The Fast Track to Raising Consciousness

Humans are Living, Breathing Portal makers. Anything they put their attention on and fixate on, especially with passion (igniting the heart to work with the mind) will manifest. The problem is that humans have been subjugated and taught to only manifest negative scenarios for themselves and the world they live in, by default.
Every time you agree with a negative scenario, you are adding your portal making abilities to that of another. You are fortifying a negative portal for yourself and others to walk through and exist in. Children innately understand this and this is why they react so vehemently to the rules put on them by adults.
Creating negative portals have become so ingrained, that people can’t help thinking negative thoughts and scenarios. The thoughts come in at an alarming rate for some. It is a distressing thing for someone who consciously tries to be positive; to have these negative thoughts come through.
It is because they are trying to be positive that the negativity will inundate them more. It is no different from cold air rushing to meet hot air or vice versa and creating steam. Here is a way to deal with negative thoughts that rush in and seem overwhelming.
Imagine a thought as a bubble forming as a new reality. It is emerging from your mind to manifest as a reality. Simply, pull the thought away from your mind before it is fully formed, with a conscious intention. Do this as many times as you have negative thoughts. Some people will have to keep at it diligently for a while. But eventually, you will learn to not waste your efforts creating negative scenarios because the conscious you will simply deflate them and watch them dissipate. Make this your new habit.
This technique has an added advantage. The you that is pulling off the negative reality is the you of higher consciousness. You will actually be adopting the vantage point of your higher self. It is a fast track to raising your consciousness.

Hold that Thought


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There is a great freedom in realizing that you don’t have to share every thought that comes to your mind. It is such a freedom to be slightly annoyed with a clerk or a teller and to not visit it on them at all. It is empowering to learn to sit with your junk and sort through it in your own time. People will be more drawn to you. You will exude a greater confidence. If there is nothing positive to offer, then it is so freeing to withhold the opinion, feeling, commiserating, or annoyance.

I had to be psychologically tortured to learn the lesson of just containing my subjective self. It was obviously horrendously excruciating to contain myself or deal with the consequences if I did not. It was very ingrained before that un-conditioning. Issues that seemed relevant would just blurt out.

Glean from my experience so that all can benefit more from going through all that I did. Hold in those things that are not relevant. It will seem like torture, I understand. Release them later in a contemplation or a cleanse of some kind. It is empowering to do so.