The Passenger


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My friend had an insightful dream. In it lost souls were drawn to my new home. A spirit guide had donned it with a special energy. it was like liquid mercury that he cupped in his hands and it lit up and then permeated my yard. It was a living being, and it hid in plain sight in the grass and the tree. It cried for humanity. Not out of sadness but just simply as a means of assisting souls. It had detached tears. The lost souls were healed of their pain by coming into my yard and then going into the light.

Sometimes I am compelled to go to yard sales. Many times there is a person that passed and the sale is about selling all their possessions. Sometimes the person who has died doesn’t realize that they have crossed. When this happens, I can feel their distress at their home and possessions being violated. So I take a few moments to let them know that they have indeed left their physical body and help them to cross over. They are instantly relieved and feel grateful.

Today I was drawn to go to this garage sale. I talked to the owner about a car he was selling. He said it was his mother-in-law’s. She had died a few months ago. When I was walking back to my car, I didn’t think it was my car for a minute because there was someone sitting in the front passenger seat. It was a woman with an old fashions hairstyle and black rimmed glasses. She wad dressed like someone who was living in the fifties. I did a double take and realized it was indeed my car. I knew who the woman was. It was the mother-in-law who had passed a few months ago.

I looked away and she was gone. But I knew she was there to go to the other side. She was very matter of fact about it. When I got in my car, I did what I could to assist her over to the other side.I felt the heaviness of her journey and breathed it out of my diaphragm all the way home.

It is a very natural thing to help others. When there is no fear, there is only joyful adventure. Life offers the opportunity to assist other souls when necessary. This is my wish for everyone. That they awaken to their own gifts, believe in their potential and stay sensitive to the plight of others no matter how subtle the form. If you remain receptive to possibilities. Possibilities will remain receptive to you.