How to Make Disease Accessible to All


Make it a common occurrence by running advertisements about it all through the day with strong offensive visuals and likable victims.

Talk about it with family and friends as easily as talking about the weather.

Give it it’s very own color so that when people see it, they automatically think of disease.

Honor it with races, picnics, parades and celebrity endorsements.

Mix it with our entertainment so it is pumped into our psyche when we watch our favorite sports or television shows.

Make it a lucrative businesses and benefit from it.

Make it a common occurrence to be dependent on harsh drugs with devastating side effects.

Continue to pump poisons into the food, air and water system so that every new generation accepts being poisoned as part of life.

Become so dependent on the monetary system that big businesses and those who have the most money, make decisions for all of society.

Make it very difficult to buy foods that are not laden with toxins. Make the chemicals taste so good that they are preferred over healthy nutritious natural foods.

Continue to cut down trees; which is the most natural and easiest way to pull toxins out of our air.

Demonize those who value trees and understand their necessity in our survival.

Refuse to see the correlation between emotional issues and the physical make up of a person.

Refuse to see the human system as an energy system. Refuse to acknowledge energy blockages as a early form of addressing dis-ease.

Continue to erode away natural resources so that people cover every inch of the planet.

Make eating plenty of unhealthy foods a part of every social event

Make a disease more endearing by identifying it with a spokes person that is extremely likeable like Lou Gehrig or Michale J. Fox.

Treat victims like heroes so it becomes socially unacceptable to say anything negative about the disease because it will seem to invalidate the plight of those who have suffered with it.

Make it a feel good cause to abstractly rally against it to distract the attention from the big business that benefits from its survival.

Demonize natural approaches to healing

Demonize God gifted healers as flakes, liars, delusional and thieves.

Idolize western medicine and those who practice it.

Accept a fate of burning, poisoning or cutting away parts of the body as a natural process.

Deny any modality that does not glorify western medicine.

Program society with such complacency that people resolve to die rather than accept any limitations in the practices of western medicine.

Believe that disease is inevitable.

Allow drug companies to distate the medication people are subscribed

Allow doctors to over subscribe medication to create a systemmic opiod crisis.

Feel unworthy

Use being sick as a sense of belonging or validation

Continue to pump as many people into the population of the world as possible, so that in general, the individual is expendable.

Breed ignorance by attacking anyone who says anything that causes a reaction of defensiveness in yourself.

Demonize whole demographics so that fear can be uses as a smokescreen to keep people fighting attacking each other instead of the issues

Refuse to innovate to cleaner forms of energy because those who benefit from the present forms won’t allow it.

Confuse the issues of environment with issues of faith in some twisted way. Make is so that sincere people who are just trying to do the best for their families are pitted against each other and demonize each other as a form of distraction from the bigger issues.

Continue on the current path.

How to Treat a Diagnosis


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A diagnosis has a vibration and a life of its own. So even if you are talking about the symptoms of it being gone, you are still talking about it and giving it life and breath and the ability to wiggle back in. Think of a diagnosis as a precocious child who will get into things if you turn your back.

Once the child is in bed, you don’t keep going in to check if it is asleep. The fact that it isn’t running around disturbing things is your evidence. The same is true with a diagnosis. Once your get relief from an issue, refrain from ever identifying with it. It is the most efficient way to ensure it stays dormant .

What Aware Souls Do


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Energy matches the vibration of the things it clings to, just like dew clings to a morning leaf. That dew could believe it is a part of the leaf. That is what it “knows” as its identity. In the same way, the energies that collect within an area can take on personal characteristics.
A house is full of all your thoughts, emotions and habitual interactions, bouncing around and permeating the atmosphere. There is no need to sensationalize it or give it further life by being fearful of it. It is merely a condensation and collection of human interactions, identifying with those actions and thus developing a persona.
Fear and inactivity are great ways to coagulate the energy. Inactivity, slows down the natural flow of energy. Just like pure water will stagnate if it is left standing still, so will energy. Most issues in the body will clear up if you simply remove the fear, and move fresh energy into it. This is why people with open minds and open hearts in general are more healthy. Their energy, as it is implied by the word “open” is more fluid so they do not collect stagnant energy in the body as easily.
Complaining, gossiping, judging, and labeling are all ways of coagulating the energy. Regret stops the movement of energy cold. Kindness, acceptance, non reactionary state and gratitude, are means of keeping the energy flowing. Put and open-minded person next to a bigoted one and you can see the difference in how stagnant energy pinches the features and the intellect of the bigot. The open minded person’s features and energy will remain more round and open. Stagnant energy ages a person.
Western medicine is big on labeling issues. This is a means of coagulating the energy further so it has actual mass and weight. When an issue has mass and weight, it is a validation for western medicine. Western medicine is based on this validation. Of course your mind being a 3-D printer, can produce anything you program it to; even disease.
Alternative medicine deals more obliquely with issues. Energy workers see the issue for what it is; blocked and stagnant energy. They don’t use the blockage as validation for their work, they use the absence of blockages to validate it. That is why people who are more immersed in materialism, gravitate to western medicine. People who don’t need such validation, remain healthier.
Many people need their results to be concrete evidence because they have lost the ability to perceive in energy. They are flying blind in this way and so cling to the most validating means of reacting. Unfortunately, this includes, burning or cutting away at their beautiful body at the site of the clogged energy; instead of merely figuring out what is causing the blockage and releasing it.
Alternative Medicine is an oxymoron because it is the one most natural and conducive to wellness. Our body deals with releasing stagnant energy on a regular basis. It is a natural process that happens literally as naturally as breathing. As you inhale, your body breath is scanning the body for blockages. As you exhale it is releasing and repairing them.
Our body deals with these blockages on a regular basis. If left alone, the body will remove these blockages naturally before a person has an inclination to put a label on them. But once a diagnosis is involved, the conscious mind gets involved with fear, dread, and mocking up worse case scenarios. Once this happens, it coagulates the issue even more so and is more difficult to remove. This is why western medicine preaches early detection. Its validation depends on the conscious mind getting involved and coagulating the energy further to create a more solid diagnosis.
When the body gets overwhelmed with issues, it will store them in the diaphragm to release later when the body is in a more relaxed state. If it can’t get to them in due time, it will bubble wrap them in a fat cell and store them in the body to release later.
That is why losing weight is so difficult for some. It isn’t merely about decreasing intake of food. It is about creating a more fluid atmosphere for energy to move around the body while unpacking all the emotional issues it has packed in fat cells. When losing weight, you are dealing with all the emotional issues that were once stored. You are unpacking them to release. That is why people are so moody when dieting. But if they become more active, it is a way of processing these issues more readily.
Being healthy in general entails keeping your energy as fluid as possible. If you think about the past too much, it creates a stoppage of your emotional energy. If you worry about the future too much it creates a stoppage of your mental energy. If you are too sedentary, it causes you to regret the moment and revert to either the past or present too easily. Physical, emotional and mental energy are all important to keep fluid.
That is another reason, personal beliefs need to change as well as physical and emotional points to be optimally healthy. Beliefs cause a collecting point for stagnant energy in the body. Everything else in the body, could be moving at a great pace. but these beliefs that may be so ingrained, may be markers in our energy system that can cause a literal sticking point in our health.
Things like religious limitations, genetic markers and emotional attachments to ethnicity or opinions, are a great way to clog energy. Its like posting a stick in pure fluid water. It will collect moss to it over time. These rigid belief systems are like moss collectors in our energy field. If you want to know how a person becomes less fluid as an energy system, look at their beliefs.
The great thing about this understanding, is that one can just free up their energy system by having an understanding of it as fluid energy. One limitation even open-minded people put on it though, is looking at it as two-dimensional. Those who use visualizations imagine energy coming into the top of the head and moving through the body. Even this is a limited belief system.
Energy is coming into us from all angles and all directions. It is more realistic to envision oneself as a car going through a car wash, being permeated with water jets from all sides. Energy flows in from all directions and emanates out from us in all directions. We are more like a starburst in space than a stick figure moving through life-like we are on a conveyor belt of time.
We are expansive, dynamic, multidimensional expressive beings. The more we see ourselves this way, the more we can maintain a dynamic center that is not on any man-made linear time line. We are sovereign beings. As sovereign beings we have no need to subjugate or diminish any other beings. This would cause them to be “clingy” to our energy field. No. We understand to maintain a totally free orbit, we must allot this freedom to all others so they will not inadvertently impinge our freedom by bumping into our orbit. This is what aware souls do.

The Sick Child


People have been asking themselves “Why are there sick children in the world if God is so fair and just?” God is fair and just. God does not view pain and problems from the human consciousness. Pain and problems are fleeting. They are a blip on the screen from the vantage point of forever. These instances of anguish are what makes the metal of human consciousness more pliable.

It is wonderful when there is a sick child that takes their condition like a champ. The perspective of a fresh body and parents that care about them in a new set of skin; is what they need to triumph. They most likely were taken out from their last lifetime with a similar diagnosis. But when they come into this lifetime, they have a fresh new body to beat it, they have the love and support of their parents, they have the cuteness factor working for them. It is much easier to fight such things this way, than when being in a worn out body that has passed its prime and become cynical or lacking the fortitude to thrive.

On a soul’s level, these children are so capable of thriving because they are grateful with the new set of conditions that they are given to fight what needs to be overcome. Our karmic issues must be forged through. Isn’t it wonderful that so many are advancing through dis-ease with the aptitude of a very old soul. That is because they are. Overcoming debilitating disease is a benchmark of accomplishment in the lifespan of an infinite soul. Sickness does not carry the weight that it does in looking at it from the perspective of just one lifetime.

This may seem cruel and unkind to the parents of a suffering child. But it is much more humane to believe that a child is continuing their karmic lessons from a past life rather than believing that God singled them out to suffer and go through horrific procedures on a whim. Issues are testing grounds of soul. To be able to be tested so young marks a child with a wisdom and vantage point that surpasses their peers. What an incredible gift; to obtain great wisdom in such a new body. The child who deals with dis-ease has indeed been gifted.