Surviving the Titanic


I just facilitated a session with a woman who wanted me to assist her dogs and herself in one session. Working with the dog was easy. But when I turned my attention to the woman, she admitted having walls up in regards to her husband; who is a real sweetheart so it was strange to her. We worked on three areas; jealousy, betrayal and abandonment.

There was a lot of stagnant energy released. But when I began the protocol for abandonment, I started making a shamanic sound that sounded like a fog horn on an old cruise ship. Then images of the titanic flashed in front of my eyes. They were not images of the aristocrats but of the servants on the bottom deck. My mind flashed to the scene in the movie Titanic where the servants were locked in the bottom level. As the ship went under, the young mother; instead of stressing out her children, put them to sleep with a bedtime story. She knew it was the last one she would read to them.

I had the client release the trauma of being on the Titanic. There was a lot of stagnant energy released with that one. She told me afterwards that she never thought she was on the titanic but she is afraid of going on cruise ships, being out on the water, being trapped in small spaces and taking her last gasp of air. All of those things were validated in the images that were revealed.

She also treats her dogs with such love and care. She treats them with the tenacity and devotion of the young mother putting her children to bed for the very last time. She, being the loving person she is, chooses love and service to be the experiences she replays in this lifetime. She is lucky to not be stuck in a state of fear but to live in a reverent state of service to her loved ones.

Honor Gaia

The Retreat last weekend was so successful. There is so much enthusiasm to honor Gaia again this Mother’s Day weekend. Honor Mother Earth and Gaia energy by bringing your mother,, family and honoring yourself as mother and Gaia. Teach your family how to honor Gaia by accepting and allowing them to honor you. Please share. The by-product of each retreat is more love and truth in the world. Be a part of the awakening of humanity.

This Incarnation

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Because of my awareness, I have many dreams of different experiences that are happening for people around the world. I get to live in the shoes of different demographics on earth. I believe that because we are all connected, and I am so in tuned with individuals, that I am used to pump these experiences into mass consciousness.
The benefit of doing this I suppose is to feed the experiences that others are having into the collective, so that everyone can have compassion for others outside of themselves. How else would it happen? Since people are conditioned to believe that there is only one life, they don’t really think to research their own Akashic records to gain perspective. They are taught their dreams are just fanciful imagery and not the higher self speaking to the physical self. So they discount their dreams too.
They are conditioned to not connect with their spirit guides in any meaningful way. No. They are trained from cradle to the grave to fear God and that it is blessed to be immersed in unworthiness. Speaking to your spirit guides should be as natural and comforting as walking with a good friend and hashing things out. But no. That is not allowed in this world of enslavement.
People are taught to revere their chains. Whenever someone starts a sentence with, “I have been taught…..” know that what comes after that is them paying homage to their shackles. Not only are they accepting being enslaved, they are also encouraging the people around them to accept their shackles too. Enticing others to believe as you do would be like being proud that your shackles are painted pink and enticing your friend to get pink chains too. In the reality beyond, the illusion, that is what people are doing every day.
When ever we fight and argue with others, we are encouraging each other to tighten their chains. That is what is happening with the whole trolling and bullying process we are seeing in social media. The freedom of the internet has caused us to slip into the awareness of being able to empathize with other demographics we would never otherwise be able to have compassion for. The trolling and bullying are a technique that was introduced to counter humans being able to free themselves of their chains. The “them verses us” mentality is humans all over the world hunkering in and tightening the control on their own awakened self that is busting to get loose. This is the dynamic playing out again and again, generation after generation.
So how does the masses awaken if these psychic ploys are preventing them from gleaning the breadcrumbs of truth that are lying around for them to collect? Or they keep locked in layers of fear that prevents them from looking at their own splendor? Those of us who accept our past lives, review them again and again for the lessons we have missed. We are infused with truth through our dreams. Or we have an inner dialogue with our Spirit guides to filter our the lies of this world of illusion with the truth.
Some empathic souls are vested in the awakening process. They understand that they can not be totally free until all souls are free as well. Because we are all atoms of the same embodiment of God. These loving souls may experience what the masses are dealing with; via dreams or other inner channels. This is them tapping into the macrocosm. They then use their empathic abilities to feed the experience of the macrocosm into each microcosm. They are feeding of the multitudes compassion and understanding by using their selves as a spiritual satellite.
This is how and why you are seeing more people becoming open-minded. They are becoming privy to what; we who are already awakening; have a firm grasp on. They are gaining compassion for others, humanity and realize the innate satisfaction of easing the plight of others.
Last night I had a dream I was going back to college. (incarnating again) I really didn’t want to. I was hesitant of the drudgery but I was highly encouraged to attend. I get to my college dorm and see everybody setting up their rooms. There were a few people there getting their beds made and dressers set up. They had desks and all the amenities. I was excited by their enthusiasm. (people’s different life conditions)
I was excited to find my room. It was not obvious where it was, I asked one of the students who had a room with all the amenities. (the entitled) He was supposed to be in charge (ruling class) but he was so enthralled with his room (self involved) that he couldn’t be bothered helping me find my room. There was no one in the dorm who would look up from preparing their room to help me (the lack of empathy we see in the world)
I tried to fit in any way I could and forget I didn’t know where my room was. (being displaced in the world) I was sad that I didn’t have a room yet and was sorry that I agreed to come to college again (being sorry I was born) But I knew that even though I didn’t have a room, I had the same curriculum as everyone else. (being held to the same standards) So for a moment I got excited about being able to write in my studies. (having a purpose)
I went outside to get help from authorities. No one was in authority. (There was no standard of ethics left in the world) I went back into the room and someone showed me my bed. It wasn’t in its own room but behind a curtain in a back hall. It wasn’t a bed either but a padded bench. (the disadvantages minorities receive) I was very disappointed that this was my fate. I went into the good part of the dorm where everyone was adorning their rooms (being displaced in the world)
I went back into my back hall. But when I got there, there were many of the benches crammed in that little space. (more of the people of the world being displaced and diminished. The room in the main dorm was still as filled with amenities as ever. The occupants of them were clueless of the back hall because of their self involvement. (the entitled being indifferent to the plight of others
People who are involved with their life and indifferent of the suffering in the world are like the people enthralled with making up their dorm room. They weren’t bad people. They weren’t evil or nasty. They were just so caught up in all the good things they had that they were clueless of what others were experiencing. There is no reason to fault them.
My hope though is that my understanding of the purpose of my dreams is accurate. That the experience of others is being pumped into the psyche of the distracted, through osmosis. Perhaps what I write and share is pouring compassion and awareness into the embodiment of man.
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Upgrades in the Spiritual Belief System at the Fifth Dimension


There is no concern over taking on karma. This is a subtle form of fear and fear is the antithesis of healing. One needs to just make their love bigger to dissipate any fear that they are experiencing. In the fifth dimension, we realize we are not trapped in a linear existence. This means, we are not limited to being a physical body. We can make our energy as big as a galaxy and so there is no limited body to hold the karma of someone else in.

There is no longer relying on the belief that “all is as it should be”. In the fifth dimension there is an understanding of our own empowerment and any issue can be addressed in such a dynamic way. Saying, all is as it should be, is a very subtle form of feeling powerless and creates an apathetic state in some cases.

There is no need for AKASHIC Records. We no longer need to relive mistakes and tragedies we have experienced in a past life. We have a clean slate. It is like graduating from grade school and no longer needing crayons and scissors.

People no longer withhold healing others because they didn’t give consent. This is as silly as not assisting an abused dog that is tied up to a post. They may not consent to help but it is obvious that they don’t realize that they need help. In energy, everyone is asking for help. That is what prayers are.

No longer do people expect to be saved by a faceless God. They realize that we are all the face of God and when we pray for help, help will come through other people. We also realize that we are all the face of God so we honor all beings as sacred. This is how we pay homage to God. Hypocrisy in worship is eliminated in where we pay homage to God and then turn around and judge and diminish others. We can’t possibly honor God and diminish others.

Labels will no longer be necessary. We are all psychic, mediums, and healers. We are all connected. We are one big self. No longer is there separating ourselves using labels. If I am a healer, you are a healer. We are a compilation of us all.

If someone is suffering in the microcosm, it is a reflection of the ills of the macrocosm. To heal the planet, you address the symptoms in individuals. Apathy is no longer an option.

Individuals are no longer left to sink or swim for themselves. The belief system that one’s personal issues are necessary to spiritually strengthen them is obsolete. This would be true if the deck wasn’t so stacked against the individual by power mongers and the greedy. You helping someone else may be the spiritual test for you to overcome residual hesitancy to get involved. The way we overcome the limitations of the 3rd dimension is to change the setting on our energy system from taking to giving. Once we become habitual givers, there is a self-sustaining mechanism implemented that immerses us in the perpetual state of being.

We are no longer trapped in linear existence. Time is not linear and neither is existence. A minute spent in doing what we love is different from a minute doing what we hate. If we stay in the perpetual state of being in the moment, we drop out of the limiting state of time and space. If we find ourselves “juggling” it is indicative that we are in linear instead of exponential being. In exponential being, we merely stand in our center and allow all issues to rotate to our attention and address them then instead of juggling.

Earth is no longer seen as a hopeless war based planet. That belief in itself is an apathetic state. Earth is the heart chakra of the lower worlds. It is dire that earth is empowered in a loving state of free will. This opens the capabilities of all the lower worlds. All limiting states instated by power mongers is released.

Creativity, imagination and enthusiasm are the life blood of the fifth dimension. People don’t realize that the creativity they exude, expands consciousness. This includes heaven. The belief that heaven will be there waiting for someone is as silly as believing they are due an inheritance they didn’t contribute to. When we cross over, it is a reflection of the creativity and imagination we have put into this life. It is important to strive to be empowered and original to expand our consciousness when we cross over. Those who are visionaries, are creating a more expansion reality in the non physical world for everyone. You are welcome

Dreams are a reflection of our life outside of the physical skin. They are not just random symbols but our higher self trying to instill in our physical self higher truths. They are worth taking the time to study.

We no longer work to achieve perfection. Perfection is an illusion that prevents people from embracing their uniqueness. There is freedom in individuality. This is us embracing our exponential empowerment. We no longer perceive ourselves as stick figures in a linear world but realize that we are starbursts eager to realize our own potential.

There is no need to spend hours trying to get out of the body. Our empowerment is engaged in being fully grounded and engaged in our physical existence and expanding our consciousness to encompass all of the Universe while being aware in the physical realms as well.

All groups are outmoded as people take back their individuality and stop giving their effectiveness away, to drive the engines of power.

Nature and trees are appreciated as more important that monetary currency. Trees are seen as the wise sentient beings that they are. They are giving respect and sovereignty as individuals and wise counsel.

Humans are no longer consider themselves more superior than other beings.They realize their true edge is to be able to convert the dynamic energy into creative force which is the atmosphere of higher consciousness. They realize that reasoning is the building block of this ability.

Communication with other beings will be commonplace as people learn to perceive in energy rather than need to rely on the clumsy guttural sounds of words. In perceiving in energy, truth and lies will be able to be perceived by all. This inability to get away with lies will bring accountability and integrity back to the world.

These things are all in place but because people brought their illusion of the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension as a form of comfort as they adjust. That is why healing is so possible now. Everyone in already whole and healed. It is more a matter of dropping old engrams that say otherwise.

Female energy is empowered so that humans can regain their sensitivities. Compassion, ingenuity, and benevolence are all yin based attributes. As female energy regains a footing in consciousness, so will the attributes that it represents.


Take Back Your Empowerment

What we do here in healing with the taps is not a fluke. It’s not magic. It is not channeling a higher power. It is us taking back our empowerment. It was something that we always had access to but were lied to so many times about it that we were made to believe it did not exist.
We have been conditioned since birth lifetime after lifetime to give up our power. In this society it is to white bloated men. In other eras, it would have been a different ruling race. But all that ends withuniversal transcendence. All that ends with the upgrade of our individual intentions.
Just one person, who is capable of tapping into their empowerment is able to bring great change to the world. Look at what Gandhi has done. Or Nelson Mandela. How did Oprah become so universally respected and above reproach? One person is capable of swaying the whole world into goodness. One person. Can you feel the effects of what is happening in the undercurrents as so many person realize their potential? It is happening now.
So many people are disgusted by the power plays they see that it is driving them to reignite the depth of their own empowerment. Finally, they want goodness enough in the world to break the chains of linear limitations and expound into the realms of their exponential abilities. All this means is that people are breaking out of living like a stick figure in a black and white world. They are realizing that they are a starburst in a multidimensional existence of multidimensional beings.
No longer is it necessary to bat someone down to get ahead. There is enough room and expansion for all to thrive in their uniqueness and individuality. Of course it seems strange and scary to those living as stick figures. That is why it is so important to love and support each other as we all dip our toe into that greater reality.
People think the taps and exercise techniques that I share are merely an effective tool in surviving. They are so much more than that. I am so much more than that. I am a multidimensional being who has survived much hardships in the linear worlds to show others how to be empowered. Those in the linear world will resent this comment. They will see it as me saying I am better than them. That is the conditioning of the linear world having them believe that.
People who are gaining awareness in the exponential realities will realize that they too are a multidimensional beings. They will not see me claiming my empowerment as an opportunity to feel diminished. In fact, they will take the opportunity to expound greater into their empowerment for realizing how simple and expedient is.
The taps and exercises I post are more than an effective technique for dealing with a limited existence. They are a means of clearing the Akashic records of this world and assisting all souls in transcending into a reality that they have stopped being able to fathom on their own long ago. It is me using my insights to empower all of humanity. May you feel empowered to at least do the same.
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Giving Peace of Mind to a Little Dog


Casey is a little dog. He has been fearful and seemed to lack confidence. He doesn’t like loud noises and he hides during storms. I have been working with him for the last few months. He seems to have been gaining much self-esteem. Sometimes dogs need to be told things to help them heal. For instance, Casey was fearful when going for walks when I first met him. Casey lived in Florida.

In Florida, dogs can’t go near the water because they could be eaten by alligators. No one told him that there were no alligators in New York. After I told him, the next day, he enjoyed getting his feet really muddy in the pond. Casey now was more relaxed when he went for walks.

When Casey’s family moved to New York, I watched him and his sister walking through their rental house. There seemed to be corners that they avoided. I sensed fear in them.  There were energies in the house that were interfering with their peace of mind. They were anxious in that rental. I performed an energetic cleanse of the house and both Casey and his sister relaxed.

Yesterday I had a strong nudge to go to a state park. I called my friends who are Casey’s parents. We planned to take my three dogs and their two dogs to the park. Casey loves to be with Buster and Bernie. He loves having a pack. When we got to the park, we saw strange tents set up. We walked right into a civil war reenactment. As we took in the sights, we felt like we were actually back in the time of the civil war. I was being used to break up some engrams of the internal fighting that we have seen in crrent events. But there was another reason we were there.

When we got to a small Union camp, Casey was mesmerized. He sat on a small hill overlooking that camp and he was transfixed to that position. Casey’s parents and myself all saw the same thing; Casey was teleported to a past lifetime. It was one where he had a great sense of belonging and purpose. His Akashic records opened up to me.

Casey had been a dog that was part of a Union Infantry. He was a German Shepard that wore the Union colors and somehow a hat around his neck. He brought great comfort to his fellow soldiers. He would watch over them on a hill and let out a little bark if anyone came near. The soldiers could sleep easier with Casey on watch.

Unfortunately, his platoon got wiped out. Casey was separated from that wonderful experience from the reality of a battle that ended badly for all his fighting brothers. He had let them down. That is the feeling he was left with,  It also left him with a longing to be back with his infantry. Being pulled out of such an enriching experience so quickly left Casey feeling less than whole.

I had such a strong feeling to go to that particular park that day. It really feels like it served to heal this little dog. Him seeing the camp as it would be before battle, seemed to soothe his soul on a deep level. I gave his mom a bunch of taps to help release the trauma of losing his platoon. He walked differently after the visit. There was confidence in his stride. He was a soldier marching once again. It was sweet and humorous to see the dedication in his step now; as if he was indeed marching with his fellow soldiers.

Casey gained something from the day. Many people may be thinking that it is a stretch to think that dogs matter in the main scheme of things. But they do. Everything and everyone matters. The Universe cares for the well-being of all souls. It is only man who believes his experiences carry more importance than the well being of a little dog. Casey matters. All of the world is less burdened because Casey is less burdened. Perhaps you feel it as well, simply by reading this story.


The Most Glamorous Thing…….

The most glamorous thing about having a book signing is telling people you are having a book signing. In reality, it is putting one’s’ self in a very vulnerable state. It is not like a Kardashian launching their next whim or a president writing a book on behalf of their popular pooch. It is not like Justin Bieber being discovered in at mall. It is a desperate, quiet cry for validation of one’s contribution to an indifferent barrage of strangers.
A person who writes a book usually is introspective enough to be able to write a book. That indicates right there that there is a chunk of time not committed to social skill. One who is more comfortable alone with their thoughts, may not feel so comfortable in a crowd. It is fair to say that, in general, a writer may sacrifice their social aptitude for their writing. So to display themselves out in front of a crowd can be awkward.
A book Signing entails sitting in front of a crowd of disinterested strangers hoping for a crumb of interest in what you have poured your essence into. True, the market is inundated with vanity books. This only makes it more difficult for a dedicated writer to be discovered among the fluff. To have eight books to offer thus far to the public, as I do, shows either a passion for writing, a narcissistic streak, or a true calling to contribute to humanity. I believe it is the latter.
To spend all of my days alone, with no social interaction to putting myself in front of strangers is a stretch. It is an act of faith. There are subtle dreads involved that could fill a whole other book. When one writes a book, they don’t really think through what it entails to have it accepted by mainstream. It is a whole totally different job description than writing the books.
Today I will be at Lift Bridge Book Shop in Brockport NY. It is a home town atmosphere there. They are very gracious and accommodating. To ease the sting of sitting vulnerable to the public, I am offering five dollar readings with the proceeds going to the arbor fund to plant more trees in town. It is not really a reading that people are used to.
I am a medical intuitive who reads Akashic records. So I can tell the passer-by, what the issue is in their body, and what caused it in a past life. Then I can actually assist them in changing the script on their programming to release the stagnant energy causing the disturbance. Not bad for five bucks huh?
I hope some of you will who are local and see this will come out to say hi to me. It is a long shot. But so is most of the things that others take for granted in this life. Heck, I am not even sure if anyone reads my page anymore with the way the algorithms are screwed with. If you do, maybe you can like the Book Shop’s page.
But next time that you see a book signing, have compassion for the writer. It doesn’t seem like a heroic thing to do, but for them, sitting there, making themselves available to you, may be some of their hardest work.