Intention in Attention

When the family pet comes over to you for affection, drop everything and give them the love that only you can provide. Once this becomes a healthy habit, realize it applies to children and other family members as well.
Before too long, it will become comfortable to give your undivided love and attention to friends, co-workers and any one you interact with. Even strangers on the street will be uplifted by merely interacting with you.
Eventually, you may be able to recognize you being kinder to yourself and giving yourself a higher quality of care as well.

More Than Family


Listen close

And you will “hear”

Constant reassurance

A sympathetic ear


A lick of the face

In agreement I suppose

The surprising delight

In an ice cold nose


The wag of a tail

The warm spot in your bed

The unbridled acceptance

From that tail to the head


Toenails that tap

As paws scamper on the floor

They are not here to obey

They are here to adore

Jen Ward, continued


They are closer than family

We chose them from the start

They are more than a friend

They are an extension of our heart.


Jen Ward

Advice For The Sensitive Pet

When you have a new puppy or kitten, they may be heart-sick. Gone are the days when we look at animals as soul-less appendages. Puppies and kittens miss their litter mates. They may get lonely for them. Many puppies feel like captives with their new owners until they get to a dog park and realize that everyone has their own human.
It does puppies good to see other dogs with their owners. The new owner should talk about the babies feeling with him during cuddle sessions and validate them. Tell them all the siblings have their own people too. The baby thinks that their litter mates and mama are all together somewhere living life without them. The sensitive kind, need an understanding. It will help acclimate them to the family, instead of having them bury the wound of leaving their birth family.
Even if you’re not the first owner. Many animals who have behavioral issues are carrying this wound of separation. You can be the one to heal it. Simply by explaining. There is nothing more painful than the void of believing you are missing out. You can spare your fur baby from this. It is not always the case but it the ones that it is, it is excruciating if not debilitating. I have had very old pets, still wonder about their litter mates. It is like ruminating the glory days to them.
People need to be more sensitive when separating the puppies and kitties. It is a shock to their psyche. It will help if new humans talks about how all loved puppies or kitties get their own people. It is a new concept but shouldn’t be. As humans become more aware and sensitive, so do their pets.

Returning Lost Pets


Brian is home!!! We are doing a happy dance. My lovely neighbour Sharon heard him meow from under a unit in her kitchen. Seems he got in there yesterday and was stuck or scared. But the most incredible thing of all is that on the recomendation of my friend Karen I contacted a lady called Jen Ward who is a gifted communicator who sent Brian healing and reminded him that he has a loving home. She did this from a distance and said that once she had done this he would come home. No more than 15 minutes later my neighbour called me to say Brian was crying in her kitchen. Incredible and I give such gratitude to Jen, truly amazing! !! Xxx


Energetic Animal Intensive Care.png


Dear Friends who love your animal babies,


It is perhaps one of the most helpless feelings to have our beloved pets wander off, go missing and not know where they are. It is equally painful and disheartening to have our animal babies develop an illness and not know how to alleviate their suffering – or our own, because we are feeling their suffering so intensely.


Did you know that you are energetically intertwined with the pets that have been entrusted to your care? That is both a scary and encouraging thought since we both project and communicate with our animals through our energy fields – either deliberately or by default. The reverse is true too and since animals are innately filled with gratitude and unconditional love for their caring owners, they so willingly give to us those amazing qualities. This is why we feel so comforted and uplifted being with our pets.


If you or anyone you know is currently going through any of the issues mentioned above of a lost pet, a sick or suffering pet….  We’ve got GREAT News for you!


World renowned Energy Healer and Empowerment Mentor, Jen Ward is now offering Energetic Animal Intensive Care™

This is a 20 minute Laser Focused Remote Session for $175

This work can be done remotely from anywhere in the world via phone or Skype


This is for you and your pet if:

Your pet has “gone missing.”

Your pet is ill.

Your pet has recently been traumatized and is listless or depressed.

“Something isn’t right” with your pet and you and your vet have no idea what to do.





In this highly concentrated energy session, Jen will:

  • Tune into your animal’s energy.
  • Tune into your energy.
  • Medically intuit what’s happening with your pet.
  • Medically intuit what’s happening with you.
  • Identify energetic blocks in both your pet and you.
  • Release these emotional issues in both the animal and you.
  • Convey and explain any messages from your pet.
  • If your pet is lost, she will release the animal from “primal mode” so it can return home. (She has a 95% success rate in pet’s returning home after helping hundreds of animals over the years.)
  • If the animal has been taken, Jen will do a release on the person who took the animal.


You can schedule this work with Jen IMMEDIATELY. This is truly a swift energetic intervention that will be the soothing and relief both you and your pet are waiting for.

Once payment has been made, Jen will contact you to schedule your

Energetic Animal Intensive Care™ appointment


We’re so excited that Jen is now offering this healing intervention for your pet and for your relief as well!  Don’t hesitate to get the help you and your pet need NOW.


In Love and Light,

The Jenuine Healing Support Team


Engaging Your Cat


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

People think that cats don’t come when they are called. This is true. They don’t like being told what to do. But if you avoid making it a command and make it an inquiry, they will come most times. Instead of asking them to “Come”, ask them in a very sincere and interested way how they are doing. It works like a charm. The inquiry, “Whats going on?” will get a response in a multi-cat situation. Some one will come to tell you.

  • Slow blinking is a way to tell your cat everything is relaxed and calm, and that you love them.
  • Tapping the floor is the way to call your cat over in their language.
  • When you are enthralled with something, it is like calling a cat over. They construe it as an invitation.
  • Cats like to be as high as they can. The cat who sits highest is showing superiority. Cats who stay low to the ground may have low self-esteem issues or are insecure. Cats need places where they can feel high and can get to easily. This is where they do their meditation and recharge their batteries.
  • Tapping a cat on the nose is reprimanding them in their native language. It is the only physical reprimand that is not abuse; since nothing else would register as a reprimand but just danger.
  • If you pick your cats up at all, you risk them being distant. Forgo ever picking your cat up and they will be more agreeable to being around you.
  • When you let a cat down and they shake their held, it means that it wasn’t a pleasant experience for them.
  • If you have a young child that keeps picking up the kitten, train them by coming up behind them a few times a day when they are enthralled in play, snack or engaging their playmates. At first they will enjoy it but then they will get mad. Play dumb and say, “What? You do this to the kitty” Use this as a means to teach them respect for the kitty.
  • Cats hold a lot of tension in their necks, ears, between their shoulder blades and the base of their tail. When you pet them, get them use to you massaging them deeper in these areas.
  • When you are petting your cat, get used to gently pulling their ears and holding it for a moment. This is a way to release a lot of tension for them. You will get a sense whether they enjoy it or not..
  • A great way to relieve tension in your cat is through their tail. Grasp the tail firmly and gently pull and hold. This causes a deep myo-fascial release for the whole body. The reason animals don’t like their tails touched is because the hold a lot of tension there. By gently and firmly pulling on the tail, you will be unwinding all the myo-fascial tissue that is connected to the tail. You may even get a sensation of a releasing and a retraction motion happening. It is similar to when your yo-yo string is twisted really bad so you let gravity unwind i and it pulls up and draws down as it unwinds and untangle.
  • To alleviate tension between the shoulder blades, press deep between the shoulder blades and while holding your fingers pressed in, rub back and forth a little. Then sideways a bit if possible. Your cat may resist slightly until they get a sense of what you are doing. Then it can be a time of bonding and the release of great tension.
  • If your cat does not seem to drink enough water, get an aquatic plant from the pet store that is not toxic and place it in a fish bowl or a heavy vase with a large mouth. Put it in a place where the cats can get to it. The plant will naturally filter the water so that you don’t have to change it every day.

Recovering Your Lost Pet


I just did an emotional release on the cat. They usually find their way home after I do this. It works because pets are so in the moment. When they get lost and feel an onslaught of grieving for them, they go into primal mode.  They think they have died and moved on to the next life. That is why, the more that you worry when they go missing the more you are pushing them away. It is so important to NOT panic and indulge in hysteria. Your pet has to understand that they are still loved and have a home to go back to.

Send loving thoughts to your missing pet to remind them of your special connection and to encourage them to come home. Pets get knocked into primal mode when they are lost and forget that they have a family that loves them. Sending out panic and sadness just adds to this. Animals are so in the moment that when they get lost, they kind of feel like they have died. They move on prematurely to the experience.

When I do a long distance release for lost pets, they remember their family and get back to them almost every time. If someone cant do an emotional release for their missing pet, they have to send it all these good loving thoughts and reminders of their loving connection. Knock the pet out of primal mode with your love and support and reminders.

Think of all the fun and loving things that you do together. Blast them with images of their favorite napping spot, lap, treat and playtime event. Being sad makes the pet think that that experience is over for them. If you want your pet to come home easily, you have to put the fears and sadness behind. Rule of thumb; cut the drama and remind them you’re their mama.”