A Message From Jesus Christ


Someone was just angry on my posts because I don’t praise Jesus on my page. Here was my response:

Jesus Christ does not stop at the edges of our hearts. He permeates it. Do you really think he wants us to shut down the love for any reason; especially in his name? Shutting down the love is shutting down the love. Jesus Christ is not the praise whore that you think he is.

I am wondering if people who are so adamant at defending Jesus Christ have ever gone into an altered state and had a conversation with him. He was not mainstream when he was alive. The way he empowered people was irritating to the main stream. He allowed people to believe in healing and their own purpose and abilities. You would think when someone shows up in the world in a similar way that Jesus Christ did; like so many of us do; it would be the highest form of flattery.

Jesus was not an insider. Jesus did not take offense. He did not categorize people into the worthy or the unworthy. He was fed up with the establishment of the time. He did whatever he could to help people realize how important they were and how they each have a unique connection to God. If Jesus Christ was alive today, I am not certain he would NOT be a mainstream follower of the message that was accredited to him as it stands today.

I know for a fact that Jesus is proud of me. That he admires the truth I share and admires how passionate I am about helping people become more spiritually aware of their own empowerment and even provide them with techniques so that they can more personally connect with him if they want. I feel like I am more like him than all the people who are mad at me for helping people. He actually assists me. He hates how his name has been invoked to judge, belittle and conquer people. He hates that his pure message of love has been desecrated by so many for political gain. They have turned him into a mascot for their greed.

Here is an analogy he gave me yesterday:

If you give a hundred people a hundred dollars to spend anyway that they want, there will be a hundred different ways that money will be spent, saved, thrown away or given away. All people are that different in their relationship with money. It is not our business to micromanage how they interact with it. It would do no good to tell them the best way to use the money. Because they know for themselves what their recourse is with money. To interfere is to change their relationship with the hundred dollars.

Anything that interferes with people’s personal relationship with their highest perception of truth is a form of arrogance. It is like telling them how to spend their money. It just isn’t done, In a way, we have a better respect of how people relate with money than how they worship God. To try to get people to see God as you see them, is kind of like manipulating them to invest their hundred dollars in your bank.

The other thing he mentioned for me to share is that if you don’t like the way other sects that use tyrannical means to get people to follow their religion, then deal with your own tyrannical views around religion. We are a reflection for each other. The extremists horrendous tactics on demanding people follow their God is a magnified view of what we do when we judge others in regards to their faith. We have a blatant teaching example of how others do unGodly things in the name of God. May we all take heed of the lesson.Maybe that is the way to salvage some good out of current events.

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Heal Your Heart and Back


(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on the top of your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest)

“I release pouring pain, frustration and helplessness into my heart; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, frustration and helplessness from my heart; in all moments”
“I pour Joy, Love, Gratitude and Resiliency into my heart; in all moments”
“I repair and fortify the integrity, resiliency and function of my heart; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in a joyful, loving, abundant, healthy and resilient heart; in all moments”
“I release pouring pain, frustration and helplessness into my back; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, frustration and helplessness from my back; in all moments”
“I pour Joy, Love, Gratitude and Resiliency into my back; in all moments”
“I repair and fortify the integrity, resiliency and function of my back; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in a joyful, loving, abundant, healthy and resilient back; in all moments”
“I release pouring pain, frustration and helplessness into my nervous system; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, frustration and helplessness from my nervous system; in all moments”
“I pour Joy, Love, Gratitude and Resiliency into my nervous system; in all moments”
“I repair and fortify the integrity, resiliency and function of my nervous system; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in a joyful, loving, abundant, healthy and resilient nervous system; in all moments”

Technique for Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure


When you can “hear” your blood pressure or feel your heart pumping fast, take a deep breath and sink into yourself. Take another breath and sink some more. With each breath, feel yourself sink as much as possible. When you have sunk as much as possible, visualize your energy spreading out. You may notice that the energy in your heart is thick. Visualize sticking a straw into it and siphoning out the thick gunky energy. Siphon it into a bubble of light and send it away. See it dissolve into the light.

Then put all your attention on your heart. See it in a deflated sack. Visualize blowing Love into the sack until your heart is saturated in Light and is free-standing in a clear strong globe of Light. Hear the Bee Gees song Saying Alive playing in the background and calm the heart down so it is beating in rhythm with the song. If you want to be silly, (humor is relaxing) see your heart dancing on a disco dance floor with a strobe light. See the whole heart sack (pericardium) Filled up with incredible Light.

Visualize the purity and the magnitude of that Light flow through the valves leading out of the heart and into the body. Visualize it being so strong and pure that it dissolves all the stagnant energy that is in the arteries until they are all clear passages. See the purity continue all the way to the veins and clean out the veins as well. Sense the energy loop around the body in a fluid, cohesive, calm rhythm. Feel the Love literally coursing through your veins.

Visualize changing your vantage point so that you see your body as the globe of light with the loops of Lights coming and going from it and seeing it as a pure flowing structure. Practice doing this technique many times until you can conjure it up in moments and give good energy to your heart and whole cardiovascular system at will.


Short List

Retreat Group Photo
I now realize that what happens at the retreats I facilitate is not a fluke. After the third one, they keep getting better and better. I would love to meet more of the friends that I hold so dear here on social media at the next one. The retreats are not going to be so intimate for too long. The time I am able to pour on each individual is not always going to be so guaranteed.
My favorite part of the retreats are:
Being able to watch the shifts happen within people and their families. When I bring two people to come up in the middle of the room, and share all they are in energy with the other. When a strong confident man pours dad energy into those who were desperate for that live. A sister downloads into a brother what it feels like to have your anatomy stared at. To have one who feels confident in her beauty feed it into one who can not fathom her own whiles.
Children as young as seven and as fickle as teenagers listen intently and responsive to what I am sharing with not a hint of boredom or disrespect.
The room enthralled in humor as I explain how to perceive in energy by demonstrating how people interact with me. Apparently those years of watching others be mocked was converted to the most gentle way to deliver spiritual principles to others in an entertaining way; without a hint of cruelty or diminishing of their spirit. I have become very funny and entertaining.
Watching strangers grow in loving and respecting everyone at the event. On breaks, it was so rewarding to see everyone loving on people they just met. That is because that is our natural inclination and when the walls are stripped away we are free to do that.
Seeing truth delivered to the heart of someone who was pushing it away as a defense. That they no longer have to walk around with a shield and sword; ready to pounce. They are free to engage others with the ease and confidence of an empowered victor. Yet with the kindness and a compassion of a one who rescues the weak and speaks to all souls in all forms with love.
Its amazing seeing how families are excited to be present, individuals understand the scope of my purpose and the world responds to the energy that was generated to uplift all souls and raise the vibration of the planet to hold the resonance of love and truth.
The next retreat will be happening on Mothers Day weekend. It is a means to honor Gaia or Goddess energy in all. It is a great way to gift the people in your life who mean so much to you. Think of it an intervention for the soul without the need to hitting rock bottom. You deserve to feel worthy and empowered. May you attend and may you and those you care about, awaken to your most cherished selves.




G give kindness to all
R respect the sanctity of all souls
A attune to what is the highest good in every situation
C consider the vantage point of all others
E empathize with everyone

Grace is artistry and a skill like all others.
It can be cultivated, nurtured and taught.
What we do in each act of Grace is empower the integrity of humanity.


illumination of spirit is revealed,
heaviness lifts
hearts unburden
silent pleas are answered,
“resolve” unfurls its wings
Insights take their first breath,
paths are cleared,
innocence is nurtured
Kindness is empowered
hope restores
resolve is instilled
quietude is respected
peace expands
A way is secured.

What you do in Grace is:

eliminate the primal urge to initiate hostile acts.
forgo the path of petty indifference
repair all divide
create resiliency in the intricate woven fabric of life
reclaim wonder for all those in your wake.
teach lost souls a way to be found
demonstrate a dying art to fervent generations
Enlighten the murky hallways of tradition

Your acts of Grace:

bring relief to those who are desperate in their own plight
satiate those starving to know kindness
address the deprived in whatever way they have been depreciated
illuminate dark corners of the world
wipe the brow of faces you may never see.
hush the muted cries of indifference
ripple out into a sea of kindred spirits
sing to the sweetest aspect of every point of light
attune the heart of goodness, with the voice of reason
uplift all souls to their own quickening to enlightenment.
anchor your stance as a mighty force for mass enlightenment.

This is what you choose to do, or not do every moment.
You have this much power.
You always have.

Jen Ward 1/29//16


Beyond a Broken Heart


If people realized what wonders were beyond the broken heart, they would give in more easily. The truth is, the heart is resilient beyond all measure. It is tapped into the infinite source that knows, no matter what outer appearances seem, love will prevail. Even if it is after the illusion has halted through the decay of the physical body. love will prevail.

This is the mainstay of life. If we did not all believe this on some level, we would not continue to exist. We would not try. We would not prevail. We would not succeed.
Love is inevitable and will have its way in the end.. This is not a question, The question is not if, the question is then, when. It can happen in an instant, or it can seemingly take forever.

So what prevents love from prevailing? It is the stubbornness of the mind. The mind is like the big brother that thinks he knows everything. The heart is the little sister who, realizes the truth but goes along with everything the mind says, because she has no need to upstage him.

This is the heart. The heart concedes, reveals, prevails, endures, revels, embraces, expands, empowers and imbues. The one thing the heart doesn’t do is break, When someone thinks their heart is breaking, it is the mind that is in peril. The mind is shattering from its wants, opinions, desires, righteousness, superiority, indignation, drama and stance. It is actually the mind breaking and not the heart. Let it.

Let the mind shatter into a trillion shards of preconceived notions. It is inevitable. When you sweep them all away, you will be left with a glorious loving nature. This is the true self standing at the helm of a loving heart. When that twinge of pain comes, know that it is a crack in the surface that shellac the facade. Instead of wincing from it, delve into it and thrust yourself into the pain. The more that you crack it open, the more you can surrender to your true nature. It is a realm of love that is so profound that the only expressions are gratitude, humility and awe

Pockets of Peace

IMG_1015.jpg 4
Your job as a spiritually aware being is to hold space for joy, love, kindness and peace within your own orbit. Think of life as unleavened bread. We hold space for a higher vibration in an otherwise coarse world.
As all of us hold space for higher consciousness, we are acting as the yeast to humanity. We create pockets of heaven on earth. As yeast commands the bread to rise, we in a similar way, command the consciousness of humanity to rise.
We do this by holding that space for higher consciousness. This is done by refusing to agree to negativity. It is done by speaking and thinking kind things. It is done by wishing good things for others as opposed to being backbiting jealous or judgmental. It is by creating a pocket of peace in your own life.
We in our seemingly small existence, form the blueprint for all of humanity. The reason psychic currents work overtime to influence us is because what we think and do matters. Our mind is a 3 D printer. But it pales in comparison to what the heart can accomplish.
The more we come from the heart, the more we dilute the poisons and rhetoric of the mind. The more we replenish all of humanity from the wells of the depth of our soul.