How Labels Are A Curse

A curse is simply inflicting your will onto the will of another and affecting their course of action. It doesn’t need to be malicious. A curse could be as simple as saying:
“You will never amount to anything if you go to art school”
“Nobody will love you as much as I do”
“You are going to be round shouldered if you don’t sit up straight”
“The whole situation is sad”
Deeming something sad is a form of a curse. It is also putting a label on it. If you deem something sad, it is a form of immersing it in energetic quicksand the likes it can never get our of. Deeming something sad is a manipulative ploy overused to put someone else at a disadvantage.
Of all the horrific experiences that I have been through, the worst was when someone took pity on me and gave me sympathy. Throwing around the word sad is as debilitating as anything else. Think about when you truly have compassion for someone. You don’t call them sad. You call them courageous, strong or a winner. Calling someone sad these days is a means to affect those you disfavor.
A label is a curse because it operates under the same principle as the word sad. It nails something in the coordinates of a limited time and space. When ever you call someone something, you preclude them from being anywhere outside of the box unless they work really hard to break out of those coordinates.
Once you say someone is never happy, it takes them so much more energy to show up outside of those perimeters you have set for them. All minds are a 3 D printer and are manifesting constantly. If someone is trying to change, it is more difficult if everyone else is manifesting for them to stay stuck in the perimeters that were inflicted on them.
Positive labels may seem like a way to remedy inflicting limitations onto others. But what about the person who is locked into a false sense of self because they always have to be the “good one”? What if one is deemed the strong one, the caretaker, the smart one or the baby? See how these limitations can create an identity crisis if people try to move out of the perimeters of these descriptions.
A pretty aware person wrote an article about the givers and takers. I just was saddened about this dismissal of people in being labeled so glibly. Some of the most selfish people in the world are those who give everything of a materialistic nature but refuse to receive.
If one refuses to receive then they really are never truly tapped into giving. One who cant receive is giving as a form of self medicating and not to honor those in which they give. If one can not realize the need in others to give, then all the giving they do is rendered a selfish act. If one is perceiving in energy and can depict the true value of exchange.
In a subtle way, separating people into givers and receivers is a haughty display of arrogance. The person labeling people surely believes they are in the virtuous position of giving and are judging the so called takers is some way. But one can only see through a limited lens.
Some who see me tired and listless some days may call me a taker. They may not realize that the reason I am tired is that I have given every ounce of myself to the advancement of humanity in the subtle realms. They would even scoff at me and consider me lazy perhaps. All the while I am retrieving beings from the depth of hell and returning them to a path where they can regain their empowerment. But to the physical eyes, its all about appearances.
If you see someone who does not resonate with you, simply allow them to have their experiences. We have all abused power at one point in our development and it is a necessary lesson. It is shortsighted to deny this experience to another. Those that abuse power and disrupt the natural cadence to the rhythm of life, are the ones who in turn will be the most dynamic healers some day.
Be grateful. Be grateful for who you are, who you are not, every experience that you have and every awareness that you accrue. You will no longer be enslaved to labels, curses and slights. You are determining the depth of your own empowerment by how much truth you are willing to ingest. You choose my friend. No one chooses for you. This is what freedom is.

Short List

Retreat Group Photo
I now realize that what happens at the retreats I facilitate is not a fluke. After the third one, they keep getting better and better. I would love to meet more of the friends that I hold so dear here on social media at the next one. The retreats are not going to be so intimate for too long. The time I am able to pour on each individual is not always going to be so guaranteed.
My favorite part of the retreats are:
Being able to watch the shifts happen within people and their families. When I bring two people to come up in the middle of the room, and share all they are in energy with the other. When a strong confident man pours dad energy into those who were desperate for that live. A sister downloads into a brother what it feels like to have your anatomy stared at. To have one who feels confident in her beauty feed it into one who can not fathom her own whiles.
Children as young as seven and as fickle as teenagers listen intently and responsive to what I am sharing with not a hint of boredom or disrespect.
The room enthralled in humor as I explain how to perceive in energy by demonstrating how people interact with me. Apparently those years of watching others be mocked was converted to the most gentle way to deliver spiritual principles to others in an entertaining way; without a hint of cruelty or diminishing of their spirit. I have become very funny and entertaining.
Watching strangers grow in loving and respecting everyone at the event. On breaks, it was so rewarding to see everyone loving on people they just met. That is because that is our natural inclination and when the walls are stripped away we are free to do that.
Seeing truth delivered to the heart of someone who was pushing it away as a defense. That they no longer have to walk around with a shield and sword; ready to pounce. They are free to engage others with the ease and confidence of an empowered victor. Yet with the kindness and a compassion of a one who rescues the weak and speaks to all souls in all forms with love.
Its amazing seeing how families are excited to be present, individuals understand the scope of my purpose and the world responds to the energy that was generated to uplift all souls and raise the vibration of the planet to hold the resonance of love and truth.
The next retreat will be happening on Mothers Day weekend. It is a means to honor Gaia or Goddess energy in all. It is a great way to gift the people in your life who mean so much to you. Think of it an intervention for the soul without the need to hitting rock bottom. You deserve to feel worthy and empowered. May you attend and may you and those you care about, awaken to your most cherished selves.

Go Forth and Multiply

When the bible quotes God as saying, “go forth and multiply”, He was not telling them to procreate. He was telling them to spread wisdom, compassion, kindness and truth throughout the world.
The world consisted mostly of those in ignorance. They were stuck in primal mode and they were more enthralled with fighting their brethren than bringing peace and higher understanding to the world.
Those who have come as messengers, all have had the same purpose. They have come to coax the masses out of the Brute mentality. They told those who were apt to fight, to turn the other cheek and to practice humility.
Those who use this message to their advantage, use it to get their members to procreate to perpetuate their own agenda. This is a silly notion. God asking people to procreate at the mercy of all the species they thin out by their massive presence, is ridiculous.
God loves all the species of the world. It is man who is totally enthralled with himself. It is man who believes he is superior. It is man who guts and rapes the great world that God created for all beings to enjoy.
If you have the awareness, go back and challenge the things to have been taught as a child and accepted as unconditional truth. We are all having a great demonstration of how truth can be manipulated by those with an agenda. This is not a new practice. We are merely seeing old things with new eyes.
Use these new eyes to discern the wisdom out of the statements that have been used to bend the will of the world in a particular way. Do indeed go forth and multiply. Multiply the love. Multiply the truth. And definitely multiply the kindness and compassion.
The vibration of these things still, to this day, thousands of years later; still need to be ignited into universal existence.

The Oxymoron of Hypocrites


Isn’t Peace synonymous with God? Wouldn’t those who are truly devoted to God, as they say, want to emulate Peace? Why are so many people who say they honor God talk about war as if it is a noble mighty thing? Anybody could kill and torture others. That is what deviants of society do. That is one of the tell-tale signs that one is a sociopath; that they kill helpless animals. Why would those who say that they represent the greatest land on earth talk so freely and proudly about torturing and killing others? Isn’t that a sign of weakness and not of strength.

Isn’t it a more noble trait to want to take care of the small animals that cross our path? I consider it a great sign of strength of character to do so. Would the person who nurtures an individual creature be more inclined and adapted to nurture a whole group of people? Wouldn’t they raise the bar on how all people treat each other?  Isn’t this better than lowering the bar to all humans behaving as brutes? Haven’t we moved past the gauntlet of agreeing to torture others for any reason?



I feel the pain of the multitudes; as many of you do. If torture, war and suffering are advocated, that is more pain that we will feel. How fair is it that we allow the ignorant to inflict more pain on the world that those of us who feel, have to endure? We are in different times now. Those who promote war and revenge have a little understanding of the workings of compassion in the world. They are recycling old rhetoric that was a powerful tactic in getting others elected during times when power and fear had humanity in its clutch.

Ask yourself this question. Visualize all the major leaders coming upon a wounded little animal. Go through the scenario of each one of them and what they would do with that bird. Who would step over it? Who would kill it? Who would rescue it? Who would nurture it back to health? This is the person that I want to be the leader of the greatest land on earth. I want the bar raised on dignity, compassion, and caring for the individual in the world. America should be the way shower of how this is done.

It is difficult enough to live in the world as it plays catch up in awareness. It is difficult to live in a world and see technology surpass the capabilities of a human. Do we really want to promote someone who is devoid of compassion? Don’t we want to do all that we can to elevate the importance of the individual while we still have a voice? Are we really willing to sit by and become a faceless, voiceless drone for the appetite of the power mongers.

The choices that we make in who represents our highest office is relevant to how humanity will proceed. Perhaps the greatest demonstration of strength is exercising the ability to not use strength to pump up ones own ego. Don’t we already have great examples of that in the world? Is that what we want to emulate? Can’t us thinkers, dreamers, lovers and doers implore humanity to raise the bar?

What we do here is of no small matter. People are intentionally being starved, women are being raped and enslaved, species are being eliminated and humanity is being eradicated all over the world. None of that is eliminated with adding more hot-headed power seeking egomaniacs to the mix. The only thing that halts the desecration of humanity is the exponential perpetual pumping in of higher awareness and divinity through kindness to all corners of the world. We do that individually and allow it to reflect in our leader of choice.

The fear and hate must be dampened and squelched by an onslaught of higher standards. It is up to us to put that in place. It needs to be done. There is no more catch up time for a learning curve. You as an individual matter and you must embrace that stance to save the fate of the world. We are all superman in that way.

It really is That Simple


Blind loyalty builds up resentment. Male energy has dominated all the possible engrams in distorting the importance of those who serve humanity. As much as those in true service reject such adulation, it is still engrams etched in this world. It is a glass ceiling on humanity. It is an unhealthy dynamic for individual growth.

For as soon as you elevate someone, you have just lowered your own stance. Those in true service to humanity do not wish to see individuals debase themselves. Any practice that expects this does not honor the true nature of God.

Service is all about elevating the one assisted. People try to elevate me but I am just fine where I am. I am grateful for the respect because it is the same respect that I give. I wish everyone else to merely elevate themselves. That is all that needs to happen for truth and love to prevail. Everyone must simply elevate themselves in service to life in some way. It is really that simple.

Jen Ward

Mixing in the Love


Here is the good thing about feeling the pain and concerns of everyone everywhere. If we can feel their lack, sadness, hunger or discomfort, it is because we have had those experiences as a reference point in our makeup somewhere. At this point, we have all had those experiences. Some try to block them out with denial. That is because the pain of calling them up is too excruciating. But they are there.

The good thing is that we can relate to others. There is an inner connection that is as palpable and reliable as calling up someone’s profile. We are only starting to discover the ramifications of such intimate connections. Think of all the people who you consider dear friends on social media that you may have not even have met yet. What else don’t we know? Who else are we missing?

If we can feel the plight of others in the world, and we can develop a connection with those who we have not met, then we can also pour incredible love, joy and kindness into the universal mix through these means. We can pour our unique color into the paint can of life.

There are some who which the can of paint to maintain a pristine white. They use all others as a primer for them to roll over and cover. But that is not possible anymore. The paint is all of us, not just a few. It is wonderful, exciting, empowered and aware. There is no way to return to primer. Our joy is in mixing in the layers of love and awareness, joy and beauty, until the fear and manipulation, taking and diminishing is diluted out.

In the Other Room


No soul comes to this world seeking to leave a stain of pain where their life has been
Not one……
wishes to smear those they love in sadness
intends to leave the heart of their loved ones aching
enjoys leaving their family living in regret
questions why they needed to go once they crossed over
chokes back sorrow on the other side
would wish their life on earth to be measured in tears
spends their days obsessing over the goodbye
They wish their loved ones…..
to stay in the joy of their connectedness
would still connect to them.
would just think of them as in another room.
When they were on earth you weren’t joined at the hip
You would both be doing your thing and together at the end of the day
It is still the same.
You are both doing your own thing
You are simply in different rooms
You will be able to share your stories and events at the end of the day
It is okay to think of them
You will be in the same room once again some day
Please don’t ……
shroud out their whole life is a heavy balm of gloom.
treat the utterance of their name as a dirty little secret
pretend that they never were
deny the love that still beckons at the thought of them
Please continue to love them
Just don’t accent it with the ache of loss
Celebrate them and your good fortune to know them
Please think happy thoughts of them often as if they are listening
Because they are
Don’t forget them; or the love
They don’t forget you
Every time you feel them close, they are by your side
Every time you remember them close, they are enjoying the remembrance
Every time you are remembering something wonderful about them, they are whispering in your ear.
Push past the initial pain to stay embraced in the love.
Someone who has recently crossed over is desperate for their family to know this
Please share this message
It is transcribed by someone who has recently crossed over
Stay connected in a balanced healthy way.
Live your life confident and secure that your loved one still thinks of you
Still loves you
and still is enjoying life
… the other room.