Advice For The Sensitive Pet

When you have a new puppy or kitten, they may be heart-sick. Gone are the days when we look at animals as soul-less appendages. Puppies and kittens miss their litter mates. They may get lonely for them. Many puppies feel like captives with their new owners until they get to a dog park and realize that everyone has their own human.
It does puppies good to see other dogs with their owners. The new owner should talk about the babies feeling with him during cuddle sessions and validate them. Tell them all the siblings have their own people too. The baby thinks that their litter mates and mama are all together somewhere living life without them. The sensitive kind, need an understanding. It will help acclimate them to the family, instead of having them bury the wound of leaving their birth family.
Even if you’re not the first owner. Many animals who have behavioral issues are carrying this wound of separation. You can be the one to heal it. Simply by explaining. There is nothing more painful than the void of believing you are missing out. You can spare your fur baby from this. It is not always the case but it the ones that it is, it is excruciating if not debilitating. I have had very old pets, still wonder about their litter mates. It is like ruminating the glory days to them.
People need to be more sensitive when separating the puppies and kitties. It is a shock to their psyche. It will help if new humans talks about how all loved puppies or kitties get their own people. It is a new concept but shouldn’t be. As humans become more aware and sensitive, so do their pets.

A Dog’s Emotional Blackmail


Recently I made a house call on a hyper active dog that was referred to me by her vet. She had spent so much money on dog obedience classes to no avail.

When I arrived, her dog was out of control. Her discipline was not effective. It was clear that they adored each other but she seemed so passive in anything to do with him. I dog on the floor with him and started to release some of his angst by converting it to sound and emoting it. He started to yawn and few times and wag his tail.

But he was still out of control. One of his surface issues was wondering how long he was going to be able to stay with her. The other issue was her lack of confidence. He was reacting to all of her angst and feeling unsafe because he felt she was not strong and he had to be the one in control.

As I worked with him, she became very angry. She could hardly contain it. We put him in his cage and did some energy work with her. He was very agitated and hyper in the cage. I led her through some taps that I instinctively knew would be helpful. They all pertained to her family and how they were unkind to her. They were the reason she carried so much anger.

Her dog was very in tuned with her. He reacted strongly to the taps that made her convulse in tears. The more I worked with her, the more his intelligence gleaned through. She obviously had a lot of issues with her family and we were freeing her from being an emotional hostage of them and her resentment of them.

Then I led her through some taps that had to do with her dog.
I had her say each statement 3 times while tapping on her head and a 4th time while tapping on her chest.

“I release being manipulated by (dog’s name) in all moments”

He was paying attention.

“I release abandoning (dog’s name) in all moments”

Suddenly I got a flash of what was going on with the dynamic of her and her dog.

“I release betraying (dog’s name) in all moments”

When we did this tap, he calmed down. When I explained to her the lifetime, her dog was paying attention. He really calmed right down. When we did the taps, he got exhausted and passed out.

Her dog was a love bond from a past life. It was a time when her family owned some kind of farm. It was the same family from this life. Her dog was their livestock. She fell in love with him. They adored each other. They were inseparable. In that life, she did not realize that her family was going to butcher her dear friend. She went to town and when she was gone, they had him killed. She was devastated at losing him and hated her family for betraying her. In this life, her dog was emotionally blackmailing her to secure his safety in this life.

That hatred for her family bled through in this lifetime.Her relationship with them deteriorated when she got her dog. It triggered the resentment from that past life. Her dog hated her family and they were indifferent to him. The taps that I led her through in the beginning were indeed directly related to her dynamics with her dog because they killed him, That is why he was frantic to be in control in this life; so he could know that she was not going to let him down in this life. He was so frantic because he felt his life depended on it.

We did more taps:

“I release killing (dog’s name) in all moments”
“I release butchering (dog’s name) in all moments”
“I release letting (dog’s name) down; in all moments”
“i release eating (dog’s name) ; in all moments”
“I release being too weak to save (dog’s name) in all moments”
“I release the trauma of losing (dog’s name); in all moments”
“I release the devastation of being separated from (dog’s name); in all moments”

We finished the session by fortifying the owner’s confidence and totally severing all karma with her family. We reassured her dog that her owner would never leave her or allow any one to hurt her. He believed me. He was reassured at a deep level. We also fortified the boundaries of their home so the dog did not feel unsafe being there. I explained to him the concept of doors and that no one can come inside (they need to be told this). They were both exhausted when I left.…/

Giving Peace of Mind to a Little Dog


Casey is a little dog. He has been fearful and seemed to lack confidence. He doesn’t like loud noises and he hides during storms. I have been working with him for the last few months. He seems to have been gaining much self-esteem. Sometimes dogs need to be told things to help them heal. For instance, Casey was fearful when going for walks when I first met him. Casey lived in Florida.

In Florida, dogs can’t go near the water because they could be eaten by alligators. No one told him that there were no alligators in New York. After I told him, the next day, he enjoyed getting his feet really muddy in the pond. Casey now was more relaxed when he went for walks.

When Casey’s family moved to New York, I watched him and his sister walking through their rental house. There seemed to be corners that they avoided. I sensed fear in them.  There were energies in the house that were interfering with their peace of mind. They were anxious in that rental. I performed an energetic cleanse of the house and both Casey and his sister relaxed.

Yesterday I had a strong nudge to go to a state park. I called my friends who are Casey’s parents. We planned to take my three dogs and their two dogs to the park. Casey loves to be with Buster and Bernie. He loves having a pack. When we got to the park, we saw strange tents set up. We walked right into a civil war reenactment. As we took in the sights, we felt like we were actually back in the time of the civil war. I was being used to break up some engrams of the internal fighting that we have seen in crrent events. But there was another reason we were there.

When we got to a small Union camp, Casey was mesmerized. He sat on a small hill overlooking that camp and he was transfixed to that position. Casey’s parents and myself all saw the same thing; Casey was teleported to a past lifetime. It was one where he had a great sense of belonging and purpose. His Akashic records opened up to me.

Casey had been a dog that was part of a Union Infantry. He was a German Shepard that wore the Union colors and somehow a hat around his neck. He brought great comfort to his fellow soldiers. He would watch over them on a hill and let out a little bark if anyone came near. The soldiers could sleep easier with Casey on watch.

Unfortunately, his platoon got wiped out. Casey was separated from that wonderful experience from the reality of a battle that ended badly for all his fighting brothers. He had let them down. That is the feeling he was left with,  It also left him with a longing to be back with his infantry. Being pulled out of such an enriching experience so quickly left Casey feeling less than whole.

I had such a strong feeling to go to that particular park that day. It really feels like it served to heal this little dog. Him seeing the camp as it would be before battle, seemed to soothe his soul on a deep level. I gave his mom a bunch of taps to help release the trauma of losing his platoon. He walked differently after the visit. There was confidence in his stride. He was a soldier marching once again. It was sweet and humorous to see the dedication in his step now; as if he was indeed marching with his fellow soldiers.

Casey gained something from the day. Many people may be thinking that it is a stretch to think that dogs matter in the main scheme of things. But they do. Everything and everyone matters. The Universe cares for the well-being of all souls. It is only man who believes his experiences carry more importance than the well being of a little dog. Casey matters. All of the world is less burdened because Casey is less burdened. Perhaps you feel it as well, simply by reading this story.


A Person of the Canine Persuasion



Simha is so excited to attend the Book Signing today. She believes she is a celebrity. She arrives and the local grocery store like she is walking the red carpet. She adores the attention and it makes her feel very special. We will be in the Brockport Bookstore today. It is called Lift Bridge Books. You can purchase my books there today and have them signed by me. Simha is waiting to greet you as well.

Being Comfortable in Your Skin

This is the first cute outfit I ever put on Simha. It is still her stance on wearing fur. She believes you should only wear your own fur. Just as I believe, you should only wear your own skin and not try to be someone you are not.


How to Raise Your Furry Family’s Self esteem


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

You Don’t Own a Pet, You Are Entrusted With Someone’s Well Being. When interacting with your pet, realize that everything you imprint on them, whether kindness or indifference, will reflect in your pets future incarnations.
Talk to your pet. They get the gist of what you are saying
Don’t tell their business to others, they appreciate a sense of privacy and may feel violated or embarrassed easily.
Please stop telling their sad tale. They live in the moment. When you talk about their sad rescue, you force them to relive it. It is cruel.
Please don’t make fun of them or call them names. You are responsible for what they carry into their next incarnations. Are you going to send them along with scars or self-confidence.
Please don’t compare them to ones who have crossed. Each one is their own person. It is a lot of pressure to live in the shadow of someone else.
When you adopt a new pet, please explain you are their forever home and mean it. Animals aren’t disposable. The first question an animal asks when it has been sent from place to place is ” Can I stay?”
If you contemplate re-homing a pet because of a behavioral issue, they will know that and it will accerbate the behavior. Most behavioral issues are on the part of the human for not understanding how to validate their pet.
Pets look to their humans for subtle cues. They react when their people reacts. The more calm their people is, the more calm they tend to be. If your pet’s behavior causes you to react, your pet will react to your reaction. That is how it goes.
When walking a pet, realize that that time is THEIRS not yours. They use that time to interact with others through sniffing. It is like you reading a magazine to relax. Please don’t be selfish and pull them through the walk out of impatience. If you want a confident pet, allow them this time and get used to their pace. Don’t pull them by the neck to your pace.
Pets value their possessions. They give them a sense of security and self-identity. Please respect their items and don’t pull them away from them like they don’t care. They do.
Your furry family enjoys a routine. It gives them a sense of security. They enjoy loving interaction. The more respectful of your pet you are, the more relaxed they will be.
Don’t allow children to use pets as a toy. If they pick up your pet when the pet is not engaged, show the child how that is feeling. When they are engaged in a project, pick THEM up and show them how irritating it is to be interrupted. Then gently explain that that is what they have been doing to kitty and that is why kitty runs away.
Make yourself accessible to your pet at their level. If they are not allowed in your bed, get down on the floor with them once in a while. That bonding time is so important. It helps them feel more like family and less disconnected.
Dogs HATE to be separated from their pack. Realize that dogs don’t know that they are safe when you put them in the back yard by themselves. They don’t understand human boundaries. So they may feel exposed and vulnerable to the world. That is why they may be barking or anxious. They don’t understand that they are safe when they are is a yard; even if it is fenced in. It can be really scary for them.
Your relationship with your pet can be a reflection of your relationship with yourself. The better you treat your pet, the more you are reflecting self-love to yourself. In this way. loving your pet is very healing.
Pets love and forgive. It is what they do. It is your job to allow them to love and not put them in a position to need to forgive.

Please Leave Me Home


Waiting in the car

Not knowing when it’ll end

I’m so hot and thirsty

Am I really your best friend?


I could be in the yard

Or sleeping in my bed

But I am panting and barking

In this car instead


I like a good car ride

I beg for it, I do

But when my ears are flapping in the wind

And spending time with you


I will forget the misery

Of waiting in the heat

When you are watching TV

And I am at your feet


But now I am just suffering

Not knowing when it’ll end

I thought you really loved me.

I thought I was your best friend


Next time you go somewhere

On a hot and sunny day.

As much as I beg and cry

Please leave me home that day.