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Retreat Group Photo
I now realize that what happens at the retreats I facilitate is not a fluke. After the third one, they keep getting better and better. I would love to meet more of the friends that I hold so dear here on social media at the next one. The retreats are not going to be so intimate for too long. The time I am able to pour on each individual is not always going to be so guaranteed.
My favorite part of the retreats are:
Being able to watch the shifts happen within people and their families. When I bring two people to come up in the middle of the room, and share all they are in energy with the other. When a strong confident man pours dad energy into those who were desperate for that live. A sister downloads into a brother what it feels like to have your anatomy stared at. To have one who feels confident in her beauty feed it into one who can not fathom her own whiles.
Children as young as seven and as fickle as teenagers listen intently and responsive to what I am sharing with not a hint of boredom or disrespect.
The room enthralled in humor as I explain how to perceive in energy by demonstrating how people interact with me. Apparently those years of watching others be mocked was converted to the most gentle way to deliver spiritual principles to others in an entertaining way; without a hint of cruelty or diminishing of their spirit. I have become very funny and entertaining.
Watching strangers grow in loving and respecting everyone at the event. On breaks, it was so rewarding to see everyone loving on people they just met. That is because that is our natural inclination and when the walls are stripped away we are free to do that.
Seeing truth delivered to the heart of someone who was pushing it away as a defense. That they no longer have to walk around with a shield and sword; ready to pounce. They are free to engage others with the ease and confidence of an empowered victor. Yet with the kindness and a compassion of a one who rescues the weak and speaks to all souls in all forms with love.
Its amazing seeing how families are excited to be present, individuals understand the scope of my purpose and the world responds to the energy that was generated to uplift all souls and raise the vibration of the planet to hold the resonance of love and truth.
The next retreat will be happening on Mothers Day weekend. It is a means to honor Gaia or Goddess energy in all. It is a great way to gift the people in your life who mean so much to you. Think of it an intervention for the soul without the need to hitting rock bottom. You deserve to feel worthy and empowered. May you attend and may you and those you care about, awaken to your most cherished selves.

The Truth About Santa Claus


Adults have been lying to Children way too long when it comes to Santa Clause. It is because they have been lied to as well. They really have lost touch with that magical place within themselves and so they have done what children who have been violated do. They perpetuate the Lie.

It is time to tell children of all ages the truth about Santa Clause. In doing so, it will help heal that aspect of themselves that has forgotten how to trust. The trouble is, people have lost touch with who Santa Clause is. It is time to reintroduce the world to him. Here is the truth about Santa Clause.

Spirit Guides are people who have evolved through their trials and tribulations to such a degree that compassion is embedded in the very fiber of their Light. They exude a loving eminence to all those around them. They are not pushovers. Not at all. They can tough as nails when it is necessary but they prefer to be soft and kind when they can.

In their last incarnations, Spirit Guides go through many trials and tribulations, Their last lifetimes are all about service. They give to the world as effortlessly and as randomly as others give to their dear ones. But to a Spirit Guide, everyone is their dear one. They are capable of loving the whole word and all beings.

There was one such being that lived a long while ago. Many Spirit Guides, have certain specialties that are near and dear to their heart. This one’s specialty was children. He had a tender spot for children. It hurt his heart to have souls incarnate into the world and be at the mercy of adults. He knew how difficult it was to be here when you are not completely loved and accepted. He made it his purpose to open up the hearts of children everywhere and allow them the opportunity to; at least feel what it like to be completely loved and accepted; if only if it was for an instant.

He realized the resiliency of children. He knew that many parents wanted to do good but they fell short. He also realized that many children were born into the homes of their enemies. So the children did not have that loving “space” to recognize their own loving potential. He made it his purpose to open up as many hearts to their own loving nature, This became his passion.

As all Spirit Guides, he was, and is, well versed in spiritual law. He realized that the most efficient way to open someones heart was to give them a gift. Sometimes the results are instantaneous. They still are. He started setting out on journeys to give children gifts. His presence alone in villages started to open up people’s hearts. He built up such an energetic vibration of love and compassion, that merely thinking about him lightened the load for many heavy hearts. His presence in the world made the world a better place. He realized that if he could open someone’s heart once, they would be able to always refer to that moment in their own history and remember that they are very important. That they are a being of love.

The coal that was given out was not done as a punishment. Coal in itself was valuable for heating homes. It was very valuable to freezing homes. It was given as a special reminder that sometimes we have to be of service to burn off all our dross. By being totally immersed in service, we transform into a soft supple powder. This is what happens to coal when it was burned.

It was adults who put this punishing component onto the gift of coal. There is no aspect of this guide that did not see the loving nature of the child. The lie about the coal was one of many. It was the human consciousness way of diminishing this great being. He was impervious to what others would call bad. He only saw their sweet nature. But if he was going to survive as a concept in this negative, man was going to exploit his goodness as much as possible. This was what they were learning in the school-house of life.

When Spirit Guides cross over, they have a great life, similar to that of earth but on the astral plane. Because they have dropped the vibration of the physical body, the astral world is as real to them then than the physical world is to us. But they are able to still appear to those in the physical realm. Santa has that ability. Children do still resonate with his truth and goodness, and he is able to appear to many in his astral body. He is able to do miracle is extreme cases of belief but usually he works in a more subtle way. He is able to appear to children and he channels his benevolence through everyone so they are kinder and more generous in nature.

Santa Claus channels himself into the world as much as possible around Christmas. It is not merely one day or one hour. It is a whole season. He is actually available to anyone who reaches out to him at any time of the year. He is a Spirit Guide. He is there to help people everywhere open their heart centers and tap into their giving nature. If one is really down, they can call upon Santa and they will be given a reprieve from the lives into a childlike wonderment,

When he was in physical form, he would go to the villages and give out gifts. But now he uses his gifts to channel into caregivers and open them up to their own loving nature and become generous in giving gifts. Santa works to create miracles in each life so that the parents can find the means to give the gifts. He is empowering them to do this. This is experienced when people of incredibly dysfunctional homes, are able to get a reprieve from the abuse and neglect for a while around the holiday. This happens when people find the means somehow to give that gift they thought was impossible.

Santa Claus provides an incredible service to humanity. He is one of the very few persona in history that there is little controversy around. He is loved and valued by all cultures who know of him. This is a credit to his incredible light and dedication to serving children of all ages and uplifting humanity.

He resides on the astral plane. His work of giving gifts has evolved into the images of what is imagined the north pole is like. People can visit there as much as their abilities and beliefs will allow.. There is special treatment for all who make the trek. But it is done inwardly. It is a soul travel experience. It is done on the astral plane. The story of the Polar Express is a real account of an astral visit to the north pole. It really isn’t that hard to do; especially around the energetically charged time of Christmas.

There is really no reason to lie about Santa Claus and to make up all these absurd scenarios. It will make so much more sense to tell children that when they go to sleep, set the intention of visiting Santa Clause and that they will be able to do so. It is also empowering for then to know Santa as their spirit guide. It is a great way to help them tune into their inner wonders. The fact that Santa is still so plugged into this physical realm is a credit to his capacity to love. Maybe its time for the world to say Thank you to him.

Now with this vantage point, scan the memories of your Christmas experiences. See if you do not realize his presence where you have overlooked it before. To do so, is a heart opening experience in itself. It is time for the world to open its heart chakra. Everyone who opens up more to love enables the multitudes to do the same. This is a great realization to perpetuate the love and to bring the Christmas Spirit back to life as the mainstay for all, all year round.

God speed.

Jen Ward

Remote Assistance


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I know that my little girl is a very old soul. She has empathy and compassion even in her development as of now. Seems to be that her issue is trying to absorb and heal other peoples negative energies but she is around. or rather, the hurt and pain she feels with different people who hold her.

I of course put a loving and protective shield around her so she doesn’t absorb them, it seems as though she tries to break through and help the individual beyond her capability. It also seems that she deals with overcoming slight invitee as well. I’m trying to figure out and formulate a tapping session for my baby?. Any thoughts/ recommendations?


The shield you put around her is kind of weak. It doesn’t serve her well enough. I can assist and extract the negativity if you wish. It will be more efficient. No offense


None taken whatsoever! This is the reason why I contacted you. I always look to find people who are wise and know more than me in different areas so I can grow. Any thoughts on specific words to say over her with the tapping?


I will do the energy work here. It is actually already being done.
You can do this tap on her
“You are protected in Love; in all moments”


Any specifics that you see that was causing the weakness or what’s going on with her? Since I’m so close to the situation, it’s hard for me to get a concise read.


I am talking to her. She thinks she has to do that to earn her worth.
You have given her that impression


I mean I know enough. & I have a very deep bond with her. very good point thank you for your analysis so far


It is a misunderstanding but as you know she is very sensitive
You do this yourself and she is paying attention


Yes you are correct. She is extremely sensitive in all aspects


You do not have to help people to earn your worth
You do not have to impress anyone
The people who have invalidated you will never be able to see you the way that you are. You vibrate too high for them. You must surrender that need or want

You are a Godsend. I needed that and thank you for the clear in forward analysis of what’s going on with my sweetheart. I had no idea I was causing that impression on her. I’m not offended by your straightforwardness whatsoever.😋

Great. I have to go out now but this is the breakthrough you needed. You both can relax now



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Families are not level playing fields. Some people are born into families of people that would have been the enemy in earlier incarnations. It is life’s way to teach us to love what we disdain. Some family members might not be able to hide their contempt for another. It is just part of the process in building our strength and compassion.

If you were born amongst enemies, take heart. You are not alone. Just learn to love and endure as best you can and let go of trying to figure out what you lack. There is nothing that you lack. And you ARE Lovable.

For those who are born in a family of Love and mutual respect, be grateful for your good fortune. You are also blessed.

Pro Love




When does life begin?

Who am I to say?

Who and what’s important?

To put it another way.


To defend the human zygote,

Protect it to extremes

But disregard the plight of children everywhere

Is hypocrisy it seems


How about quality of life?

People get up in arms

But when a precious child is born

Who ensures that it doesn’t starve?


What if it’s from a different race or creed?

Or from a different land?

Is it treated with the same regard

As a generic fetus can command?


Why does it seem so much better

To be born with skin that’s white?

Does this genetic propensity

Better assist a world in plight?


These are the questions I struggle with

In an unsettled part of me.

How can one claim to wholeheartedly love God

Yet happily cut down a tree?


Why do so many still hate and judge?

And think that it’s okay?

To control those who are different

In the name of the God of the day


Why are Guns so prevalent?

Why is it a sacred right to shoot?

But when one speaks of the right NOT to be shot

The point is dismissed as moot?


Why do my sincere questions

Fall on such deaf ear?

Why are so many indignant about God

Yet, with their actions, show they don’t care?


I’ve accumulated questions

From current events through the years

Like, what is conversion of the closing Dow

Into human tears?


I will continue to ask the questions

Not caring what others may think

Maybe It’ll help someone somehow

By committing these musings to ink


There’s a reason why so many are scared

To let their views be heard

The infinite way man defiles himself

Is literally absurd


Yet, if the quality of a single life

Can benefit from a point of view

Then I will happily do what I can

To give that life, it’s due.


Jen Ward 11/28/14

Heal “Broken Families”


A family can only be broken as a concept. Individual relationships can be strained. But it is important not to sacrifice the relationship with each individual of the family for the idealism of what a family is supposed to be. A family is at least as unique and multidimensional as each individual. It has so many facets and layers.

A dominating member of the family may want to facet it into a concept that they can internalize as the highest happiness. But this is unrealistic in most cases and the individual relationships become the collateral damage. For example, a father may only love his children if he has a relationship with their mother, otherwise he moves on and creates a new family; a parent may disown a child if they are the preferred sexual orientation that they are comfortable with. Or a child with old fashioned parents will compartmentalize their importance because they are out of touch with modern trends. All of these create fractured relationships.

(Say each statement 3 times out loud while CONTINUOUSLY tapping on the top of your head at the crown chakra and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest)

“I release forfeiting individual relationships to the concept of family; in all moments”
“I release allowing one member of the family to fracture family dynamics; in all moments”
“I release being used as a pawn in a internal struggle for power in my family; in all moments”
“I release being pitted against a member of my family; in all moments”
“I release being an outcast in my own family; in all moments”
“I release being coined the black sheep; in all moments”
“I release demonizing any member of the family; in all moments”
“I release idolizing any member of the family; in all moments”
“I release withholding my love to punish; in all moments”
“I release using my love as a reward system; in all moments”
“I release hating any member of the family; in all moments”
“I release allowing any member of the family to be rejected; in all moments”
“I release the fear of being rejected by my family; in all moments”
“I release rejecting any member of the family; in all moments”
“I release denying my own innate individualism to blend with the family; in all moments”
“I release sacrificing my happiness to appease the family; in all moments”
“I release conforming to the confines of the family at the detriment of my identity; in all moments”
“I release dreading family; in all moments”
“I release the fear of making waves; in all moments”
“I release conceding to the family; in all moments”
“I release squelching my truth to appease the family; in all moments”
“I release agreeing to be a part of any dynamics that does not honor me; in all moments”
“I love individuals beyond the confines of convention definition of family; in all moments”
“I create my own sense of family totally out of love bonds I have foraged.
“I release regretting the family I was born it; in all moments”
“I love myself and others more than the concept of family; in all moments”
“I refuse to feel broken as a reflection of my family; in all moments”
“I am whole an happy and completely fed from the well of my own beingness; in all moments”