The World has not been right since the genocide of all pagans.This is what was the beginning of the dark ages. We have been told that the dark ages have ended. But no. They only end when the balance of male importance is matched by its female counterpart. Pagans have been demonized as savages. But they were the peaceful people who communicated with nature and honored trees and fairies as their brethren. They were the keepers of the doorway between the physical and more subtle reams.
The genocide of so many balsam trees at the holiday season has actually a more sinister meaning than the seemingly more innocent practice that they seem to depict. Cutting down so many trees each year is symbolically reliving the genocide of the pagan people. It is and was a barbaric act. It also represents the time when goddess energy was desecrated and women were demoted to inferior to men. This may sound ridiculous to so many who enjoy bringing a live tree into their homes. But there is a truth in what I say. And there is a better way.
This little tree I brought home, is still a vital living part of the ecosystem. He has all his roots in tact. He will be an honored guest in my home and then he will be taken outside and planted in my yard. He is the perfect size for a Christmas tree. I used to be one of those people who needed the biggest tree possible in my home. I realized that was actually a desperate craving to be out in nature. And as I was decorating this tree, it told me that needing the biggest tree is an example of the primal urge to conquer. One needs to be the best in their perpetual competition in life. Having the biggest tree is enforcing that need.
This tree was chosen before I knew I was going to have a Christmas tree this year. I “felt” a tree in my home and so remained open to hosting a tree in my home this year. I just got a nudge or an inkling to look for a nursery that carried trees with their roots in tact. I found a place that had many of them. It was encouraging that perhaps others would adopt the tradition of hosting a live tree in their home to. Instead of joining in the genocide of killing a tree for fleeting amusement, one can truly use the opportunity to honor Nature.
More and more as people awaken, they will realize that trees are aware beings. They are not dead energy at all. They are vital, loving, aware and wise. They add so much to the quality of life on earth. As humans continue to rape and desecrate the earth, trees continue to maintain a balance of sanity and calm to a chaotic existence. They are the calm in the storm of insanity. They are even more loving and kind than people fathom. If people realized what they actually are doing by disregarding the sanctity of trees, they would be horrified.
So as me, Therese Kravetze, Michele Morrison, Mike Kravetze and myself made space for this tree in my home, we found ourselves in a sacred ceremony to return all the energy to the fairy-kind and Nature that was taken from it. The depiction of Santa Clause as a head elf and the elves working to make toys for children is a form of depicting fairy kind being enslaved to the pleasures of humans. Lavishing gifts on human children has nothing to do with depicting the sanctity of life. It is more of a means of conditioning humanity to be selfish and indulged.
The ceremony we found ourselves naturally partaking in, was about returning the energy that was taken from the earth back to her. In returning the energy back to mother earth, it is a means to return the balance to the world. It is a means to support Gaia in being as honored and respected as any male counterpart. It is also a way of returning to fairies, trees and earth the dignity and respect they deserve. By raising the vibration on our intentions, we raise the vibration of the world. When this happens in returns to being a safe place for fairy-kind to live among us.
If you want to go through the motions of being a slave to commercialism, you can. It is expected of you. But if you want to break away from convention, do so in honoring a living tree. All the thoughtfulness and tender considerations that you carefully nurture, are a means of returning kindness and sacredness to the world. You will still receive the love and satisfaction. But it will be in knowing that you are returning love to all the fellow inhabitants of the world.
(Say this statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
“”We return dignity, Love, and respect back to the earth; in all moments”
“We return dignity, love and respect to Gaia; in all moments”
“We hold space for the sacred sweetness of innocence and kindness; in all moments”
“We return balance back to the Earth; in all moments”
“We return to Fairy Kind all that has been taken from them; in all moments”
“We reclaim our Joy; in all moments”
“Universal Peace on earth; in all moments”
“We bury the dead; in all moments”
“Universal Joy; in all moments”
“Universal Love; in all moments”
“Universal Abundance; in all moments”
“Universal Freedom; in all moments”
“Universal Health; in all moments”
“Universal Success; in all moments”
“Universal Security; in all moments”
“Universal connection; in all moments”
“Universal perpetual exponential Life; in all moments”
“Universal Wholeness; in all moments”
“Universal Beauty; in all moments”
“Universal Enthusiasm; in all moments”
“Universal Contentment; in all moments”
“Universal Spirituality; in all moments”
“Universal Enlightenment; in all moments”
“Universal Confidence; in all moments”
“Universal Family; in all moments”
“Universal Intellect; in all moments”
“Universal Discernment; in all moments”
“Universal Empowerment; in all moments”

The Sweetest Lemonade


The Christmas Spirit is not such an elusive thing. It is not a haphazard, hit or miss experience. It is also not guaranteed by throwing money at the holiday. The Christmas Spirit is more apt to be found in the quietude of the fallen snow, or the breath of a sleeping child, than it is in the mall.

When something horrific happens in the world, we want to react to it. That is exactly what the intention desires. I choose not to feed any situation with fear and drama. I am compelled to figuratively “drop to my knees” and tap into the moment where the elusive Christmas Spirit dwells and feed it like a pipeline to all who are brought to a reactionary mode.

A great way to handle the feelings that are prodded by the perpetrators of any horrific act is to maintain a detached stance and hunker down in one’s empowerment. Resolve to pour love into the situation to dampen the fire of hatred and loss. It robs the perpetrators of the frenzy they savagely crave. It robs them, of their pay off.

A good way to do this is by shifting your vantage point to one of distance. Pretend that the incident happened a while ago and use time to separate yourself from the drama. This is not done out of NOT caring. This is a means of going into warrior mode; but as a warrior for love and resolve and not revenge.

The perpetrators thrive on fear, revenge and drama. That is their payoff. I refuse to feed them. There is a way to pour all the healing love into those who were affected without feeding the perpetrators. This is done with an undercurrent of love. Just like there are powerful undercurrents running in a frozen river, there is a powerful undercurrent of love we can send to those who were targeted and at the same time while freezing out the perpetrators.

The human reaction is to worry about the future. Don’t. That is drama. When you want to indulge in fear, “drop down to your knees” and convert all that fear into love for those affected. Fear feeds the perpetrators. Love feeds those affected.

The beautiful thing about the world is that we are all observing it like our own private snow globe that we are also a part of. What a beautiful learning experience to be able to toggle both. We are no longer trapped in the conditions of the snow globe. We are watching, learning, changing and evolving.

We are gaining such a rich understanding of “Power’s” limited bag of tricks that we are able to snuff it out simply by changing our vantage point and resolve. We are observing power’s stance, not at its cowering mercy, but from an objective stance; from afar. With this rich vantage point, we can see it’s cowering ugly essence and not feed it with our awe.

This is a great moment to tap into the Christmas Spirit. The same spirit that every advertisement has tried to bastardize to sell product. But yet it remains organic and pure. Because it is tapping into the reverence and quietude of perpetual love. This is the pure place that I write from. This is where I am now. Please use my words as a lifeline to connect with the Christmas Spirit and lets send it as a care package to all souls everywhere that are in need or distress.

I know my love to be big enough to satiate all souls. This is what I practice doing as repetitively as an athlete training for a championship. But the championship in my case is the empowerment of all souls. This means the ultimate goal is Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness of all souls. There is no need to worry about the mechanics as to how this occurs. Your one assignment, if you agree with this intention is to do your own part. This will be difficult enough.

Your part is simple, control your primal impulses to retaliate in fear and instead, “drop to your proverbial knees”, tap into the moment and pour your love into the world. You can direct it towards any demographic, but just don’t limit it to one. Love is fluid and will go where it will. You as the instrument of love can merely point the hose.

By doing this, you will be gaining your spiritual empowerment.. It is the thing that you have been searching for all of your days. So if this horrific event, was the thing that brought you to awaken to your highest purpose, then it was not for naught. You will be making the sweetest lemonade that heaven has ever tasted. I love you for that. You are supported by the angels in giving out the love that you do. In fact, that is exactly what angels do. They love beyond all fathomable means. You and I are now doing the same.