If I had physical wings I would use them to shelter those who were stuck on the ground from the elements. For where would I go that would free me from knowing that others were being pummeled where they stand?

If I had a voice that could be heard around the world I would use it to sing in any key to those who have forgotten that they can sing as well. The scorn and judgement of those who belittle my gift would pale compared to the exhilaration of even one soul feeling empowered.

If I had might I would use it as a means of reminding all others what their empowerment looks and feels like.

If I had legs and arms to span the world, I would walk up to every heart that aches and hug them with my whole being so that they could remember what the warmth of kindness felt like.

Then maybe they could fly, sing, walk and hug others as well and awaken all souls from their unrest.

Jen Ward


Power’s Last Dance


Power plays in this world are like a thick heavy webbing of unhinged cobwebs. They elicit the cringing reminder of the thing that created them yet there is no evidence of it around. We are all watching as these ugly events play one last echo of how power has diminished us in stature. They have caused us to crouch over from our dynamic stance long enough. They are just translucent veils now. They have no root in any real threat.

We, as species are meant to finally realize our potential in greatness. It is not through wielding power. It is through unclenching our fists, rolling up our sleeves and opening our hearts. The more we watch the hiccups of power try to thrust itself upon us, like old times, the more and more we realize we must take a stance for a higher decree. It is the means of separating ourselves from the repulsiveness of power.

It is such a blessing to see power strut in its unadulterated form. It allows more and more of us to see its disfigurement and how it has distorted the populace. Such viewings are priceless in awakening those from their stupor and to shake of the ignorance that has been their nightcap.

There are those that show up unabashedly to remind us of the indiscriminate ruthlessness of power. Those who mouthpiece the assertions of those whose pocket they are in. Those who show a great reminder of the devastation prejudice and bigotry coupled with fear can do. Also, those who blindly follow the most bellowing tone; even if it means the demise of innocent lives or demonizing whole cultures.

Be grateful for the floor show that power is giving. It is its last hurrah. We are saying goodbye to it; not becoming entrenched in it again. Take a look at its ugly face and its hideous claws. Wipe away the cobwebs and walk erect into the heart of love. Power can’t stop us any more. It is giving its last temper tantrum which it believes is a dance. But humanity has finally the courage and fortitude to bow out. Power is using up its reserve as we all stand on the sideline, in togetherness and observe.