in individuality. This is us embracing our exponential empowerment. We no longer perceive ourselves as stick figures in a linear world but realize that we are starbursts eager to realize our own potential.

There is no need to spend hours trying to get out of the body. Our empowerment is engaged in being fully grounded and engaged in our physical existence and expanding our consciousness to encompass all of the Universe while being aware in the physical realms as well.

All groups are outmoded as people take back their individuality and stop giving their effectiveness away, to drive the engines of power.

Nature and trees are appreciated as more important that monetary currency. Trees are seen as the wise sentient beings that they are. They are giving respect and sovereignty as individuals and wise counsel.

Humans are no longer consider themselves more superior than other beings.They realize their true edge is to be able to convert the dynamic energy into creative force which is the atmosphere of higher consciousness. They realize that reasoning is the building block of this ability.

Communication with other beings will be commonplace as people learn to perceive in energy rather than need to rely on the clumsy guttural sounds of words. In perceiving in energy, truth and lies will be able to be perceived by all. This inability to get away with lies will bring accountability and integrity back to the world.

These things are all in place but because people brought their illusion of the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension as a form of comfort as they adjust. That is why healing is so possible now. Everyone in already whole and healed. It is more a matter of dropping old engrams that say otherwise.

Female energy is empowered so that humans can regain their sensitivities. Compassion, ingenuity, and benevolence are all yin based attributes. As female energy regains a footing in consciousness, so will the attributes that it represents.


Living in the Fifth Dimension

ripples too

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We are no longer living in the confines of 3rd dimensional space, time and depth. We are operating within new freedoms and perceptions. The old show Twilight Zone comes to mind. Rod Sterling was a visionary who was trying to stretch people’s imagination to be able to embrace such a shift. The episodes of the show where someone experiences a lifetime in a moment, or visits the place they will live before they cross over come to mind.

Anyone who accepts this and perceives it as a truth may already be experiencing the freedom of it. Those who perceive it are the visionaries for the world to reassure all others not to fallback on the dust of old ways. There is no longer structure in the old power plays, 9-5 work grind or a manipulation of our spirit by “have to”, slavery or male domination.

What we experience now, more than ever is of our own creation. Imagine the most possibly joyous loving, abundant and free experience of existence that you can imagine to help manifest it; not only for yourself but for all. For now, more than ever, we will experience our joy, love, abundance and freedom reflected in the interconnectedness of all. We realize more than ever that all life speaks to us and is our beloved brethren. There is no one and nothing that is not sacred. By ignoring the confused people and energies that are playing catch up, and focusing on the glorious place of arrival, we can all gain a foothold in this new blessed world.

Transcending the Third Dimension


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Recently I facilitated a session with someone whose job it is to protect the natural woodlands. She was feeling loopy and unfocused during the session and did not know how to deal with it. She did not even understand it herself but felt a huge relief when I articulated it for her. She has been toggling between being a very forceful energy to be effective in her job and being the expansive energy that she feels more comfortable being in. Her energy field was waivering between the contrasting conditions. What she didn’t realize was that this was reflective of her toggling between the 3rd and 5th dimension as well.

When the Mayan Calendar ended and the world was supposed to come to an end, it was the means to register earth moving from being in the 3rd dimension to being in the 5th dimension. Those of us who are sensitive are realizing the shift and getting a sense of more and more individuals holding a rate of a higher vibration. The very fact that I can write openly about the Spiritual and energetic things that I do is evidence of the shift. Many of us have been working diligently to assist in the raising of consciousness on earth for lifetimes. It is beyond validating to be at this precipice.

There are still those that are hanging on to the comfort of the vibrations of the 3rd dimension. They are resisting moving very quickly into a higher understanding. But they are moving. Have patience with them. They are easing their big toe in gently. To some reading this, it is a new and exciting concept that seems too good to be true. That is okay. It is all okay. The 3rd dimension is like an old worn out pair of sneakers that seem a better option than breaking in a new pair of shoes.

In the session with this client, I kept seeing a huge conifer tree. I mentioned that it was sending her incredible love and strength. She knew who it was immediately and had a name for him. “That is grandfather tree”, she said. She admitted that she was afraid to change vibration because if she did, she would be leaving the love behind. As we worked, we both felt the love move up her spine and open the energetic channels within her body and the earth. It got stuck at her throat because of the many experiences of being decapitated, hung and choked. But then we both felt it pull off over her head as if taking off a tight turtleneck sweater. She was more open and free. She felt such incredible love and the illusion of otherwise was gone.

We realize that this energy that was constricting her has also been preventing so many people from speaking their truth. That the more people fight through that resistance to remain silent when they have truth to share, the more their energy will be freed.


Here are the taps to move from the 3rd dimension to the 5th

(Say each statement 3 out loud times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“I release the fear of transcending the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I release being enslaved in the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I remove all the shackles of the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I recant all vows and agreements between myself and the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I remove all curses between myself and the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I remove all energetic cords from the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, burden, limitations, and engrams that the 3rd dimension has put on me; in all moments”
“I withdraw all my energy from the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I leave all the ignorance in the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I leave all the pain in the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I leave all abandonment and isolation in the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I leave all slavery in the 3rd dimension; in all lifetime:
“I leave all genocide in the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I take back all the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companionship, Peace, Life, Wholeness, Beauty, Enthusiasm, Contentment, Spirituality and Confidence that the 3rd dimension has taken from me; in all moments”
“I release resonating with the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I release emanating with the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I remove all of the 3rd dimension from my sound frequency; in all moments”
“I remove all of the 3rd dimension from my Light body; in all moments”
“I transcend the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I shift my paradigm from the 3rd dimension to the 5th and above; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companionship, Peace, Life, Wholeness, Beauty, Enthusiasm, Contentment, Spirituality and Confidence; in all moments”

Don’t be afraid that if you do these taps that you will be leaving your loved ones behind. The affect will be that you will actually make the transition much easier for them. You will see evidence in it by a more open heartedness and a receptivity that was not as noticeable as before. Enjoy!

Things that have Shifted and are shifting since 2012


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Power has left its hold.
Moving from group power to individual empowerment
Moving from degeneration to regeneration
Going from mind to heart
Manifestations are magnified
There is no entrapment in time and space
Social slavery ending
a shift from male energy perceptions to inclusion of female perceptions
Transcending linear thought
Everyone is realizing their healing potential
The nine to five era is ending
The worship of monetary abundance is ending
The era of human superiority is ending
Blindly groping for labels to define others is ending
All have the capability of perceiving in energy
There is no need to classify humans as male or female
White supremacy is ending
The banning of healers is lifted
The ignorance of past eras is now seen
Mass hypnotism is dissipated
People regain ability to discern for themselves.
Truth gains a foothold
Fairies and sprites return to the land
Self admonishing stops
dissipating ones energy by pouring out to the unknown stops
Personality worship stops
Outer beauty is less coveted
Everyone gets enthralled with living their purpose
Truth is able to be discerned. So all lies dry up
Everyone is held accountable
Prisons and slavery of all kind are being abolished
Them vs Us mode is ending
Waiting to be saved from by someone no longer necessary
Rhetoric and manipulation is ceasing
All limitations are being removed
We are all experiencing the interconnection in each other
Trees are being valued for their wisdom
The line is being blurred between the inanimate and animate
Love and life are becoming more fluid
Spiritual laws and self-responsibility is being awakened
Love is newly appreciate
Shame in kindness eradicated
Western medicine is being challenged for its limitations
The earth is being respected as a living being
Woman stop succeeding using male energy
Sisterhood ensues.
Personal respect and individuality is honored
Concepts of world peace are upgraded.
Peace on earth prevails
Those who profit off of power are dealt with
All illusion is removed.
Inner strength is regained
People stop cursing each other with sympathy and sadness
Hope and faith are replaced with knowing
Freedom of choice is honored
Baby making to control numbers is eliminated.
All poisons are flush out and eradicated
One’s word begins to mean something again.
Time and space are transcended
Linear existence and linear time are eradicated

If it doesn’t seem fast enough it is because people are carrying their engrams from the 3rd dimension as a means of balancing and can drop all old habits by realizing that they can