In My Humble Opinion….

“In my humble opinion” is an oxymoron. Opinions are anything but humble.

(Say each statement 3 times out loud while CONTINUOUSLY tapping on the top of your head at the crown chakra and say it a fourth time while tapping on your heart Chakra

“I release using opinions to hide my lack of awareness in all moments”
“I release hoarding opinions as facts; in all moments”
“I release gorging on opinions; in all moments”
“I release using opinions to validate myself; in all moments”
“I release being laden in heavy layers of opinions; in all moments”
“I release sharing opinions to feel important; in all moments”
“I release confusing opinions for truth; in all moments”
“I release adopting others opinions as my own; in all moments”
“I release confusing opinions for power; in all moments”
“I release using opinions to diminish truth; in all moments”
“I release using opinions to railroad others; in all moments”
“I release using opinions to seem superior to other; in all moments”
“I release clinging strongly to opinions; in all moments”
“I release confusing opinions with virtue; in all moments”
“I release inundating the world with opinions; in all moments”
“I release controlling others with opinions; in all moments”
“I release using opinions to feel worthy; in all moments”
“i drop all opinions to embrace truth; in all moments”
“I shift my paradigm form opinions to awareness;in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in the stillness of Universal love and truth; in all moments”

Your Intention

viva la love

© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

I have stopped taking unsolicited advice many years ago. There always seems to be an agenda to the advice. Either it is meant to put me in my place, establish a pecking order or fill another need for the one giving it. If one is truly sincere and does not realize their ulterior motive, I will accept the love and be gracious. If they are trying to limit me in some way, then I will have to gently school them.

The ultimate expert on your life is you. We all have the ability to tap into direct knowingness. If you ask a question to the universe, the answers will start coming immediately through information that you see, or hear and even in the kindness of those around you. That is when to listen. The whole Universe is at your fingertips as a support system for your self discovery. Who hasn’t had the experience of thinking of someone and then having them call out off the blue. How many times can we keep dismissing the wonderful interconnectedness between all of us?

Everything we agree to become a truth to us. By not agreeing to limitations, you have none. There is nothing that the thoughtful mind, fueled by a passionate heart can’t accomplish. What is the intention that you hold for yourself? What is the intention you hold for the world? By not having a conscious intention, it can be a way of living by default and opting out. Why would anyone not want to engage the world with their incredible genius? Why would they not tap into that as much as possible? That is the adventure of living; to uplift and nurture and to leave a golden footprint in the sands of life.

The seeds we sow here in our humblest of intentions, are strewn to uplift consciousness all around the planet and maybe through the Universe. What thoughts are you sending out through the tin can and string of life? What are you telling souls every day with your thoughts and where you focus your attention? Are you nurturing realities that are unworthy of your highest self? Are you agreeing to the course vibration that is manufactured so easily out of laziness, ignorance and apathy?

One insightful truth can blow way the culminating dust of human indifference. One inspired realization can poke a hole through the smoky cloud of unfocused sloppy human thought. One kind intention can proliferate millions.This world will be a haven to all when we all as individuals decide to make it so. What other reality is worth your attention?

Advice From A Tree


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

It’s not your true nature to be so defined
By pettiness of emotions or feebleness of mind
You are more like the redwood, the mightiest of tree
Not creeping and needy like an intrusive vine

Stop clinging and clawing around the concept of great
Stand firm and erect as you claim your true fate
Pretending to be unworthy when you really know who you are
It’s diminishing yourself, that makes you irate.

You know your own wonder but refuse to show it.
Sabotage your life so you really blow it
You cringe, and cower, recoil and hide
You only hint of your true self, to mediocrity you abide

This whole world of humans aren’t where they should be
Each would be halfway to the sky if they were a tree
But they cover the ground like a new sapling crop
So vested in each other that they refuse to break free

They could have an amazing vantage point so high in the sky
They would be empowered, and believe they could fly
All the while being grounded and rooted in earth
But they rescind their own greatness to just getting by

Fear of your own growth is the ultimate sin
It leaves your disfigured and unable to win
It seems quite overwhelming but growth is something you can do
Knowing your own nature, is where you begin.

Jen Ward 7/26/15

How to Live Your Purpose


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

  • Dust off the things that brought you joy as a child
  • Take up old hobbies that you loved
  • Be spontaneous. When you feel like enjoying what makes you happy, don’t allow excuses or time to get in the way. If you allot a certain time to do something, then time, who is best friends with resistance, will talk you out of it. So do what you love when you feel like doing it and that will break through the resistance. Because resistance is being paralyzed in time and space.
  • If you are restricted by a job, work what you love into the perimeters of your job as much as possible.
  • Don’t listen to others who say you have to choose a profession where you make a lot of money. Money can be a form of imprisonment if you are converting all your happiness into the illusion of the monetary system.
  • Do what you love regardless of money. Musicians are the wealthiest people I know regardless of whats in their bank account.
  • Being fixated on making money is like being fixated on the clock and only acknowledging twelve o’clock. There are so many more forms of abundance besides money and to only acknowledge monetary wealth is a form of selling your soul to linear existence.
  • You don’t need to know how to change the world in one sweeping decision. Move more and more in little steps to doing things you love and waste less and less energy in doing what you don’t love.
  • Get everybody else out of your head. Living your purpose is your sacred contract between yourself and the Universe. Other people’s opinions or ideas for you are of no consequence and are only there to serve you resistance. This resistance makes doing what you love more glorious when you over come it. Overcoming resistance is the flavor of life.
  • Don’t be afraid of letting people, places and things fall away on the way to living your purpose. A sculptor would have no success in creating their vision if they were afraid of chipping away pieces of stone.
  • Don’t share your dreams with anyone. This merely dissipates the energy, and gives them the opportunity to diminish your passion in some way. even if it is unintentional. Your purpose is your sacred journey. Don’t outsource it to those who have strong opinions
  • Don’t allow obstacles to limit you. Any pure intention fueled by a passion is invincible. The endurance of the human heart coupled by an encouraging mind have never been stretched to capacity.
  • When ever you get afraid you will fail, understand that love is the opposite of fear. So all you have to do is pour more love into your passion to dissipate any fear. In this way, use fear as a gauge for more love instead of something to react to.
  • Know that the Universe supports you in manifesting your greatest of accomplishments. Every inventor, innovator, creator and humanitarian who has every achieved, has been tested the way you are being tested in living your purpose. Take strength in realizing you are tapping into the fortitude of greatness in moving forward. Let this encourage you more.
  • Give as you go. The act of empowering others allows you to advance as well. To wish the best for others is to tap into a source of empowerment that will sustain you more than the pettiness of coveting your own greatness. You will automatically be great in perpetuating the well being of all.