More Than Family


Listen close

And you will “hear”

Constant reassurance

A sympathetic ear


A lick of the face

In agreement I suppose

The surprising delight

In an ice cold nose


The wag of a tail

The warm spot in your bed

The unbridled acceptance

From that tail to the head


Toenails that tap

As paws scamper on the floor

They are not here to obey

They are here to adore

Jen Ward, continued


They are closer than family

We chose them from the start

They are more than a friend

They are an extension of our heart.


Jen Ward

Is Anyone Listening?


If you are engaging someone, and you cannot relinquish your stance to totally be inside the experience of being them for a instance, to understand their point of view, then you aren’t truly listening.

If you are waiting for them to finish just so you get your turn to educate them, then you aren’t truly listening.

If you have no intention of budging on your stance one iota and you are just being present to be polite, you aren’t truly listening.

If you are tuning them out to get the facts straight in your mind before you pummel them, you are not truly listening.

If what they say gets you upset and you must interrupt them to set them straight, you aren’t truly listening.

If you care less about their feelings or your relationship with them than being right, then you aren’t truly listening.

If you already know your mind and are just indulging them to be polite, then you aren’t truly listening.

Is anyone listening?

Love’s Decree


If you don’t appreciate trees, can’t tolerate animals, don’t like people that are different than you, do not care about your surroundings, then you don’t love God.

If you complain, argue, judge, or argue, you are desecrating God.

If you profess doom, in any little increments, you are cursing life in some say and working against God.

Church is not a building that stays empty most of the week. Your day is your church, your interactions are your pulpit and your actions are your altar.

How you treat others in those quiet moments with no one watching is you kneeling before God. Words are merely demonstrative for effect if your actions do not align with your truth. These quiet moments in your mind and heart are your gauge to whether you honor God or work in contrast to Love’s decree.

Moving Around the World



(Say each statement 3 times out loud while CONTINUOUSLY tapping on the top of your head at the crown chakra and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest)

“I release the trauma of migrating, in all moments.”
“I release migrating for death, in all moments.”
“I release the fear of letting down my family, in all moments.”
“I release the heaviness of needing to provide for others, in all moments.”
“I release the fear of disaster, in all moments.”
“I release the fear of failing when being met with disaster, in all moments.”
“I release running from disaster; in all moment”
“I release feeling responsible for life and death, in all moments.”
“I release the fear of losing by forging on, in all moments.”
“I accept my abundance as mainstay, in all moments.”
“I release all the mind eddies that I’ve been stuck in, in all moments.”
“I release being transfixed on a tapestry, in all moments.”
“I release relinquishing my stance for others, in all moments.”
“I release diminishing myself compared to my spirit guides, in all moments.”
“I accept my stance as a spirit guide to others, in all moments.”
“I release separating from spirit guides through matter, energy, space, and time, in all moments.”
“I break through to my greatest empowerment though the heart, in all moments.”
“I manifest my greatest aspiration with my love, in all moments.”
“I strengthen the manifestation of my aspiration with pure intention, in all moments.”
“I release taking my heart-mind connection off kilter, in all moments.”
“I strengthen and empower my heart-mind connection, in all moments.”

How Jen Helped Me and My Family


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

I married for love. That didn’t stop me from having a difficult time after the honeymoon.

The real difficulty began in childhood with challenges of being the only girl in a male slanted home and being diminished.

I reached out to Jen out of the pain of not being seen in my life. Even in the so-called progressive spiritual group I belonged to, I didn’t feel seen as a female so wholeheartedly.

My husband was seen and honored in all ways–in his job, in his spiritual group, in his family, at the grocery store–so he didn’t go looking for Jen.

But his life was not full. He too was cut off from his whole heart.

Along comes Jen.

We have both learned so much from Jen. She has definitely ignited my own self nurturing, freedom and most of all empowerment. She has shown me the advantages of being in female energy—not just being female because men and women have both male and female energy—but of being empowered in female energy.

What has this meant? For me, it means trusting. Trusting myself, trusting my gut, being more compassionate, and learning to communicate with all life. It means connecting more to my true purpose.

My husband’s life is so much richer now. He is more present to all of life: he is gardening, editing books, involved in life in ways he never was before.

I notice little changes that are profound. I have better clothes—not more expensive, but more flattering. I hear trees talk, I see what people are saying in energy behind their words.

She taught me to remove attachments to groups. I let go of people who were takers and welcomed in those friends and family who are givers and with whom I can learn about divine love.

If you want the chance to benefit from Jen’s healing energy, and the dynamic expansiveness and empowerment that occurs with what Jen does, you can participate in a retreat on September 8 and 9.

And FYI: if you book the hotel before August 8th you will receive a discounted rate of 99.00 and 129.00 instead of the normal rate of 154.00.

I know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will be so unique and different from the last retreat. See Jen’s websites for testimonials from people who attended her last retreat.

The Thing About Soul Mates


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Here is the thing. If someone is your soul mate and you are meant to be together, it will easily fall into place. NOTHING in the Universe can keep you apart. But if you have to finagle, obsess, manipulate, and break ties with a perfectly good family or spouse, most likely the person is not your soul mate.

People have romanticized soul mates so much that they have built this expectation around them that they are going to swoop in with the fanfare and the passion of prince charming or the grace and allure of a princess. That is not the case. Sometimes, getting thrilled by your soul mate can be compared to: do you thrill yourself? They are comfortable and as constant as your own company.

So many people I know want to throw away or dismiss a perfectly good relationship because it doesn’t thrill them with unbridled passion. What if your soul mate is so comfortable to you that there is no thrill there; but a deep constant warming respect and enjoyment to be around? Are you going to throw it away because of hype?

Look around you. Build on the love that you have right in front of you. Stop building castles in the air but build dreams on the ground with roots and foundation. Don’t throw anyone away or count them out because they are not stimulating you in course meaningless ways that fall away eventually anyway. Be wise and present with all you do and all you love.

Those around you that make you smile, care about your little needs and think about you daily are important to your fulfillment. Dissolve the arrogance that says these things don’t matter. On the contrary. They are what the Universe and love are built upon.


19679553_10156435926199741_1133637518_nYesterday’s group call was so amazing!  I closed my eyes, really tuned into everyone’s voices and energy and I felt as though I was transported back to the room we were in at Woodcliff, with all those beautiful souls I have known through many, many life times.  Thank you Jen for bringing us together in May, and for the refresher yesterday.
Some things Jen said during the call stuck with me, and I could not get them out of my head.  I have never really parented with boundaries.  I don’t strictly enforce times such as wake up time, when we eat, or when bed time is, etc. This isn’t necessarily the best approach, I know.
What I realize now that I am working with Jen is, I have fought making official times for all those things because deep down I knew that when we force our kids to be too linear – get up at a certain time, eat every day at a certain time, go to bed at a certain time, etc. – it prevents them from exploring their exponentiality.  When we rush them from this thing to that – just like Jen was talking about when we book appointments back to back, it’s making them conform to linear existence.  Some people think kids thrive on structure.  It doesn’t appeal to me, and that’s probably because I am not linear.  We can have a tendency to rush our kids through life.  In being so regimented, we too as parents can miss the beautiful experiences that could happen if we were not so fixated on linear existence.
This refresher session was also a big break through to me in terms of many of my relationships that I have struggled with.
I can fully accept that others are not exponential…it’s nice to finally have words to describe what makes you different.  However, to others, if sometimes feels you are not linear, you are wrong.  I have spent too much time in my life being told I am wrong.  I exert way too much effort trying to deal energetically with anger and tension from people who think they are always right and their way of doing things or seeing things is right.  Working with Jen is helping me to free myself from the need for validation from others, because I realize I am not going to get it from people operating in a linear reality.  The denial of validation from them is not malicious, we are just operating differently in energy.
It is mind blowing and so freeing to experience the love I do working with Jen, and it is even more powerful and life changing to continue to feel the love and the deep sense of connection that I did in May at the retreat Jen facilitated.  To think we will all come together again, be interconnected with other souls and keep repairing and restoring one another and humanity!  Jen, your work is amazing and life changing!
The Exponential Empowerment Retreat is the next event facilitated by Jen Ward. It is September 8-9 in Rochester New York. All who come will be changed forever in a profound way. Changes may range from subtle to dynamic and profound. But whatever the attendees experience, will be theirs to own. Everything experienced is given with no indoctrination or obligation.