Recognizing Ourselves As Pure Love




It is kind of like, it is easier to hold a heavy object to your side rather than to hold it up at eye level. But if you raise it way over your head, develop your muscles and do it often, it can be really easy to raise a heavy item over your head, lock your arms and carry it there.

That is kind of what needs to be done with our vantage point in the world. The world has been so heavy. Every horrible thing that happens in the world is paraded on the air waves to get attention and elicits more negativity. Then it makes us all think and talk about these horrible things. This is everyone holding the heavy object very low to the ground.

We all have to exercise our muscles to NOT focus on the negative things but to focus on the positive things That happen in the world. We will have to lock our arms and hold our attention high. This is done by not indulging in the negative issues. It is done by focusing our attention on all the good things that happen everyday.What are they? Here is the start of a running list of things that are happening right now in the world that are positive and wonderful.

Please make your own list or add to this one. Please keep it close as a reminder of all the wonderful things that are happening in the world that we never hear about. Tune into them energetically and support them. This is the way to elevate the vibrations of all.

Right at this very moment:

Couples are falling in love
Sunshine is bursting through the horizon and warming the day
Someone is risking their life
Children are playing in innocence
Someone is creating a masterpiece
A genius is being born
Innovations are being created to uplift humanity
Power is dwindling its grip
Students are learning
Animals are being cherished
Pets are being spoiled.
The hungry are being fed
The discouraged are given hope
Strangers are sacrificing their life for others
Kindness is being given, demonstrated and perpetuated
Mothers are nursing their newborns
Babies are being swaddled
Dads are bragging about their kids
Siblings are looking out for each other
Dreams are manifesting
Glass ceilings are being shattered
Stars are being born
Realizations are awakening
Old ideology is dying
Souls are crossing over peacefully
Revelations are being made
New ideas are being accepted
Lovers are embracing
Gratitude is pouring out
Communities are rebuilding
Nature is being appreciated
Adversaries are conceding
Hearts are being encouraged
Humanity is awakening
Our connection to all others is being recognized
Trees are exchanging our stagnant energy with clean energy
Creativity is flowing
Limitations are being lifted
Spiritual law is being understood
Humanity is awakening
We are embracing ourselves in the reflection of others
Love is perpetuating
Laughter is resonating
Vibrations are raising
We are healing
We are empowering
We are empowered
We are recognizing ourselves as pure love.

An Extension of Your Own Face


When I worked extensively with dogs, I realized how attached they were to their collars. When their owner would drop them off to be bathed, it was obvious that the collar was their connection to their human. They would get anxious as their collar was removed. It made them feel that they were losing their connection to their human. It was their security and connection to their life.

As I took off their collar, I would praise it, no matter how tattered it was. I would reassure them that their human loved them and how special they were because they had a beautiful collar that was given to them. The whole point was to reassure them that they were not going to have to give up their collar, that they were only being separated from it temporarily and being free of the collar did not mean that they were abandoned. They were still loved and safe regardless of whether they were wearing their collar or not.

This is a similar dynamic that I see people experience in relationship to their persona. They identify so strongly with their image and presence that they want to be reassured over and over that it is a good one. Having their image praised is their way of being reassured that they are loved, valued and safe. If people need to have their image; or some aspect of them; praised to feel validated, what is the harm in giving it to them. I see validating other people as rewarding as validating the little dog who needed to be reassured that its owner was coming back to him. Why can’t we do this for others?

It is because we were programmed to quantify ourselves in relationship to others in a pecking order. We were taught that if we rated someone else with positive traits that we were also rating ourselves in relationship to them and maybe it would mean at a lower status than them. This is the lie and limitation of linear thinking.

In actuality, we are seeing our own traits mirrored for us in others. More people have an understanding that this is true. What this means is that if one goes around proclaiming others as unattractive, undesirable or being catty towards them in any way, it actually reveals and ugliness in the person making such observations. One who sees beauty and goodness in others is revealing their own beauty and goodness. Practicing this simple awareness could create an evolution of blossoming individuality.

There is no need to diminish anyone’s collar. It is so much more admiral to secure the confidence of others with your words and thoughts. Just think of others as an extension of your own face. In doing that, you will be transcending archaic programming and will be promoting a huge healing shift in consciousness within yourself and others. You are the beauty that you see in others. Seeing beauty in others is finding it within yourself.

Joy, Truth and Wonderment for All


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

When I am between half awake and half asleep and a set of taps comes pouring into me to share, I know they are specific to the needs of others. I do not have to quantify them or be concerned if they will be accepted or not. I simply have to go through the process of giving them physical legs by sharing. This may also be true of so much of what you receive. It is the time to share. The days of stuffing our truth, waiting for permission or apologizing for our greatness is over.


(Say each statement 3 times out loud while CONTINUOUSLY tapping on the top of your head at the crown chakra and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest at the heart chakra. Say each word deliberately. They are not just words but a vibration that you are initiating to shift energy. Pause after each word. Say them all.)

“I declare myself a surrogate for Love in doing these taps; in all moments”
“I pour myself into the hearts of all the dejected, discouraged and demoralized; in all moments”
“I breathe life into all inspirations, aspirations, and representations of Love; in all moments”
“I make space in this world for every noble intention to be realized and validated; in all moments”
“I remove a blockages to every noble intention being realized and validated; in all moments”
“I stretch the capacity of every noble intention to be realized and validated without squelching the aspirations of another; in all moments”
“I make space in this world for every loving heart to shine unscathed or uncorrupted; in all moments”
“I remove a blockages to every loving heart shining unscathed or uncorrupted; in all moments”
“I dry up all contempt and mistrust of genuine goodness; in all moments”
“I remove the systemic blindness to love and kindness; in all moments”
“I remove the systemic deafness to love and kindness; in all moments”
“I heal the worlds paralysis from power, greed and manipulation; in all moments”
“I prevent ignorance from overlaying humanity; in all moments”
“I empower all to unfurl their wings and advance in loving wholeness into enlightenment; in all moments”
“I make space in this world for Universal enlightenment; in all moments”
“I remove all blockages to Universal enlightenment; in all moments”
“I stretch the worlds capacity to reach and receive Universal enlightenment; in all moments”
“I pour myself into every living breathing atom of life for the expansion of Joy, Truth and Wonderment for all; in all moments”



© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Pray, not out of desperation, but as an act of conviction
Know, that all the Universe is conspiring to manifest your greatness
See, all the little miracles condensing in your world
Watch as all life around you bows to the truth you maintain
Witness, as others are sparked to their greatness through you
Ignore, the petty squabbles of those trying to fill up their day
Emulate the empowerment you see in the avatars and the children
Condense, all the wisdom, compassion and reverence into each moment
Dilute the stagnant apathy and indifference in the atmosphere with your concentrated kindness
Awaken the better part of each person, with merely your well-meaning intention
Dream, of a world that exists in peace just beyond the horizon of man’s limitations
Stoke the passion in others to share their wealth of personal gifts.
Encourage the blinding white atmosphere of integrity and honor.
Hold space for the Dawn of enlightenment
Be, the sponsor to an exponential reality
Hold space for mans goodness to outlast his greed
Pray, that we all get there soon.
You are the visionary to get us there.
Your strength is the steed.
Your compliance is the benefactor.
You hold the fate of all humanity in all of your wonder.
I pray you see your importance.

Jen Ward 7/6/17