In the Dream State…..


The Dream State is a place to make the shifts in the dynamics of the world that you don’t have access to correct yourself in the physical.

In the Dream state I was in a huge sprawling school room. It was actually outside and was very chaotic because so many individuals are now engaged in learning their lessons. I was raised above a higher perch and overlooking everything. A white Anglo Saxon man who was very tall stood next to me.

I asked him to help me down. He would not. So I slid down and stood next to him in a crowd overseeing activity. He then screamed out in the crowd. He screamed a directive using the “N” word.

There was a man of color who was standing in front of us. We was very weathered and rugged. I could sense an inner wince at hearing the word. It obviously was upsetting. So I took on this white man who was much taller than me and told him not to use that word.

He grabbed me and pulled me off my feet. He held he in a fit of rage. I screamed at the crowd to help me. No one heard me although there were all these people around. The were deafened by indifference. I kept screaming and finally the brute let me down.

Officials from the school gestured to someone to assist me. This young naive woman called me over to this place under a tree and started questioning me. She was a novice at such issues. She started to question why I was there and started making me feel like the perpetrator. This is when I hightailed out of there and woke up.

But I was able to address this issue in a concentrated way. I was dissipating the anger in the individuals in the crowd and having it directed to me. That is a good thing. Because when the anger is directed to me, there is no way to refuel it. It gets dissipated. It is a great trick to learn….how NOT to fuel negativity. I highly suggest it.

If you don’t like something, don’t tell people about it. Don’t make it a point of contention. Don’t fuel it with all these adjectives that add to its girth vibrationally. This is what I know how to do. You starve out negative issues and feed positive ones. In the case of the man saying the “N” word. I addressed it because he hurt the feelings of the other man.

This technique I just mentioned is a spiritual law. But human understanding has mixed it with apathy and gets the two confused. It takes some experience to know when to address issues to drain them of their fervor and when to dry them up. if you do address the issue, you must be strong, able and willing to allow the negative energy to dissipate and pass through without stoking the issue.

Loving Balance


In our natural state, our energy is a perpetual flow of love. There is a desire that borders on compulsion to give and share. We hold a memory of this completeness within our energy field and it is what we aspire to return to.

Due to trauma and fear, our loving flow diminishes to a trickle. This diminishes our access to the energy that fuels and inspires us. We greatly shut down and become less effective in helping ourselves and uplifting others.

Those who are trying hard to become effective again may get skewed in sharing. They are trying their best but their sharing is mental rants or emotional dumping. Since their energy flow is still introverted their sharing is based on fear or problems.

When someone is in this mode of processing, try to listen to them obliquely (if you feel you must listen). Sympathy has a low frequency to it so giving too much sympathy can actually hinder someone more than help them. A greater way to help them is to validate their greatness rather than their issues. Remind them of their resilient spirit and that anything that they are experiencing is temporary. They will try to bring you into their pain but that is only out of fear or loneliness. They don’t understand what they do.

To get out of that state ourselves, the best thing we can do is just give. Give of our talents, our time, our gifts in any way that allows us to prime the pump of generosity and love that is our natural state. But in doing so, realize that we have to include loving ourselves. Because when we can Love others AND Love ourselves, then we are in balance.

What Aware Souls Do


Energy matches the vibration of the things it clings to, just like dew clings to a morning leaf. That dew could believe it is a part of the leaf. That is what it “knows” as its identity. In the same way, the energies that collect within an area can take on personal characteristics.

A house is full of all your thoughts, emotions and habitual interactions, bouncing around and permeating the atmosphere. There is no need to sensationalize it or give it further life by being fearful of it. It is merely a condensation and collection of human interactions, identifying with those actions and thus developing a persona.

Fear and inactivity are great ways to coagulate the energy. Inactivity, slows down the natural flow of energy. Just like pure water will stagnate if it is left standing still, so will energy. Most issues in the body will clear up if you simply remove the fear, and move fresh energy into it. This is why people with open minds and open hearts in general are more healthy. Their energy, as it is implied by the word “open” is more fluid so they do not collect stagnancy in the body as easily.

Complaining, gossiping, judging, and labeling are all ways of coagulating the energy. Regret stops the movement of energy cold. Kindness, acceptance, non reactionary state and gratitude, are means of keeping the energy flowing. Put and open minded person next to a bigoted one and you can see the difference in how stagnant energy pinches the features and the intellect of the bigot. The open minded person’s features and energy will remain more round and open. Stagnant energy ages a person.

Western medicine is big on labeling issues. This is a means of coagulating the energy further so it has actual mass and weight. When an issue has mass and weight, it is a validation for western medicine. Western medicine is based on these validations. Of course your mind being a 3-D printer, can produce anything you program it to; even disease.

Alternative medicine deals more obliquely with issues. Energy workers see the issue for what it is; blocked and stagnant energy. They don’t use the blockage as validation for their work, they use the absence of blockages to validate it. That is why people who are more immersed in materialism, gravitate to western medicine. People who don’t need such validation, remain healthier.

Many people need their results to be concrete evidence because they have lost the ability to perceive in energy. They are flying blind in this way and so cling to the most validating means of reacting. Unfortunately, this includes, burning or cutting away at their beautiful body at the site of the clogged energy; instead of merely figuring out what is causing the blockage and releasing it.

Alternative Medicine is an oxymoron because it is the one most natural and conducive to wellness. Our body deals with releasing stagnant energy on a regular basis. It is a natural process that happens literally as naturally as breathing. As you inhale, your body breath is scanning the body for blockages. As you exhale it is releasing and repairing them.

Our body deals with these blockages on a regular basis. If left alone, the body will remove these blockages naturally before a person has an inclination to put a label on them. But once a diagnosis is involved, the conscious mind gets involved with fear, dread, and mocking up worse case scenarios. Once this happens, it coagulates the issue even more so and is more difficult to remove. This is why western medicine preaches early detection. Its validation depends on the conscious mind getting involved and coagulating the energy further to create a more solid diagnosis.

When the body gets overwhelmed with issues, it will store them in the diaphragm to release later when the body is in a more relaxed state. If it can’t get to them in due time, it will bubble wrap them in a fat cell and store them in the body to release later.

That is why losing weight is so difficult for some. It isn’t merely about decreasing intake of food. It is about creating a more fluid atmosphere for energy to move around the body while unpacking all the emotional issues it has packed in fat cells. When losing weight, you are dealing with all the emotional issues that were once stored. You are unpacking them to release. That is why people are so moody when dieting. But if they become more active, it is a way of processing these issues more readily.

Being healthy in general entails keeping your energy as fluid as possible. If you think about the past too much, it creates a stoppage of your emotional energy. If you worry about the future too much it creates a stoppage of your mental energy. If you are too sedentary, it causes you to regret the moment and revert to either the past or present too easily. Physical, emotional and mental energy are all important to keep fluid.

That is another reason, personal beliefs need to change as well as physical and emotional points to be optimally healthy. Beliefs cause a collecting point for stagnant energy in the body. Everything else in the body, could be moving at a great pace. but these beliefs that may be so ingrained, may be markers in our energy system that can cause a literal sticking point in our health.

Things like religious limitations, genetic markers and emotional attachments to ethnicity or opinions, are a great way to clog energy. Its like posting a stick in pure fluid water. It will collect moss to it over time. These rigid belief systems are like moss collectors in our energy field. If you want to know how a person becomes less fluid as an energy system, look at their beliefs.

The great thing about this understanding, is that one can just free up their energy system by having an understanding of it as fluid energy. One limitation even open minded people put on it though, is looking at it as two dimensional. Those who use visualizations imagine energy coming into the top of the head and moving through the body. Even this is a limited belief system.

Energy is coming into us from all angles and all directions. It is more realistic to envision oneself as a car going through a car wash, being permeated with water jets from all sides. Energy flows in from all directions and emanates out from us in all directions. We are more like a starburst in space than a stick figure moving through life like we are on a conveyor belt of time.

We are expansive, dynamic, multidimensional expressive beings. The more we see ourselves this way, the more we can maintain a dynamic center that is not on any man made linear time line. We are sovereign beings. As sovereign beings we have no need to subjugate or diminish any other beings. This would cause them to be “clingy” to our energy field. No. We understand to maintain a totally free orbit, we must allot this freedom to all others so they will not inadvertently impinge our freedom by bumping into our orbit. This is what aware souls do.

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There is no one in my life that wishes to spend time with me today. No one really cares about me. I don’t matter. I must be so annoying to be around that no one wants to even extend human kindness to me. It is irrelevant to everyone here whether I exist or not. I must be hard to Love. I don’t even attract life partners because there is nothing attractive about me.

These are the thoughts that the human consciousness of the mind bombard me with. These are the thoughts that induce pain and dredge up old instances of injury and indignation. But I choose to turn down the channel on such silly notions. I listen to my heart.

This is what the heart tells. me:

Being with people is a distraction. The Universe is strengthening your capacity to be imbued with love by not having you believe that it originates from other people.

You give so much of yourself. You need to pour that love into the world and not waste it on those who feel entitled to it.

You are being blessed to have all the humans pushed out of your life so that you can develop your ability to love other species of life and have an intimate relationship with life itself.

You are too aware to be trapped in the conventions of social culture. If the Universe left it to you, you would be distracted all the days of your life trying to please and placate others.

Everything that you are given daily in life lessons and spiritual awareness, become a part of you even when you cross over. You are rich and abundant beyond compare in the spiritual realms. Others are starving for your spiritual gifts. Don’t waste energy or momentum by focusing on those around you who don’t see your greatness.

Isn’t life a thorough teacher to provide you with a buffer from people adoring you? All those around you who don’t see your greatness assist you so well in staying focused on the sanctity of the moment and not being distracted by the illusions.

No one can see you because so few people see truth, beauty and love in the world. You resonate so closely to truth, beauty and love that you have indeed become invisible to the average human.

Your Spiritual light is very bright. For some humans, it blinds them. In this world of illusion, the way they respond to that is by being put off by you. But that is only more reason to have compassion for them.

All the security and material comfort that humans strive to accrue is only their limited attempt to own the intangible gifts that come so readily to you.

The Universe is gifting you with isolation so that it can help you drop out of the illusion of the moment and become alive, aware and expansive in the true interconnection of all.

God is not punishing you. You are being gifted with great insight and lasting spiritual capabilities every moment. By ignoring the mind’s taunting, you are awakening to the sanctity of all life.

You and your gifts are so important to the world, that you are not allowed to waste this existence being caught up in the illusion of the day and the pettiness of man.

Thanksgiving is a day to teach others as a group how to be grateful and how to interconnect with others. You have already learned these lessons so you do not need to go through the tedious lesson plans that other humans need.

Wanting what other humans have is like wishing to go back to kindergarten because you like coloring. You create masterpieces my friend. Use your abilities to do so.

These are some of the things that my heart tells me. It also tells me that I am being used as an example to show people how the shift from human consciousness to spiritual consciousness is done. It also tells me that there are those out there who need to hear this. That this is what their hearts have been telling them as well. Those who need to hear this, will find this message and realize that they are loved and important in the scheme of life. They matter and are more dear than all the home spun celebrations can convey.

Please get a sense of how important you are to life and the transcendence process from the mundane to the dynamic. Use any pain that you may endure as a benchmark of the greatness of your true self. May you realize your true worth in the expansion of consciousness. You matter. You really do. You are loved beyond compare. You really are.

Some will argue with this that they can’t matter because they don’t outshine others in this life. You are not paying attention. It is a lie of the human consciousness that you must be great on the backs of others. That is how male energy has programmed the world.

But female energy embraces greatness as a sisterhood; where all are happiest when everyone is at their best. That is the reality of where human awareness is headed. By dropping out of the lies of the illusion, you can plug into the expansiveness of the ultimate truth. As one succeeds in the true sense, we all succeed.

Here is to the success of the human species to transcend. I love you all. Every single one of you. Because I can. And that is a gift that human loneliness has afforded me. I would not trade that for anything.

Be an Energetic Anarchist


If you complain about society, you are feeding it energy. If you are unhappy or disgruntled, you are gluing yourself further to what you disdain. If you are unhappy with the state of the world, simply do these taps and know that you have done your part in bringing about change. There is no protest, debate, campaign or demonstrative action that is more effective in bringing about a shift in the empowerment of humanity than doing this exercise.

(say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest. Then move on to the next one until all are completed)

“We declare ourselves surrogates for humanity in doing these taps; in all moments.”
“We release giving our lifeblood to society; in all moments.”
“We released being brainwashed by society; in all moments.”
“We released being pigeonholed by society; in all moments.”
“We release being enslaved to society; in all moments.”
“We release giving our spiritual freedom to society; in all moments.”
“We withdraw all our energy from society; in all moments.”
“We release having our consciousness stolen by society; in all moments.”
“We remove all vivaxises between ourselves and society; in all moments.”
“We remove all tentacles between ourselves and society; in all moments.”
“We untangle ourselves from society; in all moments.”
“We remove the claws of society from our beingness; in all moments.”
“We remove the influence of society from our essence; in all moments.”
“We remove all programming and conditioning that society has put on us; in all moments.”
“We remove all engrams of society from our beingness; in all moments.”
“We send all energy matrixes into the Light and Sound that enslave us to society; in all moments.”
“We command all complex energy matrixes that enslave us to society to be escorted into the Light and Sound; in all moments.”
“We send all energy matrixes of society into the Light and Sound; in all moments.”
“We command all complex energy matrixes of society to be escorted into the Light and Sound; in all moments.”
“We send all energy matrixes into the Light and Sound that use individuals to do negative work; in all moments.”
“We command all complex matrixes that use individuals t do negative work to be escorted into the Light and Sound; in all moments.”
“We release being targeted for control; in all moments.”
“We convert all black mold to divine love; in all moments.”
“We eradicate black mold from all beings; in all moments.”
“We extract all black mold from our genetic makeup; in all moments.”
“We strip all illusion of society; in all moments.”
“We remove all masks, walls, and armor from society; in all moments.”
“We eliminate the first cause in creating society; in all moments.”
“We nullify all contracts with society; in all moments.”
“We remove the dead weight of society from our beingness; in all moments.”
“We recant all vows and agreements between ourselves and society; in all moments.”
“We remove all curses between ourselves and society; in all moments.”
“We remove all blessings between ourselves and society; in all moments.”
“We shatter all glass ceilings that society has put on us; in all moments.”
“We sever all strings, cords, and wires between ourselves and society; in all moments.”
“We dissolve all karmic ties between ourselves and society; in all moments.”
“We remove all the pain, burden, and limitations that society has put on us and all others; in all moments.”
“We remove all the fear, futility, and unworthiness that society has put on us and all others; in all moments.”
“We remove all the apathy, ignorance, and indifference that society has put on us and all others; in all moments.”
“We remove all the illusion of separateness that society has put on us and all others; in all moments.”
“We take back for ourselves and all others all that society has taken from us; in all moments.”
“We collapse and dissolve all society; in all moments.”
“We remove from ourselves and all others all the linear stipulations that society has put in us; in all moments.”
“We recharge all land grids with exponentiality; in all moments.”
“We release resonating with society; in all moments.”
“We release emanating with society; in all moments.”
“We extract all of society from our sound frequency; in all moments.”
“We extract all of society from our light emanation; in all moments.”
“We extract all of society from all 32 layers of our Auric field; in all moments.”
“We deactivate the muscle memory of society; in all moments.”
“We extract all of society from our whole beingness; in all moments.”
“We shift our paradigm from society to exponential Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, and Peace; in all moments.”
“We transcend society; in all moments.”
“We are centered and empowered in exponential Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, and Peace; in all moments.”
“We resonate, emanate, and are interconnected with all Life in exponential Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, and Peace; in all moments.”

How to Upgrade the Consciousness of Humanity

We have been trained and conditioned to reign in our love. Just like North Koreans are conditioned to hate Americans, we are conditioned as well. We are conditioned that we are ineffective as individuals. If we begin to sense our empowerment, we are demonized, or made to feel rejected or abandoned. This is still part of the conditioning. It is something to break through.
The truth is that we use a very small fraction of our brain potential. Most of truth is filtered out of our conscious awareness as well. We use even a smaller portion of our heart potential. The human heart working in cohesion with the human brain can create dynamic changes in the world. Reality can indeed change. That is the evidence that Gandhi’s life has shown.
Gandhi understood that the human heart supported by the mind was so much more capable of shifting consciousness than the workings of the mind alone. The stupor we see in the world is the glass ceiling that the mind working devoid of the heart will create. Fear withdraws our love. That is why so many of us are immersed in fear.
Wouldn’t you love to be able to introduce North Korea to the freedom of our life here in America? Wouldn’t you love to replace their conditioning with a personal understanding of what it is like to be free? That is the position I am in here. I am showing everyone the conditioning that they can relinquish to gain expansive spiritual freedom. It merely takes people to let go of the reigns of their loving potential and charge every atom of life with divine Love.
Ignorance, arrogance, indifference, apathy, greed and hate dissipate with the introduction of dynamic purifying love. If you get a sense of the changes I make by assisting people in understanding what is possible with love, then perhaps you will get a sense what is possible when more and more people awaken to their potential to expand consciousness. Simply by expanding their own capacity to love.
Visualize the ignorance, apathy, greed and hate in the world as stuffy clouds that people breathe in whether they like to or not. Pour your loving intentions all over the world to dry up these clouds of energy. It is like the sun dries up a cloud. Practice doing this at all times. Do it every time your think of it.
If you train yourself to pour out love to the world all the time, it becomes ascribed to your parasympathetic nervous system. Meaning, it happens naturally and effortlessly without even thinking about it. It is similar to learning to walk. Instead of learning to walk, we are learning to upgrade our own capacity to love. This is very important to do to upgrade the consciousness of humanity.
Being afraid of world events will never create an iota of shift. It will actually feed the clouds of ignorance.

Fear, Love, Gratitude and the Choice


Gratitude opens up your energy system.
No matter how open and awake you are,
there is always more expansion that can happen
Be grateful.
It is easy.
Think of all that you have endured.
Now sit in your stillness and just be happy to are not dealing with issues in the moment.
If you are thinking about things that bother you,
you are contaminating the moment.
If you are anticipating bad things happening
You are writing a bad script and programming it in
If you are afraid of something bad happening,
It is either a memory of something that already happened
Or it is the memory of someone else that you have ascribed to
For example if you are afraid of falling,
You most likely already fell to your death.
In that case, there is no need to have it happen again.
You have already experienced it.
It may not have been your memory but a memory of someone who induced you to react to their fear.
Fear shuts down you energy system
Then the mind and emotions take over to compensate.
If you are not in fear,you are in love
If you are in love you are not in fear.
Fear and love can not exist in the same space at the same time
So you can know when you are not immersed in love if you are fearful
That is why so much of the world is not loving and kind;
Because they are induced to fear on a regular basis.
That is why so many people are in fear, because they are not immersed in love.
If you are fearful, think of all the things to be grateful for as a means of opening up your energy field to love.

Jen Ward