The Sanctity of Healing

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From what I have found, one doesn’t have to worry about the humility of a healer. It seems to be a prerequisite for true healing to take place. Regardless if it is healing for one’s self or for another. The healer doesn’t have to worry much about the healed telling anyone about it. The human consciousness seems to forget such gifts as soon as they are accepted; or soon after.

For myself, I think it is important in the current climate to document healing as a means to awaken those in complacency of what is possible. There are so many people who accept the diagnosis of terminal rather than fighting a new awareness that would make terminal not an absolute conclusion. Disease is a way of backing one into a corner and healing is a way to paint one’s self out of a corner.

Those of us who know the formula of healing could teach others their protocol. Healing is not as mystical as it was once thought. Healing is also not an absolute. It can be, but that depends on the facilitator and the subject. And there is not that much glory in healing others. As with anything else, there is a misconception of it. It is usually lonely and isolating to be so dedicated to one’s craft.The only gain is the satisfaction of helping others and the satisfaction of living one’s purpose and sharing their gifts.

Anyone has the potential to heal others. Just like anyone can be an artist or a teacher. And anyone can heal themselves, just like anyone can pick up a writing utensil and create art. The passion depth and ingenuity to do so, is a subjective thing. But there is a protocol to it and some guidelines to follow. If you were an artist, you would always want to clean your brushes afterward so they stay pliable. The same is true with staying flexible as a healer.

There are outmoded belief systems around healers, as with anything else. The fear of taking on karma is a big one. Karma is energy. Taking on karma can only happen if the facilitator is at the same vantage point as the subject. A trained healer wouldn’t do this. A trained healer doesn’t bring any component of themselves into the session unless it is to benefit the subject in some way. During a session, the subject learns nothing or little about the healer’s personal realm. That would be gratuitous.

A way to pierce someone’s energy is to use an issue that is near and dear to their hearts and find a soft spot in their energy and use it to render them vulnerable. That is what many do when they inadvertently affront a healer. That is why it is important for a healer to stay detached and focused. It is balancing this vantage point with incredible love that is so empowering.

When I do energy work, my energy field is very soft and porous and very expansive. It is a fine art for me to be so receptive and expansive in doing energy work and also ruthlessly defending my boundaries. When I do this, as I sometimes do when I am writing, people think I am harsh. They don’t realize that I am protecting my self in a way and the harsh interaction is a boundary between those who have a subtle agenda and myself. They do not realize the offense and I don’t have the articulation to explain it. But it happens.

On a very subtle level, there is a vie for power or one up-man-ship. It is a side affect of living in a world where life itself is a competition. It is a subtle dynamic that plays out on more subtle realms than the conscious mind. As humanity advances in awareness, there is a great need to be aware of and to monitor very subtle impulses to diminish another. As we all learn to perceive in energy, we don’t want to inadvertently do damage to others.

Perception of being kind and loving changes with how deep we choose to perceive life. It may seem kind to just stroke someone’s ego and not upset their perception of the world. For myself, I believe it is more kind to help them learn the tools to accept a greater sense of empowerment of themselves outside the confines of a physical body. One of the best ways to prove one’s empowerment to themselves is to know how to heal themselves. This removes some of the limiting perceptions that the world provided. Limiting beliefs and perceptions prevent people from being more dynamic and empowered than they presently are able to achieve as a group.

How to Make Disease Accessible to All


Make it a common occurrence by running advertisements about it all through the day with strong offensive visuals and likable victims.

Talk about it with family and friends as easily as talking about the weather.

Give it it’s very own color so that when people see it, they automatically think of disease.

Honor it with races, picnics, parades and celebrity endorsements.

Mix it with our entertainment so it is pumped into our psyche when we watch our favorite sports or television shows.

Make it a lucrative businesses and benefit from it.

Make it a common occurrence to be dependent on harsh drugs with devastating side effects.

Continue to pump poisons into the food, air and water system so that every new generation accepts being poisoned as part of life.

Become so dependent on the monetary system that big businesses and those who have the most money, make decisions for all of society.

Make it very difficult to buy foods that are not laden with toxins. Make the chemicals taste so good that they are preferred over healthy nutritious natural foods.

Continue to cut down trees; which is the most natural and easiest way to pull toxins out of our air.

Demonize those who value trees and understand their necessity in our survival.

Refuse to see the correlation between emotional issues and the physical make up of a person.

Refuse to see the human system as an energy system. Refuse to acknowledge energy blockages as a early form of addressing dis-ease.

Continue to erode away natural resources so that people cover every inch of the planet.

Make eating plenty of unhealthy foods a part of every social event

Make a disease more endearing by identifying it with a spokes person that is extremely likeable like Lou Gehrig or Michale J. Fox.

Treat victims like heroes so it becomes socially unacceptable to say anything negative about the disease because it will seem to invalidate the plight of those who have suffered with it.

Make it a feel good cause to abstractly rally against it to distract the attention from the big business that benefits from its survival.

Demonize natural approaches to healing

Demonize God gifted healers as flakes, liars, delusional and thieves.

Idolize western medicine and those who practice it.

Accept a fate of burning, poisoning or cutting away parts of the body as a natural process.

Deny any modality that does not glorify western medicine.

Program society with such complacency that people resolve to die rather than accept any limitations in the practices of western medicine.

Believe that disease is inevitable.

Allow drug companies to distate the medication people are subscribed

Allow doctors to over subscribe medication to create a systemmic opiod crisis.

Feel unworthy

Use being sick as a sense of belonging or validation

Continue to pump as many people into the population of the world as possible, so that in general, the individual is expendable.

Breed ignorance by attacking anyone who says anything that causes a reaction of defensiveness in yourself.

Demonize whole demographics so that fear can be uses as a smokescreen to keep people fighting attacking each other instead of the issues

Refuse to innovate to cleaner forms of energy because those who benefit from the present forms won’t allow it.

Confuse the issues of environment with issues of faith in some twisted way. Make is so that sincere people who are just trying to do the best for their families are pitted against each other and demonize each other as a form of distraction from the bigger issues.

Continue on the current path.

There’s a special kind of Hell for…….


Have you ever heard the expression, There is a special hell for……? It is true. There is a special kind of hell and a special kind of heaven for everyone. These experiences are custom made. The truth is, we make our own heaven and we make our own hell by the kind of energy we indulge in.

If we are constantly complaining, arguing, taking, lying or feeling victimized, this is the same vibration of energy we will attract. In a way, we are already entrenching ourselves in a private hell with these experiences, This life is a dress rehearsal for what happens when we cross the veil and slip out of the physical body.

The same is true with our heaven. Have you ever met someone that you seemed really shouldn’t be happy based on their outer circumstances? Yet they are always going out of their way to help others? They understand that what we are given as obstacles are merely in place to strengthen their integrity and resilience. It is us honing the ability to bring heaven where ever we go, It is a means of alchemy.

Do you know someone who makes you feel better merely by their presence? They are immersed in a higher vibration perhaps, and you get to partake of it by being around them. These people bring a little heaven here to earth. They are the ones that hold space for heaven in our every day world.

Animals and Nature naturally do this. You will never find a tree complaining. We should all be more like the trees. Think about our reason to be here, Did we really come to accumulate stuff? Or are we here to bring all our gifts of kindness, sincerity and integrity here to dilute the vibration of more harsh experiences. In a way, we are all here to bring a piece of heaven to earth. Perhaps it is a means to evaporate the hell others who are immersed in selfishness, try to inflict on us all.

I implore people to stop thinking of heaven as a stagnant state. They believe they get all their hearts desires for the mere entry, This belief is what keeps the filthy rich indifference of their affects on the world. It keeps the rest of us in a state of apathy just waiting to die because things will be better in heaven. You know who felt this way? Slaves. When we are waiting for a better life when we die, we are thinking like a slave. It is a slave mentality.

Do what you can now to raise your vibrations. Raising awareness; as in a disease, is not raising vibration but merely making space for more of the vibration of whatever you are raising awareness of. You can’t raise the vibration by adding more vibration of disease into the mix. This is the ploy that has kept us stuck in apathy. You raise vibration by focusing on the opposite of the issue. NOT on the issue.

For example, you can have as many races to cure a disease as you want. You can have picnics, celebrations for the victims who survive, memorialize those who have died of that disease and throw as much money at a disease as possible. This merely assures that the vibration of the diseases stays in relevant in mainstream society and our homes.

How about focusing on the opposite of a disease? How about exemplifying those who use natural abilities to dissipate the stagnant energy that is the precursor to physical illness? It is the issues that we carry around like laden fruit that finally drop to the ground of physicality that skilled practitioners can dissipate. They do all the time. Yet this is too preposterous to subscribe to. We demonize these people, and ignore their amazing results, Why? Because if they were acknowledged, they would take the mystique out of organized religion.

Did you know it only takes two proven miracles to be become a saint in the Roman Catholic Religion. Just two. Most gifted natural healers see miracles every day. Real life shifting results are happening. Yet the politics of religion has been to demonize these dynamic healers as flakes, phonies, or delusional as a means to prevent them from stealing the edge that organized religion has over people.

If one is able to discern for themselves, they will realize that Jesus came to earth specifically to address the mentality they are caught up in. Many times the person who is most Christ like, is the non christian.

I saw on the news people spitting venom at others and calling them non Christians. They could not see how the sincerity of their belief system was being manipulated by the hands of power. Many times the reason that the alternative healers and more Christ like behavior is on the fringe of society is because they do not take up arms against others to prop up their own purpose. They do not use others to cushion their own self importance. They more readily walk in the footsteps of Jesus than the tax collectors.

Don’t people realize that Jesus was a tree hugger? He respected and honored the wisdom of trees. Jesus would not have advocated for war. He would have been considered a hippy if he lived in the sixties, Or even worse, he would have been a draft dodger. He would not have advocated war. He loved all people. He would not mix love of God with service to war and country. God loves all people. He would not care about the color of their skin, what side of the border they were born or what they called him.

Jesus could perceive in energy at least as good as me. He would realize that any state of non movement is a stagnant state of consciousness. Stagnant states of consciousness are the precipice of disease. Closed borders, closed minds, closed hearts and closed business are all stagnant states of consciousness. Creating an environment where people are not able to live their purpose because they don’t fall into the right economic, political, religious systems is a stagnant state of consciousness. It also creates hell on earth. There are factions that are still trying to create hell on earth for so many as each individual is on the precipice of breaking free.

I remember a small part of the Book of Revelations where it said that there would come a time when it would be difficult to tell the devil from God. (something to that effect) That is what we are experiencing now, the predictions in the Book of Revelations. It is the ones who try to inflict harm and control on others who are really the servants of a dark force. What is so ironic is the people who are most devoted to their religions are the ones who are seem more susceptible to being duped.

I know that I offend some people with what I write. To me it is worth it if it pulls just one person out of apathy. Writing is my tool. It is what I have at hand. If anyone is disgusted by the current state of affairs and stays on the fence of indifference they are living in a private hell. If anyone refuses to speak truth out of fear of retribution, that is a private hell. If someone refuses to outgrow a system of conduct that was born in the Dark Ages they are in a private hell. If someone reacts so strongly to what I write here that is prompts them to hate, they are in a private hell.

May I suggest to anyone who has a strong negative reaction to this post to forego the energy used to attack me. Use in instead to turn inwardly to free the parts of yourself that are held stagnant in a certain belief. Doing so is a way of deep healing.

This is What is Happening When You Share Your Health Issues.


The body made you from two cells. It knew enough what to do to create a complete whole, functioning human out of two cells. It knows what it is doing. When your finger gets cut, it knows how to repair it immediately. It will clot the blood at the sight to stop the bleeding and will immediately start knitting the tissue in place so there is no hint of an injury. Your body is genius in that way. It has all the information and intelligence to fix you. It is the engineer of your physical existence.

If there is an issue with the upkeep of your body. It knows how to handle it. Many times leaving the body alone to do its work will work wonders. Symptoms of a cold or flu is the body’s way to eliminate toxins very quickly. That is all it is. But humans don’t like dealing with the process of the release of toxins, so they interfere with the process using medicines.

Humans interfere with the body’s genius in so many ways. Body odor is a good thing. It is an indication that toxins are leaving the body. But people don’t like to stink so they use the strongest chemicals possible to plug up the pores that are releasing the toxins. So they back these toxins back into into the lymph nodes and blood stream expecting them to find a different route to elimination.

When someone gets a headache or a pain of some kind, it is the body indicating that there is a toxin of some kind that is disrupting the calm of the body. But instead of addressing the issue, one just gets rid of the signal that is indicating there is an issue to address. What would happen if you ignored the empty gas indicator on the car? You would understand that it couldn’t run. Why is this so hard to understand with the body?

People know when they are stressed or over doing it. But they keep running on an empty gas tank until they can’t anymore. They have disconnected from their body through neglect, indifference or being taught to do so. Your body created you. It is the master mechanic, and engineer of the physical you. Yet you ignore it’s every warning and hint that an issue needs addressing. How would that play out in building designs if everyone ignored the architecture? Instead, professional “guessers” are brought in to address the issue.

What western medicine does is collect data on all the people who have had similar issues. It clumps them into one category. Right of the bat they are minimizing the individual to an average. They are stating “you are not unique”. They treat one individual as any other individual. So in your treatment from them, you have been deduced to the lowest common denominator in your health.

Western medicine treats a physical body in a vacuum. It treats it like dead energy. Using the same treatment for different samples would work perhaps in treating a stain on a shirt. But a human organism has emotional reactions to stimuli that differ from others. It has thoughts and experiences and feelings that are unique to its psyche. If all of these factors are a compilation of the individual, how can they all be treated the same? No two humans look exactly alike. So adding in a multiple of factors, how can the possibly be expected to respond similarly to treatment? Has no one thought of this or has the systemic conditioning to give away our empowerment as humans become complete?

If western medicine was truly concerned about the wellness of people, it would whole heartedly embrace alternative practices that treat the individual AS an individual. They would take into the consideration the things that work naturally. Instead of demonizing those who work with the body’s own intuition, they would embrace the information and factor it into their assessments. But the denial of alternative medicine stems back to the beginning of the Dark Ages where people treated intangible factors as evil spirits. This mentality; and the mentality of demonizing all those who are intuitive, is still in practice.

The schism between western medicine and alternative medicine is an evolution of the schism between Christianity and Paganism. Christianity, during the dark ages made a conscious attempt to remove all references to past lives from its teachings. Even the fact that John the Baptist came to profess the rebirth of a great soul in the form of Jesus is lost. I saw it revealed on a movie of the week about the story of Christ when I was a child. But since then, society has become more savvy to our spiritual questions and removed all subtle references of reincarnation from the bible.

Genocide was committed on pagans in the eleventh and twelve centuries. Their practices of perceiving intangibles was demonized as witchcraft. The fear of evil spirits was systemic in those times. So as a means to eliminate the fear, everything that had to do with tuning into subtle energies was eradicated. Even if, in this day and age, it would make perfect sense. For example, if you put red pepper on seeds that you don’t want the squirrels to eat that would be considered witchcraft in past times. They simply had no reference point for why things worked; let alone the transference of energy.

Because Pagans were able to perceive in energy, as many of us do today, and were able to make the connection to past lives, they were considered a threat to Christianity. Because Christianity was based on absolute loyalty without question. Paganism created many questions. So is true with the dynamics of alternative healers and those who subscribe to western medicine.

Since alternative healers understand that past life trauma is carried into the DNA of the new fetus and is incorporated in the architecture of each human being, the variables in controlling such data is impossible for the conscious human. Such information puts western medicine at a disadvantage. This does not sit well with the position of superiority of western medicine or the christian belief system in society. Many early hospitals were backed by the “church”. In the eighteenth century, most of the hospitals that were getting better results using alternative practices were closed. We have been born into the mentality of dismissing alternative practices .

We see this level of control play out in society in the issue of abortion. Many alternative healers easily tune into the past life of their clients. There are records of every experience the individual has had in all their lifetimes stored in what is called their Akashic records. The individual accesses these when they are immersed in the more subtle energies of sleep. They pull back memories of a past era or see a place in their dreams where there are a lot of paintings; like a museum. They are accessing their Akashic records. Even looking at a photo album in the dream state is a way to tell your conscious mind when it awakes that you were studying your past life records.

So the fetus, is not getting snuffed out of reality if it is not born. In fact, one of the experiences that is necessary for soul is to gestate and have a slight interaction with the players in that lifetime but not be immersed in creating more karma with them by being forced to be born. People talk about the rights of the unborn. It is an emotional ploy. It is a more compassionate stance to care about the quality of love and life for all souls than to micromanage who is allotted a physical body or not. There are many children already born who deserve to be loved. If the focus was also on assisting them, the abortion issue wouldn’t seem so hypocritical.

The lack of acceptance of alternative practices is because of the issue of abortion; which is used as a tactic to galvanize people into a stance without thinking it through for themselves. They are taught to ignore all their body cues, and all the reminders they are receiving about their own past lives and blindly trust writings that have been written thousands of years ago. Blind faith is not rational. So an issue as delicate as defending babies is needed to keep people in primal mode in regards to faith. Especially with the evolution of such undeniable exchanges of energy that are irrefutable in these modern times. Also with the irrefutable memory of their own past lives that comes to physical fruition through their preferences, fears, and desires.

In regards to health, when an emotional issue becomes so neglected in the body, it becomes heavy; like laden fruit. Its heaviness causes it to “drop” into the physical world as a symptom of disease. If the issue is addressed through listening to the body’s needs then the energy that was backing up in the body can pass through easily and health can return. But some people allow these emotional factors to pour into them. They allow their ego to be stroked by listening to the problems and defining themselves as a good listener. This is the being used as a dumping ground for the energetic waste of others.

But instead of listening to this warning to stop, they go into martyr mode. They allow the tendency to take on too much of their identity and they use this to define them. In a way, they also can use the issues that incur as an excuse to stop the insidious misuse of their own energy field But many are too conditioned to keep receiving the worst of others unless they are so septic tat they are unable to receive any more.

Being septic becomes a way for the body to shift the individual out of care giver; by making them a care receiver. But the issue could be addressed very maturely by simply not allowing one’s self to be used as an emotional dumping ground or even battering ram. But this is too difficult for some people. The dynamics evolved over a period of time and it is too difficult for many to change their own relationship dynamics.

So to get the nurturing that they so desperately need to begin with, they get attention for their diagnosis. Even if it a diagnosis is a preliminary issue, people talk about it and tell people about it either as an excuse for dropping out of an unhealthy dynamic, or for the attention it provides. Some people are so removed from their own empowerment that they use the issue to ask those around them for permission to self-care. That is why the most loving and nurturing people become incapacitated. They have lost touch with advocating for themselves. It is like someone walking around and asking others to feel your head to see if you have a fever. Nobody should need outer validation to tell them when they are too warm and need to rest.

So to accerbate their condition further, they start telling people about their symptoms, doctor’s appointments, procedures and testing. These are all ways for their beautiful pristine body to identify with the issue. Not only are they talking about it like they would a social event, they are inviting people to define them as the disease and accepting emotional outpouring as a form of nurturing and love. But it is not nurturing or loving. Here is why.

Everyone has their own relationship with a disease. Maybe they lost a relative to something similar or they saw the devastating effects of the symptoms and the treatment. They are putting all their thoughts and emotions onto your experience and leveling you to the common denominator of your diagnosis and what their experience with it is. They are making your job of getting well more difficult. They do not mean to. But this is what is happening in energy. Even when you are asking for prayers, there is little energy that is being generated. As much as people say they are praying for you, they are empty words. There is no energy being generated on your behalf except the attention of talking about it; which is a minute trade-off for the real dynamics that are playing out. Unless it is someone who is truly invested in you, then the condolences others give is merely lip service. Anyone who can see in energy see can see this.

But Western medicine wants you to talk about disease. Talking about it entrenches it in the frequency of Humanity. It is like unleashing a poisonous gas in the air. That is very volatile to everyone. It is not going to be contained. Talking about a disease and identifying with issues glues the frequency of disease into your sound frequency and the frequency of your family, community, and the world; including your on-line friends.

Our genius architecture of a body knows how to fix itself if its authority isn’t diminished by an outside source. But every person you listen to, seek council from and defer to; diminishes the effectiveness of your innate intelligence. Do you know why early detection is so encouraged? Because the human body encounters diseases many times over and naturally addresses and fixes them. But with early detection, the Western medicine can get involved sooner and interrupt the natural healing process of the body. It sounds awful but it is true.

Medicine is a business. This is evident in the high costs and the unethical pricing of medicines. It is also evident in all the advertisement meant to push an agenda onto the consumer. It is also evident in the ribbon campaigns that mingle disease with the activities and people we hold so dear. If anyone is naive enough to believe that their health is all that is taken into consideration with these campaigns, then they are naive. Western medicine has its place but it isn’t in usurping our own sound judgement and empowerment. It isn’t in making disease so trendy and fashionable that it is a welcome guest in out homes.

Diagnosis and disease should stay on the fringe of society and not become as accepted as the practice of breathing.

Keep Flowing


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Dis-ease is merely stagnant energy. Just like pure water will stagnate when it isn’t moving, so is it true with energy. Many times, simply introducing a new intention to the mix will be enough to get the energy moving again. That is why it is important to keep up on maintenance of your physical, emotional and mental well-being. Sometimes cleaning the clutter, taking a walk, engaging in a hobby, or writing a cathartic letter are so important. They are a way of getting the energy in your life moving again so that it doesn’t stagnate.

Resistance is a blockage in the natural flow; because a balanced person feels no need to hesitate. Your awareness and diligence will keep your energy flowing. It will also prevent you from blocking those that you love and who are in your life. What we are seeing with the outrage in society now is humanity addressing long-standing blockages. As alarming as it feels, addressing the layers of apathy and indifference are so important. Rest assured. The outrage we are all experiencing is “us” as a collective, purifying the swamp. oa

What Aware Souls Do


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Energy matches the vibration of the things it clings to, just like dew clings to a morning leaf. That dew could believe it is a part of the leaf. That is what it “knows” as its identity. In the same way, the energies that collect within an area can take on personal characteristics.
A house is full of all your thoughts, emotions and habitual interactions, bouncing around and permeating the atmosphere. There is no need to sensationalize it or give it further life by being fearful of it. It is merely a condensation and collection of human interactions, identifying with those actions and thus developing a persona.
Fear and inactivity are great ways to coagulate the energy. Inactivity, slows down the natural flow of energy. Just like pure water will stagnate if it is left standing still, so will energy. Most issues in the body will clear up if you simply remove the fear, and move fresh energy into it. This is why people with open minds and open hearts in general are more healthy. Their energy, as it is implied by the word “open” is more fluid so they do not collect stagnant energy in the body as easily.
Complaining, gossiping, judging, and labeling are all ways of coagulating the energy. Regret stops the movement of energy cold. Kindness, acceptance, non reactionary state and gratitude, are means of keeping the energy flowing. Put and open-minded person next to a bigoted one and you can see the difference in how stagnant energy pinches the features and the intellect of the bigot. The open minded person’s features and energy will remain more round and open. Stagnant energy ages a person.
Western medicine is big on labeling issues. This is a means of coagulating the energy further so it has actual mass and weight. When an issue has mass and weight, it is a validation for western medicine. Western medicine is based on this validation. Of course your mind being a 3-D printer, can produce anything you program it to; even disease.
Alternative medicine deals more obliquely with issues. Energy workers see the issue for what it is; blocked and stagnant energy. They don’t use the blockage as validation for their work, they use the absence of blockages to validate it. That is why people who are more immersed in materialism, gravitate to western medicine. People who don’t need such validation, remain healthier.
Many people need their results to be concrete evidence because they have lost the ability to perceive in energy. They are flying blind in this way and so cling to the most validating means of reacting. Unfortunately, this includes, burning or cutting away at their beautiful body at the site of the clogged energy; instead of merely figuring out what is causing the blockage and releasing it.
Alternative Medicine is an oxymoron because it is the one most natural and conducive to wellness. Our body deals with releasing stagnant energy on a regular basis. It is a natural process that happens literally as naturally as breathing. As you inhale, your body breath is scanning the body for blockages. As you exhale it is releasing and repairing them.
Our body deals with these blockages on a regular basis. If left alone, the body will remove these blockages naturally before a person has an inclination to put a label on them. But once a diagnosis is involved, the conscious mind gets involved with fear, dread, and mocking up worse case scenarios. Once this happens, it coagulates the issue even more so and is more difficult to remove. This is why western medicine preaches early detection. Its validation depends on the conscious mind getting involved and coagulating the energy further to create a more solid diagnosis.
When the body gets overwhelmed with issues, it will store them in the diaphragm to release later when the body is in a more relaxed state. If it can’t get to them in due time, it will bubble wrap them in a fat cell and store them in the body to release later.
That is why losing weight is so difficult for some. It isn’t merely about decreasing intake of food. It is about creating a more fluid atmosphere for energy to move around the body while unpacking all the emotional issues it has packed in fat cells. When losing weight, you are dealing with all the emotional issues that were once stored. You are unpacking them to release. That is why people are so moody when dieting. But if they become more active, it is a way of processing these issues more readily.
Being healthy in general entails keeping your energy as fluid as possible. If you think about the past too much, it creates a stoppage of your emotional energy. If you worry about the future too much it creates a stoppage of your mental energy. If you are too sedentary, it causes you to regret the moment and revert to either the past or present too easily. Physical, emotional and mental energy are all important to keep fluid.
That is another reason, personal beliefs need to change as well as physical and emotional points to be optimally healthy. Beliefs cause a collecting point for stagnant energy in the body. Everything else in the body, could be moving at a great pace. but these beliefs that may be so ingrained, may be markers in our energy system that can cause a literal sticking point in our health.
Things like religious limitations, genetic markers and emotional attachments to ethnicity or opinions, are a great way to clog energy. Its like posting a stick in pure fluid water. It will collect moss to it over time. These rigid belief systems are like moss collectors in our energy field. If you want to know how a person becomes less fluid as an energy system, look at their beliefs.
The great thing about this understanding, is that one can just free up their energy system by having an understanding of it as fluid energy. One limitation even open-minded people put on it though, is looking at it as two-dimensional. Those who use visualizations imagine energy coming into the top of the head and moving through the body. Even this is a limited belief system.
Energy is coming into us from all angles and all directions. It is more realistic to envision oneself as a car going through a car wash, being permeated with water jets from all sides. Energy flows in from all directions and emanates out from us in all directions. We are more like a starburst in space than a stick figure moving through life-like we are on a conveyor belt of time.
We are expansive, dynamic, multidimensional expressive beings. The more we see ourselves this way, the more we can maintain a dynamic center that is not on any man-made linear time line. We are sovereign beings. As sovereign beings we have no need to subjugate or diminish any other beings. This would cause them to be “clingy” to our energy field. No. We understand to maintain a totally free orbit, we must allot this freedom to all others so they will not inadvertently impinge our freedom by bumping into our orbit. This is what aware souls do.

The Sick Child


People have been asking themselves “Why are there sick children in the world if God is so fair and just?” God is fair and just. God does not view pain and problems from the human consciousness. Pain and problems are fleeting. They are a blip on the screen from the vantage point of forever. These instances of anguish are what makes the metal of human consciousness more pliable.

It is wonderful when there is a sick child that takes their condition like a champ. The perspective of a fresh body and parents that care about them in a new set of skin; is what they need to triumph. They most likely were taken out from their last lifetime with a similar diagnosis. But when they come into this lifetime, they have a fresh new body to beat it, they have the love and support of their parents, they have the cuteness factor working for them. It is much easier to fight such things this way, than when being in a worn out body that has passed its prime and become cynical or lacking the fortitude to thrive.

On a soul’s level, these children are so capable of thriving because they are grateful with the new set of conditions that they are given to fight what needs to be overcome. Our karmic issues must be forged through. Isn’t it wonderful that so many are advancing through dis-ease with the aptitude of a very old soul. That is because they are. Overcoming debilitating disease is a benchmark of accomplishment in the lifespan of an infinite soul. Sickness does not carry the weight that it does in looking at it from the perspective of just one lifetime.

This may seem cruel and unkind to the parents of a suffering child. But it is much more humane to believe that a child is continuing their karmic lessons from a past life rather than believing that God singled them out to suffer and go through horrific procedures on a whim. Issues are testing grounds of soul. To be able to be tested so young marks a child with a wisdom and vantage point that surpasses their peers. What an incredible gift; to obtain great wisdom in such a new body. The child who deals with dis-ease has indeed been gifted.