An Extension of Your Own Face


When I worked extensively with dogs, I realized how attached they were to their collars. When their owner would drop them off to be bathed, it was obvious that the collar was their connection to their human. They would get anxious as their collar was removed. It made them feel that they were losing their connection to their human. It was their security and connection to their life.

As I took off their collar, I would praise it, no matter how tattered it was. I would reassure them that their human loved them and how special they were because they had a beautiful collar that was given to them. The whole point was to reassure them that they were not going to have to give up their collar, that they were only being separated from it temporarily and being free of the collar did not mean that they were abandoned. They were still loved and safe regardless of whether they were wearing their collar or not.

This is a similar dynamic that I see people experience in relationship to their persona. They identify so strongly with their image and presence that they want to be reassured over and over that it is a good one. Having their image praised is their way of being reassured that they are loved, valued and safe. If people need to have their image; or some aspect of them; praised to feel validated, what is the harm in giving it to them. I see validating other people as rewarding as validating the little dog who needed to be reassured that its owner was coming back to him. Why can’t we do this for others?

It is because we were programmed to quantify ourselves in relationship to others in a pecking order. We were taught that if we rated someone else with positive traits that we were also rating ourselves in relationship to them and maybe it would mean at a lower status than them. This is the lie and limitation of linear thinking.

In actuality, we are seeing our own traits mirrored for us in others. More people have an understanding that this is true. What this means is that if one goes around proclaiming others as unattractive, undesirable or being catty towards them in any way, it actually reveals and ugliness in the person making such observations. One who sees beauty and goodness in others is revealing their own beauty and goodness. Practicing this simple awareness could create an evolution of blossoming individuality.

There is no need to diminish anyone’s collar. It is so much more admiral to secure the confidence of others with your words and thoughts. Just think of others as an extension of your own face. In doing that, you will be transcending archaic programming and will be promoting a huge healing shift in consciousness within yourself and others. You are the beauty that you see in others. Seeing beauty in others is finding it within yourself.

The Fast Track to Raising Consciousness

Humans are Living, Breathing Portal makers. Anything they put their attention on and fixate on, especially with passion (igniting the heart to work with the mind) will manifest. The problem is that humans have been subjugated and taught to only manifest negative scenarios for themselves and the world they live in, by default.
Every time you agree with a negative scenario, you are adding your portal making abilities to that of another. You are fortifying a negative portal for yourself and others to walk through and exist in. Children innately understand this and this is why they react so vehemently to the rules put on them by adults.
Creating negative portals have become so ingrained, that people can’t help thinking negative thoughts and scenarios. The thoughts come in at an alarming rate for some. It is a distressing thing for someone who consciously tries to be positive; to have these negative thoughts come through.
It is because they are trying to be positive that the negativity will inundate them more. It is no different from cold air rushing to meet hot air or vice versa and creating steam. Here is a way to deal with negative thoughts that rush in and seem overwhelming.
Imagine a thought as a bubble forming as a new reality. It is emerging from your mind to manifest as a reality. Simply, pull the thought away from your mind before it is fully formed, with a conscious intention. Do this as many times as you have negative thoughts. Some people will have to keep at it diligently for a while. But eventually, you will learn to not waste your efforts creating negative scenarios because the conscious you will simply deflate them and watch them dissipate. Make this your new habit.
This technique has an added advantage. The you that is pulling off the negative reality is the you of higher consciousness. You will actually be adopting the vantage point of your higher self. It is a fast track to raising your consciousness.

The New Year From a Spiritual Perspective

I keep hearing how tough it is on people as they forge into a life of greater awareness. If people knew what I went through to share what I do, and do the work that I do to serve humanity, they would understand that pain is inconsequential.
We have all come out of a tough year. It was to have us all witness the incredible deluge of ignorance and control we were once immersed in. If we are not falling for it any more, that is a gauge of our own spiritual growth. If we find those who are still immersed in it, we can have compassion for them and show kindness and wait for them. There is no need to attack them or try to educate them. They will awaken through osmosis.
Part of being immersed in old consciousness was perceiving everything and everyone was static. But no. We are all growing, changing and emerging at an alarming rate. If some seem stuck, they will not be afforded the luxury of their old consciousness for long. Let them have it while they can. Even with all the fear, bickering and competition, it is teaching them to be spiritually aware.
Just as toys teach necessary skills as children play. Their crutches and pet concerns will be taken from them soon enough. It is more compassionate to allow them their own process instead of thrusting ours upon them.
The struggle doesn’t validate you. It will fall away. The incredible satisfaction of knowing you are a part of the evolution of mankind from ignorant brute to spiritual giant is what matters. Focusing on the struggle is romanticizing the brute instead of appreciating the freedom that is being realized.
Using the struggle to contrast the freedom only serves to keep one immersed in the worlds of duality. Our wings of awareness takes us to a much more expansive realization; if we allow it.
Jen Ward

Pockets of Peace

IMG_1015.jpg 4
Your job as a spiritually aware being is to hold space for joy, love, kindness and peace within your own orbit. Think of life as unleavened bread. We hold space for a higher vibration in an otherwise coarse world.
As all of us hold space for higher consciousness, we are acting as the yeast to humanity. We create pockets of heaven on earth. As yeast commands the bread to rise, we in a similar way, command the consciousness of humanity to rise.
We do this by holding that space for higher consciousness. This is done by refusing to agree to negativity. It is done by speaking and thinking kind things. It is done by wishing good things for others as opposed to being backbiting jealous or judgmental. It is by creating a pocket of peace in your own life.
We in our seemingly small existence, form the blueprint for all of humanity. The reason psychic currents work overtime to influence us is because what we think and do matters. Our mind is a 3 D printer. But it pales in comparison to what the heart can accomplish.
The more we come from the heart, the more we dilute the poisons and rhetoric of the mind. The more we replenish all of humanity from the wells of the depth of our soul.

Consciousness is changing


When you look around and think things look gloomy, you are not taking into consideration the spiritual law of change. Everything is changing and in constant flux at all times. The only way to stagnate the fluidity of life is to pour your mental concepts into the mix. Your beliefs and judgements are like pouring concrete cement into pure water.

Your thoughts, are the means to stop life on the dime. They in themselves are the curses that humanity endures. Imagine all the creativity that would be unleashed if children were not forced into the pigeon hole of their parents intentions. How many dynamic artists are suffering in a fate of complacency because it was too much of a risk to follow their dreams.

Take the risk. Jump off the precipice. It is so much more rewarding than a rice pudding life of complacency.You are guaranteed a soft landing into the world of empowerment. Your exhilaration is a numbing agent for what is acerbated in the linear world of complacency.

Please stop wasting your energy cheering on the gloom with your nod of agreement. It is time to disagree. Disagree that the world is beyond hope. Disagree with the assessment of world affairs. Be disgruntled with the disgruntled. There are dynamic beings walking among us and growing into their skin of empowerment as we speak.

Encourage free thought. Encourage uniqueness. Encourage creativity, dreamers and peacemakers. It will create a flux in the energy of the world and within yourself. You are a gateway to higher consciousness. You are a means to world peace. You are amazing in your ability to transform anything into something dynamic. Take up the pen, paintbrush or musical instrument. Recharge the world with your vibrant enthusiasm and watch it change.

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Harvesting the Fruit of Humanity


I received an emergency message from a client who was disturbed by a dream she had. She felt very bad and wanted clarity. She is very open to my work but is also concerned about the way she is perceived if she endorses me openly.

In the dream, her basement was slightly flooding. She tried to find the controls on the right side but when she did, a sheriff from her old house came and in and restrained her. She was helpless and begged the officer to let her go. She swore on her husbands life that if he let her go, she would be complacent. (this is the part of the dream that disturbed her). Then she saw millions of tomatoes rotting and was thinking of what a shame it was. The dream left her very sad.

Here is the interpretation. The basement flooding was the flooding of the world issues into her home. She is one that does not like to speak her truth because she doesn’t want to provoke anyone. But in not speaking her truth, she thinks she is safe. She confuses speaking her truth with being confrontational. But by not speaking her truth, she is agreeing to the terms of power. She retreats within herself; which is her haven and believes all will be well; but also gets an uneasy feeling that it will not be.

Her looking for the controls is her using the ego to fix the situation. The controls being on one side symbolize that she is not centered. Since she identifies strongly with being a female, she relinquishes embracing the male counterpart within herself; which creates and imbalance. The officer represented the old paradigm of male dominated power. That old paradigm is making one last ditch effort to restrain female energy; which is evident the current events of atrocities inflicted upon woman and female children.

Her begging on the life of her husband was actually her being pushed up against the wall to finally embrace her male energy. It is the position we are all in. We can either concede to the current treatment of woman in the world or we can “man up” literally by embracing the balance between our own female-male energy. We can take a more balanced stance in our own empowerment.

Her seeing the tomatoes everywhere and watching them rot is symbolic of seeing all the wasted potential in people everywhere rot from lack of use. Tomatoes are a fruit that is not considered a fruit. The hearts and intentions of all the individuals in the world is also a fruit that are not considered. She was scanning the world and grieving that the fruit of humanity was being wasted. She saw the decay of wasted potential.

So many people say they like my posts and say how I have miraculously helped them. But do not share this truth with others. They even go to lengths to hide it; even from themselves. They are like my client in the dream. They feel the truth of my posts and my purpose; but retreat within themselves and hide it as a secret. They have a disconnect in their control panel as she did in the dream.

Every time i see this disconnect in people who have benefited from my assistance or point of view and I have shared my heart with; I can’t lie; I am disappointed. It is such a gift to experience such a lifetime where individuals are able to regain their individual power and to be shown a simple yet powerful way to do it. Wouldn’t you want this for all those you love? Wouldn’t it be worth the risk of the possibility of rebuke?

The more you share truth, the more you poke through all limitations and breath new life into the planet. It is not done through arguing. It is done by standing in your own center. We as a group of individuals will be collectively manifesting greater love for all life. Lets not waste another crop of sacred potential. Let’s salvage the crop in the field. Let’s break down the walls of resistance in the world to to divine love and kindness.

Every step you take in the advancement of your personal empowerment and truth is a leap forward in the advancement of humanity. Feel the empowerment of sharing! I certainly do by sharing truth with you. Feel my love and gratitude as well.

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Some people get annoyed when I post anything that touches upon politics. They are happy enough when I post anything that is peripheral and they can apply to their daily life. But what they don’t realize is that everything I write is meant to cut through the lies to bring more truth to the world. It is done at a vibrational level. What better way to cut through the scum of the pond to reveal the purity of the deeper waters.
If it causes a reaction, that is because it is piercing stagnant layers in the individual. My contents of my writings in themselves are proof of the pure intention they hold. Everyone thinks the know truth. And they do from a vantage point. But there is always a more expansive way to look at life. It is beyond division, rhetoric or psychic manipulation. Truth has been withheld from individuals for so long that they don’t even trust their own knowing any more.
Anyone who has an agenda, has an intention of manipulating others into creating that as a mainstay. This is what power has done all through history. The fact that many of us can see through the illusion these days is evidence of the shift in consciousness. But there are some that are still entrenched in old consciousness. They are trying to sway humanity to their will. What is a more despicable form of abuse than one who feels entitled to our adoration when they have done nothing to deserve it. Such persons are despicable.
We have a couple really good examples to do a field study in arrogance and abuse of power. One is a little boy playing with toys that could destroy many lives and the balance of the planet. One runs his part of the world like a good ole boy club creating ridiculous wealth for a few thugs and the rest disregarding as his minions.
Then we have another one who is a want to be world leader who is so transparent to anyone with any awareness. Propaganda
The billionaire that Trump put in charge of the FCC is changing the rules to benefit Trump slanted news. Trump supporters are buying up many local news stations and making the anchors tell mandatory stories promoting Trump and Trump’s agenda. Apparently, it is now legal to slant the news to an agenda. This is not just a whole station that people can guess what its allegiance is; like Fox news. This is slipping propaganda stories into our local news casts and selling them as truth. Its hiding them between the stories of our neighborhoods.
Trust me, I don’t like to have to share these exercises, that some people thing are bias. I am only biased to truth. I remember seeing a look into communist countries when in school and thinking it was awful that they just got to watch shows that praised their leader. The thought of that happening here can illicit pure dread. Many of us can just turn the TV off. But many of us find comfort in watching television. These people are susceptible to being manipulated.
(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
“I declare myself a surrogate for humanity in doing these taps; in all moments”
“I release the belief that Propaganda is inevitable; in all moments”
“I release giving energy to propaganda; in all moments”
“I release converting energy into propaganda; in all moments”
“I remove all vivaxes between myself and Propaganda in all moments”
“I remove all tentacles between myself and Propaganda in all moments”
“I remove all programming and conditioning that Propaganda has put on me; in all moments”
“I remove all engrams created by Propaganda in all moments”
“I withdraw all my energy from all propaganda; inall moments”
“I eliminate the first cause in the initiation of all Propaganda; in all moments”
“I remove all masks, walls and armor that Propagandas have put on me; in all moments”
“I strip all illusion off of all Propaganda; in all moments”
“I send all energy matrices of Propagandas into the Light and Sound; in all moments”
“I command all complex energy matrices of Propaganda to be escorted into the Light and Sound; in all moments”
“I recant all vows and agreements between myself and all Propaganda; in all moments”
“I remove all curses between myself and all Propaganda; in all moments”
“I remove all blessings between myself and all propaganda’ in all moments”
“I dissipate all psychic streams of energy of propaganda; in all moments”
“I sever all strings and cords between myself and all propaganda; in all moments”
“I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and all propaganda; in all moments”
“I release resonating or emanating with any propaganda; in all moments”
“I extract all Propagandas from my Sound Frequency; in all moments”
“I extract all Propagandas from my Light emanation; in all moments”
“I extracts all Propagandas from all 32 layers of my auric field; in all moments”
“I extract all Propagandas from my whole beingness; in all moments”
“I shift my paradigm from all Propagandas to Universal Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom; in all moments”
“I transcend all propaganda; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in Universal Joy, Love, Abundance, and Freedom, in all moments”
“I resonate, emanate and am interconnected to all life in Universal Joy, Love, Abundance, and Freedom, in all moments”