Check List to Reduce Pain


So many are in chronic pain. Here is a checklist to help you uncover the tipping point for yourself. The environment has gotten so toxic that it is not enough to just show up. For so many, this list is their lifeline to less pain

Soaks in epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide
Take MSM
Only wear breathable clothes
Taken all perfumes and dyes out of your diet
Go off white sugar and gluten
Using magnets, crystals and kelp to ground your energy
Remove all toxic people from your life
Use hypo allergic products
Turn off the news
Taken all nitrates and preservatives out of your diet
Do you spend time during the day doing something just for you?
Spend time in nature?
Do hobbies or things you enjoy doing?
Do things that bring you joy
Walk and stretch. It gets your lymphatic system moving
Nurture yourself
Get nurturing for yourself
Listen to and/or sing uplifting Music
Open your energy system often by being grateful
Eliminate all negative words and thoughts from your environment
Forgo talking about issues as if you own them or they define you?
Forgo seeking negative attention or taking on the role of a victim
Listen to you gut.
Stop trying to do it all.
Forgo your schedule and drop out of time and space
Get enough rest
Forgo guilt
Listen to your body parts. Love them. They are starving for validation worse than the whole human is.

Check in with a health care practitioner


The Loneliest Experience


When I spent the year in involuntary confinement, I had to work through the nights pulling out huge trees stumps. It was an excuse to keep me outside because I wasn’t wanted. I would be laying in the dirt working to dig out the roots with a flash light. I was hungry and lonely. The house was a good ways away and I would watch the window hoping beyond all hopes that “he” would come out to see me and tell me I could come in the house.

I would watch the dining room window looking for a sign that I was going to get to come in the house. I would watch the neighbors window and see movement there. I would fantasize about them coming over, seeing me working and invite me into their home and feed me. I actually thought it was a possibility that someone, any one would care enough to acknowledge me and show me some kindness. My hopes were deflated when the lights went off for the night. It was such a sinking feeling.

It was a devastating lonely existence. I was cold, lonely, hungry and tired and knew that no one cared. That everyone else had warmth and comfort and I had none. No one was going to rescue me.I felt like I was going to spend forever in this predicament because no one was going to give me permission to come in.

This is the experience that plays out a million times over by people who chain their dogs up in their back yard. They are pack animals They want to be inside among the people and have a sense of belonging as much as I did. They deserve it. Their feelings and their quality of life are just as important as mine.

If everyone knew how excruciating this experience is, they would not inflict it on another. Pets need to be treated with compassion. It is hard for me to think of anyone experiencing what I did; regardless of whether they are in a dog body or not. They deserve a sense of belonging. To do less is cruel.

What Aware Souls Do


Energy matches the vibration of the things it clings to, just like dew clings to a morning leaf. That dew could believe it is a part of the leaf. That is what it “knows” as its identity. In the same way, the energies that collect within an area can take on personal characteristics.

A house is full of all your thoughts, emotions and habitual interactions, bouncing around and permeating the atmosphere. There is no need to sensationalize it or give it further life by being fearful of it. It is merely a condensation and collection of human interactions, identifying with those actions and thus developing a persona.

Fear and inactivity are great ways to coagulate the energy. Inactivity, slows down the natural flow of energy. Just like pure water will stagnate if it is left standing still, so will energy. Most issues in the body will clear up if you simply remove the fear, and move fresh energy into it. This is why people with open minds and open hearts in general are more healthy. Their energy, as it is implied by the word “open” is more fluid so they do not collect stagnancy in the body as easily.

Complaining, gossiping, judging, and labeling are all ways of coagulating the energy. Regret stops the movement of energy cold. Kindness, acceptance, non reactionary state and gratitude, are means of keeping the energy flowing. Put and open minded person next to a bigoted one and you can see the difference in how stagnant energy pinches the features and the intellect of the bigot. The open minded person’s features and energy will remain more round and open. Stagnant energy ages a person.

Western medicine is big on labeling issues. This is a means of coagulating the energy further so it has actual mass and weight. When an issue has mass and weight, it is a validation for western medicine. Western medicine is based on these validations. Of course your mind being a 3-D printer, can produce anything you program it to; even disease.

Alternative medicine deals more obliquely with issues. Energy workers see the issue for what it is; blocked and stagnant energy. They don’t use the blockage as validation for their work, they use the absence of blockages to validate it. That is why people who are more immersed in materialism, gravitate to western medicine. People who don’t need such validation, remain healthier.

Many people need their results to be concrete evidence because they have lost the ability to perceive in energy. They are flying blind in this way and so cling to the most validating means of reacting. Unfortunately, this includes, burning or cutting away at their beautiful body at the site of the clogged energy; instead of merely figuring out what is causing the blockage and releasing it.

Alternative Medicine is an oxymoron because it is the one most natural and conducive to wellness. Our body deals with releasing stagnant energy on a regular basis. It is a natural process that happens literally as naturally as breathing. As you inhale, your body breath is scanning the body for blockages. As you exhale it is releasing and repairing them.

Our body deals with these blockages on a regular basis. If left alone, the body will remove these blockages naturally before a person has an inclination to put a label on them. But once a diagnosis is involved, the conscious mind gets involved with fear, dread, and mocking up worse case scenarios. Once this happens, it coagulates the issue even more so and is more difficult to remove. This is why western medicine preaches early detection. Its validation depends on the conscious mind getting involved and coagulating the energy further to create a more solid diagnosis.

When the body gets overwhelmed with issues, it will store them in the diaphragm to release later when the body is in a more relaxed state. If it can’t get to them in due time, it will bubble wrap them in a fat cell and store them in the body to release later.

That is why losing weight is so difficult for some. It isn’t merely about decreasing intake of food. It is about creating a more fluid atmosphere for energy to move around the body while unpacking all the emotional issues it has packed in fat cells. When losing weight, you are dealing with all the emotional issues that were once stored. You are unpacking them to release. That is why people are so moody when dieting. But if they become more active, it is a way of processing these issues more readily.

Being healthy in general entails keeping your energy as fluid as possible. If you think about the past too much, it creates a stoppage of your emotional energy. If you worry about the future too much it creates a stoppage of your mental energy. If you are too sedentary, it causes you to regret the moment and revert to either the past or present too easily. Physical, emotional and mental energy are all important to keep fluid.

That is another reason, personal beliefs need to change as well as physical and emotional points to be optimally healthy. Beliefs cause a collecting point for stagnant energy in the body. Everything else in the body, could be moving at a great pace. but these beliefs that may be so ingrained, may be markers in our energy system that can cause a literal sticking point in our health.

Things like religious limitations, genetic markers and emotional attachments to ethnicity or opinions, are a great way to clog energy. Its like posting a stick in pure fluid water. It will collect moss to it over time. These rigid belief systems are like moss collectors in our energy field. If you want to know how a person becomes less fluid as an energy system, look at their beliefs.

The great thing about this understanding, is that one can just free up their energy system by having an understanding of it as fluid energy. One limitation even open minded people put on it though, is looking at it as two dimensional. Those who use visualizations imagine energy coming into the top of the head and moving through the body. Even this is a limited belief system.

Energy is coming into us from all angles and all directions. It is more realistic to envision oneself as a car going through a car wash, being permeated with water jets from all sides. Energy flows in from all directions and emanates out from us in all directions. We are more like a starburst in space than a stick figure moving through life like we are on a conveyor belt of time.

We are expansive, dynamic, multidimensional expressive beings. The more we see ourselves this way, the more we can maintain a dynamic center that is not on any man made linear time line. We are sovereign beings. As sovereign beings we have no need to subjugate or diminish any other beings. This would cause them to be “clingy” to our energy field. No. We understand to maintain a totally free orbit, we must allot this freedom to all others so they will not inadvertently impinge our freedom by bumping into our orbit. This is what aware souls do.

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Eliminating Dis-ease


When a friend is fighting a life changing illness, here are some of the things I suggest to them. They realize that I am not a medical doctor and all suggestions are meant to enhance their medical professional’s assistance.

Remove all scented items from the environment; from perfume, to candles to scented personal items. They are all chemicals that add stress to the body.

Stop using antiperspirants Switch to a deodorant. Sweat is a means to release toxins. To prevent the sweating is to prevent the release of the poisons.

Where only natural fibers- wearing synthetic fibers is like wearing a plastic tarp.. It cuts off the breathing process of the skin.

Remove all toxic people and situations from your environment- physical dis-ease is merely emotional issues that have become so laden in the body that they bleed through to affect the physical body as well.

Take ossage orange tincture. It is known to starve cancer cells.

Stop eating dairy. Many older people are concerned with bone density so they over compensate by loading up on dairy. This is not helpful.

Kill the parasites in your body. Parasite cleanses can be tedious and difficult. The easier way to kill the parasites is to get a tens unit and run a low electrical current through the body. This will kill the parasites and is more effective than the walnut tincture and wormwood because they are not deterred by the blood brain barrier so can cleanse the brain of parasites too.

Don’t tell people about your health issues. Every one has their opinions about illness. Their thoughts, emotions and experiences can have a negative affect on your situation.

Take time to center each day. Visualize infinite Light and love coming into the top of your head and saturating your whole body and dissolving everything that is not Love and Light.

Send your self Love. The cells of your body have a consciousness and as such, they want to be appreciated.

Get plenty of hugs and love from a good pet.

Say only kind things about yourself. Monitor your thoughts to only speaking and thinking uplifting ones. Be consciously grateful.

Don’t own a diagnosis. It is not yours. If something is yours, you are going to get attached to it and have more trouble getting rid of it. Think of it more as an experience that is passing through.

These are just a very few things to help one’s self. They are a good practice for all.

There Are No Words


So I had a session with Jen Ward today. There really are no words to express how freakin amazing it was. She got into things that I could sense in myself but couldn’t get exact with, she got right to them. The feeling of expansion afterwards is incredible. I feel like I am part of everything, like I can look at the flowers or the butterfly and have an energetic conversation with them without trying, it just happens, I feel so light headed and weak yet at the same time so light and powerful like I am walking on the air. So, so much more that is so challenging to explain.Absolutely the BEST energy session I have ever had! I would HIGHLY recommend. THANK YOU SO MUCH JEN!!!!!!!!

A Dog’s Emotional Blackmail


Recently I made a house call on a hyper active dog that was referred to me by her vet. She had spent so much money on dog obedience classes to no avail.

When I arrived, her dog was out of control. Her discipline was not effective. It was clear that they adored each other but she seemed so passive in anything to do with him. I dog on the floor with him and started to release some of his angst by converting it to sound and emoting it. He started to yawn and few times and wag his tail.

But he was still out of control. One of his surface issues was wondering how long he was going to be able to stay with her. The other issue was her lack of confidence. He was reacting to all of her angst and feeling unsafe because he felt she was not strong and he had to be the one in control.

As I worked with him, she became very angry. She could hardly contain it. We put him in his cage and did some energy work with her. He was very agitated and hyper in the cage. I led her through some taps that I instinctively knew would be helpful. They all pertained to her family and how they were unkind to her. They were the reason she carried so much anger.

Her dog was very in tuned with her. He reacted strongly to the taps that made her convulse in tears. The more I worked with her, the more his intelligence gleaned through. She obviously had a lot of issues with her family and we were freeing her from being an emotional hostage of them and her resentment of them.

Then I led her through some taps that had to do with her dog.
I had her say each statement 3 times while tapping on her head and a 4th time while tapping on her chest.

“I release being manipulated by (dog’s name) in all moments”

He was paying attention.

“I release abandoning (dog’s name) in all moments”

Suddenly I got a flash of what was going on with the dynamic of her and her dog.

“I release betraying (dog’s name) in all moments”

When we did this tap, he calmed down. When I explained to her the lifetime, her dog was paying attention. He really calmed right down. When we did the taps, he got exhausted and passed out.

Her dog was a love bond from a past life. It was a time when her family owned some kind of farm. It was the same family from this life. Her dog was their livestock. She fell in love with him. They adored each other. They were inseparable. In that life, she did not realize that her family was going to butcher her dear friend. She went to town and when she was gone, they had him killed. She was devastated at losing him and hated her family for betraying her. In this life, her dog was emotionally blackmailing her to secure his safety in this life.

That hatred for her family bled through in this lifetime.Her relationship with them deteriorated when she got her dog. It triggered the resentment from that past life. Her dog hated her family and they were indifferent to him. The taps that I led her through in the beginning were indeed directly related to her dynamics with her dog because they killed him, That is why he was frantic to be in control in this life; so he could know that she was not going to let him down in this life. He was so frantic because he felt his life depended on it.

We did more taps:

“I release killing (dog’s name) in all moments”
“I release butchering (dog’s name) in all moments”
“I release letting (dog’s name) down; in all moments”
“i release eating (dog’s name) ; in all moments”
“I release being too weak to save (dog’s name) in all moments”
“I release the trauma of losing (dog’s name); in all moments”
“I release the devastation of being separated from (dog’s name); in all moments”

We finished the session by fortifying the owner’s confidence and totally severing all karma with her family. We reassured her dog that her owner would never leave her or allow any one to hurt her. He believed me. He was reassured at a deep level. We also fortified the boundaries of their home so the dog did not feel unsafe being there. I explained to him the concept of doors and that no one can come inside (they need to be told this). They were both exhausted when I left.…/

Just Hang up on Fear


There are different types of dreams. Some are pure experiences that are happening in real-time in the energetic worlds beyond the physical, some are garbled with symbol that need to be deciphered. Some dreams are teaching exercises; given from a wise source. It would benefit most people to keep a dream journal to write down their dreams upon awakening, That way, they can know what certain symbols mean and create their own dream interpretation dictionary for themselves.
Dream symbols are very personal. Since each person has had different experiences, someone who is rejuvenated by the water, may have a different reason for it showing up in their dream, than one who has drown to death. Someone who lives in a part of the world that is arid would have a different meaning to dreaming about water than someone who swims daily.
There is another form of dream that is used to often by power groups with agendas. They are dreams of infiltration meant to control the people with fear. They are a means of hitting home a point about something that someone is told they should be afraid of. It shows up in their dream as a reality. It is meant to control what they allow to happen in their Universe based on the dream. It has been used through the evolution of time to keep people fearful and contained.
When facets that are trying to control the masses sends them out, they are similar to mass mailings. They are unwanted results and fearful imagery showing up in your dream experiences. Be clear! These dreams are planted by an outside source using power of suggestion. They piggy back on your own personal weaknesses. So they mix the fear with something personal to you. This customizes the effect in you. It sounds strange but the powers that control the masses understand how this works or else advertising wouldn’t be a multi billion dollar industry. It will use your love of family, children, life and safely and the fear of losing them in a horrifying way to weaken you defenses and gain control of your common sense.
Here is how it happens. When the ninety-eight elections were coming around, I had recently returned from captivity. Since I was sensory deprived, it heightened my own natural abilities. My perceptions became so acute, I perceive in energy; beyond words and even thoughts. I spent all my time alone and watched and had not much influence. But I watched the political conventions because I was fascinated by seeing the play of power in energy. After watching one convention, I had a surreal awakened dream experience as a result.
It is hard to describe in words. A movement of one of the political sides was a stream of power that flowed right past me and passionately kissed me on the lips. It was very subtle but pervasive. It slid right in like an oozing stream and came in to seal the deal in winning me over. I was able to see through the ploy. It was a disgusting kiss. But I knew that this is what this agenda was doing, sending out psychic wooing to all those who watched the convention. It was using this tactic because I was love starved and this would be my weakness if I had one. I was seeing the inner workings of psychic manipulation. I was shown how a person’s dreams were violated similarly to how a telemarketer can violate dinner time. It happens and the responsibility is upon to the home owner or the one being violated to just hang up.
I just woke up from a similar dream that was trying to instill fear into me. I understand the agenda so I want to awaken other people who may have gotten this same “mass mailing”. of fear in the dream state. The dream was simple. I was on the inside of a house and I couldn’t go outside because there were groups of woman in black birkas. They had overtaken the path, and were mean to me if I tried to walk by. They were talking loud and cackling and this was really distressing to me.
I know by watching the news that the fear point that is being used is that isil will infiltrate our country. This dream was an energetic deliverance of that fear bomb. This dream had none of the spiritual fiber or richness of my usual dream state. It was specifically showing me what was being sent out others who are susceptible to this worry. I have had sensitive people tell me that they feel something bad is going to happen. In many cases, they were recipients of these fear bombs.
It puts a personal signature on the fear. It does know how to hook you in; just like a car salesman knows how to look for subtle cues of how to sell you a car. I do not like loud noises. I feel sound as physical touch. So to have people, making noise outside my window would be distressing to me. If I was not aware of how the psychic game of dream control worked, I would have woken up very distressed.
But instead, I saw it as an opportunity to dissipate the effectiveness of this mass attempt. The good news is that it was a very diluted attempt to induce fear. But there are people out there who may fall prey. The trick is to assist those who process these dream experiences as real threats to their life and liberty. They don’t even have to remember the dream for it to have an impact on their fear level. That is the beauty of such sorcery.
These kind of things are the EXACT reason that I focus so much on Love. Love is the opposite of fear and love is the cure for fear. If we as a group, choose love over indulging in fearful imaginings of the onslaught of the enemy, then the attempts of control through fear will be powerless.
People will ask me to get caught up in these streams of fear. I ruthlessly refuse. They believe that I am naive. But I am not. I treat fear the same way a mother would treat a child who was having a temper tantrum. I ignore it until is stops demanding my attention. It is the way. Whenever one is afraid of something, unless it is an organic fear of their own death, it was instilled there by someone who has something to gain. It really is as simple as this. To make it any more complicated is to give your power away to something besides love.
To choose love in every situation is not naive but pure fortitude. This is what Gandhi did, this is what Mother Theresa did. Many of the souls that leave this life in greatness have Mastered this ability. We all can do it now. It is time. It is not corny or naive to be kind and loving. That is just another lie of power to prevail.
Love is ruthless in its purity and effectiveness. Love is not weak. Love is pure strength. It is time for us all to all forego looking at love through the cheesecloth of fear. It’s time to accept our own masterful skills of knowing love in its entirety. Doing this will abolish fear once in for all.