Beyond a Broken Heart


If people realized what wonders were beyond the broken heart, they would give in more easily. The truth is, the heart is resilient beyond all measure. It is tapped into the infinite source that knows, no matter what outer appearances seem, love will prevail. Even if it is after the illusion has halted through the decay of the physical body. love will prevail.

This is the mainstay of life. If we did not all believe this on some level, we would not continue to exist. We would not try. We would not prevail. We would not succeed.
Love is inevitable and will have its way in the end.. This is not a question, The question is not if, the question is then, when. It can happen in an instant, or it can seemingly take forever.

So what prevents love from prevailing? It is the stubbornness of the mind. The mind is like the big brother that thinks he knows everything. The heart is the little sister who, realizes the truth but goes along with everything the mind says, because she has no need to upstage him.

This is the heart. The heart concedes, reveals, prevails, endures, revels, embraces, expands, empowers and imbues. The one thing the heart doesn’t do is break, When someone thinks their heart is breaking, it is the mind that is in peril. The mind is shattering from its wants, opinions, desires, righteousness, superiority, indignation, drama and stance. It is actually the mind breaking and not the heart. Let it.

Let the mind shatter into a trillion shards of preconceived notions. It is inevitable. When you sweep them all away, you will be left with a glorious loving nature. This is the true self standing at the helm of a loving heart. When that twinge of pain comes, know that it is a crack in the surface that shellac the facade. Instead of wincing from it, delve into it and thrust yourself into the pain. The more that you crack it open, the more you can surrender to your true nature. It is a realm of love that is so profound that the only expressions are gratitude, humility and awe

A Blessing in Time


There is a very simple way to explain the shift in consciousness that is happening. People are afraid of what it entails. That fear is the letting go of the mind. Because the shift in consciousness is a shift from mind center to heart center. It is a shift from mind control to heart openness.

Many times I have clients come to me who insist the are going to die.. They are terrified of it. After their session they have a better understanding of what the experience was really about. Many are taught that the mind is equivalent to the highest source. Many believe that the mind is God energy. This would have made sense centuries ago when ignorance was prevalent and intelligence was equivocated to aristocracy and freedom.

But in the preset, we have hit a glass ceiling with the mind. We have found that the mind without heart is a dangerous task master. Many who stroke their intelligence are stuck in mind eddies to no avail. All the reasoning, debating and rationalizing will not save them. They can’t be helped that way. The mind has a kind of arrogance safety latch on it that tells it everyone is inferior and unable to be given equal status. This renders them lost to all avails except through the heart.

Love and kindness can open any door that our own arrogance will refuse to open. It is through being vulnerable and trusting just one more time that we can be effective in bringing about a more swift opening of the universal heart of humanity. We are not going to die. We are going to thrive happily beyond the prison of the mind.

This is time to behold. This is us, being witness to the upliftment of humanity. This is the individual being able to get back to living his purpose and loving life again. This moment is a celebration, a holiday, sacred sigh. This is a blessing in time.

Consciousness is changing


When you look around and think things look gloomy, you are not taking into consideration the spiritual law of change. Everything is changing and in constant flux at all times. The only way to stagnate the fluidity of life is to pour your mental concepts into the mix. Your beliefs and judgements are like pouring concrete cement into pure water.

Your thoughts, are the means to stop life on the dime. They in themselves are the curses that humanity endures. Imagine all the creativity that would be unleashed if children were not forced into the pigeon hole of their parents intentions. How many dynamic artists are suffering in a fate of complacency because it was too much of a risk to follow their dreams.

Take the risk. Jump off the precipice. It is so much more rewarding than a rice pudding life of complacency.You are guaranteed a soft landing into the world of empowerment. Your exhilaration is a numbing agent for what is acerbated in the linear world of complacency.

Please stop wasting your energy cheering on the gloom with your nod of agreement. It is time to disagree. Disagree that the world is beyond hope. Disagree with the assessment of world affairs. Be disgruntled with the disgruntled. There are dynamic beings walking among us and growing into their skin of empowerment as we speak.

Encourage free thought. Encourage uniqueness. Encourage creativity, dreamers and peacemakers. It will create a flux in the energy of the world and within yourself. You are a gateway to higher consciousness. You are a means to world peace. You are amazing in your ability to transform anything into something dynamic. Take up the pen, paintbrush or musical instrument. Recharge the world with your vibrant enthusiasm and watch it change.

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Get Up!


Sympathy has such a low vibratory rate. I don’t feel sad for anyone. I would not diminish them in that way. I hold a place for them to be their most dynamic self instead.

My favorite scene from any movie is from the movie Bambi. When Bambi’s mother is shot, he is laying on the ground despondent with grief. His dynamic, larger than life father walks through the mist and commands him with tough love and compassion to find the strength to go on with these three words.

“Get up Bambi!

If there is anyone who is struggling out there, who feels like they are spent; I would encourage them to find their inner reserve. See beyond this moment to another time when you are in a position to encourage others with your fortitude. Don’t ever stop trying.. Don’t ever give up on the possibilities. The whole Universe can shift on a thin dime.

Whoever is out there and struggling, know that you are not alone. Know that there are those who are loving you through your own pain. Know that others see in you what you are not capable of seeing in yourself right now.

All the love in the Universe swirls around and supports you in doing whatever you need to do to get back to living your purpose. So on behalf of all the Love in the Universe, I command all those who are disheartened to regain their composure in life and Get up!

Simply get up.

Fear, Love, Gratitude and the Choice


Gratitude opens up your energy system.
No matter how open and awake you are,
there is always more expansion that can happen
Be grateful.
It is easy.
Think of all that you have endured.
Now sit in your stillness and just be happy to are not dealing with issues in the moment.
If you are thinking about things that bother you,
you are contaminating the moment.
If you are anticipating bad things happening
You are writing a bad script and programming it in
If you are afraid of something bad happening,
It is either a memory of something that already happened
Or it is the memory of someone else that you have ascribed to
For example if you are afraid of falling,
You most likely already fell to your death.
In that case, there is no need to have it happen again.
You have already experienced it.
It may not have been your memory but a memory of someone who induced you to react to their fear.
Fear shuts down you energy system
Then the mind and emotions take over to compensate.
If you are not in fear,you are in love
If you are in love you are not in fear.
Fear and love can not exist in the same space at the same time
So you can know when you are not immersed in love if you are fearful
That is why so much of the world is not loving and kind;
Because they are induced to fear on a regular basis.
That is why so many people are in fear, because they are not immersed in love.
If you are fearful, think of all the things to be grateful for as a means of opening up your energy field to love.

Jen Ward

Keep Flowing


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Dis-ease is merely stagnant energy. Just like pure water will stagnate when it isn’t moving, so is it true with energy. Many times, simply introducing a new intention to the mix will be enough to get the energy moving again. That is why it is important to keep up on maintenance of your physical, emotional and mental well-being. Sometimes cleaning the clutter, taking a walk, engaging in a hobby, or writing a cathartic letter are so important. They are a way of getting the energy in your life moving again so that it doesn’t stagnate.

Resistance is a blockage in the natural flow; because a balanced person feels no need to hesitate. Your awareness and diligence will keep your energy flowing. It will also prevent you from blocking those that you love and who are in your life. What we are seeing with the outrage in society now is humanity addressing long-standing blockages. As alarming as it feels, addressing the layers of apathy and indifference are so important. Rest assured. The outrage we are all experiencing is “us” as a collective, purifying the swamp. oa

Cracked Bucket


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There is so much pain in the world. It is like a tidal wave of sadness that a lot of people are being hit with. The great news is that it is a limited amount and we are bailing out the boat. Many of us have been diligently scooping the negativity out of the world lifetime after lifetime, bucketful after bucketful.

We are finally making headway. Thank you for all those who keep bailing the boat by using your gifts, sharing a kindness and sending out healing love to all. It doesn’t matter if there is a crack in your bucket. It only makes your efforts more endearing.

For those who feel overwhelmed, please know that there is always love for you. It comes from people and forces you may never know or maybe ever recognize. Please stay open to the love. It is coming to you in the breeze, it is coming to you in droplets of sunshine it is coming to you from sincere and powerful intentions from incredible hearts all over the planet.