Saving the World Saviors


What if you could go back in time and space and Heal the pain of those who died for the advancement of Humanity? That is exactly the intention of this exercise. Please feel the love and gratitude of those you have turned to for comfort in your time of need. This is a powerful act of kindness and a way to say thank you to your favorite world Savior.

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it again a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“We declare ourselves surrogates for all true world Saviors in doing these taps; in all moments.”
“We pierce illusion in doing these taps; in all moments.”
“We raise consciousness in doing these taps; in all moments.”
“We release being demonized for sharing truth; in all moments.”
“We release being tortured for sharing truth; in all moments.”
“We release being killed for sharing truth; in all moments.”
“We release being desecrated; in all moments.”
“We free chickens everywhere; in all moments.”
“We release being raped of our truth; in all moments.”
“We release being used to propagate power; in all moments.”
“We release being used to propagate slavery; in all moments.”
“We release being used to mutilate truth; in all moments.”
“We remove all engrams of being tortured; in all moments.”
“We remove all engrams of being betrayed; in all moments.”
“We remove all engrams of being crucified; in all moments.”
“We heal all our bodies; in all moments.”
“We release the aversion to serve humanity; in all moments.”
“We repair and fortify the Wei Chi of all our bodies; in all moments.”
“We release being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We release being ensconced in being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We release being paralyzed in being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We remove all vivaxes between ourselves and being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We remove all tentacles between ourselves and being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We remove the claws of being torn asunder from our beingness; in all moments.”
“We remove all engrams of being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We remove all programming and conditioning that being torn asunder has put on us; in all moments.”
“We send all energy matrices into the light that have torn us asunder; in all moments.”
“We command all complex energy matrices that have torn us asunder, to be escorted into the light by our guides; in all moments.”
“We strip all illusion off of all those who have torn us asunder; in all moments.”
“We remove all masks, walls, and armor from all those who have torn us asunder; in all moments.”
“We send all energy matrices into the light that have impersonated us; in all moments.”
“We command all complex energy matrices that have impersonated us, to be escorted into the light by our guides; in all moments.”
“We send all energy matrices into the light that misrepresent truth; in all moments.”
“We command all complex energy matrices that misrepresent truth, to be escorted into the light by our guides; in all moments.”
“We send all energy matrices into the light that propagate power in the lower worlds; in all moments.”
“We command all complex energy matrices that propagate power in the lower worlds, to be escorted into the light by our guides; in all moments.”
“We send all energy matrices into the light that elicit fear in the lower worlds; in all moments.”
“We command all complex energy matrices that elicit fear in the lower worlds, to be escorted into the light by our guides; in all moments.”
“We nullify all contracts between ourselves and being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We withdraw all our energy from being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We recant all vows and agreements to be torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We release being sacrificed to being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We remove all curses that being torn asunder has put on us; in all moments.”
“We remove all blessings to being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We release resigning to being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We release the belief that being torn asunder is inevitable; in all moments.”
“We release resolving to being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We sever all strings, cords, and shackles to being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We dissolve all karmic ties between ourselves and being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We remove all the devastation that being torn asunder has put on us; in all moments.”
“We remove all the devastation that being torn asunder has put on the lower worlds; in all moments.”
“We take back ALL that being torn asunder has taken from us; in all moments.”
“We release resonating with being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We release emanating with being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We extract all of being torn asunder from our sound frequency and the universal sound frequency; in all moments.”
“We extract all of being torn asunder from our light emanation and the universal light emanation; in all moments.”
“We extract all of being torn asunder from our whole beingness and all of the lower worlds; in all moments.”
“We shift our paradigm from being torn asunder, to being whole in love and truth; in all moments.”
“We transcend being torn asunder; in all moments.”
“We are centered, empowered, and imbued in being whole in love and truth; in all moments.”
“We resonate, emanate, and are interconnected with all souls in being whole in love and truth; in all moments.”

The Empowerment of All


It is a lie that those in a female body can’t reach the spiritual heights that male energy can attain. This belief is a half truth that keeps some souls trapped at a certain level. This belief keeps humanity in apathy. At a certain level of awareness, an individual can manipulate the molecular make-up of their atoms to achieve whatever intention is their spiritual purpose.

If you are on a spiritual path, you owe it to yourself to challenge everything that you ave ever been told. Everything. If you are not doing this, then you have deduced the intention of your spiritual journey into a dead form of worship.

The vibrations of this world are presently more conducive to female energy realizing its worth. Much more than it ever has been in recorded history. Female energy; as loving and confident as it is; simply cannot take a backseat to male energy in any form. Converting its benevolent nature into a passive state has been a detriment to humanity.

If female energy is empowered, she must stand toe to toe with male energy. This does not mean being confrontational. It just means not deferring either. The fantasy of finding the perfect man to take care of you is a seed desire planted into female energy to divert it off course. If female energy desires male energy, it may likely be that she is craving to marry her own empowerment and give presence to the submerged male energy within her own beingness.

No longer is it necessary to sit at the feet of anyone. Every individual has the means and tools to attain Mastership. Waiting around for male energy to give permission, say the right thing to induce enlightenment or asking the permission of an outside source to transcend, is a futile act.

Mastership is not achieving a gold star or prized ribbon. It is digging in the dirt of fertile experiences with your own hands and sowing your own seeds. Spirituality is not a commune. It is an extremely personalized journey that demands that one drop all beliefs, crutches and facades to gain their greatest empowerment. In doing so all individuals and all of humanity is elevated to sublime heights.

In a way, the heavens are drying up from lack of our attention. The power mongers have nearly succeeded in making access nearly impossible. It is important to feed the creative well of imagination. The imagination is the precipice of greater awareness and the enlightenment of humanity.

Dreams are an active piece of participating in the more subtle realms. Why are such things demonized or trivialized? Because they throw a wrench into the plans of those who wish to enslave humanity. Why do people resent me so much? Because the parts of them that are gripped by power are whispering in their ear that I am the enemy.

If someone has not achieved the heights that they desire in their present belief system, perhaps there is a flaw in the belief system and not themselves. Any person or group that instills fear for one wanting more truth is violating spiritual law. Anyone who instills fear in another, no matter how subtle, is pulling one away from the love because fear is the opposite of love.

None will know what I endure to share such truth. One has to ask why? There is no benefit to myself in spending up to fifteen hours a day writing and assisting others. I have no personal agenda. In all my writings I have shared nothing about any ego gratification in doing what I do. The satisfaction I receive is in assisting others from having to endure a struggle of equal intensity as my own.

My only motive is in sharing truth and to advocate for self empowerment and healing. If one resents me, and many do, they may want to look at their own belief system and see what it is lacking that makes them insecure about the truth I share. Perhaps they resent their own path for not providing the pathway to truth that I do. I am not creating a group of any kind. I am not trying to get people to leave their group. I am merely doing what love, and my Guides, compels me to do.

I appreciate any kindness offered, that’s true. But it is solely used for fuel to propel my intention farther so all of humanity can awaken to its empowerment. I convert all loving intentions into healing energy and send it out into the world. My imagination allows me access to such wonderment, healing abilities and empowerment. And so does yours.

Important Facts About Trees.

Trees communicate through their root system. It is similar to how we communicate through social media. We needed the understanding of how computers interact to understand how trees communicate. Until social media, there was no tangible reference point available.
Trees not only exchange carbon dioxide for pure air, they also exchange stagnant, negative thoughts for clarity and inspiration.
Trees prevent people from being unbalanced because they take in all the stagnant energy that holds people in negative thought and emotional patterns like they would fertilizer. They give them clarity of purpose and reason in exchange.
Trees love their children. They look after their children from their vantage point. If you care for a tree’s sapling, they will be contented and appreciative as if they are feeling it as well.
Trees don’t really die. They just go deep into the ground and come up again as a sapling.
The rings on a tree depict all the stagnant energy they have taken in from the environment and the people around them.
The areas in the world that have less trees, are the ones that depict more of a violent temperament. Trees induce sanity, calm and reason into people.
Trees are not motionless. They ungulate. Thinking they are motionless is a trick of the mind that has been instilled generation upon generation of human conditioning. If you sit and stare at a tree for a long time, you will see how they really move. It can be alarming, if not intimidating at first. In a past era, there was a genocide of all those who could interact with trees. This was done to instill the christian god. It left the psyche of those who loved trees paralyzed in a fear of interacting with them. That is what is being addressed now by reminding every one of how special trees are.
When no one communicates with a tree, they “check out” and spend most of their attention pulled away from the surface. They interact among themselves; like a human spending all their time on social media. That is partly why they seem so lifeless to us. But if you engage a tree, they are happy to come to the surface and interact with you.
Trees are responsible for most of the inspiration that humans receive. Many of the heartfelt songs and poetry that people have written has actually been downloaded into them by the trees. The poem that reads: “I think there has never been, a poem so lovely as a tree…..” was written by a tree.
The ability to communicate with trees is an aspect of female or yin energy. In ancient civilizations, it was normal to interact with trees and to seek their council. A big part of the desecration of Goddess energy has been to demonize those who communicate with trees. It past eras, there was a genocide committed on those who were able to interact with trees. There is a memory of this today in the way that society demonize Tree huggers. The more you honor and respect trees openly, the quicker the planet will be healed.
Respecting and honoring trees is a direct gauge as to how humanity is auto correcting itself after male energy has systematically tried to annihilate female empowerment. But what people are starting to understand is that it is not men against women. Each human is compiled of both male and female energy. So to honor and respect trees, creates a balance and an upgrade within our energy own system.
Trees are not fearful of storms. They don’t fear dying like humans do. When there is a storm brewing, there is an electricity and excitement in the air. That electricity is feeling the trees excitement about the rainfall. It is their “Celebratory Feast”. Notice that electricity happens after a dry spell. When it is a huge storm brewing, the trees are very excited.
Then there is a forest fire and the animals seem to know miles away to get out-of-the-way of danger; they know because the trees warn them.
Forest Fires are a trees way of burning off the negativity in the world. There is a lot of negativity being burned off right now. It is part of the way they have been providing balance to the world. If you don’t want wild fires, teach people to stop hating.
Trees are spirit guides. They really do look out for people. In lanes of highway that overlook a road, the trees are familiar with the people who drive to work and drive home at night. They find it fascinating that humans drive home so heavy after a day at work. They absorb that negativity for them as they drive by. That is why driving down a tree lined road is so enjoyable.
Trees consider themselves part of the family. That cozy, nurturing feeling that you have in your home, is a tree looking out for you and exuding comfort.
If you are looking to buy a home in a competitive market, or impossible situation, ask the trees in the new property to help you. They can open and block energetic passageways more than is realized. If you want an edge in life,or need to feel more security, ask the trees to help you.
Trees think humans are amusing that cut a grove of them down and then replant a row of trees after they have just cut a bunch of them down. Trees think humans are ridiculous in how they need to control nature in this ways.
Trees don’t understand boundaries like property lines. They don’t realize that they are considered to be owned by the person in the nearest house. They love and nurture all the humans around. Not just the one’s who believe they own them.
Trees love to share their gifts. When you eat fruit right off a tree, the tree can then experience consciousness through your eyes. It is a form of them understanding humans better. This bond between humans and trees has been desecrated by the way that trees are treated like slaves in an orchard rather than receiving gratitude for what they provide. Trees in an industrial orchard find it more difficult to pour their love into their fruit because of the way they receive no appreciation for what they give. This love that is not present is a form of an enzyme to the body of humans. That is why some fruits and vegetables cause heartburn. They were grown and harvested with a lack of gratitude.
Trees enjoy when a branch of theirs is invited into a home as decoration when it has dropped off accidently. They then get to see what it is like in the home and they send that information back to the main tree. This is how trees learn from interacting with us.
Trees are devastated when they are cut down by the whims of ignorant humans who plop them in their homes and celebrate as the life force drains out of them. Such ignorance saddens them.
Trees are excited that I share this information. They are excited about being able to inspire and interact with humans again. As more people interact with trees, a renaissance will ensue. This creative energy that is returning to the planet will dry up a lot of the hate, greed and power mongering that is presently prevalent. If you want to change the world, connect with your local trees and reignite the wisdom of the trees back into the planet.
Please share this post if you love trees.

The Light, Sound and Love of Your Purpose

The vibrations of your higher purpose can easily manifest now that all the old ways of doing things have fallen short and have left humanity incomplete. The world is thirsty and starving for your creative energy to emerge. So it is no longer needing the encouragement to live your true purpose. It is a matter of releasing residual fear that has been instilled in old consciousness.
Individuals are like abused animals being coaxed out of their cage. Those of us who understand this do all we can to invite them out. For some people, that is their whole purpose. It feels like that is mine. Everything I write, share and do, is evidence of that one purpose. Thank you for supporting my purpose; as I support yours.
That is the problem with group dynamics. If you think about it, all group dynamics have “ever so subtly” veered you off of living your purpose so as to support the purpose of the group. That is true of every group, religion, government and even spiritual group. As soon as there is a blanket mandate, and a directive, people have given over their empowerment as a noble act of supporting a group.
The group does not enter through the eye of the needle with you. The group does not auto correct when it has mandated an outmoded directive. The group does not cross over with you when it is time for you to forgo your physical skin. All these things you do alone. It is best to listen to your own inner censor. It is the one that always advocates for you. It is the one that you use to refine your own spiritual directive. It is the one that has no outer agenda.
It is love and love alone that then mandates your course.
You are then awaken to the subtle ways of how to communicate in energy. Light, love and the sweet sounds of life are your native tongue. The waterfall, the way the sun falls gently upon the land, the sweet call of the birds, the hum of nature or a babbling brook. These are the experiences that fill your soul. As the tin clamor of the “shoulds” and the “musts” fall away.
Jen Ward

When the Noisy World Disturbs You

The trees are absorbing sound for you. That is what they do. The more appreciation you give the trees around you, the more they will be able to help. Houseplants can absorb the sound from inside and even planting more trees or foliage outside help. It is the intention that will do it.
Your personal frequency is very high so the negative noises and interactions are there to balance yours. The cars in a sense, are driving by to mess with you. Not in an intentional way but a random way. You may already get a sense of this. It is true. The more you can accept that the world wants to vibrate with the resonance of you, the more you will stop feeling like a victim of the noise.
That is important because feeling like a victim closes down your energy and then you are not as comfortable in you bliss. So if you can counter the noises with gratitude that others are desperately seeking what you have, you can keep your energy open. Because gratitude opens up the chakras. In that way, you will be gifting all around you, the ability to match your resonance. That is very healing for the planet and for humanity.

Regaining Spiritual Perspective


Besides publishing eight books to help people and simply surviving to get my message of individual empowerment out, facilitating my first retreat is the major accomplishment of my life. It was profound how easily the days flowed without over planning talks and the agenda.

The Guides who prompt me to do all this, insisted that nobody come prepared with what they were going to say before the event. They explained that when you write an outline for an event, you are creating the structure for it and then fitting people in almost like an afterthought. With the events I facilitate, I wait to see who attends and THEN speak to their specific needs and issues. Doing this made for a very profound event.

There were my favorite parts of the event. Seeing everyone who was already scheduled to attend, show up at the book signing was marvelous. It wasn’t about the books. It was everyone coming together and getting to know each other before the event started. It was amazing how everyone from different backgrounds came together as if they knew each other. They actually did, in a way. We have all been together for many lifetimes. So the book signing was a way to get re-acquainted.

I also gave this impromptu gift to those staying in the hotel. I offered to go to each one of their rooms after the book signing and do a clearing of the energy in it so they could be more comfortable resting. It was a way of energetically tucking them in. We went to each room as a group. Everyone got to observe  the clearing that was done in each room. Then we left that person off at their room and did this until everyone was delivered lovingly to their destination.

It seemed to help because some people had experiences of great peace in this clarity of space.  Two people who were sharing the room individually and together experienced a huge energetic tree of life in their room. They were amazed that the other could see what they were seeing with their eyes. It was a loving presence of serenity and protection.

During this pilgrimage to all the rooms, there was a member of the hotel staff transporting luggage. I was prompted to ask him if I could release this issue from his heart. He allowed it. I told him what it referenced. It was a personal struggle in family dynamics that he couldn’t even speak about to others. He looked surprised but grateful for the gift.

When attendees used the shuttle, they were transported by this young man and were surprised that he was so receptive to me being in the hotel. They were expecting to feel awkward about explaining why they would be staying at the hotel. Instead, the man seemed excited for them.  I got to speak to him the next day and he explained how he was struggling to get his credits accredited to him that he needed for a degree. But the next morning after I helped him, he was told he had actually enough credits for his degree and some to put towards a second degree.

me 3

The morning of the first day of the retreat, I really didn’t know what to expect from everyone. I know what I do, but I had never been able to command a room and work on a whole group of people at once. Everyone sat in tables that was a horseshoe shape around the center.  I could speak to the group all at once, and each individual as necessary.  Some who attended, never even heard of me until a friend mentioned the retreat. Then they knew they “needed” to be there. They were not disappointed.

I went around the horseshoe tables and did a general clearing on everyone. But then I would go up to each person and give them a SFT tap (Spiritual Freedom Technique) to do specifically for themselves. Everyone else in the room did them as well, but the person knew it was their deep issue being pulled out like a little embedded tangle of hair.

I would see the person brace against the truth they were about to receive. It may have been painful initially for them. But it was more painful expecting the worst to be uncovered. There was no worse. There was only the nugget that needed to be released; with no blame, judgement or scolding. It was beautifully scripted by the Gods. Everyone could actually see the other attendees soften through the two days.

They dropped so much of their personal defenses, grudges, justifications, excuses, and reasons for not shining in their empowerment. Without the nugget issue there was nothing to justify. It was like removing energetic corns from the people’s energy systems. Things that have cause them so much pain and discomfort in compensating for. Then the attendees lightening up in realizing that it was just gone.

In the next section, I put my massage table in the middle of the room and worked on people individually. Part of me thought this would be tedious for people to watch. But I was supposed to demonstrate the physiology of healing. Think of it as doing faith healing in slow time so everyone can understand the process. It would be similar to a magician going through his tricks to strip all the illusion off of them. The magic is taken out of healing and it is exposed as the powerful physiological process that it is. Maybe this hasn’t been done because healers who do spontaneous healing; don’t know the process. Perhaps breaking it down for the world so they can accept natural healing is my forte.

I worked on someone who was having issues with her thyroid. Apparently no medicines were working. After her demonstration,, everyone could understand why.  The emotional issue being stored in her thyroid was that of being a little girl and watching her mother being murdered in front of her eyes. It dried up her security and innocence in that lifetime. It was bleedin through to this one. The more she got connected to her innate innocence through her spiritual endeavor, the more this trauma from a past life was unnerved and creating an issue in her present life.

I experienced that trauma for her as she lay on the table and led her through some taps to release that pain that was trapped in her energy field and rooted to the thyroid. It is almost like burping her energy field of the trauma. As she lay on the table, I led her through such taps as, “I release watching momma be killed; in all moments”  and I release having momma being taken from me; in all moments”  As I am enthralled in helping her release this important issue, I am slightly concerned that others in the room may get bored if I spend my time on one person.  When I looked up and around, there was not a dry eye in the room. Great! Everyone released this primal issue. Everyone benefited from this process.

Another thing I was instructed to do by the Guides was to download all that I do as a healer into the brains of everyone attending. They explain to me that two energy systems can exchange information as easily as two cell phones can. So they instructed me to go around the room and gift everyone in attendance with the awareness and ability to do what I do. This is very important because I am not here to be singled out as a dynamic healer. I am here to teach the skills and retrain the individual to remember how to do the things we were all once taught to do outwardly. These abilities were stripped away lifetime by lifetime as a means of control. But now, to advance humanity, it is important that all individuals remember how to be empowered and take off the unworthiness, victim and complaining shackles.

This was some of the attendees favorite part. Some got dizzy after it. One attendee could see trees undulate the way I see them. Some just felt a sense of well-being. One dynamic healer was crying because she knew that this is what she was asking for, for many lifetimes. It was funny for me because I have been hidden in plain sight by the Guides as a means of survival during a dark time. But now I am being seen and all the attendees recognized the great gift they had been given; merely for accepting the source. I was not invisible to them as the dynamic healer I am. The veil had been lifted.

It was also magical for me to listen to the friendships and connections being formed around me. People who met just a day ago were transformed into dear ones by the experience of the retreat. If this could be done in a small group, imagine what would happen if more and more people had the experience that the attendees did. The love and connection were something I had only felt awhile ago in a group. But that inexplicable  feeling of love for all life was replaces by personality worship and an agenda as they grew.  We had tapped into the secret sauce of divinity on earth. Everyone attending felt it.

After facilitating this retreat, I thought I would get time to rest. It is true I am still processing the incredible vibration that the retreat brought to the planet. But the very next day, I got instructions about the next retreat. It was very specific in some ways.

The Guides want me to create the vibration of World Peace in the next retreat. The visions that most people have of world peace is that it is a welfare state where nobody works. This is the lie that has been perpetuated. This lie has been perpetrated amongst some of the truest seeker in the world is that world peace is not possible. This has left many gifted spiritual people in a state of apathy. They have been left thinking that they  have to wait to get out of the body to experience this. That is a male energy perspective. Female energy radiates peace, joy, and love from where ever her center is; even and especially if that is on earth.

One of the greatest spiritually adept people in the last century was Paul Twitchell. He had put the premise out to the world that world peace was impossible. He was remarkable accurate in his work but also was a word smith like myself. It is true that there is no world peace in the 3rd Dimension. And so what he stated was accurate from that vantage point. But we are now in the 5th Dimension and it is time to awaken to world peace.  It seems like there was a reason he emphatically put that statement out there. He knows how power corrupts. He was saying that there was no world peace to throw the power mongers of the time off the scent of figuring a way to harvest it to their own will.

Paul Twitchell knew of me. He would mention Madame Blavatsky in his early writings. He knew I was incarnated and he was throwing the scent of World Peace anywhere away from me so that I could stay protected through the harsh conditioning I had to endure. There were times when it wasn’t certain I would survive the training of this life. But I did. Even the diminishing stance he may have taken on females as not being spiritual equals was a way to throw power mongers off the scent. I may not have survived without him doing this.

There was one more memory from the retreat that was very profound to me. During the afternoon session of the second day, we all did a set of taps as a surrogate for humanity. It was to bring everyone out of the enslavement of linear existence, into exponential existence.  Afterwards we all went to lunch at a salad place. There was an amazing stream of bright sunlight shining into the window and everyone was joyous. Then I felt the joy of the Ancient Ones on the other side of the veil. They were celebrating as well. What they had come here to do was finally being done. The seeds of world Peace were planted.

That is why at the next retreat, all the attendees are welcome to bring their gifts and share them with the other attendees for a small portion of the event. The chaos, self-worth and accomplishment are all going to create a beautiful vibration similar to world peace. We are going to expound the joyouse activity and create the ripple of world peace by everyone sharing their gifts, and send it out to the whole planet to embrace. That is what has been missing from the world. Along with female empowerment, the vibration of world peace are returning to the planet to bring an incredible shift in consciousness. That is what my facilitated retreats entail. I would love to see you at the next one. Spaces are limited so if you are feeling a calling, please sign up early.


“My first morning home from the Jenuine Healing Mother’s Day Retreat, and while daily life continues, the bliss and power that was present throughout the entire weekend is still present in me.
I’ve been to plenty of workshops, but as far as bang for your buck goes… there is no comparison.  My only wish now is that I can consciously embody the fullness of the gifts Jen gave to me over the weekend.
Thank you Jen Ward.  Thank you for your shining example, for all you gave to us at the retreat and to those far away from it, and thank you for many more things that I haven’t gone over here.  Until the next time!”    – Ben
“I was very grateful and honored to attend the first retreat ever given by Jen Ward May 12-13, 2017. It was an amazing, healing, empowering, enlightening, and awakening experience. 

Everything Jen Ward does is uplifting for ALL of humanity: her posts everyday, taps, books, group and private sessions, blog, sound healing, Letters of Accord, and more. The retreat was ALL those things together LIVE with JEN WARD!!! She gave her all: truths, techniques, tools, visuals, healing, EVERYTHING!! Jen connected with everyone individually and collectively. The expansion and awareness were evident in all. Jen took us all to a deeper understanding of ourselves, the world, truth, spirituality, and so much more.
The retreat with Jen Ward was the most empowering event in my life to date. To witness that depth/level of Love, caring, and dedication for and to the empowerment of ALL of humanity is truly inspiring. I left there a stronger, better, more enlightened, empowered, awakened soul. I am grateful for that and will use the things learned to better my life, lives of those around me, and humanity. Thank you more than words could ever truly convey, Jen Ward.”      – Cathy Hall





Loved on All Sides


You don’t need an agenda
You don’t need a cause
You don’t need a platform
To draw in applause

You don’t need to be seen
You don’t need to be heard
You don’t need to do anything
That belief is absurd

You don’t need to prove anything
To show what you’re worth
You’ve been loved beyond measure
Eons before your last birth

You are cradled in acceptance
Nestled in Love
It may not feel so from below
But you’re complete from above

You are cheered on by angels
Mentored by guides
Accepted unconditionally
Loved on all sides.

Jen Ward 5/26/14