How Tapping Helps the world Transcend

Taps are a way to shift one’s energy and beliefs by bypassing the ego in asking for permission. People may know what they need to shift but the ego keeps them immersed in fear and habitual behavior. Affirmations may not be successful because as you are saying something positive, the ego is whispering in your ear that it is not so. The taps negate the ego’s ability to prevent a shift into a more effective state.

Engrams are grooves in the energy system that are created by trauma or habitual experiences. Someone may want to lose weight for instance but they may be working against all the times that they have failed. Or all the emotional reasons they have gained weight to begin with These are engrams. In the fifth dimension, none of these limited beliefs really pertain to us. But we still believe they do so they do.

We are not linear beings in the 5th dimension but exponential beings of pure potential. The more we can consciously realize this, the more we can outwardly manifest it in our own lives and reflect it in the world. This is how important the taps I post are in helping the world transcend.

The Sanctity of Healing

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From what I have found, one doesn’t have to worry about the humility of a healer. It seems to be a prerequisite for true healing to take place. Regardless if it is healing for one’s self or for another. The healer doesn’t have to worry much about the healed telling anyone about it. The human consciousness seems to forget such gifts as soon as they are accepted; or soon after.

For myself, I think it is important in the current climate to document healing as a means to awaken those in complacency of what is possible. There are so many people who accept the diagnosis of terminal rather than fighting a new awareness that would make terminal not an absolute conclusion. Disease is a way of backing one into a corner and healing is a way to paint one’s self out of a corner.

Those of us who know the formula of healing could teach others their protocol. Healing is not as mystical as it was once thought. Healing is also not an absolute. It can be, but that depends on the facilitator and the subject. And there is not that much glory in healing others. As with anything else, there is a misconception of it. It is usually lonely and isolating to be so dedicated to one’s craft.The only gain is the satisfaction of helping others and the satisfaction of living one’s purpose and sharing their gifts.

Anyone has the potential to heal others. Just like anyone can be an artist or a teacher. And anyone can heal themselves, just like anyone can pick up a writing utensil and create art. The passion depth and ingenuity to do so, is a subjective thing. But there is a protocol to it and some guidelines to follow. If you were an artist, you would always want to clean your brushes afterward so they stay pliable. The same is true with staying flexible as a healer.

There are outmoded belief systems around healers, as with anything else. The fear of taking on karma is a big one. Karma is energy. Taking on karma can only happen if the facilitator is at the same vantage point as the subject. A trained healer wouldn’t do this. A trained healer doesn’t bring any component of themselves into the session unless it is to benefit the subject in some way. During a session, the subject learns nothing or little about the healer’s personal realm. That would be gratuitous.

A way to pierce someone’s energy is to use an issue that is near and dear to their hearts and find a soft spot in their energy and use it to render them vulnerable. That is what many do when they inadvertently affront a healer. That is why it is important for a healer to stay detached and focused. It is balancing this vantage point with incredible love that is so empowering.

When I do energy work, my energy field is very soft and porous and very expansive. It is a fine art for me to be so receptive and expansive in doing energy work and also ruthlessly defending my boundaries. When I do this, as I sometimes do when I am writing, people think I am harsh. They don’t realize that I am protecting my self in a way and the harsh interaction is a boundary between those who have a subtle agenda and myself. They do not realize the offense and I don’t have the articulation to explain it. But it happens.

On a very subtle level, there is a vie for power or one up-man-ship. It is a side affect of living in a world where life itself is a competition. It is a subtle dynamic that plays out on more subtle realms than the conscious mind. As humanity advances in awareness, there is a great need to be aware of and to monitor very subtle impulses to diminish another. As we all learn to perceive in energy, we don’t want to inadvertently do damage to others.

Perception of being kind and loving changes with how deep we choose to perceive life. It may seem kind to just stroke someone’s ego and not upset their perception of the world. For myself, I believe it is more kind to help them learn the tools to accept a greater sense of empowerment of themselves outside the confines of a physical body. One of the best ways to prove one’s empowerment to themselves is to know how to heal themselves. This removes some of the limiting perceptions that the world provided. Limiting beliefs and perceptions prevent people from being more dynamic and empowered than they presently are able to achieve as a group.


The home you need to get back to is your empowerment and understanding. Get to the Understanding that there is no death. There is only a transition of energy. There is no problems, except the conversion of consciousness.There is no pain, except in the misunderstanding of our fluid nature and the refusal to take ownership.
For every victim an angel sighs that they failed in their purpose. There are no victims except in the realms of ego gratification. It has become a thing to list on your resume of life. But this resume is burned on your awakening. Everyone who deems themselves a victim has the potential to be a savior as well.
Every transition, every experience, every change; whether deemed negative or positive is a transition to more love. Focusing on the issue is digging your feet in the ground and REFUSING TO FLY!! Lamenting the past, cursing your life, laundry listing experiences are all ways of digging your feet.
Spread your wings people. Quit digging your feet.

The Upgrade

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The goal of my work on the planet is for all souls to feel comfortable in their skin and also empowered in the Universe at the same time. No longer do we need the spiritual practice of trying to escape this world by getting out of the body. The upgrade is to be able to perceive with your more subtle senses while still in the physical realm.
The practice of trying to get out of the body is a subtle form of escapism. It has done much damage in making advances souls feel incompetent when they were not able to navigate their essence out of the body. This practice is now as archaic as forcing left-handed people to write with the right hand.
The work that I do is to assist all souls in realizing their own empowerment by utilizing the god stuff of their own abilities. The brain is a 3-D printer. The taps that I post are a means of programming the brain without having to defer to the ego. The ego is easily manipulated. The physical self is liken to the big toe on the whole self. That is all that the ego controls. The taps give “voice” to the higher self here in the imperfect engagements of the physical world.
The work that I do assists the individual in accessing their own omnipotence. At first they will do the taps because it benefits their own self interests. But once one gets a sense of what they are capable of, they will use their intentions to free and empower all of humanity. We came here to gain experiences. In the physical realm we have enough experiences of feeling helpless. Now is the time to realize our potential.
The things that are happening in current events are not an accident. On the mainstream news, you will hear the anchors say that the things that are coming to light are unprecedented. Lies are being revealed, abuses of power are being addressed and predators are being outed. This is not an accident.
The work that I have been doing in group sessions have been specifically addressing abuses of all kinds. Each weekly group session has addressed lies, deceit, cruelty, indifference, apathy, greed, abuse and corruption. Those who have been a part of group sessions can attest to the purity of our intentions. Each session addresses an issue on a broad scale to free humanity.
We have watched the results of a group session play out in current events. The fact that so many sexual predators are being outed is no accident. We have dissipated the psychic energy and manipulations that sexual predators are savvy in using. We have stripped off layers of illusion that have allowed predators to hide in plain sight. Empowering individuals to upgrade humanity is what I have come here to do. Maybe you have too.
If you appreciate this I would really appreciate your support. The more people who have access to what I do the more we can take back ownership of the world for peace, integrity, kindness, sincerity and love. If what I am saying here resonates with truth and seems important, please consider inviting everyone on your page to my page. It may give you a sense of accomplishment to share.

A Blessing in Time


There is a very simple way to explain the shift in consciousness that is happening. People are afraid of what it entails. That fear is the letting go of the mind. Because the shift in consciousness is a shift from mind center to heart center. It is a shift from mind control to heart openness.

Many times I have clients come to me who insist the are going to die.. They are terrified of it. After their session they have a better understanding of what the experience was really about. Many are taught that the mind is equivalent to the highest source. Many believe that the mind is God energy. This would have made sense centuries ago when ignorance was prevalent and intelligence was equivocated to aristocracy and freedom.

But in the preset, we have hit a glass ceiling with the mind. We have found that the mind without heart is a dangerous task master. Many who stroke their intelligence are stuck in mind eddies to no avail. All the reasoning, debating and rationalizing will not save them. They can’t be helped that way. The mind has a kind of arrogance safety latch on it that tells it everyone is inferior and unable to be given equal status. This renders them lost to all avails except through the heart.

Love and kindness can open any door that our own arrogance will refuse to open. It is through being vulnerable and trusting just one more time that we can be effective in bringing about a more swift opening of the universal heart of humanity. We are not going to die. We are going to thrive happily beyond the prison of the mind.

This is time to behold. This is us, being witness to the upliftment of humanity. This is the individual being able to get back to living his purpose and loving life again. This moment is a celebration, a holiday, sacred sigh. This is a blessing in time.

Access to Enlightenment


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A long time client had a dream experience that depicted the changes that are happening at a very sublime level. They affect not only her but all those who are prepared to transcend the lower worlds of duality and venture on into the pure states of perpetual bliss; or the God Worlds.

In the Dream, she and her husband (who both do all the taps I post faithfully) were buying a beautiful chalet with 33 acres (33 symbolized enlightenment). There were no other people there (the chalet was on a part of the mental plane that was not easily accessible to too many). But her and her husband were opening up the chalet for others to come to. (they were making higher realms of the mental realm accessible to others to reside. Most people are used to residing on the astral plane after they cross)

In the open part of the building of the chalet, it was like grand central station; with a lot of people passing through. ( Representing that the lower mental realms are accessed but few reside there) As they were checking out the Chalet, she noticed that there was a light way in the highest floor of the chalet. (realization that there is another level to achieve) The light was out. ( Lack of awareness that there was a realm beyond the mental realms)

She set out to find access to the room and turn on the light. (create a beacon so others can access the higher realms) She couldn’t find the stairs ( access to the God Worlds being difficult to achieve) She passes these beautiful tapestries that covered the walls and hid the way ( fascinating concepts and ideologies that those looking for the pure God Worlds get in transfixed in. You see this reflected in people who are so adamant that they know the absolute truth and are Awakened but they still seem like a “know it All” If you tell them something spiritual, they will correct you to their way of believing. They are pulling you into a tapestry that they are fascinated by).

She pulled down some of the tapestries and saw a company sign behind them saying that the chalet was sponsored by someone. (the truth at that level was still representing an agenda of those in authority or power or ego) She was resolved to paint over all those signs and take down the tapestries.( these realms were now fee to all) She got to the higher room and turned on the light (making the God Worlds accessible to all)

The Chalet was her and her husband’s haven ( making the higher worlds that few access; their home). Another couple ventured to the chalet and wanted to stay. But my client did not want them to stay. (the lingering mentality of ownership of higher truths and discouraging others from accessing them. A reminder that ego still is an issue on this level). My client allowed the couple to stay with them (overcoming the ego and paving the way for others to reside in the higher worlds). It took two years but they took up residency and had access to the God Worlds as well ( my client assisting and encouraging others to achieve enlightenment.)

It was a very good dream.

This client never intended to access higher truths for herself, let alone others. She was content to have an ordinary life. But the taps that I supply and her close work with me put her in a position to assist so many others in accessing truth. She does not do it by preaching to anyone or teaching them ideology. That would be leading them to a tapestry. She does it simply by being loving and kind and teaching them the taps that I share and encouraging them to do them. Individuals doing the taps are them finding the staircase to the higher worlds.

In past times, only a very few, realized that there was a next level to achieve. There is always another level. Nothing is stagnant in the realms of God. The rest may have found the chalet but stayed in the lower parts that were sponsored by ego and power. Some may have wandered to a tapestry and spent the rest of their physical life trying to describe the beauty of that tapestry; not even realizing that there was more beauty, love and freedom to access.

But we are in the fifth dimension now and the old limitations that were on truth are now gone. The chalet is no longer the company store and higher truths are accessible to all. There are no rules or austere practices to adhere to. Expansive realization is accessible to all who are willing This client is doing a great service to humanity in doing the taps. She is opening the possibilities for all to reach the God Worlds for themselves. Love is now the grounds keeper of the chalet.

People think that enlightenment is a whimsical notion. It is an actual process of stripping off the ego and realizing that you do exist beyond the mind. That is why it is sometimes called self-realization because you are finally realizing your own nature and are not limited by your feelings, thoughts or experiences anymore. The process can follow or entail fears of losing your mind or dying. This is the ego’s last attempt to sabotage the transformation.

After you go through the actual process of enlightenment; which can be terrifying; there is a blissful state that follows. It takes three days to reintegrate the mind back into the self. This is a scary process because re-incorporating the mind feels like one is succumbing to the sinister. But that is not so. The mind is a helpful tool and just now feels foreign in comparison to the blissful state of self-awareness.

The exciting thing is; that if I am being encouraged to share this with you, it is relevant to your own journey. More people are going through enlightenment in relationship with the shift in consciousness. I suspect it no longer has to be as terrifying as I had to experience. Simply because the one going through it can now realize that they are not alone or insane.

I had a client of mine who fell off my radar for a few months. When we reconnected, she was being somewhat coy. She said she had been kissed by God in a way that I would not understand. I replied matter of fact, “Did you go through Enlightenment?” She said yes. I then recited a check list of things that she just experienced. She was so grateful that I understood and did not feel so alone in the world. She also knew that her work with me and doing the taps was what predicated the experience.

This is very exciting that I am prompted to share this. It means that those reading it are ready to receive it and some may even be struggling with an understanding right now of what they are experiencing. For some, it is just exciting to know that there are still higher awareness to discover and to realize that it is time to pull yourself away from the particular tapestry that you have been staring at and venture on.



God doesn’t have an ego so doesn’t need stroking.
Anything that is written about God is a clumsy imperfect attempt to articulate the perfect…it is beyond words.
Man has formulated his concept of God by what HE would desire if he was an omniscient being.
There is the conflict
God has not made man in his own image; man has made God in his.
Think about what you would want for your children.
Would you need them to constantly stroke you or would you prefer that they were happy, and loving and treated their siblings with this love and respect?
I think that is a more accurate depiction of what God would “want” if God was capable of wanting;
God wanting, is an outmoded concept.
Be Loving and kind to each other
Respect all of God’s gifts
Listen to God speak within your heart; not in your mind
Realize your own worth
Appreciate your own gifts
How would you like it if everything you gave your children was scoffed at or overlooked?
How about if they destroyed everything they were given?
And every time they were offered an adventure, it was looked at as a punishment.
Connection with God doesn’t need to happen in an altered state
Or with super sensory perceptions
Every one is able to connect with God in the natural state of simplicity.
No one is wrong or unworthy to do this.
Take things out of your environment to do this, nothing more needs to be added.
You are perfect in your imperfection                                                                                               

And gratitude is the ultimate prayer.

Jen Ward