The Light, Sound and Love of Your Purpose

The vibrations of your higher purpose can easily manifest now that all the old ways of doing things have fallen short and have left humanity incomplete. The world is thirsty and starving for your creative energy to emerge. So it is no longer needing the encouragement to live your true purpose. It is a matter of releasing residual fear that has been instilled in old consciousness.
Individuals are like abused animals being coaxed out of their cage. Those of us who understand this do all we can to invite them out. For some people, that is their whole purpose. It feels like that is mine. Everything I write, share and do, is evidence of that one purpose. Thank you for supporting my purpose; as I support yours.
That is the problem with group dynamics. If you think about it, all group dynamics have “ever so subtly” veered you off of living your purpose so as to support the purpose of the group. That is true of every group, religion, government and even spiritual group. As soon as there is a blanket mandate, and a directive, people have given over their empowerment as a noble act of supporting a group.
The group does not enter through the eye of the needle with you. The group does not auto correct when it has mandated an outmoded directive. The group does not cross over with you when it is time for you to forgo your physical skin. All these things you do alone. It is best to listen to your own inner censor. It is the one that always advocates for you. It is the one that you use to refine your own spiritual directive. It is the one that has no outer agenda.
It is love and love alone that then mandates your course.
You are then awaken to the subtle ways of how to communicate in energy. Light, love and the sweet sounds of life are your native tongue. The waterfall, the way the sun falls gently upon the land, the sweet call of the birds, the hum of nature or a babbling brook. These are the experiences that fill your soul. As the tin clamor of the “shoulds” and the “musts” fall away.
Jen Ward

The Single Lane of Spirituality

Group dynamics prey on the primal fear of being alone. Out in the Universe, it is an ominous thing to be alone with one’s self. Groups are created to compensate for this. This works for a while. But when it comes to your spiritual progress, it is not possible to make headway while being a part of a group dynamic.
Awakening is a single lane experience. One needs to be completely individualized to transcend. That means that every thing that you know as truth is what you yourself have experienced in some tangible or intangible way.
You can get mandates from a book, or learn from the experiences of someone else. But you must be experienced in every aspect of your awakened state. That means just quoting a book or a respected sage is not exactly realizing what they are speaking about.
Quoting a book or someone else, rings of inexperience. It is like doing something because “mom said so”. Obedience is not the most aware state when delving the depth of your beingness. It is great to have someone to emulate as long as you stay accountable for your own growth every step of the world.
Group consensus is too wide a girth to fit through the doorway of higher consciousness. We will all get there. But it is through self-responsibility and accountability in every aspect of our beingness and not through denial, pointing fingers, judgement, distractions or wishful thinking. Love, kindness, compassion, integrity, sincerity and truth are a direct path to spiritual awakening.

Why You Don’t Fit In


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All over the world, there are people just like you wondering what is wrong with themselves and why they don’t fit in. They may look different, think different, respond differently or look, think, and respond exactly the same, and still feel like the outsider. Some people exert a lot of energy in wondering what they can do or say to have a better sense of belonging. They are believing that they are not pretty enough, funny enough, athletic enough or personable enough.

People are still under the assumption that they are solid matter. They assess all that they are in tangible variables. They try to change those variables in an effort to change their dynamics within a family, society or the world at large. They world under the assumption that they are lacking something or are flawed in some way and work to remedy that. Yet they don’t know how because they are being as authentic as possible. That is crux.

People who get along in groups resonate with a similar frequency. They may be able to change their frequency a little bit to blend into the group’s frequency. Or perhaps their individual frequency isn’t very defined yet and so they depend upon the group frequency to help define them. That is why some people get so hostile or reactive when you address issues in regard to the group. Since they aren’t truly defined outside the group, anything that you say that weakens the group, diminishes them as a frequency.

Disassembling the group would seem like a great way to strengthen the frequency of the individual. But the group dynamic seems to have an identity of its own that wants to survive. When the individual frequencies change too much from the group frequency, they naturally break away and have the fortitude and identity to resonate on their own. The group frequency would be weaker without the individual frequency.

Instead of allowing the individual frequency to break away, the group frequency would do everything it can to change the frequency of the individual as a form of self survival.. This is what we see playing out all over the world in every group and individual on the planet. Every judgment, every seclusion, every rule or regulation is meant to monitor the frequency of each group and individual so that the individual maintains the strength of the group frequency.

The problem is that the frequency of the whole planet is now changing. More individuals are not resonating with the groups because individuals are responding to the change in frequencies of the planet quicker than groups are able to do. Individuals are able to sense the limitation of groups and are no longer interdependent on them for their own frequency.

The shift in dynamics is moving from dependency on groups to empowerment of the individual. Those who have struggled with feeling different have sensed this shift coming long before there was outer evidence of it. The groups sensed it too and tried even harder to prevent the change in frequencies. They use the one tool that all groups use as glue to keep the frequency of the group together; fear.

If there is something that you are afraid of, there is a guarantee that there is some group that is trying to maintain the integrity of its group through your association with it. They are using fear to keep you. Name a fear and you will know which group you are glued to.

Fear of disease
American Medical Association
Fear of Losing civil Liberties
Fear of going to Hell
Some religions
Fear of immigrants flooding the border
” America”
Fear of being considered weird

The thing is…..the group doesn’t have to be broken apart by individualism. The whole group could raise it’s vibration together. This is what is happening in the catholic church with Pope Francis at the helm. This is what happens as new Americans of different cultures and heritages infuse the group called Americans. This evolution of groups is a necessary function for them to survive in the higher frequency of the new earth.

Pretty soon, those who bring a higher frequency to the group will be the norm. Those who are unable to upgrade will try to pull everyone back to the original frequency with fear or judgement will eventually give up and opt out. It is the way of frequencies; to be fluid. Love, truth, beauty and light are all fluid. And so are you.

Black Sheep?


Why do those who love you

Feel they have permission to bruise your heart?

Is it an agreement made along the way?

Or your contract from the start?


Why do family members feel entitled

To crush your dreams and hope?

They seem to feel ordained this way

Like they have permission from the pope


Why does family say,

That they don’t want you to get hurt

Then they administer the deepest blow.

Rendering possibilities inert?


Why does the world so fully engage

Compromise and pain ?DSCN0702

How does diminishing individuals

Bring the group dynamic gain?


Who is the deciding force

For what you will go through?

Its not your parents, mate or child

No, in fact its you


If someone doesn’t support your greatness

Shows that they just don’t care

Their access to you must be revoked

Along with the badge of martyrdom you wear


Replace it with a rebel’s cause

To succeed above the rest

Give your loved ones all they’re due

Yet give yourself the best.


Jen Ward 6/18/17