How Labels Are A Curse

A curse is simply inflicting your will onto the will of another and affecting their course of action. It doesn’t need to be malicious. A curse could be as simple as saying:
“You will never amount to anything if you go to art school”
“Nobody will love you as much as I do”
“You are going to be round shouldered if you don’t sit up straight”
“The whole situation is sad”
Deeming something sad is a form of a curse. It is also putting a label on it. If you deem something sad, it is a form of immersing it in energetic quicksand the likes it can never get our of. Deeming something sad is a manipulative ploy overused to put someone else at a disadvantage.
Of all the horrific experiences that I have been through, the worst was when someone took pity on me and gave me sympathy. Throwing around the word sad is as debilitating as anything else. Think about when you truly have compassion for someone. You don’t call them sad. You call them courageous, strong or a winner. Calling someone sad these days is a means to affect those you disfavor.
A label is a curse because it operates under the same principle as the word sad. It nails something in the coordinates of a limited time and space. When ever you call someone something, you preclude them from being anywhere outside of the box unless they work really hard to break out of those coordinates.
Once you say someone is never happy, it takes them so much more energy to show up outside of those perimeters you have set for them. All minds are a 3 D printer and are manifesting constantly. If someone is trying to change, it is more difficult if everyone else is manifesting for them to stay stuck in the perimeters that were inflicted on them.
Positive labels may seem like a way to remedy inflicting limitations onto others. But what about the person who is locked into a false sense of self because they always have to be the “good one”? What if one is deemed the strong one, the caretaker, the smart one or the baby? See how these limitations can create an identity crisis if people try to move out of the perimeters of these descriptions.
A pretty aware person wrote an article about the givers and takers. I just was saddened about this dismissal of people in being labeled so glibly. Some of the most selfish people in the world are those who give everything of a materialistic nature but refuse to receive.
If one refuses to receive then they really are never truly tapped into giving. One who cant receive is giving as a form of self medicating and not to honor those in which they give. If one can not realize the need in others to give, then all the giving they do is rendered a selfish act. If one is perceiving in energy and can depict the true value of exchange.
In a subtle way, separating people into givers and receivers is a haughty display of arrogance. The person labeling people surely believes they are in the virtuous position of giving and are judging the so called takers is some way. But one can only see through a limited lens.
Some who see me tired and listless some days may call me a taker. They may not realize that the reason I am tired is that I have given every ounce of myself to the advancement of humanity in the subtle realms. They would even scoff at me and consider me lazy perhaps. All the while I am retrieving beings from the depth of hell and returning them to a path where they can regain their empowerment. But to the physical eyes, its all about appearances.
If you see someone who does not resonate with you, simply allow them to have their experiences. We have all abused power at one point in our development and it is a necessary lesson. It is shortsighted to deny this experience to another. Those that abuse power and disrupt the natural cadence to the rhythm of life, are the ones who in turn will be the most dynamic healers some day.
Be grateful. Be grateful for who you are, who you are not, every experience that you have and every awareness that you accrue. You will no longer be enslaved to labels, curses and slights. You are determining the depth of your own empowerment by how much truth you are willing to ingest. You choose my friend. No one chooses for you. This is what freedom is.

Being Consciously Kind


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Anything that we think or say to someone that squelches their possibilities, potential or joy is a curse. We are implanting our intention in the pathway of their own and derailing them from clear access to their highest empowerment.

Jen Ward