Your Greatest Strength

viva la love

The world needs more love poured into the ground, the people and all indigenous aspects of it. It is as simple as that. When you love, you are doing your part to running the cogs of the Universe. Our reason for existing is to perpetuate love. Nothing is gratuitous. Not even life. Life is a celebration of love. Our job as physical beings is to convert every obstacle thrown at us, into an opportunity to love. That is what Mastership is: converting every thought, deed and action into an expression of love.

It would be really easy to love if everything was handed to us; right? But that must not be true or else the rich would be the most loving people in the world. Some of the people who have experienced the most horrendous lives, are the ones who exude more love. They are the ones that forgo the victim consciousness and use their plight as a means to understanding the plight of multitudes.

If you can love one person, you can love billions. So use everything in your life as a surrogate to love all humanity. When you love your child, love all children of all ages. When you love your pet, love all animals all over the world. When you are grateful and feel loved, use that intention to send love out to all the world.

Every person, species, and even trees love their children. When you go through your day, realize that you are interacting with someones children. Give the kindness and respect that you wish for your own children to every being you encounter. Put the sweetness and tenderness back into humanity. Doing this is your greatest strength.



The World has not been right since the genocide of all pagans.This is what was the beginning of the dark ages. We have been told that the dark ages have ended. But no. They only end when the balance of male importance is matched by its female counterpart. Pagans have been demonized as savages. But they were the peaceful people who communicated with nature and honored trees and fairies as their brethren. They were the keepers of the doorway between the physical and more subtle reams.
The genocide of so many balsam trees at the holiday season has actually a more sinister meaning than the seemingly more innocent practice that they seem to depict. Cutting down so many trees each year is symbolically reliving the genocide of the pagan people. It is and was a barbaric act. It also represents the time when goddess energy was desecrated and women were demoted to inferior to men. This may sound ridiculous to so many who enjoy bringing a live tree into their homes. But there is a truth in what I say. And there is a better way.
This little tree I brought home, is still a vital living part of the ecosystem. He has all his roots in tact. He will be an honored guest in my home and then he will be taken outside and planted in my yard. He is the perfect size for a Christmas tree. I used to be one of those people who needed the biggest tree possible in my home. I realized that was actually a desperate craving to be out in nature. And as I was decorating this tree, it told me that needing the biggest tree is an example of the primal urge to conquer. One needs to be the best in their perpetual competition in life. Having the biggest tree is enforcing that need.
This tree was chosen before I knew I was going to have a Christmas tree this year. I “felt” a tree in my home and so remained open to hosting a tree in my home this year. I just got a nudge or an inkling to look for a nursery that carried trees with their roots in tact. I found a place that had many of them. It was encouraging that perhaps others would adopt the tradition of hosting a live tree in their home to. Instead of joining in the genocide of killing a tree for fleeting amusement, one can truly use the opportunity to honor Nature.
More and more as people awaken, they will realize that trees are aware beings. They are not dead energy at all. They are vital, loving, aware and wise. They add so much to the quality of life on earth. As humans continue to rape and desecrate the earth, trees continue to maintain a balance of sanity and calm to a chaotic existence. They are the calm in the storm of insanity. They are even more loving and kind than people fathom. If people realized what they actually are doing by disregarding the sanctity of trees, they would be horrified.
So as me, Therese Kravetze, Michele Morrison, Mike Kravetze and myself made space for this tree in my home, we found ourselves in a sacred ceremony to return all the energy to the fairy-kind and Nature that was taken from it. The depiction of Santa Clause as a head elf and the elves working to make toys for children is a form of depicting fairy kind being enslaved to the pleasures of humans. Lavishing gifts on human children has nothing to do with depicting the sanctity of life. It is more of a means of conditioning humanity to be selfish and indulged.
The ceremony we found ourselves naturally partaking in, was about returning the energy that was taken from the earth back to her. In returning the energy back to mother earth, it is a means to return the balance to the world. It is a means to support Gaia in being as honored and respected as any male counterpart. It is also a way of returning to fairies, trees and earth the dignity and respect they deserve. By raising the vibration on our intentions, we raise the vibration of the world. When this happens in returns to being a safe place for fairy-kind to live among us.
If you want to go through the motions of being a slave to commercialism, you can. It is expected of you. But if you want to break away from convention, do so in honoring a living tree. All the thoughtfulness and tender considerations that you carefully nurture, are a means of returning kindness and sacredness to the world. You will still receive the love and satisfaction. But it will be in knowing that you are returning love to all the fellow inhabitants of the world.
(Say this statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
“”We return dignity, Love, and respect back to the earth; in all moments”
“We return dignity, love and respect to Gaia; in all moments”
“We hold space for the sacred sweetness of innocence and kindness; in all moments”
“We return balance back to the Earth; in all moments”
“We return to Fairy Kind all that has been taken from them; in all moments”
“We reclaim our Joy; in all moments”
“Universal Peace on earth; in all moments”
“We bury the dead; in all moments”
“Universal Joy; in all moments”
“Universal Love; in all moments”
“Universal Abundance; in all moments”
“Universal Freedom; in all moments”
“Universal Health; in all moments”
“Universal Success; in all moments”
“Universal Security; in all moments”
“Universal connection; in all moments”
“Universal perpetual exponential Life; in all moments”
“Universal Wholeness; in all moments”
“Universal Beauty; in all moments”
“Universal Enthusiasm; in all moments”
“Universal Contentment; in all moments”
“Universal Spirituality; in all moments”
“Universal Enlightenment; in all moments”
“Universal Confidence; in all moments”
“Universal Family; in all moments”
“Universal Intellect; in all moments”
“Universal Discernment; in all moments”
“Universal Empowerment; in all moments”

The Cross Roads

We are at a fork in the road of evolution. The way we think, react, believe and interact has all been conditioned into us and has led us down a dark path. We have forgotten our personal strength and ability to forge our own way.
We have relinquished the mighty adventure of a rustic life filled with scraped knees, bruised dreams and hopeful intentions. We have relinquished that satisfying feeling of falling into bed completely exhausted and content for the uneasy ability to slip into a soft, complacency.
We have chosen the mushy unfulfilling fate of conformity for far too long. It has led us to the brink of disaster in a morally corrupt world where we blatantly allow elected officials to desecrate humanity. Every time we use our energy to judge, attack or diminish, someone else, we are reinforcing the debauchery of the standards set for us in an archaic time.
We have evolved beyond the limitation of allowing insecure, unbalanced men from forging our future. We have indulged in our own petty whims of indifference and grudge matches that are like dull little droplets that converge into creating the path forward in an dismal future. We have chosen “fear” for far too long.
It is time for all of us to reassess the reactionary state in which we live. When is the last time we made a selfish choice? Was it really selfish or was it just unpopular to the status quo? How did we find ourselves sitting in a soft chair throwing disparaging intentions to others with no more ill intentions than our own? We are so angry at ourselves for being complacent but are so complacent that we don’t realize we are angry at all, let alone with ourselves,
So we throw nasty comments into the computer screen hoping they will stick somewhere. We hope to get a rise out of someone. Hope to get a reaction somewhere. Only for the hope to know that we still have the ability to make a difference by hurting someone who is at arms length; who we may never meet. It is so easy that way; isn’t it?
Yet we play right into the hands of those who wish to control us. We have chosen to play it small. We are mad at ourselves for our limited role and so we attack others we can not see in a home we cant know and use this to feel empowered. Instead, we need to merely, use our discipline and strength to forgo assaulting others from afar. This merely sets the precedent of what we do as a collective.
Every time you exercise a gracious act, withdraw from a justified attack, refrain from arguing or one-upping another, you are steering all of humanity clear of a disaster. You are at the helm. You, in your seemingly small insignificant life, are the blueprint for how humanity ventures forward. The more you choose honorably on all sides, the more you will see honor reflected in our collective world. That is the secret of life.
The secret of life has always been that it is not what happens to benefit you that matters. It is what you do and how you proceed to benefit others. The quality of life for all of humanity improves when the quality of your own thoughts and intentions improve. How often do you give thought to the well being of people on the other side of the planet?
We can build all the walls we want to but that doesn’t preclude us from breathing the same air as others, having our hearts beat in rhythm with them, and having the same hopes and dreams for our loved ones as they do. Could you love a dog that was rejected, abused or neglected on the other side of the world? Then why can we not love a person the same way? Why are we conditioned to feel so robbed when another person thrives. Why does it have to be “us vs them”? Is there not room for all to thrive?
It is time to uncover those little pockets of indifference and the conditioned responses that glaze us over. It is time for us to live, love, react and forge on with a one heart intention, Because like it or not, we are all in this together. The whole process of war brings us to a realization of commonality. We can come to that conclusion without the devastation. We don’t need the harsh lessons to awaken ourselves. All we need to do take better heed of our own intentions and send them out in the spirit of inclusiveness instead of division.

Remembering the Intention of the Holiday

The Holiday of Thanksgiving was born out of great relief for merely surviving. If anyone has ever fought merely to exist, they would remember the incredible relief that comes in that moment that you are NOT going to die. That you are going to be okay.
The trauma of fighting for existence closes the energy systems as a form of protection through fight and flight. When one is able to finally relax and open the energy centers again, the drastic shift is quite incredible. This is what we experience as gratitude. My moment of gratitude was when I got the courage to escape from my captor and found myself numbly walking and sobbing onto the plane that would take me to my home town.
Unfortunately, so many of us are not tested to this degree. So they will have to work harder to open up their own energy systems to experience true gratitude. It is a form of working backwards. If you are not able to tap into such an experience, then you will have to work backwards and conjure up the gratitude necessary to open the energy field.
Here are things to be grateful for:
Please know that there are many Guides, Healers, and Light beings countering the negativity of imperfect humans and preventing us all from being destroyed in a tirade caused by arrogant men.
The course of humanity is out of our hands. No matter what we are being shown, humanity is transcending. We are all meeting in love and acceptance in the inner worlds. We will get to the point of reflecting that in our physical world as well.
Use the coming together with family and friends to practice the total intention of honoring each being. Greet the family dog with the same reverence as the patriarch or matriarch of the family. Use your time today to practice reverence. The more difficult it is to be around others, the more the practice of staying in the reverence is necessary. Use it as a challenge instead of seeing it through disgruntled victimized eyes.
Bless the meal that is prepared. Tap into the toil and sacrifice that went into preparing your bounty. Heal the turkey or animal that was sacrificed for the day. It is a form of desecration to make turkey jokes about the plight of the turkey. Inwardly envision the turkey that was killed before he was taken. Use your intention of freeing him from the trauma of being killed. If you are able, see all turkeys everywhere in this way. Free them all of the trauma of being taken. This is what I do. This is a practice that you can adopt for all animals and all beings that have suffered; in all moments.
Remember to honor yourself. Putting up with people who don’t honor you is an outmoded form of sacrifice. Your true family is those who love and respect you. If those beings are fur, feather or scale covered, it does not matter. It is a better alternative and just as valid as being around humans Especially humans who are still entrenched in the negativity of a selfish world.
Be grateful to all those who love and honor in their sweetness to the chagrin of the harsh vibrations of the old earth. They are the ones that use their presence to usher us into a New Dawn.
Be grateful for your awareness. You have come by each insight honestly. Please be patient with those who are not there yet. Have compassion. Remember, you had the opportunity to abuse power and screw up until you finally got it right. Allow those still learning the space to learn their own lessons. They will get there more quickly with love than with being shamed. The shame will close their energy field and make it harder for the love to penetrate them. It will disconnect them from the ability to be grateful. Your kindness is the greatest practice of reverence.

Upgrades in the Spiritual Belief System at the Fifth Dimension


There is no concern over taking on karma. This is a subtle form of fear and fear is the antithesis of healing. One needs to just make their love bigger to dissipate any fear that they are experiencing. In the fifth dimension, we realize we are not trapped in a linear existence. This means, we are not limited to being a physical body. We can make our energy as big as a galaxy and so there is no limited body to hold the karma of someone else in.

There is no longer relying on the belief that “all is as it should be”. In the fifth dimension there is an understanding of our own empowerment and any issue can be addressed in such a dynamic way. Saying, all is as it should be, is a very subtle form of feeling powerless and creates an apathetic state in some cases.

There is no need for AKASHIC Records. We no longer need to relive mistakes and tragedies we have experienced in a past life. We have a clean slate. It is like graduating from grade school and no longer needing crayons and scissors.

People no longer withhold healing others because they didn’t give consent. This is as silly as not assisting an abused dog that is tied up to a post. They may not consent to help but it is obvious that they don’t realize that they need help. In energy, everyone is asking for help. That is what prayers are.

No longer do people expect to be saved by a faceless God. They realize that we are all the face of God and when we pray for help, help will come through other people. We also realize that we are all the face of God so we honor all beings as sacred. This is how we pay homage to God. Hypocrisy in worship is eliminated in where we pay homage to God and then turn around and judge and diminish others. We can’t possibly honor God and diminish others.

Labels will no longer be necessary. We are all psychic, mediums, and healers. We are all connected. We are one big self. No longer is there separating ourselves using labels. If I am a healer, you are a healer. We are a compilation of us all.

If someone is suffering in the microcosm, it is a reflection of the ills of the macrocosm. To heal the planet, you address the symptoms in individuals. Apathy is no longer an option.

Individuals are no longer left to sink or swim for themselves. The belief system that one’s personal issues are necessary to spiritually strengthen them is obsolete. This would be true if the deck wasn’t so stacked against the individual by power mongers and the greedy. You helping someone else may be the spiritual test for you to overcome residual hesitancy to get involved. The way we overcome the limitations of the 3rd dimension is to change the setting on our energy system from taking to giving. Once we become habitual givers, there is a self-sustaining mechanism implemented that immerses us in the perpetual state of being.

We are no longer trapped in linear existence. Time is not linear and neither is existence. A minute spent in doing what we love is different from a minute doing what we hate. If we stay in the perpetual state of being in the moment, we drop out of the limiting state of time and space. If we find ourselves “juggling” it is indicative that we are in linear instead of exponential being. In exponential being, we merely stand in our center and allow all issues to rotate to our attention and address them then instead of juggling.

Earth is no longer seen as a hopeless war based planet. That belief in itself is an apathetic state. Earth is the heart chakra of the lower worlds. It is dire that earth is empowered in a loving state of free will. This opens the capabilities of all the lower worlds. All limiting states instated by power mongers is released.

Creativity, imagination and enthusiasm are the life blood of the fifth dimension. People don’t realize that the creativity they exude, expands consciousness. This includes heaven. The belief that heaven will be there waiting for someone is as silly as believing they are due an inheritance they didn’t contribute to. When we cross over, it is a reflection of the creativity and imagination we have put into this life. It is important to strive to be empowered and original to expand our consciousness when we cross over. Those who are visionaries, are creating a more expansion reality in the non physical world for everyone. You are welcome

Dreams are a reflection of our life outside of the physical skin. They are not just random symbols but our higher self trying to instill in our physical self higher truths. They are worth taking the time to study.

We no longer work to achieve perfection. Perfection is an illusion that prevents people from embracing their uniqueness. There is freedom in individuality. This is us embracing our exponential empowerment. We no longer perceive ourselves as stick figures in a linear world but realize that we are starbursts eager to realize our own potential.

There is no need to spend hours trying to get out of the body. Our empowerment is engaged in being fully grounded and engaged in our physical existence and expanding our consciousness to encompass all of the Universe while being aware in the physical realms as well.

All groups are outmoded as people take back their individuality and stop giving their effectiveness away, to drive the engines of power.

Nature and trees are appreciated as more important that monetary currency. Trees are seen as the wise sentient beings that they are. They are giving respect and sovereignty as individuals and wise counsel.

Humans are no longer consider themselves more superior than other beings.They realize their true edge is to be able to convert the dynamic energy into creative force which is the atmosphere of higher consciousness. They realize that reasoning is the building block of this ability.

Communication with other beings will be commonplace as people learn to perceive in energy rather than need to rely on the clumsy guttural sounds of words. In perceiving in energy, truth and lies will be able to be perceived by all. This inability to get away with lies will bring accountability and integrity back to the world.

These things are all in place but because people brought their illusion of the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension as a form of comfort as they adjust. That is why healing is so possible now. Everyone in already whole and healed. It is more a matter of dropping old engrams that say otherwise.

Female energy is empowered so that humans can regain their sensitivities. Compassion, ingenuity, and benevolence are all yin based attributes. As female energy regains a footing in consciousness, so will the attributes that it represents.


Overcoming Rape

It takes a lot of resilience to overcome being raped. For some people it affects the rest of their life. Not only is it the trauma. There are feelings self-doubt, worthiness, and mourning the loss of innocence and lingering fear.
In a recent session, I felt it necessary to point out to my client that more people experience a traumatic sexual experience than experience a fairytale moment that we see in movies. With many it is a between those two ranges, but important to point out. People who have been raped may think that they were robbed of something that everyone else has experienced and that may not necessarily be the case.
Here are some taps to help those suffering with the after effects of rape. There are so many listed because many people are suffering in silence. My suggestion is that you take the time to do these taps to empower yourself. You are not alone and you are very lovable. And if you know of someone who may benefit from these, please share.
(say each statement 3 times while tapping on the top of your head and say it a 4th time while tapping o your chest)
“I release the trauma of being raped; in all moments”
“I release blaming myself for being raped in all moments”
“I release the guilt and shame of being raped in all moments”
“I release the fear of being raped in all moments”
“I release the belief that I deserved to be raped in all moments”
“I release the belief I caused the rape in all moments”
“I release quantifying rape in all moments”
“I release confusing rape for intimacy in all moments”
“I release allowing intimacy to be shrouded by the rape in all moments”
“I release being defined by the rape, in all moments”
“I release mourning my innocence; in all lifetimes.
“I release the belief that I am sullied in all moments”
“I release the fear of intimacy in all moments”
“I release the belief that I am unlovable; in all moments”
“I release the belief that I am unworthy of love; in all moments”
“I erase the rape from my energy field; in all moments”
“I remove the rape cookies from my hard drive; in all moments”
“I reboot my system to Love; in all moments”
“I install intimacy software into my system; in all moments”
“I make space in this world for a loving, intimate relationship; in all moments”
“I remove all blockages to having a loving, intimate relationship; in all moments”
“I release sabotaging my love life; in all life times”
“I stretch my capacity to have a loving, intimate relationship; in all moments”
“I am centered in joy, love abundance, freedom and intimacy; in all moments”

Technique: Uplift Every Experiences You Have Ever Had & Everyone you have ever Known


Think of the you that as always been as a flat plane of existence. Think of it as you would a comforter on a bed. Every square inch of the comforter is a place and time that you have existed through history. There have been many times that you have had good times but there are also many times when you have suffered and been brought to the brink of your breaking point.

Think of those times that you can imagine that you have suffered such incredible pain that you surrendered with your whole heart and soul and asked to be rescued. Get a sense of the incredible pain and tribulation that brought you to such a point. But there was not just one of these times, there were many. On this place of existence; that is like a comforter on the bed; see these places where you are open as divots in the plane.

These divots, create an opening or a portal for the you, to any other component of you that is having an experience. They are a receptivity in your consciousness at that time, to receive assistance. So with this technique, use your awareness to create a conscious divots. This is what meditation or sincere prayer can do.

In contemplation, see yourself in that moment to be open to the you that has always been. Like you are a conscious divots in the comforter. Since you are aware, visualize healing light, love and pure essence pouring into you in the moment and flowing out to you in all the other experiences of you.

Visualize pouring intentional concentrated Love to you in every moment in time when you were receptive to receive it. Maybe space is the comforter and time is the divots. See the energy saturating each one of those experiences of you in different times until it saturates all their (your) wants and needs and eases all their pain. See them all becoming whole, happy, wise and free.

Visualize the whole comforter being satiated through those divots until the whole experience of you is having an uplifting experience of Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness. Take it further.

When the comforter of you is completely satiated, realize that each experience of you, is in a plane of existence with all those you are having an experience with you in that particular time and space. See every single experience of you in a comforter with everyone that is in an experience with them in that particular moment of time. Each moment or each lifetime could be a comforter that you share with everyone who is in that moment of time and space with you.

Feed love to every single one of those infinite planes of existence by sending love out from you in the moment of the contemplation to you in every single divots to you on your personal plane. Then see each satiated divot of you being the divot to send perpetual and infinite love to every single experience that is happening to you in every single plane of existence. If you can get a sense of it, you sending out love through these divots of you create a matrix of your healing love through every experience you have ever participated in or have been privy to through time and space.

You are only limited to how much you can pour love into every experience by how much you believe in the present moment that you are able to do so. It is as simple as that. In doing this contemplation, you are saturating and empowering each expression of you and also every world that each expression of you existed in.