The Re-connection Technique:


There is a theory that I heard that resonated. The reason that some areas in the world are still so warlike is that their DNA is one and a half strands instead of two. Two strands of DNA are the bare minimum for survival. People are supposed to have at least 12 strands of DNA and that 12 strands is our more natural state.

If this resonates, here is a technique to assist the word in overcoming its warlike tendencies. In contemplation, look at the world and see the places that look gray. Then imagine knitting, weaving, or crocheting 12 golden strands where there is two strands. There is no need to direct it in any area. Just visualize creating 12 strands where there are two. Do this in your visualizations.

When you look at the earth again, see if any areas that were gray are now lit up more. Keep the intention of always uplifting the earth with your intention. When ever you think about it and are in a loving mood, visualizing knitting 12 strands together where there were two. Make them straight, even, loving and golden strands. When you look at the earth in visualizations, see it immersed in golden, loving Light and saturated in Love.

Make Every Day Independence Day

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Just as it is irresponsible to dispose of toxic waste with disregard; it is also irresponsible to dump your toxic problems on others. A responsible protocol should be followed in getting rid of toxic issues. Go to an expert, learn how to recycle experiences so they aren’t so toxic. Also, learn to dissolve the issues into Light and Love during contemplation or prayer.

Problems have matter. That is why when you let go of them, you feel lighter. But it is irresponsible to hand them over to someone else. Instead, in contemplation visualize packing your problems up into a tiny ball like a snow ball. Pack them really tight and then throw them into a magnificent celestial sky. Watch them burst into displays of light and sound; like fireworks until they dissipate and dissolve.. This will stop the cycle of just passing them to others.

When you are listening to someone’s problems and get tired out, you need to be a good friend to yourself and stop. If this offends the other person then they are not your friend and are just using you to get rid of some heavy stuff that they don’t want to carry.Teach them this technique and do thee taps with them.

Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest.

“I release confusing downloading my problems onto others as being nurtured”

“I release the narcissistic need to wear others out with my issues”

I convert all issues back into love; in all moments”

“All issues, pain and problems, that enter my realm, are automatically transformed back into love and light; in all moments”

“I manifest the greatest capacity of light, love and healing in this realm as possible; in all moments”

“I raise the bar on Light, Love and healing; in all moments”

“I resonate, emanate and am interconnected with all life; in light, love and healing; in all moments”