What Needs to Happen to Have Peace

Angels need a rest
Visions need to clear
Divides must be mended
Entitlements must be more fair

Dust needs to settle
From the antics of the men
Gardens must be planted
We must return to Zen

Wars must be unwaged
Fevers need to break
The proud and indignant
Must admit to their mistake

Woman must be valued
Of every sect and shape and kind
Perceptions must be given
To the deaf, mute, ignorant and blind

Truths must be spoken
All Lies must rescind
Illusion must be stripped away
Released into the wind

Innocence must be revered
Above Guile and deceit
Pay homage to individuality
And laid upon its feet

Reawaken from all slumber
That has rusted all resolve
Open up love’s floodgates
Coax anguish to dissolve

Forgo all petty squabbles
In all we think, feel, say and do
Then peace will rest upon the land
And settle itself in you.

Jen Ward 1/29/16


The Single Lane of Spirituality

Group dynamics prey on the primal fear of being alone. Out in the Universe, it is an ominous thing to be alone with one’s self. Groups are created to compensate for this. This works for a while. But when it comes to your spiritual progress, it is not possible to make headway while being a part of a group dynamic.
Awakening is a single lane experience. One needs to be completely individualized to transcend. That means that every thing that you know as truth is what you yourself have experienced in some tangible or intangible way.
You can get mandates from a book, or learn from the experiences of someone else. But you must be experienced in every aspect of your awakened state. That means just quoting a book or a respected sage is not exactly realizing what they are speaking about.
Quoting a book or someone else, rings of inexperience. It is like doing something because “mom said so”. Obedience is not the most aware state when delving the depth of your beingness. It is great to have someone to emulate as long as you stay accountable for your own growth every step of the world.
Group consensus is too wide a girth to fit through the doorway of higher consciousness. We will all get there. But it is through self-responsibility and accountability in every aspect of our beingness and not through denial, pointing fingers, judgement, distractions or wishful thinking. Love, kindness, compassion, integrity, sincerity and truth are a direct path to spiritual awakening.

The Spiritual Freedom of Accountability


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I surprise myself when I hold people accountable to their words and actions. The Ancient ones gave me this analogy to understand the value in holding others accountable. We believe we are riding along on a river to God. But the human consciousness puts conditions on the journey as we meander along.

The banks of the river narrow the path as we go until the human consciousness narrows the path by limitations until there is no passage left. This is when the person will cross to continue again in another boat of a human body.

But…with the accountability, I am helping break down the river banks so the river can continue to widen and flow. For those on a more spiritually aware journey, the banks are broken away to such a degree that the person realizes that they are not on a river but in an ocean.

They no longer need to travel a narrow band to get to truth. Truth is exponential in all directions. They are free to discover truth in so many different ways. Everyone is no led down the river.. They are expanding into exponential Joy, Love, Abundance, Wholeness and freedom.

The Spiritual Welfare System


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It doesn’t work like people think it does. People have been trained to tolerate suffering. They believe if you tolerate the conditions that you are given in this life, you will automatically be graced with all that you desire when you cross over. There is an upgrade in crossing over but the heaven that you “land” on, is the one that you have been investing in, with your intentions in this life.

True coin in heaven is Love and kindness. If you demonstrate a giving nature, then that loving intention formulates the world that you land in when you cross over .That is why good people don’t fear crossing over. But stingy, selfish people are magnifying that quality as what they receive in the astral realms. The spiritual shift in consciousness is about self-responsibility.

We create and contribute to heaven similarly as how we choose or not to choose to contribute to this world. Life is a continuation and all about self empowerment. We are not going to find ourselves in a plush world when we cross if that is not what we have contributed to here.

People have to stop thinking that they are going to be taken care of on any level. They must do everything they can to use their resources to enrich their life and the lives around them. The spiritual laws or life do not drop off once we cross over. They magnify. The conditions that we find here are the strengthening agents to help us create a magnificent heaven. It has never been about just earth. That is the lie and that is what has kept so many people from even trying. Its time to awaken and try.

Why We Put Others on a Pedestal

DSCN4538 (2)

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Everyone is a healer. If you say someone is, and others are not, then you absolve them of the self responsibility that a healer has. It is better to see everyone as dynamic so as to have then help shoulder the responsibility of what that entails. That is the real reason  we put others on a pedestal. Not to honor them but to remove ourselves from the same level of responsibility and scrutiny

Jen Ward