Thank You For Sitting With Me

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In a private group session that I facilitated, I had a profound realization and it involves all of you .

When I was locked up, starved and tortured in a basement for that year that I was away, I wasn’t allowed to even think. The man who held me captive had psychic abilities too. So every time I had a thought, he would run in the room and yell at me. He called thinking eating shit. It was called this because no thoughts were worthy of being uttered so by thinking them, he said I was eating shit.

Towards the end of my time there, I started having very vivid dreams. They were of meeting people at night. At first there were just a handful of people but then the numbers grew. We would all collect in a hotel every night and just sit there waiting for something. I never understood what we were waiting for.

Closer to the end, the numbers got so big that we were sitting in the bleachers of an auditorium. We were all waiting for an event of some kind and we just sat there milling around or sitting together. It felt like a pleasant ambiance. It felt like a pretty special event but it seemed reverent too.

During a group session, I had a form of Deja Vu. I suddenly realized the significance of the group of people who I kept dreaming of when I was captive. It was you. It was all the people who love and support me now. You were being present with me then so I could get through that experience. Your love supported me so I could be here today and share my gifts. You all sat with me night after night. It was your love that kept me alive.

What were we waiting for? You were waiting for me. I was going to share all the insights on healing, life and spirituality that I had accumulated. It is just that I had never developed a sense of worth to have it occur to me that you were there to glean from me.

The Hotel we were meeting in is the event that we have set up for this May. I would love to see all the people physically who came to sit with me while I was in captivity and reminded me that I had purpose.
You really never know all the goodness that you exude. For all of you who are intending to come to the retreat, thank you for sitting with me and keeping me alive.

In gratitude, I will give you all that I can of myself and my abilities so that Universal healing ignites through our pure intention and squeezes every ounce of purpose out of the experience that I endured. May it be a segway to end so much of the suffering in the world. I love you all. Thank You For Sitting With Me

Heal Your Heart and Back


(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on the top of your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest)

“I release pouring pain, frustration and helplessness into my heart; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, frustration and helplessness from my heart; in all moments”
“I pour Joy, Love, Gratitude and Resiliency into my heart; in all moments”
“I repair and fortify the integrity, resiliency and function of my heart; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in a joyful, loving, abundant, healthy and resilient heart; in all moments”
“I release pouring pain, frustration and helplessness into my back; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, frustration and helplessness from my back; in all moments”
“I pour Joy, Love, Gratitude and Resiliency into my back; in all moments”
“I repair and fortify the integrity, resiliency and function of my back; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in a joyful, loving, abundant, healthy and resilient back; in all moments”
“I release pouring pain, frustration and helplessness into my nervous system; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, frustration and helplessness from my nervous system; in all moments”
“I pour Joy, Love, Gratitude and Resiliency into my nervous system; in all moments”
“I repair and fortify the integrity, resiliency and function of my nervous system; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in a joyful, loving, abundant, healthy and resilient nervous system; in all moments”

Technique for Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure


When you can “hear” your blood pressure or feel your heart pumping fast, take a deep breath and sink into yourself. Take another breath and sink some more. With each breath, feel yourself sink as much as possible. When you have sunk as much as possible, visualize your energy spreading out. You may notice that the energy in your heart is thick. Visualize sticking a straw into it and siphoning out the thick gunky energy. Siphon it into a bubble of light and send it away. See it dissolve into the light.

Then put all your attention on your heart. See it in a deflated sack. Visualize blowing Love into the sack until your heart is saturated in Light and is free-standing in a clear strong globe of Light. Hear the Bee Gees song Saying Alive playing in the background and calm the heart down so it is beating in rhythm with the song. If you want to be silly, (humor is relaxing) see your heart dancing on a disco dance floor with a strobe light. See the whole heart sack (pericardium) Filled up with incredible Light.

Visualize the purity and the magnitude of that Light flow through the valves leading out of the heart and into the body. Visualize it being so strong and pure that it dissolves all the stagnant energy that is in the arteries until they are all clear passages. See the purity continue all the way to the veins and clean out the veins as well. Sense the energy loop around the body in a fluid, cohesive, calm rhythm. Feel the Love literally coursing through your veins.

Visualize changing your vantage point so that you see your body as the globe of light with the loops of Lights coming and going from it and seeing it as a pure flowing structure. Practice doing this technique many times until you can conjure it up in moments and give good energy to your heart and whole cardiovascular system at will.


Short List

Retreat Group Photo
I now realize that what happens at the retreats I facilitate is not a fluke. After the third one, they keep getting better and better. I would love to meet more of the friends that I hold so dear here on social media at the next one. The retreats are not going to be so intimate for too long. The time I am able to pour on each individual is not always going to be so guaranteed.
My favorite part of the retreats are:
Being able to watch the shifts happen within people and their families. When I bring two people to come up in the middle of the room, and share all they are in energy with the other. When a strong confident man pours dad energy into those who were desperate for that live. A sister downloads into a brother what it feels like to have your anatomy stared at. To have one who feels confident in her beauty feed it into one who can not fathom her own whiles.
Children as young as seven and as fickle as teenagers listen intently and responsive to what I am sharing with not a hint of boredom or disrespect.
The room enthralled in humor as I explain how to perceive in energy by demonstrating how people interact with me. Apparently those years of watching others be mocked was converted to the most gentle way to deliver spiritual principles to others in an entertaining way; without a hint of cruelty or diminishing of their spirit. I have become very funny and entertaining.
Watching strangers grow in loving and respecting everyone at the event. On breaks, it was so rewarding to see everyone loving on people they just met. That is because that is our natural inclination and when the walls are stripped away we are free to do that.
Seeing truth delivered to the heart of someone who was pushing it away as a defense. That they no longer have to walk around with a shield and sword; ready to pounce. They are free to engage others with the ease and confidence of an empowered victor. Yet with the kindness and a compassion of a one who rescues the weak and speaks to all souls in all forms with love.
Its amazing seeing how families are excited to be present, individuals understand the scope of my purpose and the world responds to the energy that was generated to uplift all souls and raise the vibration of the planet to hold the resonance of love and truth.
The next retreat will be happening on Mothers Day weekend. It is a means to honor Gaia or Goddess energy in all. It is a great way to gift the people in your life who mean so much to you. Think of it an intervention for the soul without the need to hitting rock bottom. You deserve to feel worthy and empowered. May you attend and may you and those you care about, awaken to your most cherished selves.

Replenish Dry Skin

I was just watching television and an advertisement came on for a dry skin cream. I use these commercials as research for new taps that people can benefit from. For example, did you know that as you age, the little tail on your cells shorten. They are called telomeres. So I have given out the tap:
“I lengthen all my telomeres; in all moments”
(say 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
After doing this tap (and all my taps) one participant of my groups (Mike Kravetz) swears that his hear is growing in darker and he is growing taller. It does seem that way.
So I believe these taps work at the core.
There was a skin cream that was just offered on television fro dry skin. It said it replaced the ceremides in your skin.
Ceramides are a family of waxy lipid molecules. They are found in high concentrations within the cell membrane of cells,They have many responsibilities examples include regulating differentiation, proliferation, and programmed cell death of cells.
They can prevent dry skin and hep with aging.
“I replace all the levels of ceramides in my skin; in all moments”
(say 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
This would be a good tap for those who are diagnosed with psoriasis.

I would like to write a testimonial about my experience with Jen Ward.

Jenuine Healing Commercial Retreat_Moment 5

For quite some time I have been feeling blocked and emotional — well, more emotional than normal, for I have always been sensitive and felt things deeply! I have been faced with some rather large life decisions, and I was to the point where I could not move on them in any direction. I was frozen, and fearful of making a mistake, so I did nothing. I was growing more and more miserable, and more and more dedespondent as the months passed, though I was trying to hang on as best I could.

Through the magic of Twitter, Jen came to my attention, and over the course of a few months, shared tweets back and forth. It took me quite some time to come to terms that I needed to seek a session with her, for I try to do everything on my own. Except, in discussion, some things came up that I knew I couldn’t handle on my own, mostly connected to past life experiences. Finally getting to the point where I was sick of hanging on to all I’d been hanging on to my whole life, I contacted Jen, and we settled on a time for a call.

I think I cried most of the session. In fact, I cried for several days leading up to the session, having started releasing a few things ahead of time, Jen said. And let me make it clear, that the tears that were coming out during the session were not scary, or negative in any way. It’s just… she touched upon so many things that I hadn’t even realized, but when she said them, they resonated with so much sense, I cried as much in relief as in acknowledging the various pain carried through my days.

In the days since the session, I have felt freer, stronger, more clear-headed, and not stuck anymore. I have made significant decisions regarding an upcoming sabbatical I wish to take. I do catch myself falling into the thinking patterns I have had for so long, but because of things Jen told me during our session, I am able to a) understand where those thoughts are coming from and move forward and b) use positive affirmations and cranial tapping to send home the message that I don’t need to hang on to these things anymore.

If you’re at all considering a session with Jen, I would encourage you to take the step. It took me a while, but I am so, so glad I did. I am honoured to have had such an amazing experience with Jen. She has helped me immensely, and she will you, too!

Blessings and love to you, Jen.


…”There’s no answer as big as the question, there’s no victory as big as the lesson, you go on and you see where your detours will take you to…” – Tina Dico, An Open Ending




Hey, Jen
I suppose this seems very random. But if there is any way you can send healing to my sister’s dog, Clyde, I would be endlessly thankful. He’s in emergency right now because he ate blanket stuffing, and we don’t know how much. If he needs surgery, he’ll have to be put down. I’m not sure what else I can do now that he’s getting x-rays.

OF COURSE!!!!! I will do my thing. Keep me posted

Thank you so, so much!! Right now, x-rays determined he’s got a bunch of stuffing in his stomach. So far, no intestinal blockage.
So they should be able to give him something to have him poop it out in one swoop or vomit! I’m really hoping. I think vomiting it might be better at this moment

Yes. Whichever end
As long as it comes out!

I’m not sure how to explain anything right now. It was a lot of info. There’s a chance Clyde could pass it himself, but it also might get stuck in his intestines. The fluff is in his stomach, but it might be stuck there, it might have moved since the time of the x-rays. We’re gonna take him home and get him fluids, since they’re mostly worried about dehydration. He might throw it up himself. There was a lot in there.
Surgery at the emergency vet is 3000 dollars. At the regular vet, probably 1500.

I know. I see where it is. I saw it pooping out. It seems it would be easier to throw it up but that is not what I see. I will use my intention to slide it out. Is there something you can give him to move it out faster. A sloppy food that it can bind to and also move it through? I see it working out. I see miracles all the time. They are things like this that could have worked out on their own and usually do

He’s getting homemade chicken broth… They’re mostly concerned about hydration right now.
He’s supposed to be fasting til his regular vet can see him tomorrow. I really, really hope he just passes it as you see.. I’m so scared

The fear tightens up the healing energy. Try to not do that. I had a HUGE stomach cramp today. I was feeling the wad he ate. LOL Try to relax

Oh… Any suggestions on how to relax? I’ve been crying on and off all day long

Crying is GOOD!!!! It is getting a lot of pain out. AWESOME!!! I highly endorse crying. This may have just been the reason for the emergency…to help you release so so much. It is all good. Oh…you can think of things to be grateful for. That will help. Really. It sounds corny but it is a deep energetic shift

Definitely grateful for my man, because I would’ve lost my shit without him. That man is incredible


JEN! The vet took some more x-rays this morning, and it looks like the stuffing is passing through!

I know. That is what I do

Your healing for his belly with the stuffing worked, though! The vet seemed confident, so I really thank you for that. Here is a picture of him now. He says quit talking pictures and take me outside! Clyde is doing great!
He’s running around and energetic like normal!
Thank *you*