Honor Gaia

The Retreat last weekend was so successful. There is so much enthusiasm to honor Gaia again this Mother’s Day weekend. Honor Mother Earth and Gaia energy by bringing your mother,, family and honoring yourself as mother and Gaia. Teach your family how to honor Gaia by accepting and allowing them to honor you. Please share. The by-product of each retreat is more love and truth in the world. Be a part of the awakening of humanity.


Replenish Dry Skin

I was just watching television and an advertisement came on for a dry skin cream. I use these commercials as research for new taps that people can benefit from. For example, did you know that as you age, the little tail on your cells shorten. They are called telomeres. So I have given out the tap:
“I lengthen all my telomeres; in all moments”
(say 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
After doing this tap (and all my taps) one participant of my groups (Mike Kravetz) swears that his hear is growing in darker and he is growing taller. It does seem that way.
So I believe these taps work at the core.
There was a skin cream that was just offered on television fro dry skin. It said it replaced the ceremides in your skin.
Ceramides are a family of waxy lipid molecules. They are found in high concentrations within the cell membrane of cells,They have many responsibilities examples include regulating differentiation, proliferation, and programmed cell death of cells.
They can prevent dry skin and hep with aging.
“I replace all the levels of ceramides in my skin; in all moments”
(say 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
This would be a good tap for those who are diagnosed with psoriasis.

Spontaneous Healing

Jenuine Healing Commercial Retreat_Moment 3

One of the biggest ignorance man holds about his own health and body is that it is a stagnant state of consciousness. This is so silly. The only change he can fathom is degeneration. But he discounts all the ways that the body regenerates itself. It can heal a cut, recover from a flu, or shift itself out of a bad mood any time. The process of smiling is hard-wired into the brain. Simply smiling changes your brain chemistry to be more optimistic.

These are only small examples that we have of how the body corrects itself and self improves. The whole body is a living breathing organism compiled of multilayered process to protect and uplift the quality of life. Everything that is not uplifting and regenerating was programmed into the organism as an outer command. These commands were inflicted on this wondrous organism either out of ignorance or to exude control.

I woke up this morning to the process of my own molecular system; possibly the DNA, shifting data around and eliminating non functioning information that was no longer relevant. It was like the cells were all on a long thin abacus except instead of being round units, they were square. When one unit would dissolve because it was no longer useful, the other digits would move along nicely and collapse the space between them. I have watched this process in myself before.

Two things stand out about this experience. The first one is that modern medicine has done us all a great disservice in training us to treat the body like a mannequin like form that has no relevance in its own thriving. That it either lives or dies depending on whether it gets a diagnosis or not. That outcomes are dependent upon the size of a scalpel or the strength of the poisons it can withstand to ward off the intruder in your body.
That a diagnosis is a death sentence when it really should be a mere checking in with the status of a body at any time.

No. Your body will survive or decline in the degree to which you invest your trust and awareness into the fortitude of your own makeup. Or give your trust to the incompetence or competence of the doctors you are fortunate enough or rich enough to accrue. The miracle in surviving comes down to a hearty optimistic soul. Give an outside God credit if you wish but the credit belongs to the innate ability of your inner mechanisms to work diligently on the behalf of your vessel.

Can God not work in your inner mechanisms as well? Is God really a foreign force carrying lightning bolts and threatening people into compliance? or is it the sweet and subtle workings of your own heart and mind centers? Are you not a physical manifestation in how the love force is personified and kept functional and pristine with little input from the conscious mind?

Or are you at the mercy of your limited and fickle understanding of how not to hasten the pace of degeneration. Can you influence your health by understanding what a magnificent functioning unit it is and by not bombarding it with negative influences and limiting thoughts?

The other point that stood out to me in watching the workings of my own cellular makeup was that I was witnessing something that someone would reach in sincere meditation or prayer. It was like the cliché of watching a beautiful sunset except the beauty and wonder was within myself. Perhaps this is the purpose of all sincere forms of worship; like meditation, yoga, or prayer.

Perhaps the way that these practices are beneficial is to allow the working mechanism of your inner wonders to know that you are present and appreciate its complicated splendor that all takes place on your behalf. Perhaps by acknowledging a greater force within, it assists in the regeneration of the body. Maybe this us all it takes to get the outer ignorant aspect of man off the degenerative mind loop it is transfixed in.

Maybe spontaneous healing is an every moment practice that we could benefit more from and even witness, by simply getting out of its way.

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How to Make Disease Accessible to All


Make it a common occurrence by running advertisements about it all through the day with strong offensive visuals and likable victims.

Talk about it with family and friends as easily as talking about the weather.

Give it it’s very own color so that when people see it, they automatically think of disease.

Honor it with races, picnics, parades and celebrity endorsements.

Mix it with our entertainment so it is pumped into our psyche when we watch our favorite sports or television shows.

Make it a lucrative businesses and benefit from it.

Make it a common occurrence to be dependent on harsh drugs with devastating side effects.

Continue to pump poisons into the food, air and water system so that every new generation accepts being poisoned as part of life.

Become so dependent on the monetary system that big businesses and those who have the most money, make decisions for all of society.

Make it very difficult to buy foods that are not laden with toxins. Make the chemicals taste so good that they are preferred over healthy nutritious natural foods.

Continue to cut down trees; which is the most natural and easiest way to pull toxins out of our air.

Demonize those who value trees and understand their necessity in our survival.

Refuse to see the correlation between emotional issues and the physical make up of a person.

Refuse to see the human system as an energy system. Refuse to acknowledge energy blockages as a early form of addressing dis-ease.

Continue to erode away natural resources so that people cover every inch of the planet.

Make eating plenty of unhealthy foods a part of every social event

Make a disease more endearing by identifying it with a spokes person that is extremely likeable like Lou Gehrig or Michale J. Fox.

Treat victims like heroes so it becomes socially unacceptable to say anything negative about the disease because it will seem to invalidate the plight of those who have suffered with it.

Make it a feel good cause to abstractly rally against it to distract the attention from the big business that benefits from its survival.

Demonize natural approaches to healing

Demonize God gifted healers as flakes, liars, delusional and thieves.

Idolize western medicine and those who practice it.

Accept a fate of burning, poisoning or cutting away parts of the body as a natural process.

Deny any modality that does not glorify western medicine.

Program society with such complacency that people resolve to die rather than accept any limitations in the practices of western medicine.

Believe that disease is inevitable.

Allow drug companies to distate the medication people are subscribed

Allow doctors to over subscribe medication to create a systemmic opiod crisis.

Feel unworthy

Use being sick as a sense of belonging or validation

Continue to pump as many people into the population of the world as possible, so that in general, the individual is expendable.

Breed ignorance by attacking anyone who says anything that causes a reaction of defensiveness in yourself.

Demonize whole demographics so that fear can be uses as a smokescreen to keep people fighting attacking each other instead of the issues

Refuse to innovate to cleaner forms of energy because those who benefit from the present forms won’t allow it.

Confuse the issues of environment with issues of faith in some twisted way. Make is so that sincere people who are just trying to do the best for their families are pitted against each other and demonize each other as a form of distraction from the bigger issues.

Continue on the current path.

The Lifeblood to a Kinder World

me healing 3

Society has tried to enslave us all. It has failed. But it is still important for individuals to pull off the chains that they have been shackled in. It needs to be done or we make it very easy for the power mongers to continue. We are mostly on automatic Pilot of enslaving ourselves.

There is no free speech any more. Sure you can say the most vile things against anyone. But as soon as you talk about Universal love and a Universal peace and a means to empower individuals you will be censored or attacked. Or when you talk of natural healing.

I get attacked by some so-called healers because they feel the need to diminish what I say to hold a status of superiority. That is not being a healer. That is being programmed to diminish like the power mongers have taught. Belittling, minimizing or challenging others who are merely working to enlighten those who want to awaken to truth is not healing. They have just negated their whole status of healer when they do this.

Healers that are sincere and effective have no stomach to diminish others. They are too busy assisting others. They don’t get the recognition or appreciation that they deserve because they are not in the business of promoting themselves. They are too busy assisting others. It is a whole different energy flow.

People wonder why dynamic healers are not rolling in dough. This is why. They spend their energies in the selfless pursuit of bettering the quality of life for others and not wasting it on singing their own praises. It is a whole different “setting on the vacuum cleaner” to get acknowledged than it is to do the actual healing. People think I come off as needy by asking them to share how I have helped them. Yes it is a definite need. It is a need to perpetuate the validity of the whole concept of healing when the validity of it has all been squelched by a society whose biggest business is disease.

If you have had a positive experience with anyone who assisted you on a personal level, they are a healer. Those of us who rely on referrals and word of mouth endorsements to thrive, would benefit for people to understand this. We live in a society were it is illegal to claim that you can heal others; even if you can. There is no reliable means of referral into a practice that as been systemically demonized and debunked except word of mouth from a trusted friend.

People have to get over their coyness in talking about using a natural healer so that natural practices can thrive in a hostile society. Sometimes when people are afraid to tell their families and friends about their session with me, it leaves me feeling like the call girl on the side. The sessions are so beneficial to the individual but as soon as they get some distance from them, they question the validity of them; until they are in need again.

Diminishing the worth of healers was a calculated move perpetuated all through modern history to diminish the advancement of female energy. Because it is through female energy (we are not talking genitals) that healing is done. Notice how you do better when your doctor is compassionate? That compassion is them accessing female energy. Notice how compassion is not mandated in western medicine; only suggested?

The Dark Ages was the time in history when the practices of natural healing was squelched through the genocide of pagans. Natural healers basically had to go underground to survive. People have been told that the Dark Ages have ended. They have not. The Dark Ages end when female empowerment is as valued as much as male interests. In the eighteen hundreds any hospital in the United States that used natural practices to heal people with great results was shut down. This is not an enlightened practice. This is a calculated move to enslave society to western medicine practices; which as all been done.

I remember an intake appointment for a new doctor’s office a few years ago. The nurses were all very surprised that I was not on any medications at all. I was surprised that they were surprised. They became more interesting in looking for underlying symptoms that had fallen through the cracks of treatment. They were good,caring nurses. Yet they were conditioned to assume that everyone should be on some medication of some kind.

This mentality has been elevated with the push for mandatory vaccines. People who choose not to opt into vaccines have to fight the court system in some cases to maintain that right. Children can not attend public school if they don’t get many vaccines. This has been the drive of so much home schooling; which may not be a bad thing. Freedom will break out somehow.

I have seen beautiful gifted children develop learning disabilities after routine vaccines. There is a dispute whether vaccines cause autism. It is very clear that they don’t. I have listened very clearly to all the soundbites about the vaccinations not causing autism. That letter of the law may be true. But it was never stated clearly that the carrying serum for the vaccine didn’t cause autism. This is a splitting hair distinction that most of the populace may have missed.

This is why it is so important to question everything and learn to discern truth for yourself; so you can catch these things that those with an agenda pull over on the mass culture all the time. By the way, the whole concept of independent study is a fallacy. Someone is paying for the researchers time and talents. If we have learned nothing from current events is that anyone can be bought up and that there are the individuals out there rich enough to do it. Independent studies went the way of unbiased news and eight track tapes.

The first lesson we were taught in massage therapy school was to never claim that you can heal. It is actually against the law. It is also a lawsuit waiting to happen. That is why it is so important to introduce healing practices back into the population by talking about healing or pointing out natural healing practices. If by chance you have ever been assisted by a healer, it is important to tell others about it because they are not really allowed to toot their own horn.

What is interesting about alternative practices is that they are implemented and supported by one group. Have you seen those commercials for very expensive, high-end treatment centers for life threatening disease? They use alternative healing methods to gain such good result. They advertise that they treat the wholeness of an individual.

That is what an alternative practice does. They work with the conditions of the individual even as they are immersed in the dependency of western ways. They respect the individual using their instincts to find the best practitioners for themselves whether they are considered alternative or western medicine based. The rule of thumb is, love heals fear does not. Any practitioner who uses fear to get a point across, is not immersed in love.

The whole point of enlightening and awakening is to be more immersed in love, freedom and truth. These all resonate at a similar frequency. That is what we are all awakening to; love, freedom and truth. One can not have love and freedom without truth. My intention here is to clear the pathways for truth so that love and freedom can become mainstream too.

You can assist by perpetuating love and truth in as many ways as possible. In doing so, freedom is inevitable. It doesn’t happen by having a revolution. That form of freedom is a man-made concept with pretend boundaries and quantification. Freedom is a deep spaciousness of expansion within the very atoms of your being. It is the ability to move about the universe via your thoughts and intentions. It is forgoing the man made concept of evil as a barrier and traveling upon a light emanation or carried on a strain of music into beautiful realities beyond the imagination.

So many people worry about evil. Evil is merely an absence of love just as the dark is an absence of light. If you tell a god fearing person that there is no evil, they will get angry with you and start validating evil. They do not realizing they are perpetuating it with their insistence. All you need to do is merely deplete its fuel source; which is fear.

Some people’s god only exists in contract to evil. They need evil to exist so that their god can be important as the contrast to go-to. The less significant evil is, so is true of their god. This is worshiping still, in the lower worlds of duality. Love and the true source of all is beyond the realms of duality. It is a nothingness to a mind that needs course concepts to grab.

In fact, if some people experience this nothingness of God, they may interpret it as a negative because of the mind’s conditioning. You see this happen when someone perceives their mate as boring and unexciting simply because they have grown used to the sweet succor of their shared love. Perhaps some people who are very depressed are closer to god than anyone realizes. Perhaps the mind has no register for such a pure state so interprets it as a negative.

The whole point to this is to love, and share truth as much as possible. But know the truth from an inner source and not what is force-fed to the human psyche continually through the commercial airways. Also, sense the degree of truth. Psychic influences can come through the subtle realms convincing us of a certain path. These are psychic commercials and should be distinguished from a deeper inner truth.

Also please realize that any source is fallible in the physical realms. Anything or anyone who expects an absolute from you is suspect. We are in an individual game now. The rules have changed. any group advancement is likened to be tainted with power mongers influence. Please trust the validity and fluidity of your own ability to discern and put more credence in yourself as opposed to a group.

Please advocate for the healers in every profession. They need to be encouraged to thrive. They are the lifeblood to a kinder world.


There’s a special kind of Hell for…….


Have you ever heard the expression, There is a special hell for……? It is true. There is a special kind of hell and a special kind of heaven for everyone. These experiences are custom made. The truth is, we make our own heaven and we make our own hell by the kind of energy we indulge in.

If we are constantly complaining, arguing, taking, lying or feeling victimized, this is the same vibration of energy we will attract. In a way, we are already entrenching ourselves in a private hell with these experiences, This life is a dress rehearsal for what happens when we cross the veil and slip out of the physical body.

The same is true with our heaven. Have you ever met someone that you seemed really shouldn’t be happy based on their outer circumstances? Yet they are always going out of their way to help others? They understand that what we are given as obstacles are merely in place to strengthen their integrity and resilience. It is us honing the ability to bring heaven where ever we go, It is a means of alchemy.

Do you know someone who makes you feel better merely by their presence? They are immersed in a higher vibration perhaps, and you get to partake of it by being around them. These people bring a little heaven here to earth. They are the ones that hold space for heaven in our every day world.

Animals and Nature naturally do this. You will never find a tree complaining. We should all be more like the trees. Think about our reason to be here, Did we really come to accumulate stuff? Or are we here to bring all our gifts of kindness, sincerity and integrity here to dilute the vibration of more harsh experiences. In a way, we are all here to bring a piece of heaven to earth. Perhaps it is a means to evaporate the hell others who are immersed in selfishness, try to inflict on us all.

I implore people to stop thinking of heaven as a stagnant state. They believe they get all their hearts desires for the mere entry, This belief is what keeps the filthy rich indifference of their affects on the world. It keeps the rest of us in a state of apathy just waiting to die because things will be better in heaven. You know who felt this way? Slaves. When we are waiting for a better life when we die, we are thinking like a slave. It is a slave mentality.

Do what you can now to raise your vibrations. Raising awareness; as in a disease, is not raising vibration but merely making space for more of the vibration of whatever you are raising awareness of. You can’t raise the vibration by adding more vibration of disease into the mix. This is the ploy that has kept us stuck in apathy. You raise vibration by focusing on the opposite of the issue. NOT on the issue.

For example, you can have as many races to cure a disease as you want. You can have picnics, celebrations for the victims who survive, memorialize those who have died of that disease and throw as much money at a disease as possible. This merely assures that the vibration of the diseases stays in relevant in mainstream society and our homes.

How about focusing on the opposite of a disease? How about exemplifying those who use natural abilities to dissipate the stagnant energy that is the precursor to physical illness? It is the issues that we carry around like laden fruit that finally drop to the ground of physicality that skilled practitioners can dissipate. They do all the time. Yet this is too preposterous to subscribe to. We demonize these people, and ignore their amazing results, Why? Because if they were acknowledged, they would take the mystique out of organized religion.

Did you know it only takes two proven miracles to be become a saint in the Roman Catholic Religion. Just two. Most gifted natural healers see miracles every day. Real life shifting results are happening. Yet the politics of religion has been to demonize these dynamic healers as flakes, phonies, or delusional as a means to prevent them from stealing the edge that organized religion has over people.

If one is able to discern for themselves, they will realize that Jesus came to earth specifically to address the mentality they are caught up in. Many times the person who is most Christ like, is the non christian.

I saw on the news people spitting venom at others and calling them non Christians. They could not see how the sincerity of their belief system was being manipulated by the hands of power. Many times the reason that the alternative healers and more Christ like behavior is on the fringe of society is because they do not take up arms against others to prop up their own purpose. They do not use others to cushion their own self importance. They more readily walk in the footsteps of Jesus than the tax collectors.

Don’t people realize that Jesus was a tree hugger? He respected and honored the wisdom of trees. Jesus would not have advocated for war. He would have been considered a hippy if he lived in the sixties, Or even worse, he would have been a draft dodger. He would not have advocated war. He loved all people. He would not mix love of God with service to war and country. God loves all people. He would not care about the color of their skin, what side of the border they were born or what they called him.

Jesus could perceive in energy at least as good as me. He would realize that any state of non movement is a stagnant state of consciousness. Stagnant states of consciousness are the precipice of disease. Closed borders, closed minds, closed hearts and closed business are all stagnant states of consciousness. Creating an environment where people are not able to live their purpose because they don’t fall into the right economic, political, religious systems is a stagnant state of consciousness. It also creates hell on earth. There are factions that are still trying to create hell on earth for so many as each individual is on the precipice of breaking free.

I remember a small part of the Book of Revelations where it said that there would come a time when it would be difficult to tell the devil from God. (something to that effect) That is what we are experiencing now, the predictions in the Book of Revelations. It is the ones who try to inflict harm and control on others who are really the servants of a dark force. What is so ironic is the people who are most devoted to their religions are the ones who are seem more susceptible to being duped.

I know that I offend some people with what I write. To me it is worth it if it pulls just one person out of apathy. Writing is my tool. It is what I have at hand. If anyone is disgusted by the current state of affairs and stays on the fence of indifference they are living in a private hell. If anyone refuses to speak truth out of fear of retribution, that is a private hell. If someone refuses to outgrow a system of conduct that was born in the Dark Ages they are in a private hell. If someone reacts so strongly to what I write here that is prompts them to hate, they are in a private hell.

May I suggest to anyone who has a strong negative reaction to this post to forego the energy used to attack me. Use in instead to turn inwardly to free the parts of yourself that are held stagnant in a certain belief. Doing so is a way of deep healing.

Open Letter to Megan McCain

Dear Megan,
In life we would not likely be friends. I would be grouped into a sect that you do not identify with so you may overlook me. You would consider me an alternative left I suppose. I don’t ascribe to such labels but that is what I would be called by someone who doesn’t know me. I may also be called a tree hugger, bleeding heart liberal or alternative healer. Some would confuse me for a democrat. They would be wrong. I have no use for labels.
I see the goodness in others. I see in energy. This is something that may intimidate someone who has been taught to fear God. I do not fear God. I feel imbued with the essence of God and identify with the love in others beyond labels.To me this is God personified. We, in our kindnesses are the holy spirit. I do not shut down to people because of how they are labeled and I am not implying that you do either. It is just that I see goodness in all others even if they were to judge me in a way that is deemed negative.
The point is, that I have talents and abilities that may not be accepted by those with a conservative view. I have the ability to release the stagnant energy in others. It is quite simple for me. Many have experienced benefit from my abilities. I feel the issue of others like a cloud in my own energy field and release it from them. Love is the conduit to communicating in energy; just as water is a conduit to electricity. I am able to assist others because of my great ability to love beyond the human condition.
I don’t usually explain myself. I am hyper sensitive to unkindness directed to me. I am certain you can understand that. But I saw on the show that some one wrote a very cruel message about your dad. It isn’t worth repeating or even acknowledging except it compelled me to reach out to you.
I wanted to reach out to you to comfort you and dissipate the negativity of the unkind things that you read.
In my world of alternative medicine, there is no such thing as terminal. To me that is a curse that those who don’t understand energy put on others when they have lost confidence in being able to help them. In my world, there is merely dis-ease that needs to be released. I have trained myself to be able to move energy out of the energy field of a body that is causing dis-ease. It is that simple sometimes. I never promise anything but I just help those who are in need and I am compelled to assist. I am compelled to assist your dad.
I know you probably don’t believe in natural healing. It has been systemically demonized so that western medicine could take hold. But it was the way of the world before modern medicines and outrageous health care options. It was the pure way of returning the body to balance. It is very simple and understated.
The reason I am telling you this is to give you comfort. That for every asshole and ignorant statement that you need to endure, there are people like me, that are able to dissipate the energy of negative comments. They are like a curse on you and your dad. So I felt compelled to intervene with love and kindness. In fact, I am now compelled to give your dad special healing attention. Again this may mean nothing to you. You will not even correlate this connection as your dad gets well. But it is still worth mentioning.
While others pray for god to assist them in a myriad of petty ways. I use the focus of my intention to use my god given talents to benefit your dad. He is not ready to go perhaps. He does not need people who have no access to spiritual law, cursing him with their petty decrees of terminal because they can’t help him or because western medicine is inept to assist.
So this letter is merely to reassure you that the power of love, bleaches clean the stain of hate. Here is me sending my love to you and your dad so that the petty comments no longer disturb your calm. Please know also that your dad lives on very healing property. It nourishes him beyond all reason.
Also, I send out my concentrated healing intentions to dissipate the clusters of disease in your dad that western medicine can’t touch. Spontaneous healing does occur. There is a physiology behind it. It is not magic. It is using the heart and mind force to a higher capacity than humans are usually trained to do. While others have put their attention on outer achievements, these deeper regions of helping others is my wheelhouse. It is my only success or purpose for being on the planet.
You have reason to hope and envision your father walking you down the aisle and loving on his grandchildren through you. Because there is nothing more powerful than the loving intentions of those who respect and appreciate the integrity and inspiration of those that they love. Your father is a man to be respected. He has earned such regard as to be spontaneously healed of any dis-ease.
May all who read this, add their synergy to the intention of seeing your dad well for many healthy, productive years ahead. This is my concentrated intention for you. With much love and compassion.
Jen Ward