Keep Flowing


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Dis-ease is merely stagnant energy. Just like pure water will stagnate when it isn’t moving, so is it true with energy. Many times, simply introducing a new intention to the mix will be enough to get the energy moving again. That is why it is important to keep up on maintenance of your physical, emotional and mental well-being. Sometimes cleaning the clutter, taking a walk, engaging in a hobby, or writing a cathartic letter are so important. They are a way of getting the energy in your life moving again so that it doesn’t stagnate.

Resistance is a blockage in the natural flow; because a balanced person feels no need to hesitate. Your awareness and diligence will keep your energy flowing. It will also prevent you from blocking those that you love and who are in your life. What we are seeing with the outrage in society now is humanity addressing long-standing blockages. As alarming as it feels, addressing the layers of apathy and indifference are so important. Rest assured. The outrage we are all experiencing is “us” as a collective, purifying the swamp. oa

Cracked Bucket


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There is so much pain in the world. It is like a tidal wave of sadness that a lot of people are being hit with. The great news is that it is a limited amount and we are bailing out the boat. Many of us have been diligently scooping the negativity out of the world lifetime after lifetime, bucketful after bucketful.

We are finally making headway. Thank you for all those who keep bailing the boat by using your gifts, sharing a kindness and sending out healing love to all. It doesn’t matter if there is a crack in your bucket. It only makes your efforts more endearing.

For those who feel overwhelmed, please know that there is always love for you. It comes from people and forces you may never know or maybe ever recognize. Please stay open to the love. It is coming to you in the breeze, it is coming to you in droplets of sunshine it is coming to you from sincere and powerful intentions from incredible hearts all over the planet.


To All Those Suffering in Isolation:


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I love your depth and honesty. There is another layer to you feeling alone perhaps. You may be tapping into the Universal feeling of loneliness that is permeating this planet right now. We have been conditioned as a species to be isolated in thoughts and feelings. It is a form of control. You may be releasing this issue, not only for your self but for all of humanity.
It is a noble thing to face, express, distinguish and release. Thank you for your heart and depth. This is not a defense of any reaction or drama around it. That is merely a process of trying to figure out what has been kept from us. The reason we feel so flawed as individuals is that we have been kept privy of the whole equation of our dynamic makeup. It is like trying to resolve a math problem without all the variable. You do better than most.
Sending love and encouragement to you and all the struggling God beings working to transcend without access to the blueprint. It is Amazing so many still try. But we will succeed. This is what this lifetime is for, That is why you and I write. I appreciate your truth in the world.

Reclaiming Love


Do you see them?
The power plays and manipulation that render so many helpless
Do you hear them?
The cries of the dejected, abandoned and depraved.
Do you know them?
Those who would abuse others for their own gain?
Do you regard them?
With polite banter in fear of being disdained or rejected?
Do you empower them?
With a false agreement that renders you helpless.
Do you grow weary?
Of supporting those who call you away from your essence.

Do you want to regain your voice?
Do you want to regain your empowerment?
Do you want to regain your trusting nature.

See Love unscathed beyond all lies
Hear laughter and merriment beyond the cries of anguish
Acknowledge only kindness and goodness
Dry up all else
Siphon off the alternative fuel of disdain
Dry up the manipulation, anger and greed
Withdrawing all your acknowledgement of them
Do this not in ignorance but awareness.
Do it not in hate garbed as contempt
But compassion for the gain of love that is trapped in the power.
Undetected as the original grain of sand that prompted the creation of the pearl.
Remember the sweetness of the child while ignoring its temper tantrum
Withdraw your niceties from the crust
Convert contempt to kindness
Redirect to the receptive unaware
Those shackled to apathy like an second layer of skin.
Free them of the illusion of unworthiness
Reveal the true nature of the soul
These are the things to listen for
These are the things to perceive
This is how to redirect your energy
These are the things to acknowledge before they manifest.
This is you gaining empowerment
Gaining your voice
Reclaiming Love.
and reconnecting with Source

Jen Ward 8/8/15

Encourage the Know it All

You know how you can’t tell people anything? They will just look at you like they know something you don’t? Teenagers do this a lot. They are tapping into their own empowerment. Try not to take it personally. Don’t make it a personal quest to break them down or discourage them.
Don’t educate them with all the things that could go wrong. You really don’t know. You don’t know what the a passionate pure intention can accomplish. Don’t make it your job to dampen their spirit. Be the one person who is a go-to for encouragement.
This positive encouragement will endear you to them more than all the sensible advice you can throw at them. Perhaps you are merely repeating the voices that you heard that discouraged. you. If that is the case, the way to heal yourself is to give to others what you did not get yourself.

Emanating Love


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You know how if something is sitting in the sun or near a heater, it will emanate heat after a while? The same principle is true of objects that are around kindness and Love. Inanimate objects can absorb the Love and kindness that we emanate in our environment. This is just another way to experience the warmth of your own loving nature. And if it works for inanimate objects, just think about the possibility when it comes to living creatures and people! Our whole world is a reflection of the vibes we put out there!

What I Share

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The things that I am meant to share are new concepts to break humanity out of enslavement to linear existence and how to do that. We have been told that we are out of the dark ages. That was a lie. We had just become more savvy in our ignorance. What we have been taught, even about healing, has been a lie, to veer us away from our own empowerment.

Society is based on a male slanted truth. Anything that is only half true, is still a lie. So what I share is a new truth meant to lead humanity out of the dark ages. We have already transcended. But we have brought our engrams from the 3rd dimension with us. So now, healing is about upgrading people to drop the old engrams that holds them in self slavery.

The tapping protocol I share is like giving training wheels to empowered beings that don’t realize they are empowered. Once enough people understand what they are capable of releasing, there will be tipping point and we will all awaken. That is why we have come here now. The earth is the heart chakra of the lower worlds. It is not a throw away life. This one matters.