Truth, Individuality, Empowerment and You

Truth is a form of tapping into direct knowing which is nothing like an opinion. An opinion is a warped twisted fact that is birthed from an agenda and driven by the ego. Direct knowing is the vibration of love. Because love and truth vibrate at similar frequencies. Most things people share are opinions. Truth has no agenda except to free people of the ego.
Those who tap into direct knowing have no desire to defend truth. They understand that some are privy to it and some are not. Those who appreciate truth will use that truth as a coordinates to tap into direct knowing for themselves. There is no need to stuff the brain with facts and figures when you are tapped into truth. Because all you need to do is ask a question and you have a direct line to the answer.
Doing this frees your energy up of needing to seem smart or proving that you know it all. A wise person does not need to lord information over others. They do not debate to engage in “one-upping” others. They share because they sincerely wish others to be free to engage in truth as well. There is no hierarchy in truth sharing. There is only a pass and fail perhaps. Those who lord information over others to feel superior are not passing.
They may not even recognize this in themselves because it is so subtle. But there are subtle signs that feel diminishing. One clue is using pet names to address others that depicts superiority. Another one is the feeling of inferior or insecurity that accompanies engaging them. Even a sense that person is more advanced than you.
Thinking someone is more gifted than you or more advanced is a cop-out. It is a way of ascribing them with an advantage that you don’t have as a way of preventing yourself from even trying to expound out of the scope of average. We all have super powers in a sense. It is a matter of tapping into our own worth and having the courage to show our abilities to others. So what if they don’t see them at first. The growth is for ourselves and how to express incredible love and gratitude for the experience of interaction. The joy of this makes all other trinkets of accomplishments pale in comparison.
Jen Ward

The Light, Sound and Love of Your Purpose

The vibrations of your higher purpose can easily manifest now that all the old ways of doing things have fallen short and have left humanity incomplete. The world is thirsty and starving for your creative energy to emerge. So it is no longer needing the encouragement to live your true purpose. It is a matter of releasing residual fear that has been instilled in old consciousness.
Individuals are like abused animals being coaxed out of their cage. Those of us who understand this do all we can to invite them out. For some people, that is their whole purpose. It feels like that is mine. Everything I write, share and do, is evidence of that one purpose. Thank you for supporting my purpose; as I support yours.
That is the problem with group dynamics. If you think about it, all group dynamics have “ever so subtly” veered you off of living your purpose so as to support the purpose of the group. That is true of every group, religion, government and even spiritual group. As soon as there is a blanket mandate, and a directive, people have given over their empowerment as a noble act of supporting a group.
The group does not enter through the eye of the needle with you. The group does not auto correct when it has mandated an outmoded directive. The group does not cross over with you when it is time for you to forgo your physical skin. All these things you do alone. It is best to listen to your own inner censor. It is the one that always advocates for you. It is the one that you use to refine your own spiritual directive. It is the one that has no outer agenda.
It is love and love alone that then mandates your course.
You are then awaken to the subtle ways of how to communicate in energy. Light, love and the sweet sounds of life are your native tongue. The waterfall, the way the sun falls gently upon the land, the sweet call of the birds, the hum of nature or a babbling brook. These are the experiences that fill your soul. As the tin clamor of the “shoulds” and the “musts” fall away.
Jen Ward

How to Live Your Purpose

This is a question that gets asked a lot. People make it more complicated than it needs to be. Knowing your purpose isn’t revealed by adding more to the equation; like income or accolades. It is by stripping every thing down to what you are compelled to do.
Usually we have the raw materials around us in living our purpose. For example someone who lives in a land locked area would not easily be a sea captain. It can happen but usually the Universe will be more realistic. Some of the greatest influences in sports, the arts and humanities, were introduced to their craft at a very young age.
Here is some help. Remove the fear of failing. Remove the need to make a living. Take away all diminishing thoughts of unworthiness. Take away playing it safe or having a plan B. Evaporate all the wants and hopes of your parents or spouse. Ask yourself the following questions:
What are you naturally good at?
What are you compelled to do?
What would you still do even if you were a millionaire?
Who/what do you love?
What would you be doing if you didn’t care about what others thought?
Since living our purpose is such a dynamic concept, we make it overwhelming in our minds. It is in actuality as simple as doing what we love to do and doing it without fear or interference. The more we do what we love, the more the Universe will make it part of our mainstay. It will get to the point where our purpose is really about being in a loving center and pouring that out into the world on a continuous basis.
Here are some taps to assist:
(say each statement 3 times while tapping on the top of your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on the chest)
“I release the fear of living my purpose; in all moments”
“I release being derailed from living my purpose; in all moments”
“I release confusing living my purpose with accumulating money; in all moments”
“I release living the dream of someone else; in all moments”
“I make space in this world to live my purpose; in all moments”
“I remove all blockages to living my purpose; in all moments”
“I stretch my capacity to Live my purpose; in all moments”
“I exude Living my Purpose; in all moments”
“I Am centered and empowered in Living my Purpose; in all moments”
“I resonate and emanate and am interconnected with all life in Living my Purpose; in all moments

When the Noisy World Disturbs You

The trees are absorbing sound for you. That is what they do. The more appreciation you give the trees around you, the more they will be able to help. Houseplants can absorb the sound from inside and even planting more trees or foliage outside help. It is the intention that will do it.
Your personal frequency is very high so the negative noises and interactions are there to balance yours. The cars in a sense, are driving by to mess with you. Not in an intentional way but a random way. You may already get a sense of this. It is true. The more you can accept that the world wants to vibrate with the resonance of you, the more you will stop feeling like a victim of the noise.
That is important because feeling like a victim closes down your energy and then you are not as comfortable in you bliss. So if you can counter the noises with gratitude that others are desperately seeking what you have, you can keep your energy open. Because gratitude opens up the chakras. In that way, you will be gifting all around you, the ability to match your resonance. That is very healing for the planet and for humanity.

Advice For The Sensitive Pet

When you have a new puppy or kitten, they may be heart-sick. Gone are the days when we look at animals as soul-less appendages. Puppies and kittens miss their litter mates. They may get lonely for them. Many puppies feel like captives with their new owners until they get to a dog park and realize that everyone has their own human.
It does puppies good to see other dogs with their owners. The new owner should talk about the babies feeling with him during cuddle sessions and validate them. Tell them all the siblings have their own people too. The baby thinks that their litter mates and mama are all together somewhere living life without them. The sensitive kind, need an understanding. It will help acclimate them to the family, instead of having them bury the wound of leaving their birth family.
Even if you’re not the first owner. Many animals who have behavioral issues are carrying this wound of separation. You can be the one to heal it. Simply by explaining. There is nothing more painful than the void of believing you are missing out. You can spare your fur baby from this. It is not always the case but it the ones that it is, it is excruciating if not debilitating. I have had very old pets, still wonder about their litter mates. It is like ruminating the glory days to them.
People need to be more sensitive when separating the puppies and kitties. It is a shock to their psyche. It will help if new humans talks about how all loved puppies or kitties get their own people. It is a new concept but shouldn’t be. As humans become more aware and sensitive, so do their pets.

The Art of Giving


Be a little leery of giving unconditionally and so openly to anyone who may still have taker energy. Not saying we should not give. But do so in the abstract way, for all of life and not for the appreciation of one person. We do things that make us feel good until they don’t. Sometimes it is not worth giving away a little piece of ourselves for the rush of an ego stroke. I know it sounds like a contradiction but there is an art to giving absolutely all of yourself while not losing any of your essence.

Jen Ward

In My Humble Opinion….

“In my humble opinion” is an oxymoron. Opinions are anything but humble.

(Say each statement 3 times out loud while CONTINUOUSLY tapping on the top of your head at the crown chakra and say it a fourth time while tapping on your heart Chakra

“I release using opinions to hide my lack of awareness in all moments”
“I release hoarding opinions as facts; in all moments”
“I release gorging on opinions; in all moments”
“I release using opinions to validate myself; in all moments”
“I release being laden in heavy layers of opinions; in all moments”
“I release sharing opinions to feel important; in all moments”
“I release confusing opinions for truth; in all moments”
“I release adopting others opinions as my own; in all moments”
“I release confusing opinions for power; in all moments”
“I release using opinions to diminish truth; in all moments”
“I release using opinions to railroad others; in all moments”
“I release using opinions to seem superior to other; in all moments”
“I release clinging strongly to opinions; in all moments”
“I release confusing opinions with virtue; in all moments”
“I release inundating the world with opinions; in all moments”
“I release controlling others with opinions; in all moments”
“I release using opinions to feel worthy; in all moments”
“i drop all opinions to embrace truth; in all moments”
“I shift my paradigm form opinions to awareness;in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in the stillness of Universal love and truth; in all moments”