A Message From Jesus Christ


Someone was just angry on my posts because I don’t praise Jesus on my page. Here was my response:

Jesus Christ does not stop at the edges of our hearts. He permeates it. Do you really think he wants us to shut down the love for any reason; especially in his name? Shutting down the love is shutting down the love. Jesus Christ is not the praise whore that you think he is.

I am wondering if people who are so adamant at defending Jesus Christ have ever gone into an altered state and had a conversation with him. He was not mainstream when he was alive. The way he empowered people was irritating to the main stream. He allowed people to believe in healing and their own purpose and abilities. You would think when someone shows up in the world in a similar way that Jesus Christ did; like so many of us do; it would be the highest form of flattery.

Jesus was not an insider. Jesus did not take offense. He did not categorize people into the worthy or the unworthy. He was fed up with the establishment of the time. He did whatever he could to help people realize how important they were and how they each have a unique connection to God. If Jesus Christ was alive today, I am not certain he would NOT be a mainstream follower of the message that was accredited to him as it stands today.

I know for a fact that Jesus is proud of me. That he admires the truth I share and admires how passionate I am about helping people become more spiritually aware of their own empowerment and even provide them with techniques so that they can more personally connect with him if they want. I feel like I am more like him than all the people who are mad at me for helping people. He actually assists me. He hates how his name has been invoked to judge, belittle and conquer people. He hates that his pure message of love has been desecrated by so many for political gain. They have turned him into a mascot for their greed.

Here is an analogy he gave me yesterday:

If you give a hundred people a hundred dollars to spend anyway that they want, there will be a hundred different ways that money will be spent, saved, thrown away or given away. All people are that different in their relationship with money. It is not our business to micromanage how they interact with it. It would do no good to tell them the best way to use the money. Because they know for themselves what their recourse is with money. To interfere is to change their relationship with the hundred dollars.

Anything that interferes with people’s personal relationship with their highest perception of truth is a form of arrogance. It is like telling them how to spend their money. It just isn’t done, In a way, we have a better respect of how people relate with money than how they worship God. To try to get people to see God as you see them, is kind of like manipulating them to invest their hundred dollars in your bank.

The other thing he mentioned for me to share is that if you don’t like the way other sects that use tyrannical means to get people to follow their religion, then deal with your own tyrannical views around religion. We are a reflection for each other. The extremists horrendous tactics on demanding people follow their God is a magnified view of what we do when we judge others in regards to their faith. We have a blatant teaching example of how others do unGodly things in the name of God. May we all take heed of the lesson.Maybe that is the way to salvage some good out of current events.

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Alpha and Omega


God wants what you want, the higher good for all. You are the eyes and ears and heart of God in this world as much as you allow yourself to be. God does not want you to cower in a corner of yourself and give It credit for all that you are. God wants you to claim the empowerment to know that you work hand and heart to create It’s presence here and everywhere.

It wants everyone to know that we are not separate from it. That is part of the insanity. We are an atom of God and every atom of our beingness is an atom of God. That is what is meant by the alpha and omega. It is man who has separated us from the source of all. God is our essence and that essence is love.

Jen Ward

Being in Love



Being in love is our natural state. If we are not in love, then what are we since God is Love and Love is the substance of the Universe. Here are some taps to assist in regaining that natural state of being in Love.


(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)


“I Release the aversion to Love; in all moments”

“I release the belief that I am unworthy of Love; in all moments”

“I release the fear of love in all moments”

“I release needing someone to reflect love to me; in all moments”

“I release being disappointed by Love; in all moments”

“I release the belief that I am unlovable; in all moments”

“I release the belief that I am unloved; in all moments”

“I release feeling unloved in all moments”

“I remove all curses between myself and Love in all moments”

“I release the illusion of being separate from Love; in all moments”

“I remove all the pain burden and limitations that feeling unloved has put on me; in all moments”

“I take in all the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health Success, Security, Companionship, Peace, Life and Wholeness that Love offers me; in all moments”

“I infuse Love into my Sound frequency; in all moments”

“I imbue Love into my Light Body; in all moments”

“I resonate with Love; in all moments”

“I emanate with Love; in all moments”

“I am centered and imbued in Sacred Love; in all moments”

Go Forth and Multiply

When the bible quotes God as saying, “go forth and multiply”, He was not telling them to procreate. He was telling them to spread wisdom, compassion, kindness and truth throughout the world.
The world consisted mostly of those in ignorance. They were stuck in primal mode and they were more enthralled with fighting their brethren than bringing peace and higher understanding to the world.
Those who have come as messengers, all have had the same purpose. They have come to coax the masses out of the Brute mentality. They told those who were apt to fight, to turn the other cheek and to practice humility.
Those who use this message to their advantage, use it to get their members to procreate to perpetuate their own agenda. This is a silly notion. God asking people to procreate at the mercy of all the species they thin out by their massive presence, is ridiculous.
God loves all the species of the world. It is man who is totally enthralled with himself. It is man who believes he is superior. It is man who guts and rapes the great world that God created for all beings to enjoy.
If you have the awareness, go back and challenge the things to have been taught as a child and accepted as unconditional truth. We are all having a great demonstration of how truth can be manipulated by those with an agenda. This is not a new practice. We are merely seeing old things with new eyes.
Use these new eyes to discern the wisdom out of the statements that have been used to bend the will of the world in a particular way. Do indeed go forth and multiply. Multiply the love. Multiply the truth. And definitely multiply the kindness and compassion.
The vibration of these things still, to this day, thousands of years later; still need to be ignited into universal existence.

The Oxymoron of Hypocrites


Isn’t Peace synonymous with God? Wouldn’t those who are truly devoted to God, as they say, want to emulate Peace? Why are so many people who say they honor God talk about war as if it is a noble mighty thing? Anybody could kill and torture others. That is what deviants of society do. That is one of the tell-tale signs that one is a sociopath; that they kill helpless animals. Why would those who say that they represent the greatest land on earth talk so freely and proudly about torturing and killing others? Isn’t that a sign of weakness and not of strength.

Isn’t it a more noble trait to want to take care of the small animals that cross our path? I consider it a great sign of strength of character to do so. Would the person who nurtures an individual creature be more inclined and adapted to nurture a whole group of people? Wouldn’t they raise the bar on how all people treat each other?  Isn’t this better than lowering the bar to all humans behaving as brutes? Haven’t we moved past the gauntlet of agreeing to torture others for any reason?



I feel the pain of the multitudes; as many of you do. If torture, war and suffering are advocated, that is more pain that we will feel. How fair is it that we allow the ignorant to inflict more pain on the world that those of us who feel, have to endure? We are in different times now. Those who promote war and revenge have a little understanding of the workings of compassion in the world. They are recycling old rhetoric that was a powerful tactic in getting others elected during times when power and fear had humanity in its clutch.

Ask yourself this question. Visualize all the major leaders coming upon a wounded little animal. Go through the scenario of each one of them and what they would do with that bird. Who would step over it? Who would kill it? Who would rescue it? Who would nurture it back to health? This is the person that I want to be the leader of the greatest land on earth. I want the bar raised on dignity, compassion, and caring for the individual in the world. America should be the way shower of how this is done.

It is difficult enough to live in the world as it plays catch up in awareness. It is difficult to live in a world and see technology surpass the capabilities of a human. Do we really want to promote someone who is devoid of compassion? Don’t we want to do all that we can to elevate the importance of the individual while we still have a voice? Are we really willing to sit by and become a faceless, voiceless drone for the appetite of the power mongers.

The choices that we make in who represents our highest office is relevant to how humanity will proceed. Perhaps the greatest demonstration of strength is exercising the ability to not use strength to pump up ones own ego. Don’t we already have great examples of that in the world? Is that what we want to emulate? Can’t us thinkers, dreamers, lovers and doers implore humanity to raise the bar?

What we do here is of no small matter. People are intentionally being starved, women are being raped and enslaved, species are being eliminated and humanity is being eradicated all over the world. None of that is eliminated with adding more hot-headed power seeking egomaniacs to the mix. The only thing that halts the desecration of humanity is the exponential perpetual pumping in of higher awareness and divinity through kindness to all corners of the world. We do that individually and allow it to reflect in our leader of choice.

The fear and hate must be dampened and squelched by an onslaught of higher standards. It is up to us to put that in place. It needs to be done. There is no more catch up time for a learning curve. You as an individual matter and you must embrace that stance to save the fate of the world. We are all superman in that way.

It really is That Simple


Blind loyalty builds up resentment. Male energy has dominated all the possible engrams in distorting the importance of those who serve humanity. As much as those in true service reject such adulation, it is still engrams etched in this world. It is a glass ceiling on humanity. It is an unhealthy dynamic for individual growth.

For as soon as you elevate someone, you have just lowered your own stance. Those in true service to humanity do not wish to see individuals debase themselves. Any practice that expects this does not honor the true nature of God.

Service is all about elevating the one assisted. People try to elevate me but I am just fine where I am. I am grateful for the respect because it is the same respect that I give. I wish everyone else to merely elevate themselves. That is all that needs to happen for truth and love to prevail. Everyone must simply elevate themselves in service to life in some way. It is really that simple.

Jen Ward

Spontaneous Healing

Jenuine Healing Commercial Retreat_Moment 3

One of the biggest ignorance man holds about his own health and body is that it is a stagnant state of consciousness. This is so silly. The only change he can fathom is degeneration. But he discounts all the ways that the body regenerates itself. It can heal a cut, recover from a flu, or shift itself out of a bad mood any time. The process of smiling is hard-wired into the brain. Simply smiling changes your brain chemistry to be more optimistic.

These are only small examples that we have of how the body corrects itself and self improves. The whole body is a living breathing organism compiled of multilayered process to protect and uplift the quality of life. Everything that is not uplifting and regenerating was programmed into the organism as an outer command. These commands were inflicted on this wondrous organism either out of ignorance or to exude control.

I woke up this morning to the process of my own molecular system; possibly the DNA, shifting data around and eliminating non functioning information that was no longer relevant. It was like the cells were all on a long thin abacus except instead of being round units, they were square. When one unit would dissolve because it was no longer useful, the other digits would move along nicely and collapse the space between them. I have watched this process in myself before.

Two things stand out about this experience. The first one is that modern medicine has done us all a great disservice in training us to treat the body like a mannequin like form that has no relevance in its own thriving. That it either lives or dies depending on whether it gets a diagnosis or not. That outcomes are dependent upon the size of a scalpel or the strength of the poisons it can withstand to ward off the intruder in your body.
That a diagnosis is a death sentence when it really should be a mere checking in with the status of a body at any time.

No. Your body will survive or decline in the degree to which you invest your trust and awareness into the fortitude of your own makeup. Or give your trust to the incompetence or competence of the doctors you are fortunate enough or rich enough to accrue. The miracle in surviving comes down to a hearty optimistic soul. Give an outside God credit if you wish but the credit belongs to the innate ability of your inner mechanisms to work diligently on the behalf of your vessel.

Can God not work in your inner mechanisms as well? Is God really a foreign force carrying lightning bolts and threatening people into compliance? or is it the sweet and subtle workings of your own heart and mind centers? Are you not a physical manifestation in how the love force is personified and kept functional and pristine with little input from the conscious mind?

Or are you at the mercy of your limited and fickle understanding of how not to hasten the pace of degeneration. Can you influence your health by understanding what a magnificent functioning unit it is and by not bombarding it with negative influences and limiting thoughts?

The other point that stood out to me in watching the workings of my own cellular makeup was that I was witnessing something that someone would reach in sincere meditation or prayer. It was like the cliché of watching a beautiful sunset except the beauty and wonder was within myself. Perhaps this is the purpose of all sincere forms of worship; like meditation, yoga, or prayer.

Perhaps the way that these practices are beneficial is to allow the working mechanism of your inner wonders to know that you are present and appreciate its complicated splendor that all takes place on your behalf. Perhaps by acknowledging a greater force within, it assists in the regeneration of the body. Maybe this us all it takes to get the outer ignorant aspect of man off the degenerative mind loop it is transfixed in.

Maybe spontaneous healing is an every moment practice that we could benefit more from and even witness, by simply getting out of its way.

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