How to Undo a Log Jam



Barter is the original currency. When necessity gauged the actual rate of exchange. The hard work, sacrifice and importance to the family’s survival could be felt and traced in a product or service offered. It had substance.

The monetary system is one big game of chicken. It is an agreement of pretend. An arbitrary number is assigned to a person’s time.They somehow fall into a slot that needs to be filled by a person with the ability to conform. They need show only a hint of individuality so they stand out slightly above the other drones. But not enough to rock the boat of establishment.

Passion, creativity and exuberance are squelched out at every turn. Complacency and peer approval are the prison of conformity; especially in the work place. There needs to be so much talent, drive and vision for one soul to try to make it over the wall into personal expression and freedom.

Society pays people to not perform. They bow out with an excuse of disability because they don’t fit into the spectrum of what is valued as performance. They weave their complacency into a full blow victim consciousness and hide behind those who are really in need. The real deficiency is the lack of value this society puts on individual subjective talents. Society chains the human spirit by housing the able and monetarily rewarding so many that deem themselves disable. This is the true energy crisis; the lack of heart.

One side is blaming the other. Both sides together are like a black and white cookie. One side wants to cut every one off, and one side wants to validate everyone who bows out, as needy. Both sides are the extreme. The government itself, through it’s structure has locked all it’s constituents into a “them verses us” mode. It is paralyzed in inaction as one side cancels the other side out. We don’t have to go on a rampage of society to solve this issue.

The sweeping change that so many are desperately seeking, does not happen at the top. There needs to be a ground swelling of appreciation for a person’s worth. How many people do you know who wants to start a business but they are afraid to put a worth on themselves? Help them. Build them up. Put a high value on them. Pay someone for their service. Buy local. Local is usually someone who is using their skills and talents to be productive in society. Let’s reward them. Practice today by just saying something of value to those who work and serve. Flip a switch within that forgoes the criticism and makes a conscious choice to give gratitude. We can do this! I support us in this.

As a group we are feeling powerless. How do you undo a log jam? You move one component at a time. The more we empower those who still have the heart and drive to attempt success, the more we pave the way for the next person. We can do this as individuals. We can do this as Americans. We can agree to do this. This is the one issue that we may be able to reunite with. No more trashing the other side. No more wasting energy on feeling powerless. Let’s move all our support and passion to anyone still willing to succeed. Let’s give our heart to them in the form of monetary reward.

Open Letter to Republican Leaders


It is an interesting predicament that one man has put us in. Today we have become the country that is ruled by a bigot. This is how we are now defined on the world stage. After all the leadership, character, exemplary service and benevolence that this country has accrued through history, it is disintegrated in an instant by an open Nazi sympathizer.

This man who now openly agrees with the horrifying and ruthless acts of violence and prejudice against people of color or different ethnicity, is our leader. It has not sunk in yet. It has changed all of our identity by association. Many of us had a sense of his true character. But he is so arrogant in his positions of power, that he blatantly stated it in an act of defiance to us all.

He desecrates humanity with his belligerent and haughty acts of indifference against morality. If we stand by and do nothing to oust him out of office, we are agreeing to be Nazi sympathizers as well. I am not, and will not give my energy or allegiance to such a man or cause. So many elected officials may not realize that they are showing weakness and indifference if they do not act to remove him from office. Even if they do give lip service to distance themselves from him. It is not enough to save face the eyes of those he offends.

It is deplorable that any person that holds public office can sleep tonight knowing this is who we have become as Americans by association. We have all watched amused and interested as he slipped past our radar and was allowed to take hold in our government. This is similar to how the third Reich gained power.

If our elected officials do not start action to remove this man from office, then they are showing either a lack of character, lack of awareness or lack of interest. They are revealing their weakness as an opportunist and betraying the American people. There is no defense of this.

Political lies and currying favor have become accepted as the norm. But extending this behavior into the debauchery of condoning a Nazi sympathizer is worse than deplorable. This is not the America I was born into. How dare anyone of merit have the audacity to look the other way and allow this one flawed pathetic person to hold sovereign over us all. There is no defense of his character.

Yes, I see his goodness as an individual. I even was rooting for him. But as a world leader he is a monster. He shows no love for the law, no respect for others; except ruthless dictators, those who curry his favor and those who shamelessly stroke his ego. He demonstrates no appreciation for those who serve, or the country; other that lip service which has been ambiguous. He demonstrates no responsibility, integrity or honesty. He has run goodwill into the ground and squandered the luxury of us giving him the benefit of doubt.

I am not fake news. I am not a democrat. I am not the alt left. I am an American. It is important to so many faceless Americans that this still stands for something. Please use your position of authority as a group of elected officials as a group to oust this abomination out of office. Let us scrub clean our position on the world stage while we still have time.

If you do nothing, you are showing the world what you are made of. Or what you are not made of. You are downgrading the worth of American clout. It is appalling that someone like myself, of little status and stature is pushed to the wall to speak for the silent majority because none in a position of substance will to do so. I, as a surrogate for humanity, deplore you to act.

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A Sacrifice Beyond Death

3rd of july 020 - Copy

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Those who say they love America say they will lay down their life for America. As if that is so hard to do. Anyone who feels helpless, lost or unimportant, at one time or another thinks about ending their life.Isn’t that what all these radicals are doing as they gun down innocent people? SO what is so glorious about doing what every lunatic with a gun and a vendetta fantasizes about doing?

If you truly love America and would do anything to keep America safe, then you would be willing to look at your own subtle bigotry and rigidness to see how it is getting in the way of a United America. Anyone can go out n a blaze of glory. This is a primal fantasy of anyone with an ingrained warrior mentality.

But are you willing to concede to kindness? Are you willing to walk in another man’s shoes? Are you willing to look at what your life would be like if you wore another hue of skin, or a different gender or sexual orientation. Would you sweep your special intolerance under the blanket of “Them vs us”? Or would you be able to love any child of any race or species as if it was produced by your own loins?

Please don’t tell me you will die for this country. Please tell me you will live and fight intolerance. You will sit with what makes you uncomfortable until you can adopt a wider viewpoint of it. Please tell me that you are a brave American. Brave enough to face the unknown together with the uncertainty of a fresh start.

Doing that will make me respect you beyond anything else. The world is waiting for you to shift your stance and to be present with the rest of humanity. You are important. You matter as much as anyone else. But not because you will sacrifice your life to death but because you will sacrifice your life to love.




Some people may be offended at these photos. I assure you the intention in taking them and having Simha wear these outfits was my means of support at the time when Trevon Martin was killed and the Black Lives Matter movement was heated.  It may not seem like much of an effort. But taking Simha into affluent white grocery stores with this t-shirt on, created an internal reaction in people. People who naturally respond to dogs, had a hard time absorbing the severity that they just allowed in their psyche by having their guard down. Many people who usually respond very well to us, simply looked away as if we did not exist. I got to feel that initial reaction that so many people have to deal with in their daily existence. If all those who don’t feel effected by racism could feel that experience, they would grow some compassion.

We are sadly disappointed here in America if we expect our “leaders” to bring an end to racism. It is not a black and white issue. It is a humanity issue. Racism is formed when an individual or a group is disappointed in themselves and project that disappointment onto another group. Racism is a form of self loathing. This is unbearable for people to tolerate; so they spew that internal pressure onto a targeted demographic.

Racism, as we see it today is an echo of a deeply disturbing time in History. Or many times. What is happening now in the world is that humanity is being cleansed of all its old engrams; which are habitual behaviors from the past. We are all seeing them paraded before us in the ugly behavior, politics and lack of civility seen in interactions. But it is only a temporary issue.

Racism will not be allowed to be entrenched back into the fibers of humanity.  We are all just witnessing the horrific reminders of it before it is to die away altogether. Ignorance and intolerance will go the way of the eight track.  They will both die a ceremonious death. It is actually what we are all witnessing. Racism and ignorance are taking their last dramatic gasping breath. Witnessing it will allow all of humanity to be grateful for being free of it.

Racism is psychic energy that is organically brewed. It is easy to create psychic energy if you can muster enough fear and hate. Both are the key ingredients to creating and sustaining such noxious psychic atmosphere. There is so much love on the planet and more pouring in every day. It is impossible for hate to sustain itself here. We are watching  the last stubborn hoarders of hate blow their last wads.

I know it doesn’t seem like it to those who are in the trenches dealing with prejudice. But please know, as much as the “ignorant” work to muster up more hate, there are those “Love workers”; like myself dampening the flames at every turn. In fact, the most devastating hate is not a match for the sincere presence of dynamic intentional kindness and compassion. It has a healing quality.  This is the balm that I send out to the world with all my abilities and intentions. It is what I teach others to do through my writings and retreats and exercises.

The techniques that I share can be very effective in addressing a cause. They are able to use mind energy that is not consciously utilized to bring about an incredible shift in dynamics. It is relatively easy to dissipate psychic energy. It is a matter of doing it from a far away vantage point so as not to get immersed in it. It is similar to fighting a blazing fire from outside of it. Getting caught up in the emotional issue of any issue, is like choking on the smoke of a fire. That is why this exercise can be so effective. It is addressing the issue without getting immersed in the psychic energy.

Here is a technique for every individual to dissipate racism. As we have experienced, the cure doesn’t happen in the streets. Or it hasn’t dissipated in the streets since the likes of the Great soul Martin Luther King Jr. What he did was access a pure conviction fueled by passion to ignite others into his conviction. His success was fueled by the emotional turmoil of the time. What I am doing here is similar but it is on a more subtle level. I am using my abilities as a Shaman (energy mover) to dissipate the energies of hate by drying them up with a pure intention of love. It is no different than the sunshine drying up the storm clouds.

In fact, that is a great visualization for people who are good at visualizations. In contemplation, see the earth from the vantage point of far away, as if you were in a space ship. See the dark clouds of hate that have been brewing. Notice they have even been getting darker recently with the rhetoric and frustration of groups of haters. Now, simply, surround the planet in your love. If you don’t know how to do this, simply imagine yourself as the sun and emanate beautiful rays onto the planet.

Watch all the clouds dry up. See how you are not getting caught up in the emotional component of the issue. Or thinking too much. Thought energy and emotional energy help the storm clouds brew. Sending detached love rays to all, dissipates it. Even if only one reader joins me in doing this visualization, the world can be uplifted by the affects.

I implore as many people as possible to add their loving intention to this important cause by doing this exercise. They can also do the set of tapping I post below. This is a great set of taps to do as an introduction to this powerful technique.Imagine how silly the first people trying yoga may have felt; and now yoga is now a mainstay of society. Tapping will be a mainstay in the future. It is training the neglected humans what their empowerment is capable of achieving.

Tapping is a very powerful means of utilizing your mind energy that the ego prevents us from accessing otherwise. The tapping process bypasses the ego  I can’t think of a better set of taps to introduce someone to tapping. If it is your first set of taps, pay attentions to sensations in your body; like yawning or heaviness. These are evidence that something is releasing when you do these taps.

Please say each statement slow and deliberate; as if you are commanding the Universe to oblige; because you are. Say each statement a total of four times before moving on to the next set. Say it three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head at the point of your soft spot or crown chakra. Say it a fourth time while tapping the middle of your chest. The first 3 times will be shifting your mind to manifest the command of the tap. The fourth time is setting it in the body so the mind continues on the trajectory of the new intention. Also, say them matter of fact; without passion or drama. That only deters from their effectiveness. Do them in a robotic way.

The first tap will be said as “I”.  But the ones after that will be said as “We”. Because you are not doing this exercise alone. You are adding your synergy to all the other readers who are doing this exercise as well. It is a suble but very effective way of addressing the currents of racism that are seemingly going unchecked. Feel the validation in doing this. Feel the connection to others. Feel the effectiveness on a deep level. Then after sharing with as many people as possible, simply watch the results play out. It can be that simple. It is a time for racism to die out on the planet and this is your opportunity to be a part of it. It is also the answer to many prayers.

Remember: Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and then say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest

“I declare myself a surrogate for humanity in doing these taps; in all moments”

“We dry up all the psychic energy of racism; in all moments”

“We release feeding racism with fear or hate; in all moments”

“We dry up all fear and hate; in all moments”

“We release projecting our unworthiness onto others; in all moments”

“We release using others as a scapegoat for our own lack; in all moments”

“We release demonizing one race; in all moments”

“We release all entitlement that causes a reaction to others; in all moments”

“We nullify all contracts with racism; in all moments”

“We release being in competition with others; in all moments”

“We shift the Universal paradigm from the human race to the Human Being; in all moments”

“We release the genetic propensity to be racist; in all moments”

“We release the cultural propensity to be a racist; in all moments”

“We remove all vortexes between ourselves and racism; in all moments”

“We release being ruled by a racist agenda; in all moments”

“We remove all tentacles between ourselves and racism; in all moments”

“We eliminate the first cause in regards to racism; in all moments”

“We strip all illusion off of racism; in all moments”

“We strip all masks, walls and armor off of all racists; in all moments”

“We collapse and dissolve all portals to racism; in all moments”

“We shatter all glass ceilings that racism has put on us; in all moments”

“We remove all tentacles between ourselves and all racism; in all moments”

“We dry up all Akashic records of racism; in all moments”

“We remove all programming and conditioning that racism has put on us; in all moments”

“We remove all engrams of racism; in all moments”‘

“We send all energy matrices into the Light and Sound that perpetuate or support racism; in all moments”

“We command all complex energy matrices that perpetuate or support racism to be escorted into the Light and Sound; in all moments”

“We recant all vows and agreements between ourselves and racism; in all moments”

“We remove all curses between ourselves and racism; in all moments”

“We remove all blessings between ourselves and racism; in all moments”

“We sever all strings, cords, and chains between ourselves and racism; in all moments”

“We release being enslaved to racism; in all moments”

“We dissolve all karmic ties between ourselves and racism; in all moments”

“We remove all the pain, burden, limitations, anger, fear, unworthiness, rejection, futility and illusion of separateness that racism has put on us; in all moments”

“We take back all the joy, love, abundance, freedom, health, success, security, companionship, creativity, peace, life, wholeness, beauty, enthusiasm, contentment, spirituality, enlightenment, contentment, intellect, ability to discern, confidence and empowerment that racism has taken from us; in all moments.

“We shift our paradigm from racism to Universal Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom; in all moments”

“We release resonating or emanating with racism; in all moments”

“We extract all racism from our sound frequency and our light emanation; in all moments”

“We transcend racism; in all moments”

“We are centered and empowered in Universal Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom; in all moments”

“We infuse Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom into our Universal Sound Frequency and Light Emanation; in all moments”

“We resonate, emanate, and are interconnected with all life in Universal Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom; in all moments”


I know it may seem silly to do these taps if it is your first time. But this is my skill set. I would not be able to motivate you to rally. That is not what I do. This is me using my innate talents to bring about an effective change in humanity. Isn’t that what we are all here to do? Imagine if everyone was simply encouraged to share their gifts. How the world would be different. May all people get back to the simple grace of sharing their gifts.





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You can get together with a bunch of relatives that you don’t get along with or don’t even remember. Stuff your face with potato salad and listen to people complain about the state of the world and share in detail their last procedure.


You can honor the sacrifice by:

Sharing your gifts; with the bravery that the fallen soldiers have shared theirs

Speak your truth; which those who have fought, died defending your right to do

Question authority in a way that those who served pledged not to do so you would be able to think and make decisions for yourself

Honor all others; as those who have died and sacrificed their life did not discriminate in who they would defend

Show integrity; as is the marching order of every brave soldier.

Grace this planet with something better than lip service.

Practice kind acts in honor of those who had only their lives to give as the ultimate act of kindness.

Challenge those who curse this world by saying we are all doomed. Ask them what they are doing to improve conditions here.

Teach all those by example what integrity, truth and kindness looks like. Many have only witnessed these things second-hand or from afar.

Give your time and attention to those who need it. Not those who demand it.

Honor what is a luxury to all good soldiers; the gentleness of spirit of thoughtful souls. Those who are so afflicted with feeling and the suffering of others that they may lack the ability of self-defense.

Make all your thoughts and statements kind ones to buffer out the cruelty that is kindling timber to war and violence.

Challenge the bloated truths that others feed on as reality. Let no white washed policy blur rhetoric with the sincerity of your convictions.

Abstain from the them vs. Us mode; which is used too often and mechanically to pit good people against another group of good people.

Refrain from haste filled knee jerk reactions of prejudice and judgement. These have been used as fodder far too long to propagate good men to commit to war.

Question everything that is allotted to policy. Scan it for an agenda of greed and ignoble intentions. This is what a worldly soldier would do if he had the benefit of living past his impetuous youth. He would be far more protective of the next crop of impetuous youths sent to soldier.

Live your life boldly and with the conviction that love, truth and justice are worth fighting for; not in a bloody battle; but in the far more ruthless arena of every day convention.

Bring back honor, truth and justice to mainstream society so that humanity can once again flourish.

Remove honorable attributes from the top shelf of a showcase only to be passed around on rare occasions. Dust them off and make them relevant again.

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN not as a slogan to express bigotry but as an ideal that all wish to emulate in their most sacred expressions of empowerment.

Use all your gifts, talents and advantages to bring all others to their own individual gifts talents and empowerment as well.

IN DOING ALL THESE THINGS, YOU WILL BE TRULY HONORING THE FALLEN and allowing their essence to shine on in the fabric of humanity to which they have woven themselves with their sacrifice.

Removing all Traitors


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

Traitors come in different forms. There are the people who do overt acts against the people they are meant to serve; only to serve self interests instead. They discredit their government, and the people they are supposed to protect. They offend all the people who have fought and died to protect the freedoms that they so ungratefully take advantage of.

There is another kind of traitor. One that is in a position of power but sits by and watches overt acts against their country without ever uttering a word of protest against them. They are more interested in preserving their self interests. They remain silent watching  overt acts against their own sovereign state. They try to stay as invisible as possible in protecting their own interests.

In America right now, there are more traitors than can be counted. In America government, there is an oath to office that every officer of the land has vowed to uphold. Yet so many remain silent to atrocities merely to maintain their own agenda. They  stay silent when dealing with issues that are important to their constituents. They use their guile to deceive those who trust them and reassure them of a lie.  They point a finger away from the overt acts they are seeing perpetuated.  They use their position of power to divert attention away from the crimes of treason. They create division and conflict as a diversion from the offenses that are occurring.

They have abused their office. They have pissed away their integrity. They have offended those who see through their guile. They have become traitors as offensive as the original perpetrators of the offense. They have sworn with an oath, to work for the people of their jurisdiction. Instead, They use their position as a bargaining chip into their own stockpile of deceptions. They treat good, honest people as the enemy and maintain a “good ‘ole boy” mentality in dealing with the other members of their governing fraternity.

This fraternity is our sacred halls of justice. They are supposed to hold dear the concept of justice, truth and  freedom for all.  This is what our forefathers sacrificed everything to forge into a reality. These same forefathers are used as a talking point thrown in the face of anyone who sees through the facade of deceit. These traitors besmirch everyone who upsets their agenda with an opposing view.  The hypocrisy is intolerable. Those  who can see through the facade are deemed the enemy if they speak up. We watch horrified and helpless as our values as Americans are twisted and distorted in the name of God, Patriotism, and Country.

We have become so numb to the lies and the abuse of civil liberties.  To address the heavy rhetoric and abuse that those in positions of power inflict on the most ignorant of their constituents  has become a sidebar combat. They go as far as use their most loyal constituents as minions to protect their lies and perpetuate their scripted agenda. They treat any opposition as the enemy and call themselves; as a group; a strong family. Paul Ryan is a coward and a liar when he looks away from all that is transpiring to weaken the fabric of society; simply to protect and defend a scripted agenda. It is an entrenched position that is mandated by the entitled who line his pockets and fund his campaigns.

It is appalling how honest Americans are divvied up into two categories; those that matter and those that don’t. The ones that don’t matter are the ones who don’t agree with the view point of the agenda. They are then labeled outcasts, deviants, ungodly, conspiracy theorists, or some other demonizing depiction. They are thrown into the category of the opposing political party and dismissed as if they don’t matter. To the traitors you don’t. You are merely a chad on a paper and mean nothing to them until they need to win another election.

Those of us who see through this facade have sat on the sidelines feeling helpless.  All integrity, devotion and American pride goes by the way side, once one of these people in power has targeted you as the opposition. The minions are well trained. You see how conditioned they are to hate and react in defense of the scripted agenda of the entitled.  It is hard to be angry at them. They are being abused harder than anyone. By the same people who are lying right to them. It is hard not to feel compassion for them as they lose their healthcare and livelihood yet remain loyal to believing those who abuse their truth. They are like abused dogs who still are loyal to their owner. If there is a desecration of Humanity, this is it.

There is a way to deal with the traitors. It is not in their arena. They are way too guile for that. It is in addressing them in a fashion that is unfamiliar to them. It is simply by withdrawing your energy from them. It in not something we are taught to do. In fact, all concepts of individuals being dynamic energy beings, capable of great things, has been extracted out of mainstream long ago. It was part of a conscious conditioning of people so they maintained a herd mentality and were easier to control. Now when we are most docile as a species, and nearly entirely subjugated, it is time for individuals to learn how to take back their empowerment. They have always had the capacity, yet have forgotten how to access it.

Don’t believe me? Why is there so much money spent on campaigns? Why is there so much money poured into the industry of advertising. It is because those with an agenda realize how powerful the individual is and pays dearly for the brainwashing that has become of mainstay of modern living. When individual disfavor leads to group disfavor,  a strong power monger is then ousted.

The taps that I post are a powerful way of sidestepping the programming of the mind and create a dynamic shift in the paradigm of the individual. Lives have been changed with this simple process. The mind is like a 3-D printer. It will create anything the individual projects. We have created such a negative world because we have been conditioned to manifest such negative scenarios. Think about it. Pay attention to what people say. When you bring up a positive statement, they will automatically start talking about the negative opposite to the positive scenario. They have been programmed by society to use their 3-D printer to manifest negative outcomes. It is formula.

The taps I post are a remedy for such programming. People are becoming free of living in the knee-jerk reactionary state that they have been accustomed to operating in. One doesn’t have to be particularly intelligent or educated to benefit from doing these taps.  They can assist anyone who uses them to discern for themselves. I will list a set of taps to do to release America from the grip of all traitors. It is a protocol I have been given by my inner guidance. If you are feeling frustrated, helpless, and disgusted about the state of affairs, try doing these taps to release that built up energy.  You may feel a sense of calm in completing them.

Another great thing about the taps I post is that they can’t serve a particular agenda. We are doing them now for all traitors. I am not saying who the traitors are. Your innate intelligence knows who they are to you. It is traitors to integrity, truth and justice. Doing these taps is not you being duped in doing something against your will. It is you exercising your free will and freeing yourself from being a pawn for anyone else to use you.

We have all been deceived. This has been our commonality.  We all love family and desire peace. We are all alike in this way. May all of humanity come together in doing these taps. These taps are worded to do  as a surrogate for Americans. If you are from another country, you can do them as a surrogate for your country. You can even do them as a surrogate for humanity if you wish. The beauty of the taps is, that one single person doing them can be effective in assisting everyone. That is how powerful you are as an individual to uplift everyone with a loving intention.

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping continuously on the top of your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“I declare myself a surrogate for America in doing these taps; in all moments”

“We release giving our power away to traitors; in all moments”

“We release being duped by traitors; in all moments”

“We strip all illusion off of all traitors; in all moments”

“We withdraw all our energy and support from all traitors; in all moments”

“We eliminate the first cause in empowering traitors; in all moments”

“We shatter all glass ceilings that traitors have put on us; in all moments”

“We release believing the lies of the traitors; in all moments”

“We remove our trust from all traitors; in all moments”

“We release the fear of speaking our truth; in all moments”

“We remove all vivaxes between ourselves and all traitors; in all moments”

“We remove all tentacles between ourselves and all traitors; in all moments”

“We remove all the programming and conditioning that all traitors have put on us; in all moments”

“We remove all engrams of all traitors from our energy field; in all moments”

“We send all energy matrices into the Light and Sound that keep us connected to any traitors; in all moments”

“We command all complex energy matrices that connect us to any traitors, to be escorted into the Light and Sound; in all moments”

“We nullify all allegiances to any and all traitors; in all moments”

“We recant all vows and agreements between ourselves and all traitors; in all moments”

“We remove all curses between ourselves and all traitors; in all moments”

“We remove all blessings between ourselves and all traitors; in all moments”

“We sever all strings and cords between ourselves and all traitors; in all moments”

“We release being hypnotized by any traitors; in all moments”

“We dissipate all psychic energy that is used by any traitors; in all moments”

“We dissolve all karmic ties between ourselves and all traitors; in all moments”

“We remove all traitors from a position of abuse; in all moments”

“We remove all the pain, burden and limitations that any or all traitors have put on us; in all moments”

“We take back all the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, and Wholeness that any or all traitors have taken from us; in all moments”

“We release seeing the enemy in our brethren; in all moments”

“We release being pitted against each other by the traitors; in all moments”

“We heal all schisms in the divide of Humanity; in all moments”

“We release emanating or resonating with traitors; in all moments”

“We extract all traitors from our Sound Frequency; in all moments”

“We extract all traitors from our Light emanation; in all moments”

“We collapse and dissolve the power structure of all traitors; in all moments”

“We shift our paradigm from all traitors to integrity, justice and truth; in all moments”

“We transcend all traitors; in all moments”

“We are centered and empowered in integrity, justice and truth; in all moments”

“We infuse our Sound Frequency and Light Emanation with integrity, justice and truth; in all moments”

“We resonate, Emanate and are interconnected with all life in integrity, justice and truth; in all moments”

*vivaxes -an energy pull between two or more items

*energy matrice- stagnant energy that has taken root and even adopted a persona