The Nightmare Epic


I woke up from a dream that I thought was a nightmare. But what I was being given is an understanding. Those who don’t understand concepts of a higher vibration may be afraid of them at first. So I received this higher truth in a form of a nightmare. It was a means of me absorbing the fear for others who needed to accept higher truths without it wreaking such havoc on their nervous systems. People have been induced to fear too much. They are saturated with it. It is time for them to experience the love and awareness that dries up all fear.

In the dream, my home was real peaceful and calm. It was the haven that it is for me. Outside the window was a deep trench with a fence built up on the other side. It was beautiful and all nature. There were little animals that seemed different from anything you would see on earth. They looked like a cross between a koala bear and a squirrel. They were cute to look at from afar.

But in the land across the fence, the animals began to be more prevalent. There was a HUGE blue birdlike reptile. It looked like half dragon and half horse. But it was erect like a seahorse. It was beautiful. When in landed, it pounded the earth so hard it created a big trench in the rolling hill beyond the fence. It was a real experience. Not a dream. It was real.

More and more of these creatures came, animals of all different kinds. There were so many that they compromised the fence and were getting into my house. I was scared and woke up a little bit shaken. But as soon as I awoke, I was given a greater understanding of the dream experience.

When one of us taps into higher truth, we feed it to everyone else through osmosis. The beasts that were inundating my home were actually truths I had tapped into by expanding my understanding of inanimate life. To many who believe in archaic beliefs, my understanding of the world would terrify them. But this is what is happening. Everyone is being upgraded in understanding. It is scary to them.

So in the dream, I was absorbing the fear for those who live in fear so that they could get comfortable with the vobration of higher awareness. I was assisting in getting them used to it without being paralyzed in fear.. It is so much easier to love than react and lash out in fear and hate. This is what I am allowing them to do by absorbing the fear.

Inanimate life has a lot to teach us. If you want to enhance your awareness, speak to it, respect it, listen to it. Validate it. A way to do that in a way we are familiar with is to adopt an inanimate friend. It may be a way of getting you comfortable with all life speaking with you. As you listen to the inanimate world, you will realize that all animals, nature, trees and bees can have more access to speaking with you. The payoff is very rewarding. The side benefit is that you will be stretching the capacity of awareness in humans and diluting the ignorance.

The more you can realize that all life serves their purpose and not one individual, the greater the advancements in humanity can become.

Being a Proud Empath


Everyone is an empath. Saying one is an empath like they are a victim of life or more special than others is missing the point. We are all awakening to our sensitivities. It is not a punishment, curse, haughty gift or a means to diminish those who are deemed insensitive.

The experience of being an empath is knowing one’s self beyond the linear enslavement. All those who peek their head above the shackles awaken to their empathic side. Because we are all attune with each other outside of the illusion of the third dimension.

Being empathic is simply being free of a filter that others are still trying to get off. It is not being a freak of nature, you don’t need a special patent called being indigo. It doesn’t mean you came from a race of people who is foreign to the norm. It means that you are more sensitive to truth, beauty and love.

Use that sensitivity to assist others in being free to experience all that you do. Instead of wearing it like a label or an all access pass to complaining about the pain and angst you experience. We are all feeling it as we release it for humanity. Just because an empath is more aware doesn’t mean they have an edge or a disadvantage. It means that they are more privy to the Universal plight of humanity.

If you are an empath and still hiding from life or using it as an excuse to feel different, stretch your understanding of what an empath is. Talk to the trees, nature, all beings in all forms and even inanimate life. Sense their plight instead of being obsessed with what you are feeling. Doing that is just residuals of a linear enslavement. You are free to be aware, so awaken.

Use your abilities to hone Universal compassion. It is the purpose of your gifts.

To All Those Suffering in Isolation:


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I love your depth and honesty. There is another layer to you feeling alone perhaps. You may be tapping into the Universal feeling of loneliness that is permeating this planet right now. We have been conditioned as a species to be isolated in thoughts and feelings. It is a form of control. You may be releasing this issue, not only for your self but for all of humanity.
It is a noble thing to face, express, distinguish and release. Thank you for your heart and depth. This is not a defense of any reaction or drama around it. That is merely a process of trying to figure out what has been kept from us. The reason we feel so flawed as individuals is that we have been kept privy of the whole equation of our dynamic makeup. It is like trying to resolve a math problem without all the variable. You do better than most.
Sending love and encouragement to you and all the struggling God beings working to transcend without access to the blueprint. It is Amazing so many still try. But we will succeed. This is what this lifetime is for, That is why you and I write. I appreciate your truth in the world.

The Empath


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A word is a container for a feeling or thought
An inaccurate form of conversion
Many manipulate and misinterpret the box
A natural unconscious diversion

Some put different value on each word
And confuse the going exchange rate
It leaves them stuck in a quagmire of thoughts
Tangled in perpetual debate

Some can take the word-boxes they see
And convert them back into expression
But most are very attached to the box
To know this is a specialized lesson

Some are able to feel the thought
Naked, raw, unabashed
The empath feels everything
…boxless and unattached.

An empath can move into the love
Like breadth moves through the air
Be a presence where ever love goes
Without a thought even knowing they’re there

Jen Ward 5/14/14

Remote Assistance


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I know that my little girl is a very old soul. She has empathy and compassion even in her development as of now. Seems to be that her issue is trying to absorb and heal other peoples negative energies but she is around. or rather, the hurt and pain she feels with different people who hold her.

I of course put a loving and protective shield around her so she doesn’t absorb them, it seems as though she tries to break through and help the individual beyond her capability. It also seems that she deals with overcoming slight invitee as well. I’m trying to figure out and formulate a tapping session for my baby?. Any thoughts/ recommendations?


The shield you put around her is kind of weak. It doesn’t serve her well enough. I can assist and extract the negativity if you wish. It will be more efficient. No offense


None taken whatsoever! This is the reason why I contacted you. I always look to find people who are wise and know more than me in different areas so I can grow. Any thoughts on specific words to say over her with the tapping?


I will do the energy work here. It is actually already being done.
You can do this tap on her
“You are protected in Love; in all moments”


Any specifics that you see that was causing the weakness or what’s going on with her? Since I’m so close to the situation, it’s hard for me to get a concise read.


I am talking to her. She thinks she has to do that to earn her worth.
You have given her that impression


I mean I know enough. & I have a very deep bond with her. very good point thank you for your analysis so far


It is a misunderstanding but as you know she is very sensitive
You do this yourself and she is paying attention


Yes you are correct. She is extremely sensitive in all aspects


You do not have to help people to earn your worth
You do not have to impress anyone
The people who have invalidated you will never be able to see you the way that you are. You vibrate too high for them. You must surrender that need or want

You are a Godsend. I needed that and thank you for the clear in forward analysis of what’s going on with my sweetheart. I had no idea I was causing that impression on her. I’m not offended by your straightforwardness whatsoever.😋

Great. I have to go out now but this is the breakthrough you needed. You both can relax now

Debunking the Concept of Taking on Karma Or….. The Spiritual Law of Vibrations Or….. Arming the Empath

The world is expanding into a better understanding of how the Universe operates. The knowledge has always been there but it is something that we have not had the understanding to receive. Like the fact that the trees tell me that the way they communicate is similar to how we communicate using social media. Any tree can connect with any tree through their branches and roots. The roots and their branches are their interface.

Until we had the technology to connect through social media, we had no way of understanding of how it would be possible to personally know anyone in the world. Through that understanding, we can now fathom how any tree could possibly do the same; much less have intelligence to tell me. Everything that we thought of as miraculous, has a physiological basis; even miracles, healing, and God.

Being a dynamic healer would be a huge faux pas to declare; if not illegal; if it was not given the right preference. Everyone is a healer in some way and every one would benefit from using their gifts to inspire, nurture, uplift, teach, comfort and soothe. Because when someone heals someone else, they have the potential to heal themselves. There is a physiological reason why it makes us happy to make someone else happy. The reason is the same reason that the misnomer of taking on karma is still prevalent.

There are spiritual laws that govern the Universe. One of them is the spiritual law of vibrations. This simply means that everything of this world operates at different vibrational frequencies; even everything that we think of as solid matter. The things that come into our personal realm are things that we have become receptive to through introducing the vibration of them into our personal realm. That is why it is dangerous for very sensitive people; like empaths and healers to listen to people’s problems.

Their vibratory rate is so fluid that when harsh vibrations are introduced to theirs, their frequency easily shifts to match what they are receiving. They shift very easily in this way. To have an understanding of this is a huge survival tool to the empath. Understanding this gives the healer a working conscious knowledge of what they are doing. Empaths don’t even need to hear issues to adopt them. This is just one way.

I am able to Heal people very easily if they are receptive. I make funny sounds that some people can’t get past. When I do this, I am working with the Law of Vibrations in performing healing. What I am really doing by making those sounds is converting the energy of the subjects pain or issues into sound to release. But that is not all. What I am doing at a more intricate level, is removing the vibration of whatever was the issue from the subject’s sound frequency. (It can be taught.)

This is why people who are more open to me are more easily helped with what I do. It is because they are more able to not resist when I change the frequency of their whole self by pulling out a strain of vibration that has been causing them the issue. This is why I am ruthless about not allowing people to talk about the issue after I released it. That is a way to reintroduce the vibration back into themselves

When someone works on someone and actually heals them, it is a form of how homeopathy works except in a reversed way. In homeopathy, you are introducing a healthy vibration into your energy system to adapt your own energy to a healthier vibration. When a healer removes a vibration from someone else, they are introducing it to their energy system to pass through. If they are not careful, this frequency can take up home in their frequency. Not being careful consists of the FEAR of taking on the karma of another. It is not karma but the frequency of an issue that they are subjecting themselves to. It is then a choice to let it pass through them or adopt it as part of their make up. Whatever it is can be easily passed through the healer if they don’t identify with it and utilize the Spiritual Law of Love.

The Spiritual Law of Love is the greatest spiritual Law. It states that The Law of Love supersedes all other spiritual laws. It trumps all other laws. That means that the Spiritual Law of Love is an all access pass to empowerment. Where there is pure love, all fear is dissipated. This includes the fear of taking on karma. If someone is afraid of anything, it makes their vibration more pliable to whatever they are afraid of. That is why those who try to control others induce fear as a means of getting their target to vibrate with the targeted agenda.

This is how the popularity in war has been institutionalized all through history. This is how ruthless dictators have maintained popularity. This is what governments and other groups use to propagate an agenda that limits the individuals freedoms. This is how a spiritual group or religion maintains their integrity over an outsider. They use fear to weaken people and fortify a their boundaries against others by fortifying the uniqueness of a certain vibration that separates them as a group from the general populace.

We see this in groups that induce pride in being a member. But if you scan society, you can easily pick out the fear tactic and the ego tactic that are used by each group. Here let me help you.

Pride tactic – Patriotism
Fear tactic- protecting ourselves from being destroyed

Pride Tactic-God loves you best, Being the chosen
Fear Tactic- of going to hell or losing your spiritual standing

Pride Tactic- Supremacy
Fear Tactic- becoming a melting pot

Pride Tactic- Any label that denotes Pride
Fear Tactic- Losing being special if it is taken away

Pride tactic- Withholding information
Fear tactic- losing one’s edge if info is shared or info will get in the “wrong” hands

What I share has been kept from the general populace for centuries; perhaps always. I share it gladly and freely by adhering to the Spiritual Law of Love and a great understanding of our interconnection. These are greater times and it is time to give access to truth to all. I am so honored to be able to share with people the truth that has been being pumped into their psyche as their inalienable truth. But they have had no way to confirm it or perhaps articulate it. Until now. I share freely without administering a secret handshake or the need to keep it to themselves. Truth needs to be pumped into the drinking water. Now is the time.

This world doesn’t take too kindly to all its secrets being shared though. It is a daily challenge to reach those who are starving for truth. The human consciousness is like a frozen pond. You can drill a hole in it with truth but then that opening will soon freeze over if it isn’t tended to regularly. That is what I do with my writings. I am continually piercing the human consciousness with truth. I actually pay for my special posts to get shared. It is getting more expensive and more discouraging to do so. I am not sure how effective it has been either.

I have started offering retreats so that people can get that individual attention that they crave from someone who remembers the ancient dynamics of healing. They have proven to be a very dynamic gathering place for spirtuall seekers. I have written eight books to assist the seeker in stripping off layers of illusion preventing thenm from realizing their innate worth. There are different books because different people resonate with different ways to access truth. It is important to meet the seeker half way in their search.  The disadvantage of the human consciousness causes much resistance in attaining success. But it is getting easier as more people awaken.

Deciding to participate is taking the initiative to empower yourself. In the past, initiations were done to give power to a group, or a head honcho. But this is initiating yourself and the world in the highest physical aspect of yourself. Because there is no middleman between you and your highest potential. You should be walking with your spirit guides and angels regularly. You shouldn’t have to wait your whole life to deem yourself worthy. They are walking with you now. It is only a matter of you realizing it. This is what self-realization or enlightenment is.

So many of you are so close. This is not stroking the ego. It is simply fact. I invite you now to your own empowerment. I invite the whole world to their own empowerment. Here is a clear path to empowerment with very little conditions. The only one stopping you now is you.

Stretching the Capacity to Love


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People’s problems don’t bring me pain. I see murders, rapes and horrendous acts of misfortune and injustice every day in people’s past life records. I have learned to keep them away. It is the small things that bring me excruciating pain.

Every day, when my girl Simha looks back to make certain I am going to follow her outside that gets me. It is excruciating. That one look tells me that she has been kicked outside and abandoned over and over again and she does not want to be alone ever again. It has happened so much that she can’t yet trust that it is not going to happen again. In her I am reminded of all the souls that feel abandoned, unloved and rejected somewhere right now in the world. Not just people but animals, and even patches of Nature and trees.


There is nothing that a pure intention supported by passion can’t accomplish.

Jen Ward

I go to them all at once with a pure intention and incredible compassion and I pour all the love that I possibly can visualize into them. While other people may be honing physical talents, I am strengthening my capacity to go to all those who are suffering all at once and satiate their emptiness with the purity of divine love. I bring myself to practice doing this with more intensity and passion than the moment ago. I do this so much that has been ascribed to my parasympathetic nervous system; meaning that it is as automatic as breathing for me.

It is in that anguish that I learn to stay present and instead of closing down in pain, open up the aperture to the heart and spill even more love out into the world. The pain is a gauge that there is another notch on the heart to be opened. The pain is a great indicator that there is more love to give.