The Lifeblood to a Kinder World

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Society has tried to enslave us all. It has failed. But it is still important for individuals to pull off the chains that they have been shackled in. It needs to be done or we make it very easy for the power mongers to continue. We are mostly on automatic Pilot of enslaving ourselves.

There is no free speech any more. Sure you can say the most vile things against anyone. But as soon as you talk about Universal love and a Universal peace and a means to empower individuals you will be censored or attacked. Or when you talk of natural healing.

I get attacked by some so-called healers because they feel the need to diminish what I say to hold a status of superiority. That is not being a healer. That is being programmed to diminish like the power mongers have taught. Belittling, minimizing or challenging others who are merely working to enlighten those who want to awaken to truth is not healing. They have just negated their whole status of healer when they do this.

Healers that are sincere and effective have no stomach to diminish others. They are too busy assisting others. They don’t get the recognition or appreciation that they deserve because they are not in the business of promoting themselves. They are too busy assisting others. It is a whole different energy flow.

People wonder why dynamic healers are not rolling in dough. This is why. They spend their energies in the selfless pursuit of bettering the quality of life for others and not wasting it on singing their own praises. It is a whole different “setting on the vacuum cleaner” to get acknowledged than it is to do the actual healing. People think I come off as needy by asking them to share how I have helped them. Yes it is a definite need. It is a need to perpetuate the validity of the whole concept of healing when the validity of it has all been squelched by a society whose biggest business is disease.

If you have had a positive experience with anyone who assisted you on a personal level, they are a healer. Those of us who rely on referrals and word of mouth endorsements to thrive, would benefit for people to understand this. We live in a society were it is illegal to claim that you can heal others; even if you can. There is no reliable means of referral into a practice that as been systemically demonized and debunked except word of mouth from a trusted friend.

People have to get over their coyness in talking about using a natural healer so that natural practices can thrive in a hostile society. Sometimes when people are afraid to tell their families and friends about their session with me, it leaves me feeling like the call girl on the side. The sessions are so beneficial to the individual but as soon as they get some distance from them, they question the validity of them; until they are in need again.

Diminishing the worth of healers was a calculated move perpetuated all through modern history to diminish the advancement of female energy. Because it is through female energy (we are not talking genitals) that healing is done. Notice how you do better when your doctor is compassionate? That compassion is them accessing female energy. Notice how compassion is not mandated in western medicine; only suggested?

The Dark Ages was the time in history when the practices of natural healing was squelched through the genocide of pagans. Natural healers basically had to go underground to survive. People have been told that the Dark Ages have ended. They have not. The Dark Ages end when female empowerment is as valued as much as male interests. In the eighteen hundreds any hospital in the United States that used natural practices to heal people with great results was shut down. This is not an enlightened practice. This is a calculated move to enslave society to western medicine practices; which as all been done.

I remember an intake appointment for a new doctor’s office a few years ago. The nurses were all very surprised that I was not on any medications at all. I was surprised that they were surprised. They became more interesting in looking for underlying symptoms that had fallen through the cracks of treatment. They were good,caring nurses. Yet they were conditioned to assume that everyone should be on some medication of some kind.

This mentality has been elevated with the push for mandatory vaccines. People who choose not to opt into vaccines have to fight the court system in some cases to maintain that right. Children can not attend public school if they don’t get many vaccines. This has been the drive of so much home schooling; which may not be a bad thing. Freedom will break out somehow.

I have seen beautiful gifted children develop learning disabilities after routine vaccines. There is a dispute whether vaccines cause autism. It is very clear that they don’t. I have listened very clearly to all the soundbites about the vaccinations not causing autism. That letter of the law may be true. But it was never stated clearly that the carrying serum for the vaccine didn’t cause autism. This is a splitting hair distinction that most of the populace may have missed.

This is why it is so important to question everything and learn to discern truth for yourself; so you can catch these things that those with an agenda pull over on the mass culture all the time. By the way, the whole concept of independent study is a fallacy. Someone is paying for the researchers time and talents. If we have learned nothing from current events is that anyone can be bought up and that there are the individuals out there rich enough to do it. Independent studies went the way of unbiased news and eight track tapes.

The first lesson we were taught in massage therapy school was to never claim that you can heal. It is actually against the law. It is also a lawsuit waiting to happen. That is why it is so important to introduce healing practices back into the population by talking about healing or pointing out natural healing practices. If by chance you have ever been assisted by a healer, it is important to tell others about it because they are not really allowed to toot their own horn.

What is interesting about alternative practices is that they are implemented and supported by one group. Have you seen those commercials for very expensive, high-end treatment centers for life threatening disease? They use alternative healing methods to gain such good result. They advertise that they treat the wholeness of an individual.

That is what an alternative practice does. They work with the conditions of the individual even as they are immersed in the dependency of western ways. They respect the individual using their instincts to find the best practitioners for themselves whether they are considered alternative or western medicine based. The rule of thumb is, love heals fear does not. Any practitioner who uses fear to get a point across, is not immersed in love.

The whole point of enlightening and awakening is to be more immersed in love, freedom and truth. These all resonate at a similar frequency. That is what we are all awakening to; love, freedom and truth. One can not have love and freedom without truth. My intention here is to clear the pathways for truth so that love and freedom can become mainstream too.

You can assist by perpetuating love and truth in as many ways as possible. In doing so, freedom is inevitable. It doesn’t happen by having a revolution. That form of freedom is a man-made concept with pretend boundaries and quantification. Freedom is a deep spaciousness of expansion within the very atoms of your being. It is the ability to move about the universe via your thoughts and intentions. It is forgoing the man made concept of evil as a barrier and traveling upon a light emanation or carried on a strain of music into beautiful realities beyond the imagination.

So many people worry about evil. Evil is merely an absence of love just as the dark is an absence of light. If you tell a god fearing person that there is no evil, they will get angry with you and start validating evil. They do not realizing they are perpetuating it with their insistence. All you need to do is merely deplete its fuel source; which is fear.

Some people’s god only exists in contract to evil. They need evil to exist so that their god can be important as the contrast to go-to. The less significant evil is, so is true of their god. This is worshiping still, in the lower worlds of duality. Love and the true source of all is beyond the realms of duality. It is a nothingness to a mind that needs course concepts to grab.

In fact, if some people experience this nothingness of God, they may interpret it as a negative because of the mind’s conditioning. You see this happen when someone perceives their mate as boring and unexciting simply because they have grown used to the sweet succor of their shared love. Perhaps some people who are very depressed are closer to god than anyone realizes. Perhaps the mind has no register for such a pure state so interprets it as a negative.

The whole point to this is to love, and share truth as much as possible. But know the truth from an inner source and not what is force-fed to the human psyche continually through the commercial airways. Also, sense the degree of truth. Psychic influences can come through the subtle realms convincing us of a certain path. These are psychic commercials and should be distinguished from a deeper inner truth.

Also please realize that any source is fallible in the physical realms. Anything or anyone who expects an absolute from you is suspect. We are in an individual game now. The rules have changed. any group advancement is likened to be tainted with power mongers influence. Please trust the validity and fluidity of your own ability to discern and put more credence in yourself as opposed to a group.

Please advocate for the healers in every profession. They need to be encouraged to thrive. They are the lifeblood to a kinder world.


Returning to Organic Healing


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People just don’t understand the damage that they do to themselves when they post their medical issues on social media . They say they want to update the people who REALLY care about them with what is going on with them. They may be getting some attention for what they are dealing with, but it is a small price to pay for what is transpiring energetically.

When one talks about their issues, they are publicly declaring themselves as married to them. Think about it, once it is out there, it is forever a part of your identity. It is hard enough to shake something when you have identified with it. It is way more difficult to shake when everyone who knows you identifies it as part of you as well.

Did you know that the body gets cancer a few times in everyone’s lifetime? The body naturally addresses it. It is when it is discovered and labeled and defined that many times it takes hold and becomes life changing. Pain is an emotional issue that becomes so heavy in the body that it shows up as weight and mass. If you can address the emotional issue, the physical issue can and does recede.

But to bring attention to an issue and to build your identity around it, calcifies it in the body. Why do so few people understand this? If you want something in your life, talk about it as a reality especially with others who agree with it. This is an exacting spiritual law as concise and consistent as the law of gravity. This is what people do with illness and problems. This is what happens when people share their issues on Social Media. If someone wanted to improve the quality of their life, adhering to the Spiritual Law of Silence, is the one thing they could do to greatly dry up many of their issues.

When you talk about being poor, sick, depressed or tired. These are very charged words. Charged means that they are like little magnets. When you use negatively charged words to describe yourself or your life, your brain picks up on them and is programmed to give you what you want. It doesn’t know you DON’T want these things. It just knows that you talk about them so you must want to manifest them. You are programming yourself to manifest more of what you don’t want. It is formula. It is how the brain work, what talking does and how manifestation works.

My seventy-six year old friend easily recovered from stage 4 cancer. She is thriving after the bout. She went through traditional means, yet adhered to all the suggestions I gave her to augment her treatment. One of the main points on the list of suggestions was to not converse about her ordeal. DO not allow it to be a topic of conversation. A year after her total recovery, the surgeon confided in her that he had thought that she would be one that did not make it. Her recovery beat the odds. Not allowing her identity to become entwined with disease was part of the factor that made the difference in her survival. I so hope people get this point.

I love all my social media friends so much. It saddens me when I stumble upon a post when they are sharing update on their illness, pain or other life issues. It just shows me how little understanding they have of spiritual law. They would be devastated with me if I helped them realize what they were doing to themselves in sharing. It is not a judgment on my part. It is a twinge of ooh…noooo…don’t do this to yourself! Don’t nail this issue to yourself for the payoff of a little attention.

They would of course argue with me and say that their friends and family are helping them get through this. But in the energetic realms, most humans are rendered ineffective of being able to assist; only because of their lack of understanding spiritual law and how to work in energy. Some humans stumble upon the formula for being able to assist but it is rare and far between. The general belief system for personal empowerment has gotten so watered down, that people are now struggling just to exist and feel worthy to exist.

That is why I get irritated with people who continuously benefit from my assistance yet are afraid to share what is possible because they are afraid of what their family and friends will think. Or they can diminish or dismiss the help as a fluke. It happens too consistently these days. The people who know what I do, know. Their family and friends are suffering with a lack of understanding. Most of the world is suffering because of lack of understanding. The people who I have helped should be able to let others know what is possible at this point. Otherwise they are using me as a muse.

It has never been about the payment, the validation or the appreciation. They are just a part of the snapshot. It is about getting a majority of people to collectively agree to what is consistently possible in the realm of human healing. If people deny a spiritual gift they have received with shame and embarrassment, how can the world be immersed in healing? How can we heal as a group? What I share in my posts and in my love for you as individuals is the truth that will inevitably uplift consciousness. It is not my truth. It is there for everyone to tap into. But it goes against lifetimes of conditioning.

Being ashamed or embarrassed to share what I do and how I have helped you is being in agreement with the world as it is now as opposed to an existence that is more empowering. I don’t ask you to choose. You choose all the time. You are all choosing. You are empowered in this way. You are creating the world that we live in by your choices. That is how empowered you are.

The world of Western medicine with opiod addictions and holding people hostage with high costs is not working. It is time for people to go back to the simple ways. Go back to what has worked for thousands of years. Oils and positive energy is not new age. It is the way healing originated. It is now up to people to reclaim their empowerment by reclaiming organic healing. It is time for all individuals, instead of decllaring a diagnosis, to reclaim their health.

Natural Success Against cancer


Another success story of someone who has benefited from using Ossage orange to eat cancer cells. I highly recommend this for any one who is struggling with such a thing, A lady in upstate NY made it up fresh for me. Here is her site.
Helenas Organic Garden Natures apothecary organic, natural homemade skin and spa products

Also, forgo dairy; too many older people are scared into overcompensation with calcium because of bone density. But too much dairy is bad for them.

Forgo regular deodorant. You can buy Toms. It is the only one on the market that doesn’t use Aluminum and block the sweat glands from releasing toxins. Those natural rocks are aluminum based

Stop using artificial perfumes of any kind. The chemicals in them travel through your nose directly to the brain. If you feel you need perfume, only use uncut oils like Young Living. Uncut means they are not diluted with chemicals. Cut oils are not regulated well and can be cut with toxins; especially from other countries that do not regulate at all.

Stop all negative thoughts, words and interrupt all negative belief systems. This seems impossible but it is easily done by NOT watching the news or listening to talk radio and doing the taps I post on my page almost every day.

Don’t make the issue a topic of conversation. Too many people are concerned with cancer awareness. It is supposedly to make people aware of screening for it. But it sends out an expectation of it. It is better to NOT feed it with attention or energy in any way. The mind drops the initial reason for the walks, parades and group support functions. The mind processes it as associating cancer with comradery, family and community. This has to be interrupted in the mind.

Stop eliciting sympathy or support from everyone. Don’t become known as the person fighting cancer. Then you are working against that identification of you. Keep it quiet and don’t allow yourself to be a topic of conversation. Gossip is insidious and to have your heath fall into the hands of idle gossip is beneath you. Be diligent to only tell those people who can use their intentions to visualize you t wellness.

Sympathy is a low vibration. Don’t accept sympathy. Think of it this way, you see sympathy at funerals and it is for widows and widowers with children to raise all alone. Don’t associate yourself with that frequency. If someone tries to pull you into it out of habit or ignorance, get mad at them. Allow them to get mad at you. That anger is a higher frequency than sympathy.

Don’t accept the belief that there is nothing that can be done. If western medicine calls you terminal, that means you are dead to their cures but not to life. Unless you have tried every form of emotional release and natural healing. You are not terminal.

Western medicine will way that someone who has brain cancer is terminal because they cannot penetrate the natural blood brain barrier that protects the brain from receiving outside influences from the body, or they can’t do surgery because of the delicate placement of what needs to be removed. But there are natural essential oils that pass through the skin, tissue and even bone of the brain and get to the place in the brain where a tumor needs shrinking.

There are many essential oils that Young Living Oils makes that work to shrink tumors. If the doctors tell you there is nothing that can be done. They mean, there is nothing THEY can do. Many issues of disease are emotional dis-ease in the body that has become so laden in the body that it physically manifests. Those emotional issues need to be addressed because they could be literally making someone sick..

Doing the taps that I post on my page address these emotional issues without going through a juggernaut of emotional catharsis’ to be free. If someone is truly in denial, they will feel their own resistance in doing the taps. But if they push through that resistance, they will experience the release; which is the emotional issues being stored in the body.

If anyone wants to release further, there are many gifted healers amongst us that are able to assist in releasing the emotional issues that are gumming up the passageways of natural health. They can tune into the innate wisdom of your body as to what needs to be addressed for optimal health.

I have the ability to extract emotional issues from an energy field. I feel them as someone would feel in a stuffy room.  I convert the energy of issues into sound energy and release the issues from the body. I see miracles all the time. I have also started offering very affordable group sessions that have the added benefit of harnessing the synergy of the group dynamics for wellness.

Sound healing is effective in extracting a client’s issues from their sound frequency and they will be introduced to a higher frequency where wellness, love and joy resonate. It is really good because the issues don’t have to do through the tedious practice of being “thought out” or “felt out”. They are very conveniently removed.

If you would like to experience this very clean form of releasing dis-ease, you can use the techniques in my book. Please take as much care in yourself as the care you give to others. You deserve Happiness and wellness

Defeating a Virus 


When I was imprisoned for a year, I had only one book I was allowed to read. It was an essential oil reference book that was a companion to the Young Living Oils. D Gary Young was considered a higher being so I was able to read about the Young Living Oils. It was a great comfort.

Since I was so sensory deprived, my awareness became heightened in many ways. Although my reality was distorted by the man who imprisoned me, the information I received on my own iimagination adventures were extremely valuable.

In my “altered” state, I was shown the difference between medicine and natural cures like herbs and uncut essential oils. In a vivid experience, I saw the body as a battleground and the illness being the enemy. To destroy the enemy, doctors would send in armies of drones to kill the illness. But the illness had a sort of intelligence. It mutated; which meant it changed tactics. The drones, hit a wall. They were not programmed to think. They were dead robots and had no programming to change tactic.

To win the war, live soldiers needed to be sent in. They could intelligently out maneuver the disease. Essential Oils are Alive. They have consciousness. They are able to change tactics when a disease mutates because they have an intelligence. They can out guess the enemy. In my altered state, I saw the Essential Oils winning a war that the drones had failed. Maybe it was defeating a Virus.

This experience has stuck with me. I really don’t fear viruses. I just may stock up on some essential oils and herbs that have been helpful to me in the past. If you have never tried the Young Living Oils and are interested, I highly recommend having a bottle of “Thieves” on hand. I would think it would be very interesting to see those infected with viruses treated with Thieves.

I think it would be a very evident shift in consciousness to see the medical doctors endorse Essential Oils as an antidote for viruses and other infections. We shall see. The only certainty is living fear free is an attainable goal. That in itself is priceless. Maybe the Universe is turning us to a more simple solution for disease by making health care so unattainable for some.

Could there be a blessing in what seems to be a curse? It is interesting that we have been so programmed against what has been the healing modality of the ages and feeling left helpless and at the mercy of modern medicine. It seems now that modern medicine is creating so much more anguish than solace. Humanity deserves better. Try the oils and alternative practices. If nothing else, it channels the anguish into a constructive venue. That in itself is healing.